Hello my freaky darlings! This is the edited(as in I went back and fixed things) First chapter of The Bloody Maelstrom. I intend to add a couple of scenes and change a few things I'm not happy with, but the main story doesn't change.


In the Forest of Death, Naruto awakens something that should have slumbered past Armageddon. Watch as the container of the Kyuubi gains the power of the Blessed Demon, Blood Hounduar. He losses his humanity for something that could save the world... or break it: One third of him becomes and Archon, one third a demon, and on third a dragon. Watch the rise of the Bloody Maelstrom.

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(Genin Graduation age is now 16, up from 12-13. All characters wear shippuden clothing, save for Sasuke.)

Naruto looked around the small clearing, knowing that they were thoroughly boned. After being attacked by Orochimaru in disguise, he and Sasuke had gone unconscious from exhaustion. Apparently Sakura had gotten them to the forest floor, and into a hollow at the base of a tree. When he awoke, it was to a battle between a beaten Sakura and a darker Sasuke versus two teams of sound ninja.

After about a minute, another team from Konaha showed up and started helping out, but to no avail. These Oto ninja were much stronger; even Sasuke's new power quickly faded in the face of such opponents. Still, they had done some damage to the opposing side; there were now only five ninja, but they were on a whole other level... more than enough to deal with a weakened Team 7 and a beaten Ino-Shika-Cho.

Naruto spat out a glob of blood, swearing under his breath. Sasuke was injured as it was, Shikamaru was out of chakra for his jutsu, Chouji was barely standing and Ino was no different. Sakura had passed out; though if it was from exhaustion and injuries or sheer weakness he didn't know.

'Dammit! If only I was stronger... I can't be the Hokage if I'm dead! And I refuse to use HIS power... but... do I have a choice?', Naruto though desperately. He wasn't expecting to get a answer.

"There is always a choice,

But to make it thou needs Voice.

Power lurks in your body and soul,

more than enough to reach thine goal.

Yet here you stand, you hesitate,

Now tell me boy, why do you wait?"

Naruto looked around frantically, trying to locate the voice. He would have pinned the voice on the fox... but he had heard the thing speak before, and this new voice sounded much older, much more powerful... and possibly darker.

'I refuse to use his power to fight my battles; I don't want to be anything like that fox! Now who are you, show yourself!". The voice only seemed amused by the boys nervousness.

"Ten thousand years I have slept,

and in the Oblivion my power Kept.

Something about thee woke me up kid,

listen too my proposition and a Fox I may rid."

Naruto's eyes widened as the world slowed to a crawl before stopping completely. He mentally nodded to the voice... if it could get rid of the fox, it might be worth listening to.

"My name is Blood, the lord of Hell,

power you'll get if you listen well.

I need a body too see this age,

along with my company, comes the advice of a sage.

I'll rid you of the fox and give you my might young child,

in return for you to house my soul and power; chaotic and wild."

'Lord of Hell?', Naruto just about shouted. He could see the advantages, but he knew too little to jump in head first. 'Whats the catch? Gonna steal my soul or something?'

Blood seemed genuinely amused, and soon a barking laughter rang out throughout the forest. A figure cloaked in a shifting black clock of shadows appeared before Naruto, towering over him at at least 8' tall. Red eyes stared back from beneath the hood.

"You shall lose your right to call yourself human first,

Then your powers will grow till ready to burst,

a third Demon, Third Dragon, Third Archon as well,

Righteous or not, you'll have the powers of Hell.

In your future I do see,

you becoming what you truly want to be.

Demon or not, you shall have you soul,

Hokage and love would be achievable goals.

Just know, this darkness can make a better shield,

than a sword to wield."

"So in return for my human side... I'll gain the power to reach my goals and protect my precious people?", Naruto asked, slowly riddling out the ancient's words. Blood nodded, but raised a clawed hand that seemed to be coated in a thin layer of blood-red fur.

"I wish to see the age, that is all,

what is done with my power, I couldn't care less at all.

Murder and Destroy, Protect and Save,

or live alone in the forest within a cave.

But I will help you in whatever path,

and it is you who will decide who faces your wrath."

Naruto paused, thinking over the offer. He wanted to take the offer, but he had to do one thing first. The one thing he was grateful to the Kyuubi for was the one set of useful information he had told him in one of his rants. Demons cannot break promises, Dragons refused to break pacts, and Archons couldn't lie.

"Is that absolutely everything? Is there any reason you could take control of me? Don't lie to me Archon, Tell me everything!", he shouted. Blood grinned, showing sharp white teeth.

"Simply put I'll take the Kyuubi's Place,

and to accommodate my power change your race.

If you find yourself in a bind,

I'll save you by controlling you, any more is prevented by the contract signed.

There will be some physical changes here and there,

but they shouldn't be big enough for you to care."

Blood pulled a contract from his cloak and unrolled it, handing it to Naruto to read. Naruto hesitantly took it and steeled himself, getting ready to look for anything the contract might let Blood do to him.

Contract of Vessel

Naruto Uzumaki, carrier of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, hereby agrees to be the Vessel of Blood, The Lord of Hell. The Kyuubi, being a Demon, will be absorbed by Blood to rid Naruto if it, and bolster the power they share. All of Blood's powers will be sent through the seal formerly used to bind the Kyuubi in order to filter them to a level that isn't fatal to Naruto. The powers will change Naruto into a form more suited to using such Demonic, Dragonic, and Archonic powers. Naruto may change this form as he wishes, as much as desired.

Blood shall not have any control of the body unless Naruto is in a truly life threatening situation that is clearly beyond his abilities, and shall retain control until Naruto is safe or three days, whichever is less. There will be a mental link established, and any attempt at corruption of the Vessel shall result in excruciating agony. Blood is permitted to give advice and his own opinions on subjects, wanted or not and will see out of Naruto's eyes unless this is an inconvenience at which point a clone can be made and Blood's mind can be put into that will last for twenty nine hours before dissipating and returning him to the Vessel.

Blood may also manifest himself in a spiritual manner, having no true physical body but able to interact with his environs to the same level that Naruto may, though he may not interfere with anything that Naruto hasn't given express permission to do.

As a show of good faith that he is not bent on corruption of the host, Blood offers a demonic summoning technique, which will be turned into a summoning scroll upon the signing of this contract, and the ability to summon Castle Hellcry when Blood deems ready.

In return, Naruto Uzumaki must, at some point in his highly elongated life, see most of the world and if possible, Hell. He must also master his abilities to a sufficient degree. This contract may be altered with the willing consent of both signers.

Below that was a place to sign. Blood's name was already on it, written in red ink that looked incredibly like blood, ironically. Naruto gazed over the contract, noticing it was hastily written, but it was binding and it didn't allow Blood to do anything bad... as long as he saw the world. Naruto looked at one of the spikes near the top of the contract and, acting on impulse, pricked his finger before pressing it to the blank space, watching in detached fascination as his blood turned into his name. The contract disappeared along with Blood, but his voice echoed throughout the clearing.

"Thank you, now I can stop that damned rhyming routine. Anyway, as you can imagine I can't simply just jump into the seal without killing you; it'll take about a week for it to finish. But seeing as you're in the middle of a fight... I'll give you enough to destroy these fools. Oh and by the way, kill them; dead things don't come back to kill you nearly as much as wounded enemies. And the jumpsuit is going too... for now I'll garb you in what I wore when I was training. Have fun, young one." His voice faded as Naruto felt... lighter, yet complete. Like he had been freed from some sort of dire bondage. He watched as his wounds were healed by the black-and-red energy that was undoubtedly Blood's; after a moment it wrapped him in a cocoon, lasting no more then a few seconds before bursting open to reveal a new Naruto.

As the world went back to normal, the entire clearing stared at Naruto, shocked by the change he had gone through in only a nano-second to them. He smirked as he rolled his shoulders, falling into a stance on sheer instinct. He also took a moment to gaze upon what Blood had 'garbed' him in.

He had on black ninja sandals, with metal plates on the front and back for extra kick damage. He also had on black cargo pants, bearing red runes running up the sides and a multitude of pockets. Over his torso was a tight red tank-top, showing off his now well toned torso and six-pack. Over that was a sleeveless black trench-coat. On his hands were black fingerless gloves that bore small metal plates over each of his knuckles. His hair had turned blood red, and now had black tips along with a few black streaks going through it.

'Very nice Blood.', Thought Naruto, getting a grunt in response. He could feel the ancient presence getting settled in his mind, waiting for the conclusion of the battle to... evict the fox. Naruto turned his gaze to the enemy, but he spoke to his allies, noting that his voice was slightly deeper and calmer.

"Rest for now friends, I'll at least buy you time to do that. As for you,", he said, motioning toward the sound ninja, "I'll give you one chance to surrender; fail to do so and I will show you what a true demon is capable of. If you surrender, however, you'll get to live.".

The sound ninja stood still for a moment, caught off guard by his words, before bursting into laughter. The one wrapped in bandages recovered first.

"We have you beaten, and you tell us to surrender? What are you on?", asked Dosu, getting support from his teammate Zaku. The third teammate stayed silent though.

Kin was torn on what to do; part of her said to fight this odd person, transformation or no. Another part told her to run like hell, and a third part told her to simply surrender. She backed up to a tree, drawing out her senbon before laying them on the ground, kneeling soon after. Her allies took no notice, but Naruto looked at her and inwardly groaned. Demon's had to follow promises and Archons couldn't lie; she would live.

"You may want her alive anyway. Archons were often viewed as pillars of strength and courage, and oft had apprentices and followers. Demons would generally take prisoners of War as slaves... not nearly as bad as it sounds by the way. Dragons... were torn on the matter; not all of then enjoyed the fame and followers, but giant flying lizards attracted some serious cult worship. Regardless, there is a binding spell that I use on my servants that you could use on her; it makes it... painfully difficult to disobey orders, but allows for free will. If I wanted zombie slaves then I would have made some zombies..."

'Can you show me the binding spell? That actually sounds like a good idea... she could tell me what the sound is planning.', Naruto thought, a feral grin appearing on his face(think Alucard).

"Get to the tower, I'll tell you once you arrive there. The spell is simple, but it can leave you drained... and her unconscious. You must come up with the mark on your own, however, as it is what creates the bond. Enough talk, show them the might of Hell!"

Naruto started laughing in an insane manner, scaring the shit out of everyone. Naruto calmed down, but the grin remained.

"Time's up, see you in Hell!", he shouted rushing forward, catching the sound ninja off guard with the sheer recklessness of the maneuver. Zaku could barely utter a curse as Naruto's fist slammed into his gut, winding him. Naruto didn't stop there, continuing the assault by punching and kicking in a wild fury; finishing the flurry by throwing him into one of the other sound nins.

The impact was harsh, but it was only made more damaging by Naruto appearing behind the two and planting a spine-shattering kick in the other nin's back. The impact was insane; killing him and launching Zaku into the third nin.

This one was faster, though, and managed to dodge the attack, taking a defensive stance immediately after with Dosu following suit. Naruto grinned and picked up a kama(small one-handed scythe) that one of the sound nin had been using. Casually dragging his tongue across the blade, he saw the slightly disturbed looks from the sound ninja as he licked the blood from it. In a flash, he threw a kunai he had been holding towards the Sound ninja and, as predicted, they split up; the dumbest thing they could have done.

Naruto appeared in front of the other ninja, put the Kama so the blade was digging into the back of his neck, and kicked his chest with enough strength to force the kama through his neck. Naruto steadied himself as the head hit the dirt, not used to his new speed just yet.

Before he could admire his handiwork, Naruto felt bile rise in the back of his throat as the sound waves hit him from that damn Melody arm.

"Now, I'm going to kill you painfully.", Naruto stated as he blinked out of existence, using his speed again.

"Where did he go...?", questioned Dosu. Before he could register the assault, a burning hot pain shot through him from his right shoulder. He looked over and almost had a heart attack from the shock.

Naruto had stiffened his hand and used it as a blade to tear off Dosu's right arm, and with it the Melody arm. Dosu jumped back, screaming in pain, and he kept moving back until his back was to a tree.

"S-st-stay away!" he yelled, going insane from the pain and blood loss. Naruto gained that feral grin once more as he picked up the arm, holding it from the bloody shoulder. He disappeared, coming back into Dosu's field of vision too late; all the mummy-like genin saw was a sadistic smirk and his severed arm, mid-swing. The Melody arm crushed Dosu's head between itself and the tree, leaving a bloody mass dripping down the tree.

"That was fun, too bad there aren't more," he said, genuinely wishing for more. The rush he had felt when he killed them was simply... wonderful. The failing rush left him very aware of his surroundings, specifically Kin. He let the Melody arm fall from his grip as he turned to Kin, walking towards her with a slow gait.

The Leaf ninja gained mortified expressions as he approached the only sound nin to have the brains to surrender; thinking he was going to kill her in cold blood. Shikamaru tried to move to intercept him but his legs gave out, forcing him to watch in horror from the ground.

Naruto stood in front of Kin, noting that her eyes were screwed shut; she was waiting for pain. When none came, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up. What she saw was the slightly annoyed expression on Naruto's face, like she had cheated him in a game. The lack of action on his part seemed to relive some of the tension in the air, but they waited to see if he would kill her or not.

"You have no idea how lucky you are girl.", Naruto finally said, offering a hand to help Kin off the ground. The clearing went silent; the Leaf ninja trying to figure out why he didn't kill her. Kin wondered if this was some sort of sick joke... but Naruto kept his hand there, a serious look in his eye.

"What is this, some kind of sick joke? Going to give me some kind of hope before you kill me? Huh, is that it?", she yelled, almost in tears. Naruto sighed, he would have to explain this eventually, but later sounded a lot better then now.

"I said if you surrendered, you would live. You did, and as such you get to live. Now then, get up and come with me... unless of course you'd like to stay wounded in a forest full of hungry carnivores, in a clearing that reeks of fresh blood.", He replied, offering his hand once more. Kin looked at the hand for a moment, hesitantly took it, and was quickly lifted to her feet. He turned on his heel and strode towards his team, Kin following behind him like a lost puppy.

Naruto got Sasuke and Shikamaru to their feet, having to restrain a laugh at their expressions of respect when they gazed upon him; Sasuke for his power, Shikamaru for the sheer ruthlessness that was obviously not planned. Ino seemed wary of the blond-turned-red-head, but she got her team together and left quickly. Naruto looked at their retreating figures, taking a moment before he answered Sasuke's unasked question, without even turning to look at him.

"Yes, I will explain it later. But I'm in no mood to do so repetitively, so wait until we reach the tower. We'll get there tomorrow, provided we hurry, and that will give us a day or so to rest, during which time I will tell everyone who needs to know. Now rest Sasuke, you look like shit... I'll wake you and Sakura at dawn." He seemed almost detached as he spoke, almost as if he was off in his own little world for a short time. Sasuke cast another glance at his changed teammate and vowed to find out how he got such power.

The girl he was very wary of however. Only moments before Naruto's transformation she had been trying to kill them. At the same time though, she now seemed to obey Naruto like a servant would a Lord. He drifted into an uneasy sleep filled with memories best left forgotten.

"And so he sleeps.", said Naruto nonchalantly. He turned his gaze to Kin and asked a question she wasn't expecting. "Do you wish to serve me?"

"What?", she sputtered out. Naruto cast her a bored glance as he rifled through the contents of the sound corpses.

"When we get to the tower, everyone is expected to give a full report; it's basic chunin protocol to report on every mission. I know Orochimaru is connected to the sound, and as soon as I say that, they'll take you into custody and interrogate you day and night... and we have some talented interrogators. But, if you serve me then I become your guardian, and you are placed under my custody; It might not sound like much, but the Hokage is like family to me. Not much could be done to you.", He paused and seemed to go off into his mind for a moment before coming back, "So what do you say, life in a Konaha cell... or life serving as a servant to me? I really don't like the word servant, but I'm afraid there's no other way to put it. Water the plants, feed the fish... stupid shit like that."

Kin sat there, silent. She was thinking about what he said and, no matter how she though of it, he was right. If he took her as a servant the leaf couldn't take her for interrogation, but she would have to tell them everything she knew. The Yamanaka clan would also, more then likely, do a mind scan to verify the information.

She didn't know too much, but it might be enough to save her. She turned her gaze to the red-head that now bore a satisfied look, having found the scroll he needed.

This Naruto, as she had heard him called, was clearly strong. He completely decimated their team after that transformation; but what was it exactly? She decided not to push her luck... her life was in his hands.

"O-ok.", she said nervously, trying to force the images of carnage that he seemed to inspired out of her mind. She really didn't like her teammates, but their dispatching was just violent. Her eyes suddenly widened. "Zaku!", she shouted, surprised.

"Who?", asked Naruto, moving back to the hollow and sitting against the wall.

"The spiky haired one! You didn't kill him!", she said worried, Zaku didn't know when to quit, and that meant he'd come back for Naruto. Said red-head looked up over to his worried soon-to-be-servant, no hint of concern in his eyes.

"Meh, don't worry. The mummy may have dodged him, but I wasn't aiming at him... I was aiming at the tiger den about a hundred yards back. By the time he wakes up, the tiger would of as well, so he's fairly well fucked over right now. Any one else you're worried I didn't kill?", he asked nonchalantly. Kin stared at him, unable to speak. "Now then, you may want to come over here and lay down; the tree will keep out most of the wind."

Kin hesitantly walked over, deciding to take a chance by laying down next to the man she was to serve. As she started to nod off, she couldn't help but notice that he seemed to have a calming aura when he wasn't in the middle of carnage. As she finally felt the last bits of consciousness leaving her, she could have sworn that a sudden burst of heat came from the red-head.

A cold wind blew through the clearing as night fell. Sasuke, Sakura, and Kin were asleep; Naruto was merely meditating, helping Blood with the Kyuubi. The pressure of his aura kept the creatures of the forest at bay, and twisted his teammate's dreams into nightmares.


Naruto looked at the Kyuubi with no fear, only loathing. Everyone had thought the Kyuubi a demon, but as it turns out, the bijuu are only juggernauts of chakra. Blood was still absorbing the damn thing though, but the thing irking Naruto was the fact that he had been called a demon when he didn't technically house one.

He did find it terribly amusing,however, to wave at the Kyuubi as it's power was torn from it; all of it entering Blood until there wasn't a fox to wave at. Naruto looked on with awe as the sewer changed, turning into something he didn't expect the Lord of Hell to find appealing: A sunny island, plenty of grass and trees, and freshwater pools here and there. The only thing that redeemed it, in the sense of "hellishness" was the giant citadel of death that loomed over the landscape. Everything about it screamed Hell, but the island contradicted it incredibly.

"The Castle is mine, and the Island is yours. I will try not to set anything on fire.", Blood said, dark cloak billowing in a non-existent wind. His sudden appearance startled Naruto, but he quickly recovered.

"Right...",Was the only coherent reply that Naruto could manage, though a thought did pop into his mind as the ancient King turned to his castle. "Hey Blood, didn't you say something about the binding spell?"

"Yes I did; you have ears... it's a miracle.", he said sarcastically. "It's simple: draw your mark somewhere on her skin, using a mix of ink and your blood. Then, and I will help you channel this as you are not used to your new energy sources yet, just pour energy into it. The flow will shut off by instinct when the binding is over."

"Are there any words for the spell?", he asked, wanting to make sure he didn't bleed into ink for no reason. Blood paused for a moment, black cloak still shifting.

"The spell has to be spoken in a language both people understand, so say their name then ' I do bind thee to my will. My bidding will be yours to do as will my whims. Bind!', that should do fine... or at least something of equal meaning. Now go wake up and get to that tower, your regeneration powers are much stronger, but some sicknesses can still get to you. Cold and damp aren't the bast places to rest while your immune system is being reconstructed."

Blood disappeared in a cloud of energy, leaving Naruto alone.

"He has got to teach me that.", he said, turning on his heel and walking out of his mind, right back into his body. He was about to see what this body could pull off.

Just as he finished fading, Blood reappeared out of thin air and stared at the spot Naruto had stood on a moment before. Shrugging as he turned back to his castle, he couldn't restrain a small chuckle as he gazed upon his now blazing right hand.

"Well, Trial by Fire was always my favorite method. I'll let him figure it out."


Naruto opened his eyes and found that it was midnight, yet even with the lack of a moon he could see very well. He shifted his weight slightly to get comfortable when he noticed an unfamiliar weight on his lap. He quickly looked for the source only to find that Kin had moved over to him at some point in the night and rested her head in his lap. He wasn't sure why she had moved, or even if she was aware she had, but it wasn't causing him any discomfort.

He shifted his weight slightly against the tree he had been leaning on, and absentmindedly began stroking Kin's hair, much to her unconscious delight. He began musing over designs for his mark, and eventually deciding it must have a dragon, a greatsword(the traditional weapon of Archons), and some demonic element in it. He was slightly surprised to find sunlight hitting him in the face, wondering how long he had been thinking.

"And so the day doth start.", he mumbled out as he pushed Kin's head out his lap and stood; stretching as Kin began to swear loudly, not appreciating being awoken from her sleep. She sat up and looked at her surroundings, the morning light giving little visibility, but she could see the form of the one who she was to serve soon.

"Get ready, We're about to haul ass." Said Naruto as he went to Sasuke and Sakura, nudging them with his foot until they awoke. They were obviously not used to taking orders from him, but a small burst of Demonic aura changed their minds, although they were still weary of Kin.

An hour later found them outside the tower, resting to get their breath. Naruto was trying to find words to express his gratitude to Blood, the six mile run had done absolutely nothing to him. Blood merely reminded him that everyone has limits, and that he had best not forget his end of the deal. Naruto nodded mentally as his teammates complained about aching muscles and sore wounds.

"At least you have a day to rest now.", he responded. Sasuke sent him a glare.

"Yeah, but if we went a little slower it wouldn't have been this damaging. We would've still had a day to rest, baka!", Sasuke said angrily. Sakura agreed with Sasuke enthusiastically as usual.

"Yes, why don't we spend as much time as possible in the Forest of DEATH! There is a reason genin aren't allowed in you know, it's because most of them die. If you want to go back for a stroll, be my guest, but I'm going in now.", Naruto replied, a look of distaste on his face. He turned and entered, Kin following with the dynamic duo following soon after.

They deciphered the riddle on the wall with ease, though Naruto wasn't fond of the small brain buster after busting his ass in the forest, and quickly threw the scrolls on the ground when they began smoking. In a poof of smoke, Umino Iruka stood before his former students, a proud look upon his face until he saw Naruto, changing to shock at that point. He pointed and managed to stammer out:

"N-narut-to, w-what the hell happened?", he shouted. Naruto let that feral grin spread across his face once more and answered.

"Something wonderful, I'll give you a hint.", he paused for a moment before continuing.

"Two in the one became only one,

when the third one came for fun.

Human to something not,

for the third one had a thought,

He offered and The other agreed,

now there is a new tale to read."

He grinned even more when Iruka gained a look of understanding, then grew pale. Iruka turned to the other two and put on a fake smile.

"Sasuke, why don't you and Sakura go get something to eat, then go rest? I'm sure it would do you good. The Hokage said to bring Naruto to his office so they could talk about a few things, so he'll be back in a few hours.", He lied through his teeth, but it was enough to fool them. They knew Naruto and the Hokage were close, so Sarutobi asking to see Naruto after this test was predictable.

"Take Kin with you to the room. Tie her up if you're paranoid, but if I find one hair out of place... bad things will happen.", Naruto said, letting their imaginations do the work as they went off.

They walked off, heading to the medical area first. Iruka turned to Naruto with a worried face.

"Let's go to the Sandaime then, he'll definitely want to know about this.", he said, Naruto nodding and grabbed Iruka's shoulder so he could use the body flicker technique to get them there much quicker.

(Hokage's office)

Sarutobi was perfectly happy; all the paperwork was done, he was alone to read his Icha Icha, and there weren't going to be any disturbances. He was going to send a jounin to the forest tower in an hour or so, so that they could bring Naruto to him when he got to the tower. He was surprised, then, when Iruka appeared in his office in a swirl of leaves with a red haired genin with him.

Before he could comment though, he saw who the genin was and his jaw dropped. Naruto smiled softly and gave a small bow, surprising both of the adults. This must have been big for him to be showing respect.

"So, how ya been Gramps?", he asked nonchalantly. Sarutobi gained his voice once more and answered.

"N-naruto! What happened to you?", he shouted, quickly putting up a sound barrier. Naruto let out a dark chuckle, sending a chill through Sarutobi.

"Well the Kyuubi didn't do this if that's what you're worried about.", he said, taking a seat. Both Sarutobi and Iruka let out breaths that they didn't know they were holding until they realized what he just said.

"H-how do you know about the Kyuubi?", they both shouted in unison. Naruto gave them a half hearted glance before answering.

"When you live in a village that calls you 'Kyuubi brat' at least five times a day, you generally catch on. Now then, would you like to know what changed me so?". Sarutobi sighed and lit up his pipe, knowing he was going to need it.

Naruto proceeded to tell them everything that happened in the forest of death, starting with the starting gates, ending with the arrival at the tower. The more he spoke, the more concerned the two became; Orochimaru's presence was a bad sign as it was, but given the deal Naruto had made, it only made matters worse. Iruka had heard of legends of a Demon named Blood, but Sarutobi knew the whole story of the Lord of Hell.

Or at least more then Iruka. Sarutobi tried to explain this to Naruto, that he needed to cancel the deal, but the response he got wasn't one he had expected.

"No, I never break a vow. I do not lie, and I refuse to break the contract that I signed in full awareness of it's meaning.".

"Naruto please, listen to reason..."

"No! You listen Sandaime-sama, I am no longer the vessel of Kyuubi. I am free, the one thing that you failed to give me. You think you know of Blood but tell me, What is it you know?", Naruto shouted. Sarutobi suddenly rose, letting a little killing intent into the room, but it did little to Naruto.

"He was a pure-bred Demon born in the depths of hell-", was all he could say before a massive amount of killing intent flooded the room. Blood rose for the shadows, his eyes showing disdain for the aged man.

"Boy, do not tempt me to kill you by insulting my heritage. My name is Blood, son of a half dragon demon, and a Hound Archon." Blood let his cloak fall to the ground, revealing his form to the three.

He stood tall as ever, but now you could see that he was very muscular. A fine coat of red fur covered him, and on that red fur were designs in black, natural or not they didn't know. He wore no shirt, but he had on heavy boots, baggy pants tucked into said boots and heavy metal guards on the outer sides of the pants. Upon his right shoulder was a metal band that wrapped all the way around his arm with a similar one on his wrist. Both seemed to be part of him, and there were at least one hundred chains connecting the two. From his back came six black dragons wings, but it was his head that gained the most attention. It was that of a dog, but it had the sharpness of a dragon's as well along with two black horns pointing back from his head.

"I do not take pleasure in being called an honor-less demon, and you would do well to remember that. I shall honor the contract signed as will Naruto, and as such you two are to stay out of this. However..."He paused a moment, pulling out a large scroll out of nowhere that Sarutobi recognized as a summoning contract, "What he does with what I gave him is up to him, I only wish to see the world. He may share this summoning contract with whomever he wishes, he may grant power to those he wishes, he may fight as he wishes, it does not matter to me. I suggest you begin thinking with an open mind though; it's much less likely to get you killed."

Blood turned and was consumed by the shadows, the only things marking his arrival were the summoning contract and the burnt carpet where he stood. Naruto grabbed the contract and looked at the almost tribal markings that were put unto it. Sarutobi and Iruka stood still, scared stiff. The most powerful Demon in history had just come out of the shadows, spoke to them, and was more than slightly pissed.

Sarutobi wasn't known as the professor for nothing, so he quickly saw the usefulness of a container with a demo...an entity that would willingly give him power. The only part that bothered him was the fact that everyone was about to use someone he considered family as a weapon.

"Iruka,", he said, gaining the man's attention, " You have the rest of the day off; go relax. I wish to have a few words with Naruto regarding his new status.". Naruto cocked an eyebrow, confused. Iruka nodded; the rest of the day spent at the pub sounded wonderful right now. He left, mumbling about how he would send the bill to the Hokage's office.

"So tell me, what do you mean by "new status"?", Asked Naruto, a smirk tugging at his lips. Sarutobi sighed before responding.

"You aren't the container for the Kyuubi anymore, so I have to change that. But the problem is I can't say what you contain now without some big issues. So perhaps you or Blood, in his infinite wisdom, can come up with something.", he said, the last part dripping with sarcasm.

"Bloodline would be pushing it, a genjutsu that has been maintained all these years is way to unrealistic... Well, I've an idea that might work, but those issues you spoke of would still pop up, but much farther down the line than originally planned.", Naruto paused and Sarutobi made a motion for him to continue, " Say exactly what happened, just change a few words."

"Like what, pray tell?"

"Say I made a pact with a demonic-dragon for power, but an Archon interfered and gave me it's power as well. It's either that or plan B."

"Plan B?"

"You call the ninja into a meeting after the preliminaries, and I tell them what happened. After the chunin exams, if the rest of the villagers don't know, then I tell them. If they wish to kill me, then they must first realized that I do not contain the demon that destroyed the village twelve years ago. After that, if they try I will kill them."

"As easy as that would be, you'd end up killing just about everyone. Any other bright ideas?"

"You could just say any attacks made on me will be counted as treason, punishable as such. That would discourage the bulk, the rest who try to kill me would be either too stupid or too blind to live. Next question?". Sarutobi sat there a moment, seeing the truth in his words. It would cause problems in the village for awhile, but it would reduce the chance of an enemy finding out and spreading the word that way.

Eventually everyone would know exactly which demon Naruto made a pact with, unless he told them first, but better break it to them easy.

"Fine, it's you condition. Given the power boost that will no doubt be coming, I can have you moved up to chunin right n-"

"No, I will earn my rank. I don't want to be handed things, my Archonic side won't let me. I will proceed as normal; if I fail I fail. Having all the power in the world isn't any good if you can't use it.", Naruto quickly said, cutting Sarutobi off. Suddenly he zoned out, coming back to in a few seconds, wincing.

"What is it?", asked Sarutobi, mildly concerned. Naruto winced once more, as if the very thought pained him.

"Blood just told me the only way to control, or at least filter my power well enough for me to use it. Remember those chains on his right arm?", Sarutobi nodded, " The metal plates they are attached to were grafted into Blood's skin when he was a child. Back then there were five chains, each one representing twenty percent of his power. The stronger he got, the more he added until he had one hundred.". Sarutobi paled slightly when he realized what he meant.

"You don't mean..."

"Yes, I'll need ten chains. Blood can preform the ritual, but I'll be immobilized for about a week after. He said he'll do it after the preliminaries. But if you could, find ten of the highest quality chains in Konaha and keep them here until it's time. The lengths won't matter, the spell makes the conform to my arm. Oh and I'll need the location of a tattoo artist."

"Why a tattoo artist?", he asked, slightly confused. Naruto chuckled.

"It's tradition for Demons to have markings, and Archons often did the same. So I figured why not, I'm not gonna be able to do anything more strenuous then walking for about three days after the initial week.", Naruto responded with a feral grin. Sarutobi shrugged, adding this to the fuck it list.

"Naruto, there is one more thing that you should know before you leave. It's about your parents and your inheritance.". Naruto froze. This had always irked him, and now he would finally know.

Sarutobi proceeded to tell Naruto about his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto listened with completely, never missing a word as the aged Kage told the boy everything he knew of his parents. At the end of the tale, Naruto had a few falling from his eyes and a glad smile on his face. When it came to the inheritance itself, he was smiling like he used to.

The had left him the clan compound, a small fortune, and their jutsu library. It slightly saddened Naruto when Blood told him that he wouldn't be able to use the jutsu until he converted them to using one of his new energy sources, but it gave him a new goal.

Sarutobi told Naruto he would give him the keys and lead him to the house after the preliminaries. Naruto nodded and walked out the door, a smile on his face and the contract under his arm. Sarutobi gave a small chuckle when Naruto stuck his head back in and asked if he could get taken back to the tower.

(at the Tower)

Sasuke stared out the window, rage on his face. How could his dobe of a teammate get so much power when he needed it? It infuriated him to no end, yet at the same time he couldn't help but feel this could prove beneficial. His rival was stronger, so he now had a chance to grow stronger.

Naruto wasn't weak anymore, so he now had some respect from the brooding Uchiha.

Sakura sat in the corner, trying to figure out what had happened to Naruto. Before she had fainted he was the same old orange ninja, but when she awoke he was a red haired bad-ass. She couldn't make heads or tails of it, but she was sure of one thing; he scared her now.

Kakashi leaned against the wall reading his porn, unaware of what was troubling his two students. He would have asked but this was the good part of the book.

He was half curious where Naruto was, but he would have been informed if he had died. He shrugged, going back to reading his porn.

(tower, private room)

Naruto had finished the array, and was applying the mark on to Kin's bare back. She had been slightly... upset when Naruto told her to remove her shirt, but he said she could turn around and hold a sheet over her breasts so long as he could get to her back. So there she sat, still annoyed but she complied, while Naruto put the finishing touches on the mark.

It was a greatsword of a holy make with a Wyrm wrapped around it, and the background was an ancient demonic rune with similarly ancient runes around it, each the mark representing a different dragon; mainly ones of great power such as Bahamut and Tiamat. It was complex, but the more runes of power the mark held the stronger the control of the subject would be.

Blood told him that since Kin willingly joined him the mark would simply make it hard for her to refuse direct orders, instead of breaking her will first. It would take absolutely no concentration for him to keep the mark active, so the only thing that would free Kin would be the total destruction of Naruto's soul. He had also warned Naruto that, as is the case of servants of the opposite sex, Kin would be sexually attracted to him; It would be little more then the feeling of having a crush, but any further feelings would be Kin's own.

"This may hurt.", Naruto said quietly, tapping into the Archonic power he had. It made him feel so good, as if he were truly in heaven, but he pushed the feeling aside and uttered the spell, slamming his hand into the center of the mark that took up the majority of Kin's back. He felt Blood channeling his other two energies, but they were far off rivers to him.

She cried out as the mark was sealed unto her skin, but it was over quickly and they were both panting. Naruto put his hand on her shoulder and called upon his Archonic power once more for the simplest spell that every Archon new by instinct: Heal.

Kin felt a soothing wave of energy rush through her body that made her sleepy, but she remained awake as Naruto removed his hand to wipe some sweat from his forehead. He could barely tap into his power and could only do one or two spells or techniques from any of the three. He cracked his back and handed Kin her shirt before moving to one of the two beds in the room.

He dozed off fairly quickly, well quick enough not to notice Kin slipping into bed with him or Blood's barking laughter.

(Next day, two hours before start of prelims)

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around sleepily, noting that the alarm clock said that the preliminaries were in two hours. He tried to roll over but found his right side weighed down. Having a vague idea what it was he turned his head to the side to find Kin snuggled up to his side, mumbling some... interesting things in her sleep. Naruto tuned her out before he was too tempted to take advantage of his servant and got out of bed by slipping out the other side. Kin whined a bit before grabbing a pillow and using it in Naruto's place.

"Blood wasn't kidding, she really wants me.", Naruto said under his breath, careful not to wake her up. He quietly slipped into the bathroom to relive himself and get a quick shower, and to his delight Kin was apparently a heavy sleeper; The shower was very loud.

He left the bathroom to find another set of his clothes on the unused bed; a note from Blood, explaining that a new set would form when he needed one until he learned to materialize his own, rested on top.

After donning his clothes he wrote a quick note for Kin to stay here until the end of the preliminaries so she wasn't caught. With that done he left the room, locking the door behind him. He checked the clock in the hall to find it was almost time for the preliminaries.

( the main battle room or whatever it's called )

Naruto stood by himself, the only people recognizing him were Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Sasuke, Sakura and the Hokage. The rest either paid him no mind, thought he was a backup proctor, or something of the like.

The Hokage announced how these preliminaries would be carried out, mainly the match will continue until one opponent is dead or incapacitated and the 'random' selections. Naruto leaned back against the wall, waiting for his name while others fought.

(all the fights are the same, but Temari fights Kiba instead, still winning though. Shino and Chouji fight and Shino wins )

Naruto stifled a yawn as the blond girl from Suna decimated Kiba. The only interesting match had been between Rock Lee and Gaara no Sabaku. That sand power was obviously from a demon, the Shukaku if he wasn't mistaken.

In truth the only thing keeping him awake was the wait for his match, which was apparently the last. Finally he heard his name called.

"Will Naruto Uzumaki and Tenten Mizuhara(don't know what it means if anything, just came to mind) please come down for their match.", said the proctor, the call filled with coughs.

Naruto walked down slowly, taking his time while Tenten merely jumped. The got to the center and faced off, getting into their stances; Tenten with a katana, Naruto in a feral stance that bellied great power.

"Ready?", the proctor asked after a moment, and getting nods he continued, " Begin!", he jumped out of the way in time as Tenten went on the offensive.

To her credit she wasn't swinging wildly, this was a deadly dance the two were preforming; Tenten swinging and Naruto dodging. But the cycle was broken when Tenten lashed out with a kick that landed in the center of Naruto's chest, knocking him back a good five feet from the surprise of the blow. Tenten smirked.

"You should have waited a year kid, I'm way stronger. Give up now and I won't hurt you.", she said as she pulled out two scrolls. Gai's eyes widened as he realized she was going all out. Naruto merely smirked back, slightly unnerving her.

"Now why would I go and do that? I'm just warming up.". Tenten glared and undid the scrolls, calling out her technique(which has escaped my mind heh heh).

"Holy Hell.", Naruto said as the rain of weapons came down on him, a sight that would have frozen just about every other genin. Naruto smirked and decided to try something.

" Demon's Art: Hell's Guard!", he shouted as a large burning sphere surrounded him. The use of a demon technique was surprising, but its effect was truly shocking.

Not only did it protect Naruto, but it incinerated any weapon that touched it, and the wires attached to them were superheated, burning Tenten's fingers and made her release them or face the inability to use them for the duration of the fight if not longer.

'Damnit,' she thought, her finger still aching from the wires. She glared at Naruto as the shell went down to reveal the red haired genin panting.

'One demonic spell down, one to go.', he thought as he decided to try his luck. He inhaled deeply, his chest expanding. Blood decided to comment at this point in time.

"Do you know the saying, Trial by Fire? Cause you're off an element." Blood laughed as Naruto cocked an eyebrow. He expelled the breath, expecting some sort of flame, only to find a line of Electricity shooting from his mouth. To his credit it burnt a hole in the wall... and several trees outside the building as well.

"Toly Thit.", Naruto said, finding his tongue was numb. It wore off, but still... Damn. Luckily, for her anyway, Tenten had managed to dodge the 'beam' with only a bad case of static charge, which made it very hard for her to hold a weapon. Naruto smirked as she finally lost enough of the charge to pick up a weapon. "Ready to lose yet, or shall I drag this out some more? Cause I gotta tell you, kicking you ass is the most fun I've had all week. Well, aside from killing those teams from the village hidden in the sound."

The arena froze, save for a select few. Having killed at Genin rank was no small feat, but having killed teams was something unheard of. Tenten tried to call him on it only to be surprised.

"Yeah right, you probably showed up after they were dead!", she yelled. Naruto narrowed his eyes, Tenten didn't realize what she said. Unfortunately for her, she decided not to shut up, " What kind of ninja are you? Lying is the act of those without honor!". She would have continued, but the arena was Flooded with a volatile energy that seemed to reek of power. Naruto glared with the force of an army of demons, his stare burning a hole through her very soul. He then uttered the last words of the match.

"Art of the Balor: Vorpal Sword.", he said as a spectral blade made it's way into his hand. It looked to be a longsword with it's blade shaped like a bolt of lightning, and its edge looked sharp enough to cut souls. As if on command it bursts into flames, the act shocking everyone.

He charged, the arena seeming to shift with each step, due to his aura distorting Tenten's senses. And in a flash he appeared behind her, the swing complete: a jagged cut tore it's way up her back, and the fames cauterized the wound immediately leaving no chance of healing without a scar. The pain made her black out, and as she fell the aura faded until Naruto stood with the sword in his hand, the blood boiling from it's edge.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki!", the proctor shouted, yet no one moved nor made a sound. The only noise made was from the crackling of the flames from Naruto's blade, which soon disappeared in a flash of flames. He turned and walked up the stairs only to be halted by the Hokage's voice.

"Will all winners please come to the floor to decide who will fight who in the next round.", he shouted, slightly wincing as Naruto turned from the stairs with that burning glare still on his face. They lined up with Naruto at the end, as far away as possible. As they were drawing Numbers, they silently prayed not to fight Naruto, save for Sasuke and Gaara who wanted to fight the demonic boy. Oh if only they knew.

They were glad that Naruto was at the end, as when he reached into the box it burst into flames along with the paper that held his number. But it took no great mind to figure out he was number two, the only one left. That meant Neji was his opponent, that also meant there would probably be a charred corpse in that ring before he was done.

The genin stared at the opponents, but Neji was forced to look away when Naruto sent that blazing glare his way. It truly was something that seemed to scar your soul. As Naruto left the ring everyone let out a breath of relief, if nothing else, he was scary as shit now. Sarutobi sighed, the ninja meeting afterwards would be hectic enough without the addition of an irritated hybrid.

"Will all jounin please come to my office at five, and anyone who is late will be demoted to genin. No exceptions.", said the aged Kage as he body flickered back to his office to await the arrival of the jounin for an hour.

(with Naruto)

He walked to a training ground, intent on mass destruction.

"That bitch!", he shouted, cleaving a tree in half with his blazing sword, "How dare she insult my honor! Call me a liar? Ha!". With every sentence a tree fell. He heard footsteps behind him and swung, but the blade was caught by a clawed hand. Blood stood, his cloak of shadows back in place, with an amused look in his glowing eyes. Naruto mellowed out slightly and the blade disappeared in a quick flash once more.

"Not bad, calling forth your sword twice in one day, using a fraction of you berserker mode, and using your pride and honor as a base for it all in one day. Still, you must learn restraint. I speak from experience when I say killing everyone who insults you is relieving, but it causes more difficulty down the road. As much as I'd like to inform you of some of these difficulties, you're going to be late for the meeting that the Hokage is having; the one where you're supposed to explain the situation regarding my residency. Now go.", with that the aged hybrid disappeared in the usual way, stepping back into the shadows.

Naruto sighed and ran towards the Hokage Tower, trying to find a...eloquent... way of breaking it to the jounin and chunin. All genin and civilians would either find out from the ninja from today or the day after the finals.

(the tower, council room.)

Most of the ninja here were used to being called for group meetings by the Hokage, without knowing what they were here for, but the council member were more irritable. They were usually the one who called meetings, not the Hokage, so they were quite annoyed. Danzo called out to Sarutobi, trying to pry the purpose of this meeting from him, but to no avail.

"Hokage-sama, why are we waiting? All the ninja are here as you requested, and we are her as well, so why are we waiting?", he asked, trying to mask his anger. Sarutobi cast him a detached glance, furthering Danzo's anger, and said one sentence.

"We're waiting for the guest of honor.". With that the doors to the council room burst open as if on cue, and in stepped Naruto, trenchcoat moving in an unseen breeze. His presence alone created an air of anger, it was expected when only a handful of people liked him though. He ignored it and made his way to the Hokage.

"Sorry I'm late, destruction therapy. Shall we begin?", he asked, a small grin on his face. Sarutobi nodded and stood, clearing his throat before starting.

"Thank you all for coming here on such short notice. There is something that should be brought to your attention, an event that happened in the Forest of Death that will more than likely alter history.", Sarutobi paused a moment before continuing, " Twelve years ago the Yondaime saved the village from the Kyuubi no Kitsune by sealing it into a newborn. I made a law that no one could tell this boy about the fox, but it seems he found out on his own. I don't know how long Naruto knew but it doesn't matter anymore, the fox is gone.". Murmurs went through the crowd as this news was told. Many looked at Naruto, hatred still in their eyes. "This is where I leave the tale to Naruto, as I don't know what happened in the forest of death."

There was a long silence as everyone looked to Naruto, who in turn merely waited a moment. Then as thing began to get tense he spoke.

"I'm going to be blunt about this, but listen to everything before your feeble human minds lock on to one train of though again. In the forest, My team was attacked by Orochimaru in disguise. We lived, but he gave Sasuke a cursed mark and left us beaten and bloodied. The next day we were attacked by two teams from sound. We defeated one ninja with the help of team ten, but the other five outmatched us.", he looked out the window in silent recollection before continuing.

"I was forcing myself not to call of Kyuubi's power, I refused to let him fight my battles for me. When all hope seemed lost, the world slowed to a crawl before stopping completely. An ancient voice spoke to me, offering a deal: he gets rid of the Kyuubi and gives me his powers in return for me becoming his new vessel and seeing the world. I agreed and signed the contract he made, then his energies garbed me in what you see now."

"The world started turning again and I gave the sound teams a chance, surrender and live. Because of what I am now, I couldn't go back on my word; when one of them laid down her weapons she lived. On a whim, I suppose, I made her my servant and as such out of the reach of you idiots.", he said , motioning to the council. " The rest were killed. I got captain emo and the pink weakling to the tower. The rest is either already known or unimportant.".

There was silence in the room. Then a storm of shouts filled the room, mainly saying that this was one of the Kyuubi's tricks or that they should kill him for insulting the council.

"Silence Fools."

The room went quiet as Blood emerged from the shadows without his cloak. While his appearance had silenced them, it was his choking aura that was keeping them so.

"You humans cease to amaze me. I've been asleep for ten THOUSAND years, and nothing has changed about you idiots. Demon this, Devil that, Satan hit me with a whiffle ball bat. If it isn't human, you think that makes it three things; bloodthirsty, evil, and something that should be killed."

"I made a deal with Naruto, and part of it was to remove the Kyuubi. Want proof, here see for yourselves.", Blood took out an orb from his pouch and held it out. In the orb was the Kyuubi, writhing in agony. Everyone's eyes widened, it was true. Blood returned the orb to its pouch before continuing.

"Do not think for a second that I'm some kind of savior. I am the King of Hell, I used to kill you empty things in droves for fun, and I'm very tempted to start doing it again. If you piss me off I will bring your dead loved ones back to life to kill you, after I kill the ones that are still alive. The seal keeps most of my power back, but I still have enough to make the Kyuubi look like a kitten. It does not however, bind ME. I can come and go as I please so long as I'm within a few miles of Naruto, So one night I might get bored and kill you all."

He turned to the council, a sadistic smirk on his face. He moved his arm and aimed it at Danzo, and let out a dark laugh as the warhawk's eyes widened. Suddenly one of the chains that didn't control his power detached itself from his shoulder, though still attached at the wrist, and moved like a snake in front of him.

"Get over here!",He shouted, the chain shooting out and impaling Danzo though the center of his chest. Blood pulled the chain and Danzo was pulled from his seat and was caught by the throat by Blood. "I know a demon who just loves skinning people alive, putting salt on the wound , and then putting their skin back on. I think it's about time he got a new visitor, his knife might be a little rusty but I'm sure you won't mind."

Blood opened up a red spiraling portal and stepped through, taking Danzo with him. As the Portal closed the room looked to Naruto and the Hokage.

"Any questions?", Sarutobi asked. He was actually planning on thanking Blood; he just saved him a lot of trouble. When one of the jounins actually raised her hand he sweat dropped; she was jumping around like a little kid. "What is it Anko?".

"Can I have his autograph?", she asked with a smile. Naruto blinked a few times, unsure of what he just heard. Not many humans would ask for such a thing from Blood.

"Next time I see him, I'll ask him. Now any other questions? I do have something to do today.", replied Naruto, hoping that he could get out of there asap. To his relief it looked like they were going to stay quiet. He turned to the Hokage and nodded. Sarutobi, in turn, handed Naruto a sheet of paper.

Naruto made his way through the crowd, restraining a dark chuckle when some of the weaker chunin parted for him.

(Namikaze clan compound, living room)

The place was huge if nothing else. The living room alone was at least fifty feet across with a similar width, not to mention it already had all the furniture he needed and then some. He spent some time looking around and found a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a fully stocked kitchen with a note from the Hokage(the fully stocked bit was his doing), a Hotspring, a dojo inside, an outdoor training area with dummies, a meditation room and a room that held a small shrine.

The shrine itself was confusing though, it bore no mark of a particular deity, nor did it really resemble a shrine of any sort. It just felt like some kind of shrine.

Naruto had to pick his jaw up from the floor when he saw the size of the library. It was at size of a house on its own; a house full of jutsu. Before he got too crazy Blood's words rang through his mind; he wouldn't be able to use any of them until he figured out how to convert them to an energy type he could use. He shut the door and looked around some more,eventually finding the Master Bedroom and Bathroom on the top floor.

After unpacking he set down to the living room once more, only to find two unexpected guests. Blood stood calmly, the chains from Sarutobi in his hand, and Kin sat in one of the chairs, fast asleep. Naruto sighed and put a blanket over Kin who was once again muttering some interesting things involving whip cream.

Turning his attention to Blood in hopes of restraining himself he noted that Blood did looked a little annoyed.

"Something wrong?", he asked. Blood looked at him warningly.

"You do realize this will be the most painful thing you ever experience right? After this, all other pain will seem insignificant, if that gives you any hint. Just be prepared.", was all he said before clearing a space in the living room.

The array drawn was the most complex thing Naruto had ever seen, but as he moved to the center he felt the enormous pressure that it created. He stood against the pressure, his right arm stretched out to the side. Blood sighed as his cloak burned away, he really didn't feel like preforming this damned ritual.

Then the array burned with a bloody red light as the energy began spiraling. Blood gave a dark smile; the ritual did allow him to unleash more than he was used to... only someone with the power of the king of Hell could preform the ritual, and the previous king had done it to him.

Blood put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and burned off his shirt, pumping so much Demonic energy into the skin turned red and almost boiled. Naruto had braced himself, but he cried out as the fresh waves hit him. Blood focused the energy more and more until it formed a band around his shoulder and part of his torso; this meant he was almost done with that area. He added even more, solidifying it into a blood red metal band that buried itself into Naruto's flesh, eliciting another scream from him. Blood removed his hand from the shoulder, but quickly grabbed Naruto's right wrist and began flooding it with Archonic energy.

Instead of the normal soothing feeling that it normally held for Naruto, it burned him worse than the Demonic energy. The process was an exact replica of the shoulder and although the band would be smaller, no less energy was added. The band formed and attached itself, but Blood had a few more things to do. He took the chains in his hand and began pumping them full of Dragonic energies until runes began etching themselves into the links and the lengthened to fit Naruto's arm.

Blood let go of the chains; letting them fly to the metal plates and attach themselves. This brought forth another scream from Naruto, they seemed to burn like fire not only on his skin, but he felt his energy being absorbed into the chains with a burning sensation. Then the pain stopped so suddenly Naruto almost blacked out. Blood said words so old the very world seemed to question their meaning, then he touched the chains.

The blood and damage the heat had done were wiped clean from the chains, leaving them a bright silver. The plates on his arm also turned silver, shining in the twilight that crawled in the windows. Then the world went black as the ritual took its toll and Naruto slipped into unconsciousness.

Blood watched as he hit the floor, chains rattling. He then waved his hand, cleaning the living room of soot and blood before picking Naruto up and warped to the Master bedroom where he laid Naruto down and left. He was tired himself, but he needed to make sure Naruto actually survived this. He sank into the shadows, but never truly left.

(Naruto's Mind)

The sound of waves on a beach awoke him. He sat up and opened his eyes, looking at the ocean in front of him. He sat there for a long time, just staring at the endless waves.

Then he felt it, like a pull on his very being, a call he couldn't ignore. He turned from the ocean and walked towards where the call brought him, casting a glance over his shoulder at the waves beckoning him to come back and sit on the sandy beach to meditate forever. He walked on, passing by Blood's castle, and ended up near the center of the island before the call seemed to cease. Before him stood what he was now... or what he was to become.

A large red skinned demon stood to his right, large wings coming from his back. He stood at almost ten foot with huge horns coming from his head. He wore only ragged shorts and flames danced over his broad form. At his side was a vorpal sword like Naruto's, only more flames and it seemed even sharper. His onyx eyes stared at Naruto with apathy.

To Naruto's left stood what he assumed to be a hound Archon. He stood at roughly six foot nine and his muscular body was covered in a fine layer of blood red fur. He was garbed in baggy pants tucked into his heavy boots and a white tunic with a holy coat over that. His dog like head held pure white eyes that seemed to inspire Naruto, and along his back was a greatsword of holy make.

In the middle stood the more impressive of the three; a fifty foot dragon with lightning blue scales. He gazed at Naruto, flexing his large wings every now and then, staring with gray orbs. From just behind his nostrils to between his eyes protruded a jagged golden horn that sparked with electricity. His sharp claws tore through the ground when he flexed them; all in all a scary sight.

There was an unspoken conversation between the four of them, the only sounds came from their breathing. The Archon walked off into a grove of trees, The Demon strode off towards the beach, The Dragon flew off into the skies, and Naruto walked back towards Castle Hellcry. Their meeting was short and silent, but Naruto now knew what these three were; what he would become if he fully embraced one aspect.

"And the hound doth howl into the night,

Fighting to return things to right.

The bat flaps his wings

And the wind begins burning things.

The lizard stares at the violent storm,

The lightning giving him form.

The path I carve will be followed by crows,

For now Nightfall comes where Darkness goes."

Naruto shook his head and laughed, "I think Blood is rubbing off on me.". He looked over his shoulder, still chuckling slightly. He smiled and walked on, intent on beginning to make a place of meditation in his own mind for once.

He stood in a small clearing, concentrating. Soon trees began growing around him and a pool formed in the middle of the clearing. Naruto sighed, content on enjoying every moment he could because he knew as soon as he could move he was going to have to train.

A feral grin trailed it's way across his face. That Hyuuga kid didn't know who he was fucking with.

(Three Days later)

Naruto was hoping that this ritual had been worth it; being unable to do anything but lay on his left side and, with concentration, get up to relieve himself. He was actually glad that Kin had finished her "Interrogation" the day prior; she was a lifesaver while he was in the earlier stages.

Still, she seemed nervous around him; she probably wasn't too sure that he wasn't going to rape her, and the seals effect on her in that regard more then likely left her with a very confusing set of emotions.

"Neh, Kin-chan...", he called out, wondering if she could hear him in the living room. In a matter of moments the door to the bedroom slowly opened, and Kin stepped in with a forced-neutral face.

"Yes Master?", she asked, trying to disguise her dislike of the word.

"...never say that again.", Naruto said, a fire lighting inside of his chest. "Call me Naruto-sama(As in Lord Naruto) if you must, but I never want to hear you call me master, understood?"

Kin was taken aback by the venom in his voice, but quickly nodded. There was an awkward silence for the girl, though Naruto quickly calmed himself and remembered why he had called her.

"Could you bring me some water? I'm out.", he said softly, inclining his head to the empty glass, resting on the bedside table.

Kin was silent as she walked over and took the empty glass, trying to avoid her master's gaze. As she left, she made sure the door was shut before letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She was still scared to death that he might rape her or kill her, but every since the ritual her dreams had been filled by him. But... it wasn't how she had imagined it; in the dreams they were... intimate, but it was more in the romantic sense. And he had been nice so far, despite the obvious pain he was in...

"Maybe I'm being paranoid.", she muttered as she filled the glass. If something was going to go sour, it should have already happened. The only rough spot had been the master thing a few moments prior...

She shook her head and decided to at least try and be nice. She couldn't help but wonder why he had spared her though... why go through the trouble of keeping her alive? As she neared the door, she heard a dark voice from the other side; Naruto was talking to someone.

Against her better judgment, she pressed her ear to the door and listened.

"I don't see why you're being so nice to her. She is your slave, and more then that she is a prisoner of war; such leniency isn't becoming of a demon.", The dark voice said, sending chills down Kin's spine.

"She's human, not some sort of beast to be locked in a cage. I'm being nice to her because unlike everyone else around me, if she starts to hate me, she can't leave. Call me soft, but I'm not one for emotional tortures.", came Naruto's voice, defending Kin.

"Well, she's your slave; I suppose it's up to you. Still, try not to grow too sentimental; I'd hate to see you hurt.", Blood said sarcastically.

"...Were you hugged as a child?"


"That explains a lot. Anyway, can you go? Kin's standing outside and I don't want her to have a heart attack when she sees you."


There was a loud whooshing sound before Naruto called her in.

"You knew I was listening?", Kin asked as she set the water on the table.

"Near the end anyway. Thank you for bringing the water.", he said, giving her a soft smile.

"You're welcome, Naruto-sama."

There was a small pause as the two looked at each other, taking in details like they were meeting anew.

"You need to relax. I might be a demon, but I'm not evil.", Naruto said as he let his eyes drift shut. "I won't hurt you."

Kin was silent as he seemingly fell asleep. She looked at his right arm, taking in the angry red skin and the silver metal; the ritual had woken her up the other day... the unearthly screams of agony...

She smiled a little and walked out, knowing there were worse fates then being a servant to a kind demon.

(one week, four days later, hotsprings)

Naruto stared across the water at an old guy who was obviously peeping on the women's side of the springs. After listening to the old shit giggle for a few minutes, he decided enough was enough. He sneaked up behind him, foregoing any powers he had, and planted the hardest kick he could on that pervert's ass.

Apparently when enhanced muscles hit a distracted Sannin, it's enough to launch said ninja over a ten foot fence. Naruto leaned against a tree as he listened to the sounds of someone getting the living shit kicked out of them, moving his finger in the air like he was conducting an orchestra. In truth he was very accurate; had one been able to see both at once, they might have thought he was actually controlling the figh-err...murder.

About five minutes later he was sent flying over the fence, beaten and bloodied. He landed in front of Naruto, who in turn nudged him with his foot to see if he was alive enough to torment some more. To his delight the man was still alive, which meant he could send him back over the wall.

"Hey gramps, you dead?", Naruto asked, half expecting him not to answer. It came as a full surprise when he jumped back, all of his injuries gone, and went through some quick hand signs. Confetti began falling as he did a weird dance that would scare small children.

"Of course I'm okay! Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Sannin, Teacher of the Yondaime, And writer of the famed Icha Icha series! I am Jiraiya, The toad sage!", he yelled. As if to prove a point he summoned a small toad.

"Okay so your ancient, senile, you trained a dead guy and you write porn. Oh yes, I tremble at your greatness, now turn back towards the hot springs so I can get a clear shot.", Naruto made a turning motion with his finger just to piss him off. Jiraiya stared at the boy; most people at least bowed and showed a little respect even if they didn't want to. This kid just insulted him and told him to turn so he could kick him again... wait again?

"You kicked me into the springs?", the old pervert yelled. Naruto yawned, bored since he wouldn't be able to kick him again; mainly due to the fact that the blood went back into the head on his neck.

"Yeah I did. For a Sannin you really don't pay attention do you? For the love of Heironeous I'm a genin, and I not only got behind you without being noticed but launched your ass into the air before you even realized what was going on. Really, just... Damn man.". Naruto patted Jiraiya on the shoulder and turned, planning on leaving to get lunch, not planning on being stopped.

"Kid, I was distracted but you now have my full attention. So what's stopping me from kicking your ass for that little stunt you just pulled?", Jiraiya was just trying to intimidate Naruto a little. He knew who he was, and the Sandaime had asked him to come and train the boy a bit. The feral grin on the kid's face did worry him slightly.

"Well first off I now have a clear shot at your nuts that would launch you back into the women's side. Secondly, him.", said Naruto, pointing behind Jiraiya. He looked behind him to see Blood standing in his cloak, his eyes glowing from under his big hood. "Fair warning, I don't control him, so if he decides to maim you horribly... oh well."

Blood grinned and sank into the shadows. Naruto would tell him when to come out sometimes just to freak people out. In several cases he did maim people, but Blood said, in his defense, that only two died and he only ate one. It was also hard to argue/yell at the Lord of Hell.

Although brief, Blood's appearance and exit unnerved Jiraiya, at least enough to raise his guard. He turned back to Naruto who still had the remnants of a grin on his face. He had agreed to train the boy, but he had a feeling that this would take some doing.

"Alright brat, you've piqued my interest.", he said, trying to disarm some of the tension in the air. Naruto may have been cheery on the outside but one look at his eyes revealed how ready he was to bolt should need be.

"Oh joy.", was his response. In truth he was hoping this meant he could get some training out of the old pervert. "So what, you gonna train me now or something?".

"I'm tempted to say "or something", but I made a promise to an old friend that entails me training you.". Jiraiya went through some quick handsigns and summoned a toad of decent size. The toad opened its mouth and gave the scroll it held to Jiraiya, then disappeared. Jiraiya began walking off, motioning for Naruto to follow.

(ten minutes later, a random stream)

Jiraiya had laid the scroll out on the ground and crossed his arms.

"Okay, bite your thumb and sign your name, in blood, on the contract. Then put your hand print at the space in the bottom. After that I'll show you how to summon toads.", he said, starting to enter lecture mode. Naruto's eyes widened before a sadistic grin came to his face. Jiraiya cocked an eyebrow as Naruto concentrated, but both his eyebrows shot to his hair line as another summoning scroll appeared.

"Thanks for telling me how to make this damn thing work! Blood wouldn't tell me shit, and the spaces were confusing me.", said Naruto as he opened the scroll and bite his thumb, letting a lot of blood out. He signed his name and left his hand print, but as he lifted his hand a cold wind blew though the area. The scroll rolled itself up and disappeared, but that didn't concern Naruto. "You, show me how to summon, now."

Jiraiya's eye twitched at the lack of respect.

"I don't know, if you keep disrespecting me, I don't think I'll teach you anything.", replied Jiraiya, trying to scare some respect into the little bastard. It didn't work.

"Either show me how to summon or I'll have Blood hold you still while I gather up all the women in the village, ninja and civilian, and tell them two things: Where you are and that you spied on them while they were in the hot springs. Now pick one, showing me how to summon or castration.", he said, a feral grin on his face, fangs glinting.

Normally Jiraiya wouldn't be scared of a genin, but the cloaked...thing... that had shown up earlier worried him. That and the thought of a village worth of women coming to kill him... or worse. He had to stop himself from clutching his nuts protectively.

"You are a decent negotiator brat. Fine, I'll show you the damn summoning. After that it's up to you.", Jiraiya grumbled out. If this wasn't for that promise to the Sandaime then he would be more objective, but he was fairly well boned on this one. He went through the handsigns slowly so Naruto could see them before walking over to a tree and sitting at it's base, taking out a bottle of sake to calm his nerves. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what came out of that contract.

Five hours later found Naruto just about to pass out from exhaustion. He simply couldn't build up enough energy to use the summoning. Jiraiya had began to formulate a plan to make him use the Kyuubi, but Naruto caught the look in his eye and ended that there.

"So what do you propose we do now? You've got a summoning contract you're not strong enough to use, and I'm out of sake.", Jiraiya said, clearly annoyed. Naruto sent him a glare and wiped the sweat from his forehead; the cold chains felt wonderful.

His eyes shot open. He looked to the chains and grabbed one of them before tearing it from it's connection to his wrist. Then he felt a huge surge of energy and, spurred on by this burst, ran through the handsigns once more, slamming his right hand down on the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!", he shouted as the area was cover by smoke. Jiraiya stood and got ready to fight should the summon prove hostile. Naruto struggled to remain standing as his energy was drained; by the time it stopped he had only enough to move and function.

"Who has summoned me?", a voice called from the smoke. As it cleared, they saw what had been summoned.

It looked to be a wolf with a black pelt that bore blood red symbols. It stood at about five feet at the shoulder, and that meant it was easier for you to see its eyes. They were as red as a funeral pyre and held the same amount of morbidity. Around its ankles were blood red bands, each one bearing a demonic rune for wolf.

Naruto found his voice, and was actually surprised he had lost it in the drain.

"I summoned you.", Naruto said before giving a bow with his hand over his heart, the palm facing outwards. It was a demon thing that Blood hadn't gone into depth with, but he explained that it was a sign of respect for the others honor and loyalty. "My name is Naruto Namikaze, the vessel for the Lord of Hell. He gave me the contract to summon your kind... what ever you are."

The wolf sighed and looked towards the rising moon. The was a pregnant pause before he spoke.

"So Blood has awoken?"


"He gave you our contract for a reason. You are nowhere near strong enough to summon our Alpha, but I speak for my father. You have potential, the kind of potential to lead the Hell hounds into glorious battle once more. Normally... we would test you, but Blood himself vouches for you. Summon me when ever you need to, but if at all possible try to only do it in fights. I shall spread the word amongst the other clans as well, so till next we meet young one."

He bowed his head and to his left a fiery portal opened up. He began walking to it, but stopped right before it. He turned his head to Naruto.

"Naruto, my name is Blodgarm. It helps in specific summonings to know the name.", said Blodgarm as he walked through the portal. Naruto nodded and looked to Jiraiya who was standing with his mouth hanging open.

"Trying to catch some flies there gramps? Close your mouth.", Naruto said, trying to figure out if he had enough energy to make it home. Jiraya closed his mouth and glared at Naruto.

"Would it kill you to show a little respect? And if you knew how long people have been searching for the Hell hound contract, you'd be a little more appreciative of the magnitude of this moment!", Jiraya replied, having trouble restraining himself.

Naruto didn't respond. He merely watched as the chain he broke reattached itself to his wrist, looking as though it had never been broken.

'So that's how it works.', Naruto thought, making a note of how much power he got. At the same time he knew he could only handle so much energy, so he decided to limit himself to one chain, possibly two if he was in danger. His mental clock told him it was about nine O'clock, and he had a team meeting the next day. He would need a lot of sleep to be able to function the next day.

"Yo Ero-sennin, I have a team meeting tomorrow; I'm going home.", he turned to leave but paused a moment, "If I catch you peeking again, I will open a portal to hell and personally kick you into it."

Jiraya raised an eyebrow; they both knew he was stronger, but Naruto had sneaked up him earlier. He simply decided to keep his guard up, just in case. He cast a glance at the retreating form of the hybrid boy, pitying the boy's teacher. Kakashi was a jounin, but he was lazy and would underestimate Naruto. Looking towards the hotsprings he sighed; He didn't feel like peeking again tonight, so he strode off into town, heading for the pub.

(the next day, The bridge where team seven meets.)

Sasuke stood glaring at nothing in particular, Sakura was standing opposite of him with hearts in her eyes as she looked at him, and Kakashi was trying to figure out where Naruto was. At first he thought Naruto might have gotten bored and gone home, after all he was only three hours late. But Sasuke said that he got there first and Naruto had never shown up

He would have normally left it alone, but Naruto was the reason he had called the meeting. During the preliminaries he was impressed by the new Naruto, but the moves he used couldn't be copied by the Sharingan as he found out. So instead of copying them and teaching them to Sasuke he would simply order Naruto to teach him. But in order to do that he had to find him first.

"Okay, let's look around some of the other training grounds first.", said Kakashi, taking out his book, also known as portable porn. Sasuke 'hn'-ed and Sakura nodded, following Sasuke like he was some kind of god.

To their credit they actually put some effort into searching, looking all over the village. They asked around, but even the Hokage didn't know where the hybrid boy was.

Defeated, they returned to their own training ground only to find something that irked them- scratch that, pissed them off to no end. Naruto sat atop one of the training logs, reading a small book. He didn't even remotely notice them, he just flipped a page in the book. Kakashi, deciding to relieve a little anger and scare the boy, threw a shuriken at Naruto, intending for it to graze his cheek. He didn't intend for Naruto to pluck it out if the air and throw it back with enough speed that it sliced through Kakashi's porn before he could move it out of the way. Kakashi looked at the torn book in disbelief, trying to deny the book's destruction... but he only succeeded in falling to the ground in tears.

"Get up Hatake you're embarrassing me.", Naruto said as he got off of the log. The other three looked at him oddly; he had never called Kakashi that before. Said jounin got up and looked at Naruto with an uneasy gaze.

"Sakura,", Kakashi said, getting the pink girl's attention, "You can go home now, I just need to talk with Naruto and Sasuke about something.". Sakura nodded and walked off, following orders like a good soldier; or as some would put it a weak minded fool who didn't know how to think on her own. Naruto however narrowed his eyes, already not liking this.

After Sakura was gone Kakashi turned back to Naruto with a icy glare. He was met with a fiery one.

"Naruto, after witnessing your techniques in the preliminaries I have decided that in order to be better equipped to defeat his opponent, you must teach your moves to Sasuke. That's an order.", Kakashi said, expecting the little bit of killing intent he was releasing while he was talking to be enough to convince Naruto to agree.

"Hatake.", Naruto said, glare still in place.

"What?", he asked. Naruto flipped him off before continuing.

"Go fuck yourself.", He said with a small frown adorning his face, a sign that didn't bode well for Kakashi. Jiraya looked at the scene from the bushes, watching the events with a bucket of popcorn and a soda.

Kakashi was to stunned to say anything and Sasuke was no different. Naruto let it sink in before continuing further.

"You preach teamwork like it's a holy scripture, yet the way you act like you only have one student is the equivalent of using that scripture to wipe your ass. I sacrificed something I'm not getting back for this power, and the deal was only open to me.". Kakashi managed to recover in time to comment before he went on though.

"Shut up Naruto, you don't know what your talking about.". Naruto simply flipped him off once more but took his other index finger and made it circle his middle finger.

"Sit and spin Hatake. I gave up my humanity for this. I'm not human anymore, I said that at the meeting remember? Or were you too busy reading that gay porn you carry around? I bet the only reason Gai is your rival is so you can see him move around in that spandex suit.",Naruto mused, trying to provoke the jounin, " Back to topic, the techniques I use are forbidden for human use, so once again, fuck you. If you want me to teach the emo bastard, then make me."

Kakashi's eyebrow rose significantly, a genin telling a jounin to make him do something.

"Apparently you lost your sanity too. I'm a jounin, do you really think you can take me?", Kakashi asked, trying to call Naruto's bluff. It would have worked a lot better if Naruto was bluffing; Kakashi might have been a jounin, but Naruto was fully rested and Kakashi was lazy, predictable, and weak from years of inactivity other than reading that porn. And if things got bad Naruto could pop a chain off and summon Blodgarm for help.

"Not only do do I plan to take you, but I also plan to send you head first into the ground and leave you there.", Naruto replied, his vorpal sword materializing in his right hand.

Naruto charged, sword in position to take full advantage of the momentum. Kakashi dodged the swing easily, but he knew that was it; not after watching him fight the other day.

He was right; Naruto let the swing take him full circle, but this time Kakashi had an elbow heading straight for his face. He was surprised by the speed of the attack, but leaned out of the way. What he missed was the vorpal sword that tore a nasty gash across his chest. As he jumped back, swearing out of reflex, he realized his folly.

Naruto had switched hands during the spin, taking the jounin by surprise.

"Is that it? Your quite the liar, Naruto-san. I don't seem to be face down in the dirt.", he taunted, using a time tested strategy; angry opponents are less effective. What he didn't realize was that, although insulting a Demon's, Dragon's or Archon's honor was an effective way of pissing them off... they only got better at fighting as their rage increased.

Naruto's eyes turned a violent crimson, and the flames the covered the sword started burning hotter. Blood smirked from the depths of Naruto's mind as he dipped into his berserker state again.

"Dodge this!", Naruto said, pulling his arm back. Kakashi's eyes widened as he threw the flaming sword at him at blinding speed. By sheer luck, he managed to sidestep in time, but Naruto hadn't been referring to the sword being dodged.

The jounin's vision went dark as the hybrid's knee smashed into his face. Kakashi flew back as Naruto landed, rage fading.

As Hatake hit the dirt Naruto gave a feral grin, his sword disappearing from it's spot in the earth. He walked off, the grin never leaving his face.

When he was gone Sasuke let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. His 'dobe' teammate had just kicked the shit out of their sensei; he hadn't been so scared since the Uchiha massacre. He looked over to Kakashi and ran over to him, hefting him him up to his back so he could get him to the hospital.

(One hour later)

From atop the Hokage Mountain a pair of amethyst eyes gazed over the village. Naruto wasn't grinning anymore, but one could tell he was amused. The merger had changed his eye color to amethyst after the fight, a color he seemed to enjoy. He was thinking about putting some crystals into the meditation room, as the color of amethyst seemed to soothe him.

"Why not?", he said out loud. He didn't turn as Jiraya walked up beside him from behind him.

"Why not what?", he asked, looking over the village like Naruto.

"Just thinking about crystals. I'm thinking about some amethyst for my house in general.". Jiraya cast him and odd glance but shrugged him off. They might not have known each other long, but he knew enough to know not to press; it probably wasn't important anyway.

"He's going to remove you from his team you know."

"Oh well, it was worth it. Did you see his face at the end? Priceless.", Naruto started grinning again. Jiraya looked to him and cocked an eyebrow.

"You knew I was watching?"

"Yeah, when I went into berserker mode I was able to sense everything within fifty yards. You were in the bushes laughing as he got pummeled."

"Well then, you find yourself team-less, yet studying under a Sannin. What would you call that?". Naruto gave a short laugh.

"Is that an offer of apprenticeship I hear? I think you might be going soft there.". Jiraiya just laughed in return and began walking off. "So what time do you want me to meet you for training, Jiraiya-sensei?".

Jiraiya turned and smirked. He knew Naruto would take the apprenticeship, so he already had a schedule worked up for him.

"Same spot as the other day, show up at noon. We'll mainly be trying to figure out how to convert jutsu into techniques you can use and fine-tuning what you already know. Other than that we'll take it easy; you don't want to have a bad injury during the finals.".

Naruto nodded and turned back to the village.

"Well then, see you tomorrow Jiraiya.".

The old hermit smiled and walked off, the young boy had reminded him of Minato. He figured a night of drinking couldn't hurt, walking off towards the pub again.

Naruto looked out over the village, his amethyst eyes gazing over the vastness of it until they were set upon the arena. A feral grin appeared on his face as he stared at it. In his mind he was going over as many strategies as possible, and all he knew of Neji Hyuuga.

"You shall lose Neji Hyuuga, for you face hell itself."

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