This is the redone chapter two. I've left the Neji and Shukaku fights alone, but I've changed a few other things. Nothing major, just some scenes for character development.

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Sunlight poured into Naruto's bedroom from the window, causing him to roll over in order to escape the light that willed him to wake. He laid there for a half hour, trying to fall asleep once more, but to no avail.

"Damned ball of fire.", he mumbled as he arose, stretching to remove the stiffness of sleep from his body. He yawned, his sharp teeth visible to the world for a moment before they were hidden again. Jiraiya had joked that if all else failed he could bite a chunk out of Neji. Naruto had replied that he would probably do it for kicks anyway.

He moved in front of the full body mirror in his room and looked over his new form, not having a chance to prior.

He was muscled now, but not grossly so; it looked like it balanced speed with power, though he knew that there was more strength to him then what first met the eye.. He looked to his spiky red hair, noting that it was long and would get in the way unless bound. He decided to try tying it back like he had seen in a book once.

He traced the metal that was bound to his shoulder, marveling at how he could actually feel his touch on the metal, and how it was bound to him perfectly. The chains made no noise unless he wanted them to, which he found relieving; a clinking ninja is a dead one. He opened his mouth and looked at his teeth; all of them seemed sharper now.

He shrugged and scratched the back of his head, freezing when he felt two small horns, no more than an inch in length, coming from the back of his head. His eye twitched slightly, but it was better that the single horn his inner dragon had. He had a bad feeling it would have led to many unicorn jokes.

A knock came from the door as he turned towards his bathroom. Groaning he went to the door and opened it, his eyes widening when he saw Kin standing there. Or more specifically what she was wearing. It was basically a french maid outfit, only a bit more revealing while still remaining respectable.

Over the last few days, the two had become a lot closer. After Kin was settled in, she really took to the role of being the "maid". One night, after Naruto finished cooking, they just started talking and their friendship took off. Now they joked around quite a bit, and eventually found themselves in a few awkward situations. Still, they were only awkward because of the confusing feelings that were beginning to arise in the two of them.

Kin had come to tell him that Jiraya had arrived and was waiting in the living room, but she was to entranced by her master's practically naked form. The only thing preventing him from being considered naked were the sleep shorts he had on, and Kin was trying to restrain her mind before it wandered.

"Naruto-sama.", she started, struggling to keep a straight voice. Naruto snapped out of his daze and looked at her face instead of the objects of interest below it. "Jiraya-sama arrived ten minutes ago and is waiting for you in the living room.".

Naruto sighed and looked back in his room, or more specifically the clock on the wall that told him that it was three in the afternoon. He wasn't happy he had slept that long, but he had blown a lot of energy the day before.

"Shit. Well tell him I'll be there after I shower.", he almost turned away, but stopped himself and said one last thing to Kin, "If he does anything pervy, tell me and I'll castrate him with my blade.".

Kin nodded and walked off, making sure to swing her hips a little for her master. It had it's intended effect as when Naruto turned he ran into the door frame. He uttered a few swears and went to take his shower.

As she walked away, she congratulated herself. She had always been one to decide things quickly, and she had decided that she wanted Naruto. At first, she thought it was just the seal, but now she was starting to see what a nice guy he was, and a relationship didn't seem too bad.

Jiraiya sat in the living room, looking around at some of the paintings when Kin walked back in. He had to force back so many comments and thoughts that it gave him a headache, but he figured it was better than having Naruto taking swings at him with that sword. He might be a Sannin, but everyone got a lucky hit now and then, and where Naruto would be aiming... he didn't want to take the chance.

About fifteen minutes later Naruto entered the room, his hair pulled back into a high ponytail that spiked in every direction with long spikes. Two bangs fell on either side of his face, covering his eyes slightly(kinda like Itachi's). He sat down opposite of Jiraya, yawning in the process.

"Sorry for sleeping in, the fight with Kakashi must have taken more out of me than expected.", Naruto said, genuinely sorry for not showing up. Jiraya just nodded in acceptance.

"In all honesty, I expected you to sleep in. Not many genin can defeat their jounin sensei without some repercussions. Oh, and he did request for you to be removed from his team, which the council approved. You should have seen their faces when I said you were my apprentice.", he smiled and wished he had brought a camera to the event. Naruto gave a small laugh and looked out the window. " I do have a question for your new... partner though.".

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. He would have asked how he knew Blood was bound to him, but remembered Sarutobi. He nodded and seemed to zone out for a mere moment before returning to the land of the living.

"What do you want?", Blood asked, stepping from the shadows. Jiraya looked at the old entity, unfazed by his entrance this time around.

"I have a question for you. Do you know how humans use chakra to use jutsu and such?". Jiraya asked. Blood blinked a few times; he had expected a harder question.

"I understand the gist of it, but as I do not have any I do not know the finer points. Why do you ask?"

"I understand that his new energies are more wild than human chakra, but could they be used in they same manner? It could take years for him to use jutsu, but I may be able to help with his control of it. It would take more work, but the normal chakra exercises could be used for this.". Blood's eye closed while Naruto's widened.

"Perhaps... Yes it will work. But only for his demonic and Archonic energies. Dragons are wild and their power mimics that perfectly.", Blood turned and began walking out but was stopped by Naruto.

"But if I can't practice with it, then how am I to get better at controlling it?", he asked, a confused look upon his face. Blood chuckled but didn't turn.

"It is difficult to explain, so if you don't understand... oh well. You don't control your dragon power, you feel it. It is not based on control, that should be enough for you to understand.", Blood said as he melted into the shadows.

Naruto stood there, trying to understand; feel it don't seek to control it? But if he didn't control it then it would be wasted energy, nothing more. He sighed and turned to the Toad Sage but he shrugged. In truth Jiraya understood what he meant, it was one of those 'feel the energy and flow with it' things.

"Shall we try it then?", Jiraya asked, motioning to one of the trees outside the window. Naruto groaned, this was going to lead to some splinters and bruises.

(five hours later)

Naruto stared at the tree in defiance. It was torn up from the small explosions that happened when his control slipped. He had made it up the forty foot tree, but he was told to do it again, and again he tried.

Demonic energy flowed incredibly like chakra, but it was completely wild and volatile, leaving burns on the tree as well. It wasn't easy, but his control improved; he was now capable of storing up demonic energy and releasing it in a burst around him.

It wasn't a big improvement and the move had limited use, but it was enough. Naruto reached the top of the tree once more, taking a breath before trying something Blood had told him about. It was definitely a control exercise; you had to create a barrier of energy on the bottom of your feet like normal, but you also had to make a separate barrier right under them. The effect was something akin to sliding on ice, as Naruto soon found out. He wasn't prepared to shoot down the tree like he was snowboarding, but he kept the two barriers up as he went down. The one on the surface was the harder one to keep up; it had to move ahead of him and dissipate right behind him.

He managed not to do a face plant at the bottom, but the waves of exhaustion hit him like a drunken rhino and had roughly the same effect, because his ass was out cold. Jiraya stood on the sidelines, smiling. The boy showed more potential then his father; he had the will to work, the determination to get it right, and the drive to do it as well. He picked him up and took him back inside, laying him on the couch.

"Hey Kin-san.", he called into the house. She came out of the kitchen, her maid outfit replaced with lounging clothes with an apron over them. She looked at Jiraya before looking at the couch. Her eyes widened and she ran to her master's side.

"Naruto-sama! Are you alright?", she asked worried. Jiraya put a hand on her shoulder, causing her to look at him.

"Take good care of him, he's going to need all the help he can get. He's a good kid, no matter what he is... he's fine, just exhausted and I think he's out of demonic energy; it was probably the shock that hit him. Just make sure he rests and when he wakes up, tell him he has tomorrow off on the condition he relaxes.", He smiled and turned towards the door.

"But Jiraya-sama, why if he relaxes?", Kin asked, confused. Jiraya turned his head and answered.

"Because I'm not trying to kill him nor run him ragged, his match is far too close to experiment with his limits like that. Until his match is over and done with I'll only be able to help him with his control exercises unfortunately.", he seemed annoyed he couldn't teach him more in the current time, but he knew there was nothing he could do. He gave Kin a nod and walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

Kin looked to her ragged master and sighed, brushing some of his hair out of his face before kissing him lightly on the forehead. She smiled before standing up and returning to the kitchen, deciding to make dinner so that he could eat when he awoke.

Naruto felt weightless as he drifted into his mind. He opened his eyes to find them staring at his inner dragon. The great beast blinked in acknowledgment before walking off into the distance. Naruto found peace as he saw the dragon following it's whims; like it was the best way to go through life.

He looked to the sky and sighed before walking off to his oasis. He found the pool undisturbed and walked into the water, letting the coolness refresh him. He didn't understand it though; although it was his mind, this water shouldn't be this refreshing. It soothed him as much as real water would and then some.

A splash resonated throughout the area as Naruto laid back in the water, floating while staring at the cloud dotted sky. He saw his dragon flying around in the sky and as he laid there he decided that after the Chunin exams he would learn to fly. His head jerked to the right when he heard a twig snap, but he relaxed when he saw his demon standing by the waters.

"I would recommend you focus your efforts on my powers and Ark's; What you want will only come as instincts.", He said, looking off into the distance. Naruto raised an eyebrow.


"Your Archonic side. Surely you didn't think you would be calling us 'demon', 'dragon', and 'archon'?", He seemed to be amused at the last part. Naruto looked back to the sky as his demon walked away.

"What's your name then?"

"Zereketh. And before you ask, no, I do not know the dragon's name.", the newly dubbed Zereketh said as he walked off.

Naruto sighed and looked back to the sky, letting the calmness allow him to return to his body without effort.

(normal world)

Amethyst eyes opened and looked around the room lazily, he knew where he was. He might have drifted back to sleep if it weren't for the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. He got up, stretching to further wake himself up. Walking into the kitchen awarded him with the sight of Kin making chicken stir fry.

Deciding to see what would happen when he did it, he moved up behind Kin and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on the top of her head. Her breath hitched and he could practically feel her blush. He could tell she was trying to focus on the food. A smirk appeared on his face as he pressed himself to her back, knowing it was driving her crazy.

"So what's cooking Kin?", he asked, already knowing. In truth he wanted to see if she could speak properly.

"S-sti-ir f-f-ry, N-naru-uto-sama.", she stuttered out. He released his hold of her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"It smells wonderful. I'm going to take a shower before dinner, so there is no rush. When you're done you may do whatever you wish.", Naruto said, noticing that his voice was far more calm and smooth than normal; a fact he contributed to his shortage of demon energy; to preserve balance, his archonic energy had taken more influence over his body.

Shrugging it off he walked off towards the bathroom, hoping the hot water would cure his aching body.

Kin stood still, frozen. As a female servant she felt a physical need for her master, what he just did was almost like dangling meat in front of a hungry lion. She tried to focus on cooking, but every now and then her mind would slip back to her master. He had said she could do as she wished after she was done, and what she was planning would require her to lock her door and put up the soundproofing jutsu she knew.

(twenty minutes later)

Naruto was walking through the house towards the dining room, taking his time. He was clad in baggy black pants and a white tank top, 'leisure clothes' as he called them. He had found that when he concentrated he could turn his fingernails into claws reminiscent of his dragon's. He had also found that these claws were sharp enough to leave deep gouges in his marble counter tops with very little pressure.

He walked into the dining room to find a covered tray in at the head of the table with a note attached.


I finished dinner and decided to go to bed early. Jiraya-sama said that you had to take tomorrow off, and since we need some more groceries and other things, I wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping with me tomorrow. Just tell me in the morning. Goodnight Master.


The note had a chibi drawing of Kin giving the peace sign. Naruto chuckled and set the note aside and lifted the tray's cover to find the most delicious looking stir fry he'd ever seen, or smelled for that matter. He wolfed it down without a second thought, finding that it tasted as good as expected. He looked over to the stove to find some more of it, waiting there for him.

"That settles it, that girl is the chef from now on.", He said as he tore through the rest of it. He was going to sleep well tonight.

(the next day, Konaha shopping center)

They had left fairly early, if only to avoid the mass of idiots. They were saving the groceries for last, instead visiting the local ninja weapon store to restock on kunai, shuriken and a few other things.

The store itself was simple in design; there were weapons on the walls, storage scrolls on the counter, a list of prices on the wall next to the cash register, and a door leading off into the back room. The guy at the counter had stringy brown hair that hung over some of his old face. He looked to be in his fifties at the least, but he wore the clothes of a blacksmith that denoted that he wasn't going to let his age stop him. He turned his head to his two customers and smiled.

"So what can I do for you?", he asked, his voice aged yet strong. Naruto motioned for Kin to look around while he placed his orders.

"I need fifty kunai and the same number of shuriken, a hundred yards of ninja wire, and some exploding tags.", Naruto said, putting a small pouch on the counter. The old man took it and emptied it into his had to find several gems that could probably buy his store a few time over.

"Done, but this is far too much for those supplies... unless of course you're putting in a special order for something?", he asked, a spark of hope igniting in his brown eyes. Naruto nodded and took a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to the old man.

Brown eyes widened as they looked over the designs, a whistle escaping his lips.

"That explains the payment, but I'm afraid I don't have half of these things."

"If you agree to make it I can arrange for more than enough of all the ore, bars and gems to forge these. Simple as that.", Naruto said as he looked over a few of the weapons in the store.

"The name's Desred, and if you can provide the materials, then you'll have your weapons. When can I expect them?", he asked, pocketing the gems and designs. Naruto grinned, this had went better than expected.

"Tonight at about midnight. When can I expect my blades Desred?", he asked in return, and in return he got a smirk from the old smith.

"One week, that should give you a day or two to get used to them before the finals right?".

With a nod from Naruto they both turned and walked off; Naruto with Kin out the door and Desred into the back of the shop.

"So where to now Kin-chan?", Naruto asked, a bored tone in his voice. Kin blushed at the affectionate suffix but she shrugged it off.

"Well we need a few groceries, nothing much though. Maybe a bag or two actually.", She responded. Naruto nodded in acknowledgment but a thought struck him.

"Do you have enough clothes? I don't think you have too many.", he asked. The concern surprised her slightly but she shook her head.

"I have a two sets of civilian clothes and four sets of ninja clothing in a sealing scroll along with the maid outfit. That's all I have really.". She blushed slightly at mentioning the maid outfit in public, even if they were the only ones on the street.

"Why do you have a maid outfit anyway?", Naruto asked, looking over to her with a raised eyebrow. The question had been irking him but her statement had reminded him. Kin turned beet red and looked away, mumbling under her breath. "What?"

She couldn't stand to face him while saying this, so she kept her face away but managed to speak loud enough for him to hear.

"I'm...kind of into...Roleplay, alright?". To her surprise Naruto burst out laughing. She looked over to find him grinning.

"Sounds good to me Kin-chan.", he said after a moment, adding a wink at the end. She blushed more and tried not to face him, but her mind did wander.

After a few minutes off walking to the store Naruto started sniffing the air like there was something very odd about it.

"Hey Kin, do you smell anything?",He asked quietly. She turned to him, blush gone, and shook her head. Naruto shrugged and went on. "Alright, I just thought I smell something akin to honey and vanilla. Ah well, probably just my imagination."

He just put on his grin again and kept walking, not realizing that he had been smelling Kin's arousal. She, however, did and the blush returned.

"There's the store.", Naruto said, pointing to a small building, almost hidden between two smaller ones.

The store itself was fairly simple and one of the smaller ones in the village, but it was easy to find and usually had what someone would need. As they entered, Naruto explained that the owner was one of the few that bore him no ill will, actually being the one to supply him with decent food when he was young.

"Well if it isn't Naruto! How ya been boy?", Kai asked. He was an elderly man that looked ancient. He was bald but, while covered in wrinkles, his face was sharp. He was actually taller then most, standing at six foot three. Naruto smiled back at the man and turned to Kin for a moment.

"Kin-chan, could you please get what we need? It's been awhile since Kai and I have been able to talk.", he asked kindly. She smiled and nodded, turning and walking down one of the short aisles. Naruto walked over to the counter gave Kai a handshake. No one knew where he came from, but he had always preferred to shake instead of formal bowing.

"So how ya been? There's word goin' round that ya made a pact with some unholy beast for power.", Kai said with a knowing smile. Naruto laughed and shook his head.

"Nah. I made a pact with the King of Hell. He gave the power to protect that which I care about... and he made a hybrid.". Kai nodded and lit his pipe, taking a drag before responding.

"Any human in there?". Naruto shook his head and Kai nodded and patted him on the shoulder.

"Good. Stupid questions, stupid problems, stupid answers, stupid race.".

"True enough. How have you been?"

"I'm ninety one, my joints hurt, business has been slow, and I'm slowly losing the ability to wipe my own ass. How are you?", Kai deadpanned.

"...I'm about to turn seventeen, I'm sore from training, my sensei is a pervert, and I'm retaining the ability to wipe my own ass.", Naruto replied, getting a whack upside the head from the old shopkeep.

"Wise ass.", he muttered. "Who's the girl?"

"Kin-chan? She's a friend.", He said, trying to avoid calling her anything but.

"Chan? You sure she's just a friend?", he joked.

"Watch it Ero-jiji."

They would have continued their odd conversation if Kin hadn't walked up with the few things they needed. Kai smiled and took the items from her, tallying the cost and bagging them in a large brown bag.

"That'll be-"

"Here.", Naruto cut him off and put a few of the gems on the counter. Kai's eyes widened and the pipe almost fell from his mouth. "Consider them a payment for helping me when I was a kid."

"Normally this is where someone would say 'oh no, I can't accept this', but I ain't normal am I?", He said jokingly as he pocketed the gems. He handed the bag to Naruto who took it and walked out the door with Kin beside him.

As the exited, Kai couldn't help but chuckle. The two made quite a pair.

Once they were outside and a fair distance from the shop, however, Kin turned to her master with a raised eyebrow and a silent question.

"He's always been like that.", was Naruto's only answer. Kin sighed and walked on.

Ten minutes later found them back at the Namikaze manor, unpacking the groceries. Upon finishing, Kin stared towards the couch but Naruto grabbed her arm in order to stop her. Answering her quizzical look he motioned to her clothes, which only spurred another look.

"I'm going to regret this, but I need to get some new clothes. Do you want to come with me? I quite frankly have enough to buy the store several times over, so go nuts."

Kin was a girl, but she tried to maintain a tough exterior at time since she was a ninja. However being told they could go on an unlimited shopping spree would break even some of the toughest barriers. Naruto was dragged out of the house by his arm, curious how Kin moved fast enough to actually catch him unaware.

She pulled him down the street, having seen the clothing store on the way back to the house. On the way they were given several dirty looks by the villagers that were starting to fill the streets. These looks were met by a demonic stare that would haunt them for the rest of their miserable lives.

Luckily they got to the store before Naruto could start mauling people, a thought that made Naruto wonder how much fun mauling people could be. Before he went back outside to find out, Kin pulled him further back into the store, depositing him at the men's department before running off to buy herself some clothes.

"What have I done?", Naruto quietly asked himself as he looked around. He had ninja clothing down with Blood's ability to create new clothes from his energy, so this was mainly just a chance to get leisure clothes.

He got a few jeans, a couple cargo pants and a few khaki shorts. With these he got a large variety of t-shirts with various sayings, mainly to piss people off. On a whim he got a striped white and blue bucket hat. After looking at it in a small mirror, he grabbed a few more.

Walking to the changing rooms he saw Kin walk out of one in a black miniskirt and a white tank top. She was slightly surprised at the sight of her master but she got over it, however the slight smirk on Naruto's face worried her.

"Naruto-sama, what are you smirking at?", she asked cautiously.

"Mind doing a little spin for me?", he asked innocently... just kidding.

Kin blushed but she did as she was asked, taking slight pleasure in the fact that she had her master's full attention. She went back into the booth and changed back, having already tried the other twenty outfits she picked.

"Your turn master.", she said with smile. Naruto blinked, but saw it as fair. He deposited all but a few things on a nearby counter and went in a booth. While he did this Kin was trying to figure if she could peek on him while he changed and not get caught.

"Happy now?", Naruto said as he emerged.

He stood in black cargo pants and white shoes. The t-shirt's he got were in a variety of sizes, ranging from form fitting to very baggy, and this one was a blue form fitting one with the words 'I Bite' written in black. His red hair spilled out from under the bucket hat since he had to take it down to put the hat on. It cast a shadow over his eyes, making it seem you were looking at two amethysts in the shadows.

"Do a little spin.", Kin asked cutely. Naruto sighed and did a fast three-sixty on his heel, causing Kin to send him a mock glare. "Fine, be that way."

"I did it that fast so you wouldn't stare at my ass.", Naruto said as he walked back in. Kin's eyes widened and she tried to stammer out a response but failed. He exited in his normal attire, but the bucket hat remained. "Do you have everything you want?"

"Yes Naruto-sama." she responded, not looking at him out of slight shame. She jumped slightly when she felt Naruto's hand on her cheek. He gently made her look at him, smiling softly.

"Lighten up Kin, I don't really care that you stare at my ass.", he said in a light tone. He took a step back and flexed jokingly. "Besides, not many women could resist the alluring charm of a demon's body."

That did it. Kin hand to cover her mouth to stop herself from bursting out laughing. In truth, she liked the little pose he did, but the comedy of it overruled the arousal by far.

Naruto gathered up the clothes he had picked and, since she seemed to be incapable of carrying anything at the moment, some of the things that Kin had picked. He left a portion of it alone, mainly the bras and panties she had picked out, out of respect.

Once she calmed down, she picked up what Naruto hadn't, with a slight blush, and inclined her head to the counter. Naruto nodded, trying not to look at the lacy underwear that she was trying to hide from his view. They walked over, setting the large pile of clothes on the counter.

"Will that be all?", a kind looking brunette behind the counter asked, ringing up the clothes.

"Yes.", Naruto said, pulling out a few more gems. In truth, he could have just put it on credit, but not many questioned the value of a fist sized emerald.

Naruto quickly sealed all of the clothes into two scrolls, one for him and the other for Kin, pocketed them and started for the door, but stopped halfway. He pulled another gem out and threw it to Kin who looked at it in confusion.

"I'm a little tired, and I've got everything I need; if you want to buy some more things, I thought you might like some money. If you go to another store, tell them to put it on my tab. Ja ne.", Naruto said, turning to walk out of the store.

"What a nice guy. Pity he's taken.", the cashier said, resting her chin in her palm as she looked at Kin.

"What?", she asked, not sure if she was implying what she thought she was. The cashier looked a little surprised.

"You mean you two aren't an item? Kind of weird for a guy to go shopping with a girl if they aren't dating. Is he gay?", she asked, hoping he wasn't. She needed a boyfriend.

"... We are an... item.", Kin said, lying through her teeth. She didn't know if Naruto would approve of the lie, but she wasn't going to let this woman think he was single. "I just didn't hear what you said."

The cashier seemed to buy it and apologized for the confusion. Kin waved it off, and wondered what else she could buy.

"If it's not too bold of me, there's a store adjacent to this one that sells kinky clothing and things like that. Might spice up the bedroom if you catch my drift.", The cashier said, winking. Kin blushed, but actually liked the idea, turning and leaving the store in favor of the one next to it.

Naruto shuddered as he walked in the door of his manor. He looked around and shrugged, returning to setting the scrolls down and throwing his shoes off before flopping down on the couch. He tipped the hat down further to cover his eyes, and tried for a little more sleep.

"Why do I have the feeling that... nah it's just my imagination.", he said as he drifted off, an image of Kin in her maid outfit flashing through his mind as he fell asleep. Speaking of Kin, she walked through the door just as he fell asleep, a bag in her had that just seemed to have an aura of... kinky... around it.

She ran to her room and hastily put the outfits from the bag into her closet, hiding the bag under her bed. She gave them one last look before leaving her room and entering the living room to get the scroll that had her clothes. She went back to her room and put them away, glad that she had a huge closet and a larger dresser as well.

"So, could I talk you into making dinner?", Naruto's voice came from the doorway. Kin jumped and whirled around to face him, forgetting that she had a pair of red lace panties in her hands. Naruto raised and eyebrow. "Gonna wear those often?".

Kin had a confused look on her face before she realized what she was holding and quickly hid them behind her back.

"Pervert.", she muttered.

"Hey, don't call me a pervert if your going to show me your panties without me asking first. Now then, what would I have to do to persuade you to cook?", he said in a playful tone. Kin paused for a moment and had to stop herself from going with her original idea. But this might be her only chance...

"I'll cook tonight, but...",she stopped to think. She really wanted to ask for sex, if only to stop her growing need for him, but it might backfire and make her need him even more. If she was going to be stuck serving him for life then she might as well learn to love him. "After the exams you have to take me on a date."

Naruto blinked a few times in surprise, half expecting her to have asked for sex. He wasn't nearly as dense as he portrayed sometimes and Blood had told him of the mark's effect on women. He gave a warm smile though and nodded, he had been thinking of doing that anyway. Kin brightened and glomped him, much to the hybrid's surprise before running past him towards the kitchen, shouting something about the best dinner he'll ever have.

Naruto looked down at his hands in curiosity before realizing Kin had deposited the panties in his hand by mistake. He brought them up in front of him and stretched them, finding that they were fairly transparent. Deciding that using them to mock Kin while she had a frying pan in reach wasn't a good idea, he threw them on the bed and walked out.

He smile as the scent of spices and meat hit his nose, growing ever stronger as he neared the kitchen. He didn't know how she had set up so fast, but Kin was simply attacking the task of making dinner. She looked to be making some sort of diced meat, but some rice was being prepared right beside it on the stove.

"Need any help?", he asked, moving up beside her.

"Could you set the table? It'll be a little while before the food is done, but better to do it now.", she asked of him, not taking her eyes off the meat and she moved it around with a spatula to keep it from burning on one side.

"Yes m'lady.", Naruto said in a joking tone, not noticing that Kin froze for a second when he said it. He went to a cabinet and took some plates down as Kin went back to cooking. She wasn't into being dominant, but the seemingly chaste chivalry turned her on for some reason.

As he set the table, Naruto let his eyes drift to Kin. He managed not to look as her ass too long, but as he tore his eyes from her, he questioned his feelings for her. Sure, she was one of the few who knew much about him, and they were friends... but did he want more?

He didn't exactly have a sex drive, and fighting was more important to him right now... but when he came home from training, he enjoyed the knowledge that Kin would be there, waiting for him with a smile. He had seen couples before, how they held each other, how they kissed and bickered... he wanted that. At the same time though, he worried that it might be taking advantage of the seal.

Kin, as she put a lid over the meat and lower the temperature, was thinking on the same thing. Sure, the seal provided a desire for sex, but she knew she wanted more then that. She had been alone for most of her life, just like Naruto, and what she truly wanted was someone to hold her at the end of the day. She wanted to feel the love that she had gone without for a decade, and she wanted to be the one that Naruto could rely on to be there for him at the end of the day.

"Almost done.", she said, mixing the meat with some vegetables. She then took the pan and the rice pot over to the table, resting them on potholders so the table wouldn't burn. She went back to the counter and grabbed a large spoon, returning to the table with a smile. "Self serve, Naruto-kun.".

He took the spoon from her hand and put some rice on his plate before topping it with the meat and vegetable mix. As Kin sat down across from him, he looked at the spoon oddly, like he was trying to measure it for something.

"Is something wrong, Naruto-kun?", Kin asked, wondering if something actually was wrong, or if he was planning something.

"Well... you said self-serve... but for the life of me, I can't see how I'm going to fit you on the spoon.", he said in a playful tone, handing the spoon to her; whether to get her own food or so she could see his point, she didn't know.

"I-I...", was all that Kin could stutter out as she took the spoon. She didn't know if he was just playing around, or he was flirting with her. Either way, it was new for her.

She quickly got her own food, blushing all the while. Naruto ate his food slowly, eyes never leaving Kin and the playful smirk never leaving his lips. They ate in silence, though Kin was starting to think that he was flirting before, and she wished she had reacted better.

"S-Something wrong, Naruto-kun?", she asked, trying to hide her blush. "I didn't burn the meat, did I?"

"The food was wonderful.", he said, setting his chopsticks down. He stood up, took his empty plate in hand, and walked over to the sink. Kin realized she was full and followed suit, standing beside him at the sink while he washed off his plate. Kin bit her lip as she washed her plate off, know her next question was going to sound horrible.

"Naruto-kun... you were... flirting with me, weren't you?", she asked, blush returning. Naruto put his plate in the dishwasher before turning to face Kin.

"And if I was?", he asked, taking a step towards Kin.

"Then... I'd try and flirt back.", she said, trying to keep a straight voice. She turned to face him and took a step towards him as well, leaving all of a foot between them. She decided to push her luck, reaching out with her left hand and letting it rest on his chest. "But...", she said, moving forward, "I'm not sure I know how... teach me?".

"I'd love too...", Naruto said, letting his arm encircle her as she pressed herself to him. As their faces neared, Kin smiled.

"...This is probably the single most romantic moment of my life...", she said, letting her eyes start to drift closed. Just before their lips touched, a loud knock came from the front door, making the two jump. Unfortunately, they ended up apart, and unfortunately for whomsoever was at the door, they were pissed.

"But... we... dammit!", Kin half shouted, walking over to the table and flopping down into the chair. "Go ahead and answer the door, fucking moment's over.", she grumbled. Naruto wasn't exactly pleased either.

Luckily for Jiraiya, he was quick enough to tell Naruto where to go for training the next day and shunshin away. A second slower and he would have been missing his jugular.

Naruto slammed the door and went back into the kitchen, to tell Kin.

"It was just Jiraiya...", he said, knowing Kin was a little more broken up then he was. She stood up and nodded, hiding her eyes as she left the kitchen.

"I'm going to bed.", she muttered as she went past him. He almost stopped her as she went, but a quick cautioning from Blood stopped him.

He turned from the stairway that would take him to their rooms, instead taking the hall that would take him to the room with the shrine.

He burst through the door and shut it behind him, moving over to sit down in front of the shrine.

Now the shrine was clearly marked to a specific deity. Blood had told him about all of the gods that he knew to exist, and he knew quite a few of them considering his power was that of a greater god.

The shrine's main piece was an emblem etched into a stone slab. It was a 'X' of four maces with a cross of spears intersecting it at the center on a blood red full moon. All of the weapons were black and at the very center was a shield of a simple design. Archons drew their strength from their faith and Demons were also capable of doing so, but if Naruto wished to do so as a demon he would have to pick a separate deity. But for now he was content with the one...

Kord, the god of Strength. The strength to battle, to protect; the strength of the body and of the mind.

Blood had approved of the choice, knowing Kord to be a kind deity who smiled upon those who used their strength for the right reasons. He was also one of the few who didn't have a strict worshiping style, and a small prayer before a battle and thanks afterwards were all that he asked.

Naruto would be fine with such a god, though he would have to pick his Demon-god very carefully if he picked at all. Still, the boy had the exams to look forward to, and such difficult choices were best left to times where such stresses were not frequent. Blood watched from the shadows as Naruto burnt a small offering of meat and asked for the deity's blessing in the trials that would come in his life.

As if response, Kord's symbol glowed in the twilight of the room. Blood watched with amusement as Kord appeared atop the shrine, invisible to Naruto and inhaled the smoke from the offering. The god looked Blood in the eyes and nodded before departing, his red cape consuming him and disappearing.

"I wonder if he realizes how much stronger faith will make him...",He said quietly to himself. He shrugged and watched calmly as Naruto offered a small prayer before standing up and leaving for a good night's sleep. For some odd reason Naruto felt...calmer as he returned to his room; calmer and stronger, like there was an extra force within him now that helped him act.

(Naruto's mind)

Zereketh stood facing the oasis that Naruto had created, deep in thought. By choosing a deity for his Archon then he had empowered Ark, thus making himself more Archon and Dragon then Demon. He knew Naruto would eventually pick a demonic deity for him, but until then He would be weaker then the other two, meaning he was of little use.

A rumbling came from beside him as the Dragon walked up beside him and stared into the clear waters.

"He will be a True hybrid...Balanced.", was all the drake said before turning and walking off. His voice was that of thunder, but it was more of what it said that caused a spike of curiosity in the demon. He turned back the waters, knowing the dragon would tell him no more.

Time would tell. Zereketh turned from the waters and walked off, intent on finding Ark and warning him not to brag... which he would anyway.

As he walked away the Dragon came back into the clearing and dipped his horn into the waters, letting his gray electricity dance through the calm waters before lifting his horn and leaving. He paused and looked at the sky, knowing that what he was doing would save many lives that were not ready to be ended.

(Not fond of these time skips, but it would be too repetitive not to do so. If you don't like it, you're welcome to put it into complaint box. It's at the bottom of Yellowstone's magma chamber, have fun there.)

The day was here finally; the contestants stood in the their booth, waiting for their matches. Everyone from all over Fire country was there, even the 'Kazekage' had come. Kin had revealed Orochimaru's plans as best she could. As a precaution Jiraya stood beside Sarutobi as a personal guard.

Kin didn't know much of the invasion, only that it would happen during the last part of the exams. But Orochimaru knew he wouldn't be able to fight Jiraya at full power and Sarutobi; the invasion would have to be put off... but if the Shikaku jinchuuriki lost it then there would be no choice. Kin herself was back at the manor, waiting for her master to return. The manor was reinforced with so many seals that she was probably the safest person in Konaha.

She had given Naruto a quick peck on the cheek before he left, for luck she said. He hugged her and promised to come back in condition for the date that she was owed.

Genma looked around with hidden excitement. He had never hated Naruto and believed that he deserved the power he got from the demon, even if it was disturbing. But he was mainly interested in the match up: Neji Hyuuga of the esteemed Hyuuga clan against the Demon of the Leaves, as he had begun calling himself, Naruto Uzumaki. Genma had spoken to the Hokage about the title, but Sarutobi gained a perplexed look and merely answered:

"He said he did it to honor a man he admired and his birthplace. He didn't go into details.", the aged man said, looking out the window with an odd expression.

Neji stood tense- he had seen what Naruto could do. But he was fated to win this fight, just as Naruto was fated to lose; once a loser always a loser. But he was becoming increasingly annoyed, mainly because of the lack of opponent. Genma frowned at this as well, he had to call the match.

He had barely opened his mouth when a hush went over the crowd and a cloaked figure walked in. Sarutobi almost stood in surprise, but he saw that the figure was too short to be Blood, but the only one who would have a cloak of shadows would be...

"Yo, hope I'm not late. I got a little preoccupied.", Naruto's voice came from under the hood. Genma smiled and nodded while Neji calmed down and got into stance.

"You're not late, but what exactly had you preoccupied?", Genma asked. Naruto shuddered under the cloak.

"I decided to come here without the cloak, didn't feel like having the dramatic effect. Therein lies my near fatal mistake: Fangirls. Lots of fangirls. Maybe it was the hair, maybe my body, I don't know, but I'm not sure I want to take it off again.", He said, a nervous chuckle at the end.

"Well you may want to take it off; it'll either get ripped off of just be a hindrance.", Genma offered, getting ready to start the match. Naruto sighed and swore in a dark sounding language before he waved his hand and the cloak dissipated.

His hair had been cut, now only slightly longer then it had been prior to the transformation. It spiked more now though, and the spikes themselves were thinner but more numerous. His eyes were still amethyst in color and right above them on his forehead rested his headband, the cloth black and long.

He had on a sleeveless red trenchcoat that bore black flames at the bottom and he wore it open. His muscled chest was now on display, and it was more than likely the reason he had been chased. He wore black ninja pants that were tucked into steel plated boots. Iron grieves were attached to the boots. On his left thigh was his pouch that held his kunai and shuriken. He had a white belt that bore a skull shaped buckle.

His chained arm was now on display and he heard many gasps of shock; he knew it was surprising to see for the first couple times.

"Ready when you are.", he said, getting ready to fight. Neji smirked and decided to try a little mind game.

"Give up now", he said, "You're fate to lose this fight."

"Right, still going to fight you.",Naruto replied. Neji glared adding a bit of killing intent for the next bit.

"I'm giving you one last chance. You are fated to lose this fight.", Neji said. Naruto glared back annoyed.

"Fate this,

Fate that,

Destiny hit me with a whiffle ball bat."

The crowd burst in to laughter at Naruto's rhyme while Neji fumed. Neither contestant heard Genma start the match, but they knew when to start fighting.

They were off like rockets, trying to land the first blow. Neji quickly found that he needed to dodge not block, and Naruto found out the same. Unfortunately, Neji had more experience which let him find an opening that he quickly used.

He landed a solid chakra strike to Naruto's chest that set him a few feet back, coughing. He looked up to find Neji on him once more and he was in no position to dodge anything. Blow after blow rained down on Naruto, and none of them were light. Neji didn't have the Byakugan active, but he knew that he had hit all of the major chakra points. He jumped back and let Naruto hit the dirt.

"As I said, it was your fate to lose.", Neji said. Genma sighed and got ready to call the match.

"Fate can kiss my demonic ass!", Naruto yelled. Neji turned in time to get a fist to the face that sent him sprawling. Naruto was hunched over and panting but he was definitely not giving up. Neji rose up with a look of shock on his face.

"H-how? I closed all of your main chakra points!"

"Well that's a wonderful strategy for opponents with chakra isn't it? Your strikes may hurt, but I don't use chakra so there is no point in targeting specific points... It won't do you any good.", Naruto said before charging Neji. Neji dodged by leaping backwards, but Naruto continued with his assault. None of his blows connected, but after a few seconds of this assault he leaped into the air, his fist pulled back for a devastating punch. Neji's eyes widened as he dodged in the nick of time; the impact had planted Naruto's fist in the ground.

He looked up and was promptly drop kicked in the face('Sparta Kick'ed!). Naruto was launched back skidding on his back for a good ten feet, a cloud of dust rising from the skid. He staggered to his feet leaning to the right due to the weight of his arm.

Naruto looked at Neji with rage, his injuries forgotten as he charged at the Hyuuga with his fist cocked back once more. Neji jumped back, but found his back to the wall. He leaned to the side, the demonic fist rushing past his ear and buried itself in the wall up to Naruto's elbow.

"Son of a Bitch!", Naruto yelled, mainly because he knew how screwed he was. He turned his head as far as he could to see Neji glaring back with the Byakugan activated.

"Your in my field of divination.", He said as he got into stance. "Hakke Rokujuuyonshou!".

Neji closed the gap and began landing blows, unaware of the effect it had on Naruto. The attack was divine, which pushed back his demon side... but as it withdrew others arose.

"Two palms!". Naruto felt pain as his demon was assaulted.

"Four palms!". Neji continued, not seeing Naruto's eyes become slits.

"Eight palms!". Naruto felt a primal rage boiling forth from his soul.

"Sixteen palms!". Neji smirked, this would win him the fight.

"Thirty-two palms!". Grey replaced amethyst in Naruto's eyes.

"Sixty-four palms!". Neji finished the attack and backed away, thinking victory was his.

Naruto's arm was still buried in the wall and he was hunched over, but it was not from the pain of the attack. His fingernails lengthened into claws, his teeth became fangs, his eyes filled with primal rage, and the energy around him started to become tangible.

A cloud of dust suddenly surrounded him and Neji felt the weight of the energy pressing down on him. As the dust began to settle he saw Naruto, but it wasn't exactly him either; this one was completely feral and pissed. To the surprise of all, he tore his arm from the wall and lightly dragged his right hand across the wall itself, grinning as deep gouges were left where his claws had been.

Naruto charged him at higher speeds, his fist cocked back once more. Neji dodged by ducking under it, but he didn't have time to dodge the knee that was on a collision course with his chin. The blow launched him upwards where he was grabbed by the back of the shirt by Naruto and thrown higher. He tried to move but found himself bound by ninja wire.

'How?.", Neji thought,"The punch! He released ninja wire and got me...then why did he throw me here?"

Neji's question was answered as he made contact with a web of wire that wrapped around him. Naruto gained a feral grin once more as he jumped up towards Neji, his left fist cocked back this time. Neji knew there would only be one way out of this one.

"Kaiten!", he yelled as he began spinning mid air, the chakra barrier knocking Naruto back and freeing him from the wires.

The spinning sphere dissipated and Neji landed, ready for Naruto's next assault. Naruto had skid back a few feet, but he recovered quickly and rushed Neji once more with his right fist ready to slam into his target.

Neji smirked and began spinning once more. Naruto roared and struck the barrier with such force that his fist broke through, clipping Neji hard enough to make him spin a few times... in the wrong direction. This resulted in the Kaiten exploding in a burst of chakra. Neji was thrown airborne while smoke and dust covered the ground.

With another roar Naruto sprang from the dust, heading straight for Neji. Neji's eyes widened, for now he was the helpless one. As Naruto approached he launched a kick at him but it had no effect. They were now thirty feet in the air and falling as Neji planted two more ineffective chakra kicks; one to the chest and the other to the gut.

Naruto shrugged it off and grabbed Neji's face as he fell past him with his right hand. Neji realize what was going on but he was powerless as he was slammed face first into the ground by a pissed off hybrid. The dust rose once more and the crowd looked on in awe.

Suddenly Naruto was thrown from the cloud, Neji chasing him with blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. Naruto had gone back to normal and he was in no better shape; the mid-air kicks had damaged some of his organs, nothing that his regeneration couldn't fix, but it was something he didn't have time for.

Naruto was dodging for dear life, another good hit and it may actually kill him.

"You're an Idiot... just thought you should know that.", came Blood's voice from nowhere. It was so sudden that Naruto almost got hit by a palm strike aimed at his heart. He swore in demonic as he tried to figure out what his 'partner' was talking about.

"I'll give you a hint, it's shiny and on your right arm... dumb ass.". Naruto, had he the time, would have slapped his forehead at his own stupidity.

Neji jabbed out with another palm strike to find a chain wrapped around his arm. He then found himself being thrown away from Naruto, using the chain to do so. He recovered in time to dodge the chains next attack but he didn't expect it to change directions immediately after it missed him. He dodged it for a few seconds before it separated into seven different chains, all of them connected to the same spot on Naruto's wrist.

They wrapped him in a cocoon, but the true pain came from the electrical current instead of the constriction. Neji was in pain but he managed to gain enough sense to preform a Kaiten.

As he spun Naruto was spun around as well until he released the chains, resulting in him being thrown into the air. Neji stopped spinning and smirked looking up at Naruto. At the same time Naruto was smirking down at Neji, who's eyes widened.

As Naruto fell he began spinning at the same time as Neji.

"Kaiten!", Neji yelled

"Demon's Riptide!", Naruto yelled.

The blue dome of chakra was met by a falling sphere of red and black energy spinning in the opposite direction. The explosion bathed the arena in light and dust.

(Kage booth)

Sarutobi and Jiraya sat with jaws wide open in awe. Naruto had not only broken a kaiten but had created a demonic version by only seeing it three times. It was incredible.

Orochimaru who sat disguised as the Kazekage was seriously reconsidering picking the Uchiha. This boy was far stronger. He made a mental note to keep an eye on him.

(Arena floor)

The dust cleared, revealing the two opponents. They had their hands locked together, trying to overpower the other with sheer brute strength. Naruto gained a feral grin once more as he gave a little and leaned backwards, taking Neji with him. Before they hit the ground Naruto kicked Neji as hard as possible skyward.

Naruto hit the dirt and Neji was thirty feet high again. Naruto inhaled deeply before releasing his arcing lightning. Neji managed to roll in the air, narrowly dodging the fatal bolt; Naruto however got up in a low stance, getting ready for the other's landing.

Neji touched down directly in front of him as Naruto was swinging. The landing was slightly off but Naruto managed to wrist bash Neji with the force of a hammered rhino, throwing him towards the wall.

Neji was exactly a foot away from the wall when time seemed to slow down for him. Naruto appeared right in front of him, his foot in position to deliver a powerful kick to Neji's chest.

"Payback's a bitch.", was all he heard before the kick connected and he was knocked out cold... and implanted into the wall.

Silence. A man in the forest could have coughed and everyone would have heard it. Those there were in disbelief; the 'demon' of Konaha had just beat a prodigy of the Hyuuga clan. Naruto staggered back to Genma.

"Winner, Naruto Namikaze!", Genma shouted. Those who supported him cheered with the rest of the crowd eventually going along with it. Naruto held up his hand for silence.

"Hear this Konaha, Suna, Oto, and all others here..."

"In the forest of Death I made a pact... a pact with the King of Hell. In return for letting him use my body for a vessel, he purified me of human condition. He made me better than human...", he began laughing insanely, talking through the laughs. "Here I stand fools! I now carry the blood of the unholy Demons, the heavenly Archons, and the wild blood of dragons. Bring you mobs, your assassins- they will all end the same. I am Naruto Namikaze, the Demon of the Leaves.".

He disappeared in a swirl of black and red energy, stepping out of the shadows in the contestant's booth. No one noticed him, and he wanted it that way for now.

The next matches were pretty anticlimactic compared to Naruto's but they were given their due. But when the 'last' Uchiha's match came the effects of Naruto's match had worn off.

Naruto watched with apathy upon his face; he didn't care who won. Sasuke had shown up with Kakashi in a swirl of leaves, but Naruto paid no mind; He was mentally going over the match.

Insane Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi versus the mentally unstable Uchiha. Naruto already knew how this would end, now he would just wait to see how it would come to pass.

Sasuke, to his credit, had gotten stronger in the past month... and possibly more insane. Regardless he started the match on the offensive, charging head on. He got close enough to strike and did so, the sand raising and blocking the blow as expected. What was unexpected was Sasuke disappearing and trying to strike from behind only to have his blow blocked.

This continued until Sasuke was simply running in a circle around the jinchuuriki. The sand, waiting for and attack, levitated from the ground until there was at least a three foot gap between it and the arena floor. A gap the emo-prince utilized. He slid under it and before it could respond, he landed several solid blows to his opponent, finally launching him backwards. The sand caught Gaara and helped him up. Sasuke was panting slightly, but he hid it well.

And insane grin appeared on Gaara's face as the sand formed a Dome around his form, his ultimate defense. Sasuke rushed in, trying to strike before it closed only to have to jump back or be skewered. Sasuke smirked as he ran back and up the wall away from Gaara. Once at a decent height he crouched and began to do handsigns that Naruto recognized. He looked to Kakashi and shook his head; the man was an idiot.

Suddenly the sound of a thousand birds filled the arena as Sasuke charged at Gaara with his Chidori. There was a silence as it pierced the dome. Then Gaara screamed.

Sasuke bore a victorious smirk, but it was soon gone and he jumped back in pain, a demonic sand arm crushing his. Luckily for him it had to detach after he got far enough away.

Then everything happened too quick for most to follow.

Feathers fell from the sky and those in the stands soon fell into a deep sleep, save for the ninjas who quickly dispelled the genjutsu. They were quickly attacked by numerous sound and sand ninja, while Gaara was taken away by his siblings which Sasuke followed. Orochimaru took Sarutobi too the top of the roof and had his henchmen set up a barrier, but not before Jiraya got in. Kakashi ordered Sakura and Shikamaru to go aid Sasuke who would be tracked by his summoned dog, Pakun. And Naruto followed.

When he caught up to them he was met with a less than friendly welcome.

"Naruto-san what do you think you're doing? You weren't ordered to take part in this mission!", Sakura screeched at him .

"She's right, go back and help back in the main village area.", Shikamaru ordered. The heavy aura that suddenly filled the air stopped further arguing.

"The Shukaku brat is mine. Get in my way and I'll kill you.", He said angrily, letting the aura dissipate. There were no further arguments as the four jumped through the trees.

As they jumped though Naruto looked to Pakun and Shikamaru, a bored look in his amethyst eyes.

"You do realize that we have a small group after us right?", He asked as they ran. Sakura paled considerably while Shikamaru nodded.

"You have a plan then Demon-boy?", Shikamaru asked in turn.

"Actually I do."

"Care to share it?". He almost missed the feral gleam in Naruto's eyes.


As if on cue a massive explosion rocked the forest and screams were heard from behind them. Shikamaru looked at Naruto with wide eyes while Sakura tried not to loose her footing from the shock wave.

"Naruto...What the fuck was that?", He shouted. Explosions of that caliber generally had warnings.

"A sealing tag full of demon energy. That shit is explosive huh?", He asked with a sadistic grin. Shikamaru dropped it but as they neared a clearing he noted the smell of soot, like the kind that came from normal explosive tags. They stopped for a moment to investigate only to find the sand Kunoichi Temari, Gaara's older sister if memory served.

She was unconscious and slightly singed, but otherwise fine as Naruto noted. He looked to Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru, you stay here and make sure she doesn't escape. Got it?", He asked. Shikamaru glared at him.

"Why should I listen to you?"

"Because if you don't stay here that means you have to fight the insane jinchuuriki that has an even insaner demon. He will more then likely kill you. Take your pick.", he said with an insane grin of his own. Shikamaru sighed and moved over by Temari. Naruto turned his gaze to Sakura.

"You are, at best, canon fodder. If you want to live, stay here with Shikamaru.", he said coldly as he jumped back into the trees. Sakura looked like she was about to burst into tears but stayed. She looked over at Shikamaru.

"You don't think I'm canon fodder do you?", she asked sadly. Shikamaru wisely refused to answer, knowing that his answer would have upset the girl further.

(With Naruto)

Naruto watched in amusement as the 'last' Uchiha got swatted around by a half transformed Gaara. However he had laid claim on fighting Gaara, and he would be damned if he let his royal emo-ness take all the fun. So in a fashion befitting a hybrid, he jumped into the fray and punted Sasuke away.

Before Gaara could remotely begin to go on a rant about how he was going to kill him, Naruto was already charging the half transformed boy, knowing that if the tanuki got all the way out, he would be screwed.

Gaara let out a bone chilling battle cry before pulling one of his arms back.

"Sand Shuriken!", he shouted as he lashed out with his arm, sending a hail of sand shuriken towards the charging hybrid. Naruto smirked and jumped over the volley of blades, thinking his opponent vulnerable after such and assault. His eyes widened when the half-transformed boy disappeared only to reappear in front of Naruto mid-air. Before Naruto could even utter a swear Gaara grabbed him by the head and threw him into a tree.

"Damn it...",Naruto groan from his position in the tree. He looked up and was met with the sight of a full volley of sand shuriken flying towards him. "Fuck me...".

Each and every one of them struck him with the force of a wrecking ball, and though the cuts he received were healed the pain remained. However another volley stuck him and Naruto cursed himself for underestimating his opponent while the blast tore the tree from around him. He fell and managed to right himself in time to land on a thick branch that had escaped destruction below.

From his crouched position Naruto glared up at his opponent, rage beginning to become visible in his amethyst eyes. Those same eyes widened as Gaara appeared at the end of the branch he was on. The insane jinchuuriki charged Naruto while he looked up and grit his teeth.

"Fuck it.", Naruto said to himself as he charged Gaara, intent on slowing him down. As they neared each other the pulled back their fists, ready to throw their punches as hard as possible. As their fists neared however, Gaara's sand shot forth from his fist and stuck Naruto hard, winding him and knocking him away. Before he could even touch the branch they were on Gaara was already on Naruto, his newly formed tail sending the hybrid flying.

As Naruto fell Gaara sent yet another volley of shuriken towards him, but most missed due to the distance between the two combatants. Naruto looked over his shoulder at the upcoming branch below him and righted himself in time to embed his feet into the tree. He looked up in time to be struck through the branch by Gaara lacing his hands together and pile-driving him.

As he fell Gaara followed, his face close enough to Naruto's that he could smell his rancid breath. Naruto grimaced and threw a right legged kick to his ribs followed by a left handed uppercut, both of which had little effect. Then he threw a heavy punch with his chained arm, nailing Gaara in his forehead, causing a crack in his sand armor that was quickly healed. Gaara roared and backhanded Naruto away, further into the trees.

Luckily he managed to land lightly on a branch instead of implanting himself in it. He looked up to see Gaara fell towards him with his hands raised for another pile-driver, but he fail to see Naruto's gray eyes.

Naruto reached up with both of his hands and caught Gaara by his wrists, though the impact pushed his feet into the wood. Gaara paused and tried to register what had happened while Naruto gained a sadistic smirk. He picked his foot up and turned, pulling Gaara with him until he had turned completely before throwing him through the branch. He watched in amusement as he crashed through several more branches before righting himself and hitting the ground.

Naruto didn't let the sadistic smirk fade as he ran to the end of the broken branch and did a gainer towards Gaara, stopping the rotation when he head was pointing towards Gaara and fell as fast as he could with his right hand ready to be swung. Gaara, in return, pulled back his fist and threw a punch as Naruto neared him, the fists connecting and driving Gaara into the ground slightly but the sand once more shot forth and shot Naruto back.

As Naruto flew back his eyes lost all color, leaving them a glowing white as he righted himself and landed. He had awaken his Archon's might.

Gaara spread his sand in a circle around him, preparing his defenses for an assault from the hybrid. Naruto only smirked and a white glow consumed his hands as a greatsword formed in them. He pulled his lips back and a sadistic smile, baring his fangs as he took a step back and leaned back, launching the greatsword and making it spin like a drill.

Gaara smirked as his sand rose and blocked the incoming sword, but due to it's spin some of the sand became wrapped around the blade. Naruto appeared beside it, his hand slamming into the pommel and the effect was instant.

The sand around the blade exploded in a circle around the blade, opening a huge hole in Gaara's defense; one that Naruto charged through. Gaara could only watch in fear as Naruto cleared the distance in a heartbeat, his right fist pulled all the way back.

"Block This!", Naruto yelled as he struck Gaara with a fully-charged Archonic Haymaker. The blow struck Gaara in the face, sending him flying backward with incredible force; more then enough to send him through several trees.

The sand tried to follow it's master, but only moved so far, putting Naruto at the edge of the circle, the ring having moved around him. The sword remained in place however, hovering in the air while Naruto remained still with his fist still extended. As the dust settle the sword hit the ground; that had taken place in the course of two seconds.

Then a ragged scream tore through the forest as the sand seemed to increase, all of it moving to cover Gaara, forming the body of the Ichibi no Shukaku. From it's forehead protruded Gaara, who quickly fell asleep after using a jutsu that Naruto couldn't hear, but he didn't concern himself with that. The giant tanuki's eyes gained their color and the great beast looked around in confusion for a moment, before it realized where it was.

"HAHA! I'm free; free to massacre! And I'm gonna start with the village...", Shukaku trailed off at the end with a sadistic smirk. He had forgotten the hybrid at his feet.

Naruto's eyes regained their gray irises, the Archon mode fading after the brief assault. He glared up in defiance at the Shikaku, and his berserker mode began to draw more strength from his inner selves to fuel it. He jumped up the the highest tree and threw a kunai at the tanuki, in full knowledge of the fact that the kunai itself would do little to him.

Shikaku felt a tiny pinprick in his arm and looked over to find a kunai in his forearm. He laughed and turned to Naruto.

"I knew I was forgetting something! You thought a single kunai could hurt me? Hold still so I can put you out of your delusions.", He said as he raised his arm that the kunai had struck.

"Boom.", Naruto said grinning as the demonic tag on the kunai exploded, the massive explosion tearing Shukaku's arm from his shoulder and turning the stump into glass. Naruto had to use some energy to stick to the tree, lest he be blown away, but he was pleased with himself for wounding a bijou.

The tanuki roared in both rage and pain before swiping at the hybrid. Naruto braced himself, knowing he couldn't dodge. The impact sent him flying through several trees and he barely righted himself in time to move out of the way of the air bullet that was launched at him. The shock wave hit him, however, and knocked him higher into the air.

Shikaku roared in rage as he swatted the airborne hybrid down to the forest floor, pleased with the sound of his impact. He moved over to where the boy had landed and raised his foot, getting ready to stomp him flat.

Naruto got up and saw the giant foot above his head and his eyes widened. Time seemed to slow as it came towards him and he wondered if this was his end. Then his eyes narrowed in anger, such a rage that he had not felt before from the thought of just giving up. He lifted his arms and somehow stopped the foot, if only barely.

"Think you're tough huh? Well take this ya runt!", Shikaku roared as he put all of his weight on the foot over Naruto.

Naruto swore as his arms gave and he was crushed under the tanuki's foot. He felt himself falling from his body, but a red furred hand pulled him back into it and Naruto could have sworn he heard Blood cussing him out. Any insults or comments were drowned out by the pain coursing through him and he wondered how long he could hold out before he snapped.

"Kid, you're about ten seconds away from my boot up your ass. Stop whining about the pain and wake the red-head up. Do that and the sandy asshole goes bye-bye.", Blood's voice echoed withing Naruto's skull.

"Any suggestion on how I do that, you know... seeing as I'm currently under a fucking racoon's foot!", Naruto shouted back in his mind.

"What happens when you super heat sand?", Blood asked after an annoyed sigh. Naruto was caught off guard by the question but answered through another wave of pain.


"Now then, how hot is lightning?", Blood made the last part sound amazingly like 'my god you're an idiot'. "How would you like to taste a sample of my power?"

"Haven't I been using your power?", Naruto asked wearily. Blood laughed.

"I merely changed all of your energies into what they are now and tripled your reserves, the fighting has been all you. Though you have only been tapping your dragon's berserker mode and your archonic rage a moment ago, I can use both of those and the Demon rage at the same time. Now then, how would you like to taste MY power?"

Naruto let a feral smirk spread across his face; he knew this was going to bite him in the ass somehow but the thought of stomping the tanuki was too good to pass up.

"Well then, I shall be the medium of your wrath Lord Blood.", Naruto said in a mockingly formal tone. He could practically feel Blood's smirk.

"One last piece of advice, memorize the feeling. One day you will have to harmonize your powers and this will be that only time I can let you use my powers this century. Anymore and you may explode."

"How much am I getting?", Naruto asked as power surged through his form, changing it. Blood let out a sadistic laugh.

"Not even half of a percent."

Shikaku let some of his weight off of the foot he had used to crush the brat, feeling rather pleased with himself. Then his eyes widened in agony as pain coursed through his leg.

He looked down in time to see a black form burst through his foot and tear a path up his leg, jumping back when he reached his waist but instead of falling the figure remained airborne by using a large set of black wings that looked fairly demonic. Where the figure had run up his leg was now glass, along with the hole in his foot and the cut up his leg extended inwards about a foot if he was right.

"Die!", Shikaku yelled, swinging his remaining arm at the figure. His eyes widened in shock when his fist was batted away and the point of contact became glass. He looked at the figure and took in the details, wondering who this damned fool was.

Naruto was loving his wings, the feeling of flight was definitely to his liking. Blood's power had transformed him, and though it would were off when his power was taken back, there would no doubt be little remainders.

He was now seven foot tall and built heavily like blood, though like his human form it was slightly leaner. He head had changed to that of wolf and his horns now extended a foot behind his head; His eyes had returned to amethyst, but the color was darker and redder, like someone had poured blood over the crystal.

His body was now covered in a coat of Black fur that was longer then Blood's, but not enough to hid his form or muscles; the only different colored parts were a shaggy white furred area extending from just under his throat to right above his waist line, the fur there was slightly longer then the rest, two white lines going from under his eyes straight down, and a white diamond shaped patch on his forehead. In the middle of said patch was an actual diamond that was about an inch across.

A long and whip-like tail extended from behind him with hard scales and a blade-like protrusion from the tip, obviously dragonic. The large black wings were from his demon and in between the bones of the wings were blood red runes on the inside of the wings, one rune per gap. His hands and feet bore wicked claws. His clothes were all but gone, the only things remaining were a ragged pair of shorts, though they quickly repaired themselves to be long black baggy pants while a blood red sash materialized around his waist and tightened. His chained arm now sported several spiked chains that weren't linked to his power, meaning more weapons.

In short, Badass.

"Such power... Is this truly what I will have at my disposal one day?", Naruto muttered to himself, finding that his new mouth and jaws did little to affect his speaking.

"A day Far from here, you aren't even close to having a fraction of my power. This form however, will come sooner then you think. Now then, tear him apart and remember the feeling.", Blood ordered.

Naruto grinned, baring his fangs and readying himself as gray electricity danced across his form. Blood had warned him that he could only retain the form for another forty-five seconds before it would begin killing him. He intended to use every second of it; besides, it wouldn't be much fun if he simply woke Gaara up, no he had to repay the giant sand-bastard for stepping on him.

"Sand...and Lightning.", He said as energy condensed behind him and he used it as a springboard to shoot through Shikaku, causing him to roar in pain and leaving a hole of glass in his stomach. Before he could even turn to attack, Naruto had shot through him again. This repeated itself over the course of twenty seconds, leaving Shikaku with a torso and legs filled with glass. "Makes glass..hehe."

Naruto chuckled as Shikaku swung at him, it turning into full blown laughter when he passed through the hand and leaving another glass hole in him. He looked at Shikaku with a sadistic smirk.

"Sweet dreams."

He rushed Shikaku and planted an incredible haymaker in the tanuki's muzzle, causing shock waves to travel throughout his body. These caused all of the glass to shatter to dust, but it left Shikaku as a falling head. Naruto zoomed in again and kicked Gaara from his place in Shikaku's forehead but before the demon could retreat, Naruto kicked the head higher, acting on instinct and binding the soul of the demon to the head. Part of his mind absently noted that Gaara lived through this, meaning that he could free jinchuuriki once he got this strong.

Five seconds left.

Naruto inhaled and spat out a cloud of electricity somehow, but before he could ponder how he had done it, it turned the Shikaku's head into glass. He rushed the head and kicked it towards the ground as his power faded. The head flew down and speared itself on a tree, stuck there forever and within was the spirit of the Shikaku. If it broke, then so did his soul.

Naruto cried out in agony as a fire consumed him and left him back in his normal form... about a hundred and fifty feet from the ground. Naruto's eyes widened when he realized he wasn't falling, but instead gliding.

"The hell?", He question himself as he looked over his shoulder to see the wings had remained, though they were a dark gray now and were smaller. He was thankful they remained, but he didn't really know how to operate them, meaning he was stuck gliding in a straight line.

On the way down he noticed the tail had also remained, though instead of the impressive ten foot it had been it was now only about four feet long and the spikes and spines were gone, leaving him with a gray scaled tail. His hand hesitantly went to his forehead, but to his relief the diamond was gone. He went to scratch the back of his head, mindful of his wings, only to find his horns were now about four inches long. He grumpily noted that they pointed back and up slightly.

Shikamaru stood with his mouth open at the sight that he had just witnessed. In truth he had never had anything against Naruto and the only reason he had been slightly cold before was due to Kakashi not telling Naruto to go along and when he did anyway he flat out told Shikamaru what to do. He was fairly glad that, after that display of power, however brief, he was not on Naruto's shit list for prior transgressions.

Sakura had fainted when Naruto had punted Sasuke out of the fray. Though it was more of the aftereffect that caused her to faint. Shikamaru wasn't sure if Naruto had intentionally done it, but he had kicked Sasuke in such a way that he crashed into Sakura... lips first. They also landed in a way that made Sasuke, who was unconscious from the crash through a tree before the one into Sakura, put his hand on Sakura's bust,or lack thereof, and squeeze slightly from the post-punt twitching. So she passed out quite happily under the delusion that Sasuke was awake and doing that.

Shikamaru had been distracted by thought of how this would bite the Uchiha in the ass that he didn't notice Temari escaping until it was too late. He almost went after her but thought better of it.

Temari had caught her brother once Naruto had kicked him from his demon and ran off the escape with Kankuro and their sensei before they were caught and executed. She cast a fearful look towards the gliding form of Naruto, somehow knowing that he was letting them escape.

Returning to Naruto, he landed in the clearing where Shikamaru was and collapsed to his knees upon landing, panting and spitting out blood. He was mildly surprised when Shikamaru ran up beside him and pulled out a first aid kit.

"Not going soft on me are you?", Naruto asked weakly, the drain had been immense.

"Troublesome, but if you hadn't stopped the Shikaku it would have destroyed the Leaf. For that You have my thanks.", Shikamaru said solemnly. He quickly bandaged Naruto's torso which still bore gashes from the sand shurikens and gave him both a food pill and a solider pill so he could stand on his own.

"What happened to those two?", Naruto asked, motioning to Sakura and Sasuke, both in the same position they had been in before. Naruto had motioned with his chain arm and had noticed that one of the spiked chains had remained.

"You punted Sasuke out of battle and lips first into Sakura after going through a tree. Wait you did punt him right?", Shikamaru asked after a moment, not sure how Naruto had gotten him out of battle given the distance.

"Yep, punted his ass in a random direction."

"Good shot though."

"Definitely...think we should get a camera?"

"Why?", Shikamaru questioned, helping the Hybrid off the ground. Naruto smirked and pointed at the two.

"So I can torment Sasuke forever with the picture and thought of pink-haired Uchiha babies.", Naruto said sadistically.

"Good plan, but for now we should get back to Konaha and help out. I think the fighting is over."

Naruto cast Shikamaru an odd glance, seeming a lot older then he was and replied.

"The fighting will never be over. I know what you mean though, I saw a few groups of sound and sand ninja running while I was gliding. Let's get back and report... you're carrying the pinkette though."

Shikamaru sighed but complied, not feeling like drawing Naruto's ire. Then he remembered that she wasn't actually hurt. He nudged her with his foot.

"Wake up Sakura or we're leaving you.", He said with no response. He let a slight smirk appear on his face when an idea struck him. "Sakura, Sasuke is stripping."

Sakura bolted to her feet, dropping the Uchiha on the ground and waking him up as well.

"Well now, since your both up and finished making nice little pink-haired Uchiha babies", Shikamaru said, trying to restrain his laughter and he heard Naruto doing the same. " We need to return to Konaha since the fighting is over. Oh and Sasuke, you can thank Naruto for saving you from that."

Sasuke, after he was doing blanching from what Shikamaru had said, looked to where he was pointing and his eyes widened. He was pointing to the impaled head of the Shikaku, it's face scrunched up in agony. Then what Shikamaru had said reached him and he glared at Naruto.

"How dare you interrupt my fight!", he yelled, moving over and getting in Naruto's face. It was at this moment that he realized three things, one of which irked him to no end; First was that Naruto was taller then him, meaning he had to stand on his toes slightly to glare at him properly. Secondly, Naruto had grown wings and a tail along with baring small horns. Thirdly, Naruto was stronger. This was proved when he punched Sasuke in the face, knocking him out.

"You, pinky.", Naruto said with some irritation. Sakura looked indignant at the name but gave her attention to Naruto, if only because he was fairly intimidating now. "You get to drag your fuck buddy back to the village. Shikamaru, you stay with her so a rogue nin doesn't kill her. I don't feel like being yelled at for her incompetence."

Shikamaru nodded and let the Hybrid run off towards the village, knowing from his tone that he wanted to be alone for a little.

"Probably wants to come to grips with the new features...", Shikamaru muttered to himself. He helped Sakura pick up Sasuke, knowing that the girl would start complaining after awhile if he didn't.

Naruto walked towards the village with a steady gait, not really caring as his clothes reformed. The pants and sash remained, but the pants gained several pockets and combat boots formed. A gray tank-top formed on his torso with a red trench-coat forming over that, with a sleeve for the left arm that was fairly loose and ended about mid forearm. The coat itself bore black flames at the bottom and had chain designs of the same color, but between the holes for his wings was the symbol of Kord.

He wasn't disturbed by the changes, if anything they sort of thrilled him, but he simply couldn't help but think something was amiss. He absently let his wings fold around him, making it like an odd cloak of sorts, though he only let the cover up to his arms, leaving his chest visible. His tail kept itself from dragging and appeared fairly prehensile, and the scales were thin enough for him to flew it in all sorts of ways. The blade that had been on it had disappeared though, but he didn't really care about that.

He let one hand go up to his horns and felt them, finding that they seemed segmented, with each segment possessing a ridge and the final one pointing out to make the tip. He let his arm fall and lifted his right in front of him, looking at the new spiked chain that adorned it. The links were more of a diamond shape, the outward points making the spikes.

He gave up in investigating the changes, deciding he would have time later. But what was bothering him was also his tenant's silence. Normally Blood didn't talk a lot, but the pure silence that rung out through his mind was slightly bothering.

" Blood? Are you there?", Naruto asked within his mind. There was a weary sigh before Blood answered.

"Yes, I am here. Forgive the silence but many died today and I have to send them to the afterlife to be judged. I don't need to leave your body to do it, but I will most likely be silent for a few hours. It has been a very long time since I have done this... it's slightly nostalgic.", The lord of Hell said calmly, if a bit happily. His favorite part of his job was dragging the screaming souls to hell, but he could go a little longer without the luxury.

In truth he was trying to avoid telling Naruto who he had just sent, if only because he wasn't sure of what would happen when he did.

Naruto walked into the village, noting that aside from the blood and a few damages the village was fine, save for a section of the wall that had been demolished. He saw several repair crew already at work on the wall and others were taking bodies away while other cleaned up the streets. He walked towards the arena, not really caring that people were staring at him.

It was in bad shape by the look of it, but the Kage booth had take the most damage.

"How the fuck did they get a forest up there?", Naruto asked himself and he jumped up to the normal seats before walking towards the mini-forest. As he neared he saw Jiraya atop the roof, kneeling beside someone.

Naruto's eyes widened and he shot toward the roof, using his wings to give his jump extra distance. He landed at the other side of the roof and ran forward. Jiraya looked over with a kunai in hand but stopped himself when he saw it was Naruto, though it took him a moment due to the wings and tail.

He turned back to look at the person that laid in front of him, a smile on the old man's unmoving features. Naruto went to the other side and fell to his knees, staring at the unmoving face of the person who had practically raised him.

"Gramps...",Naruto silently pleaded, feeling tears begin to build. He looked at Jiraya who put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Naruto laughed, but his drooping wings and tail and body language betrayed his true feelings. "Look at me, a demon and a dragon getting ready to cry.", he said lightly.

"Tears are nothing to be ashamed of Naruto. Race has no meaning right now; let it out.", Jiraya said in a tone the denoted his title of the toad sage. Naruto smiled and the tears flowed down his cheeks though he made no noise.

"How did he die?", Naruto asked after a moment. Jiraya let a small smile grace his face, he could at least tell him that.

"He died a shinobi's death. He...used the same jutsu your father used to seal Orochimaru's arms so he would never be able to do jutsu again. But before that the snake had resurrected the Shodaime and Nidaime and sent them to attack us. I defeated them, but in doing so I couldn't get to Sarutobi in time to stop the Kusanagi from impaling him before he could seal more of the bastard."

Naruto was silent for a moment before looking up at Jiraya, his eyes turning a slight crimson but it was quickly suppressed by the boy. He looked back the body.

"I will kill Orochimaru. I swear to you Sarutobi, I will kill the bastard for killing you. But I won't let it consume me, so you can rest in peace.", Naruto paused for a moment and looked up at Jiraya, his eyes calm. "Jiraya-sensei... Did Sarutobi have a religion?"

"He... never really aligned himself with one to my knowledge.", Jiraya replied, slightly caught off guard by the question. Naruto smiled and pricked his finger on a nearby kunai, letting the blood flow for a moment before expertly drawing Kord's mark on the breast plate that Sarutobi wore.

"For the strength that you gave others in life, may the Iron Lord grant you safe passage to the Celestial gates. For the strength you had in life, may you be strong enough to find your lost loved ones there. For using that strength for the right reasons, may you gain happiness eternal. Farewell Hiruzen Sarutobi, rest in peace."

Jiraya was surprised at how...priestly Naruto had sounded when he had said the prayer.

"I wasn't aware that you had a religion. Dare I ask who this Iron Lord is?", He said after a few minutes so as not to ruin the moment. Naruto smiled and stood, offering a hand to help Jiraya up which he declined in favor of standing himself.

"Kord, the god of strength. The good kind of strength.", Naruto said simply, his wings folding back around him as he looked over the village.

"Naruto, why do you love this village? After all that has been done to you...", Jiraya asked, moving to stand beside Naruto at the edge of the roof.

"I love the village, not necessarily the villagers. The ideals... they are what I cherish. But still, I have a feeling that I will enjoy making everyone admit that they were wrong about me. This place was special to both my father and Sarutobi, so I will protect it for them, even if I have to actually become Hokage to do it."

No more was said for a long while as they both though about what he had just said. Naruto still had a few tears on his face but he didn't seem to care while Jiraya just looked over the village. After awhile He patted Naruto on the shoulder, getting his attention.

"Naruto, what are your feelings for Kin?". Naruto almost fell from the roof at this question. He almost answered but stopped himself, thinking about it for a moment.

" her.", He answered.

"Then go to her, she's probably worried about you. To her you're more then a master. Now go, I'll come get you for the funeral and if anything else comes up.".

Naruto nodded, knowing of Kin's feelings for him. He ran off on one end to the roof, using his wings to glide in the direction if his manor.

Jiraya watched him fly off and looked back to the village, noting that the sun was about to set.

"Don't waste your chance at the girl you love Naruto, especially when she loves you as well.", Jiraya said to no one in particular, "don't waste your chance like this old fool."

(With Naruto)

Naruto had found out how to fly a little better, figuring out how to catch updrafts to gain altitude and fold his wings to dive. As he flew, he heard several of the civilians that were beginning to come back to the streets from the shelters call him some kind of death spirit. He laughed at the comparison but kept flying.

Soon his front door was in sight and he dived down, slowing his descent when he neared the ground and managed to land without killing himself. He open the door and stepped in, shucking his boots and walking into the living room, not expecting to almost be bowled over by Kin when she latched on to him, her arms around his torso and squeezing tight.

He hugged her back, unintentionally putting his new wings around her as well. Her face was buried in his chest, sobbing slightly and he let her continue, gently rubbing her back and whispering calming things into her ears.

She finally calmed down and looked up into his eyes.

"I-I wa-as s-s-so wo-orried.", she said, still hiccuping.

"I'm here now Kin, you can calm yourself. I'm sorry though, for worrying you.", he said soothingly, his wings wrapping around her protectively. It was then that she noticed the wings but instead of being shock or repulsed, she moved her hand to touch one. The membrane was leathery, but soft and the bones didn't feel bad when they pressed against her back. In truth this sort of embrace was something of a dream for her.

"If you like the wings that much how do you feel about tails?", He said jokingly, removing one of his wings and bringing his tail up for her to see. As expected she touched it, finding that if you pet it in the direction of the scales that it was smooth, but going in the opposite direction you'd end up pricking yourself.

"You're still Naruto-kun to me.", She said tenderly, going back to their embrace. Naruto returned it but pulled back after a minute or two.

"Kin-chan, I don't suppose you would mind if I bathed would you? I got knocked through several trees and shot myself through a bijou several times, so a hot bath sounds very tempting right now.", He said honestly. Kin let a wiry smile grace her features before taking Naruto's hand and leading him gently towards the bathroom.

"One condition.", she said as they stood outside of the door. Naruto raised an eyebrow but motion for her to continue. "I get to bathe with you.". To her surprise Naruto smiled before leaning down and kissing her on the cheek.

"Sounds good to me, Kin-chan.", he said as he walked in, starting to remove his trenchcoat. Kin stood stunned for a moment, having expected a bit of resistance. She smiled and walked in as well, shutting the door behind her.

"Nothing sexual of course, I just thought you might need help with your wings.", she said hastily as she moved beside Naruto as he shucked his trenchcoat, finding that his wings moved through the material like water. He smiled at her and nodded.

"...Thank you. For everything.", Naruto said quietly, removing his shirt. Kin turned the knob above the tub, letting hot water flow in.

"It's alright.", she said

"No, it's not.", Naruto said, making Kin turn around to face him out of confusion. "You've been so kind to me... I had to thank you.", he said, knowing he wasn't making this sound as good as it did in his head.

"Naruto-kun...", Kin said, at a loss for words. She stepped over to him and hugged him, trying not to focus on the feeling of his bare chest. She let go after a moment and took a step back. "Come on, the water's hot, and it'll take some of the soreness from your muscles."

Naruto smiled at her and nodded, though he did pause for a moment.

"Are you going to turn around, or are you going to watch?", he asked as he undid his pants. Kin's face turned beet red as she stuttered and whirled around, desperately wanting to whirl around at the sound of cloth hitting the floor. "Excuse me, m'lady.", he said from right beside her.

She sidestepped, letting him by, though she couldn't put stare at his ass as he got into the tub(the tub is like a small pool in size... like 9'-9' and four feet deep. Built in benches around the inside.). He waded over to the far side and sat down, though in a way that Kin couldn't see anything.

"Enjoying the show?", he asked playfully, noticing she was staring. Kin jumped slightly, but quickly diverted her eyes. "Kin... I don't care if you look at me. I wouldn't have agreed to let you bathe with me if I wasn't alright with you seeing me nude."

"Still...", she said, really wanting to look. Naruto sighed and decided to go for a dirty trick that would let the girl indulge.

"You can't wash my wings if you're not in the tub, and you'll have to undress to get it. I'm going to see you naked, and more then likely stare at your sexy body, so why don't you go ahead and look?", he said, finding that he sounded a little more... seductive then what he had intended.

Kin froze, but slowly turned her eyes to Naruto's own amethyst orbs; a blush adorned her face and confusion in her eyes.

"You... think I'm sexy?", she asked, feeling odd when she asked.

"I could be very poetic about how I view you, but yes, I think you're very sexy Kin-chan.", he said, a soft smile on his face.

"Could you... close your eyes until I get in the water?", she asked, taking the bottom of her shirt in hand. When Naruto let his eyes shut, she took off her clothes, taking a quick look in the mirror.

She was lean from from her kunoichi training, and she had enough muscle for it to been seen. She looked at her c-cup, knowing that it barely qualified as such, an was slightly flushed to think Naruto found it sexy.

She lowered herself into the water, gasping slightly when the hot liquid touched her crotch. She saw Naruto's eyes twitch, but they remained closed. She waded over to him, noting that her breasts were only marginally above the water's surface, making them stand out.

"O-okay, you can open your eyes now...", she said, waiting for his eyes to open before she started looking. The twin gems were visible once more, and as soon as they were, Kin felt a wave of self-consciousness wash over her. She folded her arms over her chest, and looked away, blushing.

"Kin... why do you act so ashamed of your body?", Naruto asked, moving over to her.

"I... I don't know.", she said softly.

"Kin... look at me.", he said taking a step back. Kin knew he didn't mean his eyes, and felt her blush growing as she turned her gaze to his body. She took in every detail she could, but tore her eyes away before they looked below the surface. "Kin, I don't mind eyes on me so long as their your's."

That pushed her over the edge. Weeks of curiosity and longing suddenly sprung forth, forcing her to look, and look she did. She gasped when she saw his member through the water, erect from the heat. The ripples on the surface distorted it a little, but it looked to be ten inches long, and decently think.

"Sorry about that... pleasant water, sexy naked woman in front of me... not a grand combination for decency.", Naruto joked, scratching the back of his head. He watched as Kin let her arms fall, letting him see all of her. "I don't see what you were so worried about; you're beautiful, Kin-chan...", he said, resting his hand on her shoulder, giving a comforting squeeze.

"...Really?", She asked, looking into his eyes. He nodded, smiling softly.

"I know this is the point where a romantic embrace would be good, but considering the hard on...", he joked, eliciting a giggle from the smaller girl.

"It's alright, your can hug me later.", she said. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of body-wash from the small alcove that held it, and poured a little into her hands. "Now, let's see about washing those wings."

Naruto smiled as he sat down on the bench within the tub, extending his left wing to Kin. She steeled herself and pressed her hands to the leathery membrane, finding that it didn't give at all. After a few moments of simply moving her hands in circles, she put some pressure on her fingertips as she went, finding that she could actually feel his pulse through the membrane. When she was done, she rinsed off the suds and moved on the the next wing, seeing that Naruto was rinsing off his hair as she went by.

The next wing was done soon enough, and while Kin had finished his wings, Naruto had washed his hair and the rest of his body as well as he could have.

"Allow me to repay you...", he said, playful tone back in place. Before Kin could ask what he meant, she found herself sitting sideways on the bench with Naruto behind her.

"What are yooouuu-ohhhh...", she moaned out as Naruto's hands started kneading her shoulders. He had never given a back massage before, but from the sound of it, he was doing fine. He kept going until he had gotten her entire back, letting his hands drift away after that.

"Even?", he asked, getting a nod.

"I...took a shower earlier, so my hair's clean and everything... can we get out now?", she asked, starting to feel the water get cold. Naruto laughed and nodded, standing up and helping Kin out as well.

As they dried off, Naruto paused for a moment, wondering if he should ask what he wanted to.

"Neh... Kin-chan?", he asked quietly, not sure of his words.

"Yes Naruto-kun?", she replied, turning to face him, wrapped in her towel.

"After dinner... I'm going to sleep... would you... that is...(sigh), would you sleep with me tonight? I think I'll need the company.", he asked, his tone sounding sullen. Kin walked over and put a hand on his shoulder, looking into his amethyst eyes. Had it been any other tone, she would have thought he meant sex, but this was...

"Naruto-kun... are you alright?", she asked, supressing the urge to kiss him.

"Sarutobi-jiji...died today.", he said, having previously explained his attachment to the old Kage. Kin immediately felt bad for asking, but nodded.

"I'll sleep with you tonight. Now go get dressed; Stew's for dinner, and it should be done now.", she said, leaning up and lightly kissing his cheek. A few minutes later saw them both in the kitchen, eating the delicious stew that Kin had made in silence.

"Kin, do you plan to continue your ninja career?", Naruto asked, taking their bowls over to the sink and rinsing them out.

The question actually caught the girl off guard, but she already had the answer.

"No. In Oto, you were either a ninja or a lab experiment. Now that I'm here... I just want to be a civilian.", she said, stopping herself from adding the rest of her current plan.

"Good... I wouldn't want to worry about you.", he said sincerely. He set the two bowls in the dishwasher, before turning to her with a soft smile.

He took a step towards her, but out of nowhere he zoned out, freezing in place. Kin almost jumped up to see what was wrong, but he suddenly came back to his senses. He blinked a few times before closing his eyes in concentration.

A whooshing sound came from his back as his wings seemed to go inside of his back, leaving two small, tribal wing tattoos in their place. His eyes opened and he looked over his shoulder, finding the wings gone.

"Sorry for the lack of warning... Blood just told me that sleeping with wings requires some practice. So he told me how to retract the wings... the tail stays though.", he muttered, looking at his tail as it lazily dragged across the floor. "So... ready to crash?", he asked, trying not to sound like an ass.

"Yeah.", Kin said, trying not to sound eager.

The two walked upstairs together, finding themselves holding hands by the time they got to the top. They both blushed, but neither tried to break the contact. Kin's heart skipped a beat as he opened the door to his room, mainly upon seeing the bed.

They were both in the clothing they intended to sleep in, so they simply walked over to the bed. Naruto let go of Kin and let her get in the massive bed first, walking over to the other side before getting in.

They rolled to face each other, smiling at each other in the dark. Every now and then, they would move a little closer to the middle, until they could feel the other's breath.

Naruto made a decision then and there, wrapping his arm around Kin(the chained one is under the pillows.), and pulling her closer.

"Kin-chan...", he said, looking into her brown eyes. He could feel the heat from her blush.

"N-naruto-kun?, she asked, heat skipping a beat as their faces drew closer.

"...I love you."

Their lips met, and Kin felt a wave of warmth spread through her from the kiss. She wrapped her arms around Naruto and pressed into the kiss, trying to put all of her love for him into the action. Eventually some of her lust won out, and she let her tongue slid past her lips. Naruto's seemed to stiffen for a moment before they let her tongue pass.

She felt his tentatively slid into her mouth, exploring her mouth just as she explored his. He tasted of some sort of faint spice, but she loved it, intensifying the kiss. To him, she tasted faintly sweet, and upon her increased aggression, he returned the passion.

They knew that going any further would be bad, given Naruto's fragile state at this point, and they separated, a thin trail of saliva connecting then for a moment.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun...", she said, burying her face into his chest.

And there they lay, basking in the love of the other while falling into the best sleep they had ever known, resting in the arms of their lover.

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