Sorry! I am not suckering you into reading an Author's Note, I promise

I just wanted to let the readers of The Hardest Part know that I will be posting a new side-piece to THP, Becoming Whole, which will be moments in the imprinting experience from Bella's perspective.

Here is an excerpt from the first moment:

* * *

Sam and the other guys just stood in the drizzling rain, none of them more than half-dressed. What was with these Quileute guys and clothes, anyway? A slight impression of heat reached me from Jake, but I ignored it. I was too angry with him and the others. I glared at them all, wishing I could just go pummel them for sucking Jake into their group!

Then one of them quit looking at me like I was an intruder. An annoyance. One of them – Which one? I used to know them all by sight! – dropped his arms out of that forbidding posture and looked as if he'd been hit with a big, fluffy pillow.

Stupid simile, but it was all I had. He looked as if something had surprised him. Not in a bad way, but in a really amazing way. I didn't get it. Who was he? He looked familiar. He of Jake's friends...

Then, he smiled and I knew who it was. Embry Call – Jake's less-forthcoming friend. We met that one day in Jake's garage. We didn't get the chance to do more than become vaguely acquainted, because he was one of the earlier guys Sam brainwashed. He crossed to my truck, this strange look on his face, in his eyes. I would have thought he was drunk, but he was really underage and I didn't think that Sam's cliff-diving tribal pride guys – Jacob had been scathing in his comments about them, before he became one of them himself – would be a heavy drinker.

"Bella, it's you," he said, his voice rich with a joy and wonder that made no sense to me.

* * *

The rest of Becoming Whole will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

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