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Amethyst eyes looked at the rising sun with disdain once again, and in an attempt to ward off the invasive rays, he rolled over.

"I hate the sun.", Naruto muttered. The black haired girl beside him groaned in agreement before snuggling deeper into her boyfriend's chest.

"As much fun as it is to sit here and struggle against the gag reflex, Jiraiya is at the door. He said he needed to speak with you Naruto.", Blood said from the shadows, not bothering to fully form. Naruto groaned and rolled out of bed, much to the ire of his girlfriend.

"Jus' 'gnore 'im... come back to bed...", Kin groaned out, still half asleep. Naruto finished materializing his clothes, just as Blood had shown him a little after the exams. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips before whispering back.

"It's not like I'm going on some month long quest for a new Hokage. Take your time waking up; I'll have breakfast ready when you do.", he said softly. Kin sighed, but there was a trace of a smile on her lips as she curled up under the blankets.

Naruto turned and walked out of the room, nodding at the glowing red orbs that were Bloods eyes. They disappeared when Naruto left the room, only to appear with the rest of the King of Hell just as his vessel walked into the living room.

"Did he mention what he wanted?", Naruto asked as he prepared to greet his guest. The aged King shrugged and summoned his usual throne of bones in the middle of the floor once again. Naruto shook his head and opened the door.

As expected Jiraiya stood there, but in place of the usual look of mild amusement or disinterest that he normally had, there was a look of grim seriousness.

"Hey kid, got any alcohol?", He asked, walking past his student. Naruto shut the door and lead his mentor to the couch before asking his questions.

"Alright, what happened?"

"They asked me to be Hokage...", Jiraiya said, his face distant and grim. There was silence. Naruto's eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open. The funeral of the Sandaime was still fresh in his mind and this news was a bit like salt in a healing wound.

"You? Why the hell would they ask you?", Naruto asked, still sounding disbelieving. He flopped down beside Jiraiya, but it was Blood that answered.

"Think about it. He is technically the strongest and most experienced ninja in Konaha. No one can compete with the Sannin in those regards, but only Jiraiya is really affiliated with Konaha anymore. Tsunade the Slug Sannin is roaming the country, losing bets left and right, and Orochimaru is fairly close to being made into a snake skin wallet."

Jiraiya nodded, but then hung his head.

"Yeah, but the problem is I bullshitted my way out of it. I have the spy network, and I used it then and there to save my ass... but now they want me to go find Tsunade."

"So? Can't be that hard to find her right?", Naruto asked, half wondering if half the rumors about the Slug Sannin were true.

"You don't understand... finding her is easy. Convincing her to come back will utter hell... actually I'd rather be in hell right now... any openings?", Jiraiya asked Blood.

"Well we have a spot open for a tormentor in the pit of the Damned, but you still have a purpose in life. That and my brother would be quite upset if I dragged you to hell; he's actually got a spot reserved for you in heaven."

"Your brother is the King of Heaven?", Naruto asked, eyes wide. Blood nodded.

"Yes, Hector and I are opposites in many ways. I am a demon, dragon and archon, or Unholy with some holy, while he is a Celestial Elf with a fallen angel side, or Holy with a little unholy. I digress, we are getting off track; you are going to live Jiraya. But for the record, why would you rather be in hell?"

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn."

"There are women in Hell, most of them in high ranking positions. So yes, Hell hath a fury like a woman scorned."

"You know what I mean!"

"I think a little more detail as to why she is 'scorned' would be of better use.", Naruto interjected before things got out of hand. Jiraiya sighed.

"Her little brother and a past lover died in the service of Konaha. Ever since then she has distanced herself to the best of her ability. That and... well we sort of have a bit of history."

"History? What'd you do, peek on her in the baths?", Naruto asked.

"Remember what I told you on the roof after Sa...after the invasion? The reason I pushed for you to go home was because I didn't want to see my student make the same mistake I did and miss out on the happiness couples have. I knew you two were drifting together, but I decided to push a bit."

"I'm glad you did, but what exactly happened between you and Tsunade?"

"It's a long story... we had a thing when we were younger and I decided to play hard to get... a little too hard. I got drunk and ended up in bed with a waitress; Tsunade came to check on me and saw the two of us... well she sort of burst into tears and ran out. I tried to explain myself but every time I try, she storms out. And for some reason the conversation always ends up there."

Naruto was silent as he contemplated this information.

"Well, I see what you mean by you'd rather be in hell. They really shouldn't have picked you to get her, but at the same time they didn't know... Damn.", Naruto paused for a moment before standing up and walking into the kitchen. Jiraiya heard the sound of pans clattering and a few eggs cracking before Naruto called back to them. "Kin's going to kill me."

Jiraiya got up and walked into the kitchen, leaning against the wall as his student cooked.


"Because I told her I wasn't going on some escapade to find the next Hokage. I'll take her some breakfast and explain it then.", he said, throwing a few strips of bacon in the pan.

"You don't need to come kid, it's my mission."

"Yeah, but given your history it will take forever. I'm an unknown factor to her, and we both know of my... whats the word?"

"Zealotry. Thou art a zealot when it comes to Konaha.", Blood said, smirking from the shadows.

"Thank you. We both know of my zealotry, if anyone can convince her that the Will of Fire still burns then I'm the one.",Naruto said confidently, scrambling the eggs. "Now then, that topic is settled. Any other conversations you'd like to have over breakfast?"

"Actually, I do have one concerning the giant raccoon head that's impaled on one of the trees out in the forest. Care to explain?", Jiraya asked, sitting down.

"That was more or less my doing. In essence Naruto tore the Shukaku from Gaara and sealed it in the head of the beast. Then he exhaled air that was charged with electricity, which served to superheat the sand into glass. The head will eventually shatter, and with it the Shukaku will die."

"Speaking of that, you never explained how that worked. I don't understand how air could have done that, electricity or no.", Naruto asked, putting a plate down in front of Jiraya who hastily dug in.

"It's rather complicated, but it was your intent that altered the form of your breath weapon without changing it's effects."

"Intent?", Jiraya asked through a mouthful of bacon and eggs. Blood nodded.

"Intent is a powerful thing. Just make sure you know what your's is before you do something reckless with your powers. They listen to your subconscious much more then what should be necessary."

Naruto nodded and went back to the stove to prepare another plate. When he got the chance he liked to surprise his girlfriend with breakfast in bed.

"I know it's been a month since the invasion, but part of me hoped that they would hold off on getting a new Hokage so soon. Open wounds and all that.", Jiraiya said to Blood who merely grunted.

"Both life and the afterlife rarely coincide with the wishes of the living or dead respectively. It is best to simply suck it up and march forward. Then when you're alone, cry your heart out."

"I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't see you crying."

"I cry tears so hot they set anything ablaze when they touch it. But the last timed I shed tears for an emotional reason was about... actually, I don't remember. Still, I occasionally make myself cry just so I can watch shit burn around me. The flames are an odd shade of gray when I cry them into existence."


No more was said for a while, and only the sound of sizzling bacon filled the air. After a few minutes Naruto loaded up another plate and grabbed a tray before walking back to the room he and Kin now shared, humming a merry tune.

Jiraiya looked to Blood after the sound of a door shutting reached his ears.

"So how are they?"

His response was a raised eyebrow. Or at least Blood's equivalent.

"Well, you know... are they happy?", Jiraiya asked, trying to find the words.

"Incredibly. For once I think I might have found someone who would actually storm Hell to save their love. Actually let me rephrase that a little, as Naruto and Kin would probably succeed in the endeavor. Since you can't die there, Tenacity and persistence counts for a lot."

"Good. I'm glad that it's working out for them..."

"You don't want him to go do you?"

"If Orochimaru wants his arms healed, he'll try Tsunade. I doubt it will work if only because she know Orochimaru killed Sarutobi. But if Naruto goes with me and sees the snake... his vow to kill him might end in his own demise. I don't know Kin that well, but I don't want to be the one to tell her that the man she loved was killed on my watch."

"If I think the situation has progressed too far, then I'LL kill the bastard. You needn't worry about Naruto's well being. Besides, his dragon is becoming restless. It will soon surface and then Orochimaru will truly have to worry. There are six people I am scared of Jiraya, and two of them are dragons. I am quite thankful that they are on my side, just as you will be thankful Naruto is on your side."

With that the king of hell disappeared into the shadows. Jiraya sat slightly disturbed; what sort of entities could scare the king of hell? He shuddered to think what they were capable of.

After a few minutes a feminine shout of "What?", reached his ears. Naruto must have just told Kin the news. A few more indistinguishable shouts followed, from both of them by the sound of it. He heard a door slam open and heard the sound of feet hitting the floorboards, storming to the kitchen. Behind them was the clinking of Naruto's chains.

Kin rounded the corner and glared at the Toad Sannin, who withered a bit under her gaze. Naruto appeared shortly after, though his vision was fixed on his girlfriend.

"I'm going too.", Kin said, her tone begging Jiraya to try and contradict her.

"No you're not! It's too dangerous, and there are way too many unknown factors. You're going to stay here where it's safe.", Naruto said, his tone not leaving any room for argument... from anyone but Kin.

"Do you have any idea how much I worried about you during the invasion? That was only a few hours and I could hear the fighting. If I'm stuck in here for a few months with no idea whatsoever about how or where you are, I'll lose my mind! I am going with you!",She shouted, getting up in her boyfriend's face.

"Kin-chan, do not make me pull rank on you.", Naruto said, his tone starting to show how much he didn't want to say that. Kin's eyes widened in shock before they narrowed. She pulled back her hand and slapped Naruto with enough force to make his head turn.

"I can't believe you would say that! Do you have any idea how much that hurts? I'm just worried about the man I love, and he threatens to give an order I can't refuse that will make me worry and fret for at least a month!", She grabbed the front of his shirt and brought his face down to her level. "Please... I'm not asking just to defy you... I just want to know that you're safe."

She let go of his shirt and wrapped her arms around his chest, burying her face into his shirt and started to cry. Naruto was stunned for a moment by the sudden change, but regret became obvious in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and lead her over to the couch; he sat down and whispered comforts into her ear as she cried it out.

"Kin, how do you think that felt?", he asked, cupping her cheek. "I love you, being away from you is painful, and I worry when I'm gone. But how do you think I feel? I would have to constantly worry if you were there, always have to be on guard for an attack... I hate even mentioning rank to you, but I want you to be safe."

He kissed the top of her head and stroked her hair as gently as her could.

"Then let me go with you!", she said, looking up at his amethyst eyes. "Jiraiya will be there too, and he's one of the strongest ninja in the world. And if you're going to worry either way, at least pick the way you can worry while you hold me..."

"I...(sigh) fine. But please, if there is a fight you must promise that you will get far away from it.", he said resolutely. He wasn't going to let her go with any less than that promise, no matter how much it hurt.

"I have some training you know(sniff).", Kin said, drying her eyes.

"Please. Just promise me that and you can go.", he said, his eyes pleading.

"Alright love, I promise.", She said, moving up and kissing him. She pulled back and got to her feet before going down the hall to pack.

"Sometimes, I wonder how we can go from fighting to a tearful aftermath to loving each other more than ever.", Naruto said to himself more than anyone. Jiraya had watched the entire exchange and felt a tug at his heart when he wondered if that's what he and Tsunade could have had.

"Hey gaki, tell your girlfriend that she doesn't need to get everything together today; we're leaving two days from now.", he said as he walked to the door. He knew the two could probably use the alone time.

"Why two days?", Naruto asked from the couch. Jiraya turned and tapped his temple.

"Think boy, use that demonic brain. I'm going to use my spy network and try to see if I can find any leads about Tsunade's whereabouts. I actually only know that she's in Fire country, but it's a lot of ground to cover and if I can narrow it down then I intend to do so."

"I already have everything ready if we must leave early. Kin will more then likely be ready within an hour, so if there are any hot leads then don't be afraid to come here and tell us.", Naruto said, as he got off the couch and walked over to his sensei. " Are you going to be alright during this mission? I'm not going to let your past get in the way of Kin's safety. I don't know much about Tsunade, but any rogue nins along the way had best not be of any concern. I am not above going berserk and killing everything in a mile radius to make sure she is safe."

"The only problem will occur if the conversation turns to the past when Tsunade and I speak. Other then that I can guarantee that Kin will be safe, though I must commend you. That was a wise thing to make her promise to at least provide some safety.", Jiraya said, patting the hybrid on the shoulder. "Alright, I'll be back in two days to tell you any news, then we'll leave out of whatever gate is the quickest to the destination."

With that Jiraya opened the door and stepped out, leaving the hybrid to his thoughts.

"Two days... Bloody Hell.", he swore.

"Well it definitely isn't white with sparkles.", Blood said from the shadows, chuckling at his own joke. Naruto shook his head.

"Naruto! Come here, I need your help!", Kin shouted. Naruto noted that her voice wasn't urgent so he didn't dash off, but he still walked a little faster then he normally would.

He walked into their room to see Kin standing in front of her closet, her hands in front of her and her back to him. When she moved into his room, he took one of the small adjacent rooms and turned it into a spare closet for her.

"What do you need?", He asked, moving up behind her. She turned around hesitantly and showed Naruto her wrists...

... and the pink fuzzy handcuffs that bound them together. He paused and felt the urge to either chuckle or take advantage of the situation.

"I'm stuck...", she said, embarrassment heavy in her tone. "The key is on the top shelf and I can't reach it with the freaking cuffs on."

Naruto nodded and went into the closet, reaching up onto the top shelf. His hand found a key and he grabbed it.

"This it?", he asked, moving back to his love and showing her the key. She nodded, taking it from him and unlocking the cuffs. "Why do you even have those?", he asked as she deposited them on a nearby table.

(Lemon Start)

"W-well I uh... that is... um...", she stuttered out, not really wanting to tell him the truth. He had been accepting of her kink of dressing up as a maid when she had to clean, but she hadn't exactly explained all of her kinks and she didn't want to risk one of them weirding him out.

"Be honest, why do you have them?", he asked again, hugging her from behind and pressing himself to her. It was a dirty trick on his part, but he was curious and she probably wouldn't tell him unless he teased it out of her.

"H-how honest?", she asked, straining to keep her voice straight. Naruto leaned down and nibbled slightly on her ear.

"Just tell me the truth...", he said softly into her ear, the airflow making her shiver.

"I have t-them so y-you could use th-them on me, Naruto-kun..." she moaned out slightly. She had almost called him master. She was surprised when he didn't stop after she answered, he instead moved one of his hands to her stomach.

"And how exactly would I use them?", he asked, rubbing small circles on her abdomen with his fingers. Normally he was against starting stuff like this and ending it, but he figured that going just a little farther might help as an apology to his lover. He'd end it before anything major happened, but he was going to give Kin what she wanted for the time being.

"W-what?", she asked, shocked. He stared nibbling her ear again for a moment before he answered, the circles of his fingers going steadily lower until her was starting to touch the waist of her pants.

"How would you want me to use them on you?", he asked again, this time intentionally blowing on her ear a little.

"M-master...", she whimpered. Naruto paused for a fraction of a second before he continued his ministrations. She didn't say it the way the word normally aggravated him; she said it more like the kind she wanted in the bedroom, full of lust and yearning. He wasn't exactly sure if he could bring himself to be that dominant when he had taken care to ask for Kin's approval at almost every turn since she was bonded to him. Such a shift in control, from even to heavily one-sided, would be odd even if it was only behind closed doors...

"Tell your master what you want him to do with these...", he said, reaching out with his tail and holding the cuffs in front of Kin while his other hand lightly cupped her left breast. He had no idea what he was doing, but if it made her happy then winging it was an option.

"I-i want t-to be c-cuffed to the bed M-master...", she said, giving into the desire. Naruto looked at the bed while he continued rubbing and nibbling. There were four pillars, one on each corner, that went up to the ceiling. The headboard had an few bar like designs in it as well. Either the pillars or the head board could be have the cuffs put around them without using one of the cuffs; that way he could get both her hands.

He moved toward the bed, making sure not to move fast enough to trip Kin. He wondered if this was starting to bridge into the "too far" zone, but he heard another moan from his lover and that thought went out the window. He took took the cuffs in his hand that had just been groping her.

"Give me your arm.", he said, and she complied quickly. He attached one of the cuffs and put it around the pillar at the foot of the bed. "Put out your other arm."

She did and he placed the other cuff on that wrist, leaving her attached to the bed. He removed his hand from her stomach and took a step back.

"Tell me, what do you think I should do now that I have you helpless?", he asked, letting his tail run down her spine. She shivered and turned as far as she could to see him.

"Y-you can d-d-o whatever y-you want to me, Master...", she responded, her tone submissive. Naruto inwardly cursed, he had hoped that he could just do what she asked and be done. Still, if she wanted a bit of kink, then he could oblige.

He concentrated for a moment and his trenchcoat and shirt dissolved in a shower of energy, leaving him in his black pants only. He moved up beside her and ran a finger down her spine, though when he got to her ass he cupped it roughly and squeezed slightly, getting a gasp and a moan from her.

"You know, I think that was fairly naughty of you to get caught up in your own cuffs, and have to call me to come save you.", he whispered into her ear, squeezing her rump once more.

"I-I'm sorry, i-it won't h-happen again.", she whimpered out. She thought she knew where her lover was going with this, and she prayed she was right.

"It doesn't matter if it doesn't happen again. What matters is you did it just now, and naughty girls need to be... disciplined.", he purred into her ear. "Now bend over and take your punishment."

Kin did so hesitantly, having to work the cuffs down the pillar until she was bent over low with her ass stuck out. She felt Naruto grab it once more roughly, before he brought his hand up for a moment. Then he brought it back down. When it connected with her ass she let out a gasp and an almost silent moan.

He made sure not to do it too hard in case she didn't like it, but he had to admit it was sort of... fun. When his hand came down for the tenth time he stopped and ran another finger down her spine, watching as she shivered.

"Do you think that was an adequate punishment? Or do you think you deserve more?", he asked huskily, his mouth centimeters from her ear.

"M-more master... and h-harder... I-I've been a bad girl...", she said, moans intermingled with words.

"Harder? I think I'm hitting plenty hard, but maybe it's just these pants that are softening the blow.", he said, hooking a finger under the waistband and pulling down. Kin quietly gasped as the air hit her bare flesh, though Naruto left her black panties on. "Much better..."

He brought his hand down on her ass again, but this time the sound of flesh smacking flesh sounded off and Kin both gasped and moaned a little louder. He raised his hand again, this time bringing it down with much more force. Kin cried out when it struck, but she made no complaints as he kept that level of impact for the next few hits. Naruto was glad he had discovered the spiked chain could be removed, because it would be scratching her ass every time he brought his hand down if he hadn't taken it off the night prior.

"That's enough. I think you learned your lesson.",he said, once more leaning close to her ear. This time her was roughly groping her ass while he did it. "In fact, for taking your punishment like a good girl, I think you deserve a reward."

"T-thank you master.",Kin said as he undid one side of the cuffs.

"Get on the bed and lay on your back.", he commanded. She did, but she had to take care not no put a lot of weight on her abused ass just yet. He took her arms and put them above her head, cuffing her to the head board. The he moved below her, taking the pants that were still hanging on to her ankle and threw them into the floor. He took a quick look at his claws and decided that he didn't want to cut her there of all places.

"Spread your legs.", he told her. She complied nervously, not sure where he was going with that. She had thought he would end it after he spanked her, but it seemed like he was going farther.

He moved up a little, running one claw gently over the damp spot on the panties. He repeated it a few times, listening to the increasing volume of her moans before he slowly pulled them off, taking care to let his claws gently run over the inside of her thighs without cutting her. She moaned as intended.

"Time for your reward, for being such a good girl and taking the punishment...", he said, putting an emphasis on good girl. He leaned down and put his hands on her thighs to keep the apart. Then he let his long tongue come out and slowly licked up her wet entrance.

She gasped and bucked, her legs trying to come together out of reflex. Naruto kept them apart and dragged his tongue up her once more, finding her taste to his liking. He couldn't quite place it, but it was heavenly.

He tormented her like that for a few more minutes, stopping when she was about to cum and starting a few moments after; He grew bored of that and smirked at the thought of the "finale". Glancing up he saw Kin had her head thrown back and was breathing heavily, but he could have sworn he saw a small trail of drool from the corner of her mouth.

He made sure he wouldn't accidentally take her virginity with his tongue by shortening it a bit, and then he let it slowly slid into her, each minor motion making her buck. When it was in far enough he started to probe around, enjoying himself. His tongue flicked something though, and Kin bucked violently, gasping and moaning even louder than before.

"M-master... I-I-I...gonna cum!", she cried. Naruto didn't stop as he did before, instead continuing and letting her reach orgasm. She made several loud noises that he really couldn't identify as her walls constricted around his tongue and he got a mouthful of her sweet nectar.

When he was sure she was done, he let go of her thighs and brought his tongue back. He savored her taste as her rose back to a sitting position, swallowing the small amount of liquid after a moment. Kin had her eyes rolled back into her head and she was still panting fairly hard, but she was happier then she had been in a while... or at least on a bigger high. Having Naruto go along with the dominance thing and spank her had been wonderful, but the reward for being a 'good girl' was beyond what she had expected. She not only didn't think he would actually do it, but she didn't think she would cum that hard either.

Naruto moved up, placing his hands on either side of his lover and leaned down. He pressed his lips to hers and slipped his tongue into her mouth, running it over hers and letting her taste herself. She moaned into the kiss and tried to press up to deepen it, but the cuffs prevented her from doing so.

"Master, c-can you uncuff me?", she asked timidly, not entirely sure if she didn't want him to ignore the request and eat her again.

His response was to reach up and undo the cuffs, but he didn't move beyond that.

"Th-thank you master..."she moaned as he moved one hand to start kneading her breast while his lips went back to hers. She let her hands weave into his hair, but then she let one trail down his chest, running over his toned muscles and stopping only for a moment at his pants before they went below his waistline.

"I didn't say that you could do that. Are you trying to get punished again?", he asked, pinching her nipple through the thin material of her shirt since she didn't have a bra. As much as Kin wanted to say yes, she shook her head and let her hand brush against his hard member.

"No master, but now I have to be a good servant and make you feel good.", she said cutely, gently gripping him and squeezing. She couldn't help the blush that spread across her cheeks; he was huge by the feel of it.

He wasn't going to argue, but he wasn't planning on penetrating her. Oral and kinky "foreplay" were fine, but he wanted to save the next step for a time when it wasn't elven-twenty-six in the morning.

He removed her hand and moved back a bit, sitting down. He'd let her do the rest on her own.

Kin crawled towards him, closing the small gap and putting herself between his slightly spread legs. She put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his member through the fabric, roughly palming him. It was...interesting at first, but it quickly grew old. He cupped her face and made her look at him.

"It is not wise to tease a demon.", he said, making no other remarks. She could use her imagination to figure out the rest.

"S-sorry master... l-let me make it up to you!",she said, a cute smile on her face as she proclaimed the last part. She gripped the waist of his pants and slid them down until they were free of his body. She almost threw them away, but they burst into a shower of red sparks when they left her hand.

She turned back to the task at hand and her heart skipped a beat. It was the second time she had seen him without clothes, but the first time had been distorted by water. She didn't have a ruler, but her guess in the bath had been fairly accurate because he looked roughly ten inches long, and thicker than anything she had expected.

She pushed away her thoughts and gripped him, using the other arm to help steady herself. She moved her hand up him, adding a bit of pressure until she got a grunt from him. She decided not to 'tease' him much longer, and held his rod back, exposing the underside to her. She moved closer and let her tongue flick across the base before she licked slowly up the underside. She went back to the bottom and licked up again, this time licking a bit to the side. She did this four more times.

Finally she stopped when she got to the top, swirling her tongue around the tip. She moved her head back and got ready, all while her hand was still jerking him. She relaxed and went down, opening her mouth little. When her lips met the tip she opened further and moved down until she had the whole head in her mouth.

She gently sucked on it and was surprise to hear an almost silent gasp from her master. Inspired she took it a little deeper, until it hit the back of her throat. If it went any further she would have to fight the gag reflex, and she didn't want to ruin the moment.

Still sucking slightly, she started bobbing up and down, her hand taking care of what her mouth couldn't. When she was sure she could balance without the help, her left hand came forward and cupped his balls, gently rolling them. She was taking extra care not to squeeze at all; she liked pain, but she didn't know if Naruto did, and it was a very bad place to find out.

At random intervals he would make a noise akin to a grunt or a barely audible moan, and she sped up when they started coming closer. After a loud grunt he grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her a little faster and rougher. It startled her at first, but she just took it in stride and let him force her while she carried on.

"K-kin... ah Holy Hell!", he shouted at the end. Kin wasn't sure what he was shouting about until he bucked slightly and he exploded in her mouth. He let go so she didn't have to take it all, but she stayed attached, trying to take all of him. To her surprise he came in great quantity, having to swallow a mouthful before her mouth was half filled again.

When he was done he fell back, landing on his back and was breathing heavily. Kin moved back up to the tip and sucked the last few drops out before removing herself from him completely. She took a moment to actually study the taste, and found it salty but it seemed to have some sort of spice taste to it as well; more then likely due to his inhuman sides. It was also thick and somewhat had to swallow, but she managed.

(Lemon end)

"That was... holy shit... is that what an orgasm is like?", Naruto asked through pants, his tone somewhat... amazed. Kin was the one who was shocked though, he shouldn't still be trying to recover... unless he...

"Naruto-kun... umm, I don't really know how to ask this but, how often do you... well you know...", she made sure he was looking and made a quick jerking motion over her own crotch.

"Jerk off? Never. Didn't see the point", he said, head falling back to the bed. Kin moved beside him and laid down, wrapping her arms around one of his. She knew they were done so she completely dropped her slave persona.

"Never? I guess that explains why you haven't moved yet.", she said, looking into his amethyst eyes. She moved up and kissed him, not adding any tongue because she knew her mouth still tasted like his cum and she wasn't going to experiment any further with his kinks. "Thank you though, for going along with the whole master thing. It was really sweet... and really sexy.", she admitted.

"Just don't get used to calling me master outside of the bedroom. I tolerate it because I know it will make you happy in here.", he replied, starting to regain feeling in his legs.

"Happy comes from the afterglow, the master thing just turns me on.", she said, snuggling into his side.

"I guess this sort of covers it for an apology for this morning?", he asked hesitantly, not sure if he would be able to walk after a second round. It was a pleasant feeling, but the inability to move for any length of time wasn't appealing.

"A bit of penetrating with that seal club you call a dick might have been nice, but I'm not going to push.", she said, starting to trace small circles onto his chest. "I know you're saving that for a more... romantic time, but I'm going to tell you this now: if you can keep up that master thing then I can wait."

"Deal, but just remember Blood's warning: too much of this and my demon side will start to overshadow the other two.", he warned, putting his arm around his smaller girlfriend.

"You have to do it at least twice a month!", she pleaded. "You don't even have to make me cum, just do something kinky with me, please?"

"Kin, I have little problem making you cum. In fact at the level I enjoy it, I may just make it a hobby. I might make you work a bit harder to get to me, but something kinky say... once a week and making you cum repeatedly is something you don't have to try and convince me to do. It just can't be a daily thing."

Naruto rolled on his side to face her and pressed his forehead to her's.

"Now then, I don't know about you, but I remember a certain girlfriend asking me to come back to bed with her.", he said, getting up and picking her up bridal style. He pulled back the covers with his tail and deposited her under the covers before he joined her.

"Wait just a second.",she said, pulling her shirt off and throwing it with her pants and panties on the floor. "There we go, much better."

"What was the point of that?"

"Now we're even. I was going to feel bad if I had clothes and you didn't.", she explained, wrapping her arms around his torso and making sure she was pressing her breasts into him. He sighed and put his arms around her as well, though he debated a moment and rolled over, taking Kin with him. She looked confused until he slid his chained arm under the pillows.

"That was going to be uncomfortable after a while.", he explained. He was probably the only one who could stand the chains while he slept. He needed to keep them under the pillows because if Kin rolled on to them, she would wake up and complain.

"Hey Naruto-kun... can I ask you something?", Kin asked as the pair started to fade to sleep. Her lover grunted in response. "Does this mean we can be a little more... teasing during the day?"

"Define teasing."

"Can I expect to be cleaning or something and have you grab my ass or something while I'm not paying attention?". His response was to laugh and kiss her forehead.


"Oh come on and tell me! The suspense will drive me insane!", She groaned. She gasped and jumped when Naruto slid his hand down her side and squeezed her ass.

"What do you think?"

(Two days later, west Konaha gate)

Jiraya stood at the gates, waiting for his student and his girlfriend. He uneasily held a chunin vest under his left arm, wondering how Naruto would take to the news. The council had, in light of the exam and the following invasion, recently sent out the orders for promotions. There wasn't any fancy induction ceremony given the still hectic state of the village right now, and he doubted that Naruto would mind the promotion; hell if it weren't for the fact he wasn't experienced enough then he would have recommended his apprentice for jounin rank.

It was the bullshit the council was about to throw on Naruto's plate when things calmed down that worried him, and he doubted Tsunade could stop it. Hell, he knew most of the shinobi council would normally be against it, but after the death toll had been calculated from the invasion even they might be backed into a corner on this one. Though the more he thought on it, it was Kin's wrath they should fear.

He figured people would die regardless of which got mad or, Kami forbid, they both lost it. As if on cue the couple appeared on the road that lead out of Konaha.

"Hey gaki, what took you so long?", Jiraya called out, hoping that he was in a fair mood. He was not looking forward to spending a month of so on the road with a moody demon and his girlfriend.

"Just had to check and make sure we had everything. We decided to seal a few...extra things into a scroll.", Naruto replied when he was in talking range. The extras were mainly the kinky things Kin had stored up; they had agreed that finding Tsunade was top priority... but if the chance presented itself... better to have it and not need it then to not have it and really want it.

"Extras?", Jiraya asked. He knew Naruto was the sort to only bring what was needed, and Kin was much the same from what he had gleaned from his many visits. What exactly qualified as extras?

"Just a few extra clothes and such, we don't know how long we'll be gone and all. Better safe then sorry.", Kin said calmly, praying he bought it. It wasn't that big of a lie... they were technically clothes, though Kin wouldn't wear half of them in public.

"Right, well I can't argue with that.", Jiraya said, having a feeling he knew what was actually in the scroll. "Oh and Naruto. Congratulations, you're a chunin.", he said, tossing the vest to the surprised hybrid.

Naruto took a moment before donning it, leaving it open. To his surprise it fit well over his trenchcoat, but the color needed to be altered. Black always worked.

"What, no sake?", Naruto half joked as he moved around in the vest a little. Kin was looking him over and half wondered if she could talk him into letting her pick his clothing for a while.

"Maybe when we get to the town where Tsunade is. Speaking of her, she's in a merchant town about four hours west. We need to get moving now.", Jiraya said, adjusting the straps of his own pack. "Kin, how fast can you move?"

"I relied on my bells to immobilize opponents because I can't go too fast. I can run for long periods of time either.", She admitted, hanging her head slightly.

"Can you carry her?", Jiraya asked, his head turning to Naruto. The hybrid was unsurprised by the question and before his black-haired girlfriend could respond he swept her up off her feet.

"It will not be a problem.", Naruto said, Kin in his arms bridal style. Said girl blushed at the contact but wasn't complaining. "Besides, it can be considered practice."

Kin blushed at the implication and Jiraya pretended not to hear him. Naruto leaned down and kissed Kin before he nodded to Jiraya.

The Toad sage returned the gesture and took off, using the jumps ninja were famous for to move faster. Naruto followed as best as he could, but as he went on he noticed that he was moving slowly. Not because of Kin or a fault of his own, but compared to Jiraya he was slow; the old man had to stop more then once to let the hybrid catch up. Naruto knew he had incredible endurance... but if he couldn't move fast enough then he was screwed.

He remembered what the King of Hell had told him concerning this, but it did little to settle his discomfort.


"You aren't meant to be fast. The whole point of the combined endurance of the three races that we posses is to give us the ability to charge through or shrug off any attack. Charging in with a sword and screaming like a berserker are perfectly acceptable methods."

"I'm a ninja, screaming like anything is going to get me killed.", he argued back. Blood chuckled darkly. "You're just going to repeat yourself, aren't you?"

"Riddle it out, it's not that complicated. Dense skin, thick muscles, a strong tail and very destructive powers."

Naruto sighed and picked up his swords again, going through the berserker like motions with them. For all the aggravation it caused, Blood's advice did make sense.

(Flashback end)

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong? You've been zoned out with that angry expression on your face for a few minutes.", Kin asked from his arms, concerned for her boyfriend.

"I'm too slow.", he said, loud enough to catch Jiraya's ear. The toad Sannin stopped and turned to his apprentice.

"There's not a lot I can do about that. Speed is something that takes time to build, and your build is meant to accommodate power.", he explained. Naruto sighed and set Kin down.

"Blood said as much. I'm supposed to be able to shrug off just about anything and still charge forward shouting like a berserker.", Naruto complained. His tail was twitching angrily behind him, making small ruts in the ground.

"Well... if you can't work on speed then why don't you just make sure that all it takes is one hit?", Kin suggested. Naruto and Jiraya turned to her with half-way surprised looks.

"That might work, but he still has to be able to catch up with enemies to hit them.", Jiraya said. It was a good point though.

"That might actually work...", Naruto muttered.


"My endurance, healing and sheer toughness: ninja fights don't last long because while devastating jutsu can end fights, they use up incredible amounts of chakra. If I can shrug them off or just flat out ignore them then the enemy will be too tired to dodge.", Naruto explained, though his brow furrowed, "The only problem is that almost none of my moves are instantly fatal: regardless of strength."

"I don't know about that; the Demon's Riptide and your vorpal sword look pretty fatal.", Kin said, having seen both while her master trained. Naruto shook his head.

"The Riptide requires me to be airborne—too easy to dodge it. The sword is lethal, but since it's ethereal I can't put a whole lot of force behind it. Blood had me make my two new swords, but they're so big I can barely use them right. My Holy Greatsword looked like a one time thing; I can't summon it again for some reason."

Jiraya listened to his students plight and decided it was best to speak while walking.

"Come on, we can keep this up, but we can't lose much more time standing still.", he said, beginning down the road once more.

"Couldn't you summon a hellhound to maneuver the enemy into a trap? If they're occupied with the hellhound then you can definitely get at least one blow in.", Kin suggested.

"Summons take massive amounts of chakra; in Naruto's case it's a huge drain on all three of his energies. It's possible for them to bind unto someone as a sort of familiar, and then the two will share a pool of energy, but the process is a well kept secret amongst the summons.", Jiraya explained, though a new thought was forming. Naruto was his son after all...

He thought on the pros and cons of teaching him the Rasengan, and decided that it would at least give him an element of surprise should Orochimaru appear.

"Naruto", he said, cutting into the teens' conversations. When he knew he had his apprentice's attention he continued, " I can't do anything for your speed issue, but I have something that might help in surprising the opponent. Do you know that the fourth taught me the Rasengan?"

"The... rasengan? Isn't that supposed to be one of the strongest jutsu in the world?", Kin asked.

"It is, if properly used. It is difficult to master, but in theory since your energy is still able to be manipulated you can still use it.", Jiraya explained.

"How so?"

"It's pure manipulation; it can't be copied by the Sharingan either."

Naruto was silent for a minute or so before nodding. He hadn't been able to learn anything out of his father's library due to his inability to use chakra, so he wasn't going to pass this up. He did, however, like the idea of binding a summon to him.

"Jiraya, do you have a familiar?", he asked suddenly. The Sannin raised an eyebrow but shook his head. "Do you know the benefits of having one?"

"There are a few. The first, like I said, is a shared chakra pool: all the chakra from both people is shared. This is a blessing and a curse as while the summons have much more chakra they also use quite a bit. Also the two will be able to hear the other's thoughts, and will be able to access the other's memory. There are rumors of physical changes, but those are few and far between: the few I have met that do have familiars tend to look a little more... wild."

"I'm not hearing a downside so far.", Naruto admitted.

"There is one: a shared life. If one dies so does the other, but one can't die if the other doesn't. It's complicated and Gamabunta didn't explain entirely, but I think that if someone is mortally wounded then they can live if their partner does, but if they are outright killed then they both go. Given that most summons return to the summon's realm before a fatal blow hits, most have very reckless fighting styles."

Naruto nodded and began thinking on the pros and cons of it. He had only ever summoned Blodgarm once, and that was the only time he ever summoned in general. Suddenly summoning one and asking for it to be his familiar would grind the wrong way for the hellhounds.

At the same time though, starting to summon them more might be a good idea. If he did make a summon his familiar then it would be a good start to at least know a few of the summons.

"Jiraya, I'm going to start summoning Hellhounds; that way Kin will have a ride and I can build my reserves. I think talking to a few of them would be good as well."

"The Familiar bit caught your attention huh?"

"Yes. And when can we start on the rasengan training?", he asked, getting ready to summon.

"When we get to town, there are a few things we need that I don't have.", was his simple reply. He wouldn't admit it, but the hellhound that had been summoned before had unnerved him greatly.

"Kuchiyose!", Naruto shouted, slamming his bloody hand down. Jiraya felt the rush of energy and smoke blow past him and he slowly turned around to see what his apprentice had called forth from hell.

"Who hast summoned me forth from my fiery home?", a deep voice called from the smoke. When it cleared the three saw a Hellhound that was clearly not Blodgarm.

It was smaller then the other hound, but it was still four foot at the shoulder. This one was much broader though, and long canines poked out from his black lips. His pelt was rust red, though a few black spots were littered through the fur. His tail was short, and for some odd reason there was a demonic greatsword across his back.

"I have: Naruto Namikaze, vessel of the King of Hell.", Naruto said, preforming the Demon's bow.

"Ah, the one Blodgarm spoke of. I imagined you taller.", the hound snorted and bowed it's head to the hybrid. Naruto noticed it had a nasty scar running down the right side of it's face. "I am Gar'thil. I see no enemies nor do I smell blood. Why have you summoned me?"

"Summoning your kind takes massive energy. I did it to help build my reserves and because I believe that I need to get to know some of you better. If we are to fight side by side one day I would like to know who is on my side.", Naruto said. He decided he could just carry Kin; he doubted this hound would let her ride him.

"Indeed. We are in the middle of a road though, are you traveling?"

"Yes, we're looking for an old teammate of my sensei's. I thought that the trip could be used for training purposes as well."

The hound laughed, a booming bark like noise. It shook it's head and inclined it towards the road ahead.

"Let us go then. You may ask of me what you wish; I can tell there are a great many things you do not know of the hellhounds."

Naruto nodded and began walking again. Gar'thil followed close beside him and Jiraya on Naruto's other side. Kin moved up beside her boyfriend, but did so on the opposite side of Gar'thil. This was the first time she had seen a Hellhound.

"First off, how do you fight in general?"

Gar'thil laughed again and smiled, his fangs gleaming.

"I guess Blodgarm didn't tell you jack shit did he? This is gonna be fun..."

The hound began lecturing the young hybrid on the many ways hellhounds could conduct combat. It was for the most part similar to his style; slow but incredibly powerful.

"Most Hellhounds fight in packs, so our slower styles aren't that much of a hinderance. Zombie tactics...", Gar'thil said, breaking out into barking laughter at his own joke. When he realized he was the only one laughing, he looked around, slightly confused. "What? Zombie tactics...? You know, slow moving but they win by numbers? ... This world has no sense of humor... or it hasn't been through a zombie apocalypse yet."

"*cough* Could we get back on topic? I have to fight foes that are very quick; slow and steady is going to get me killed.", Naruto said, sweatdropping. "If I die, then Kin-chan will be pissed.", he motioned to Kin, hoping the hound could take a hint and get to the point.

"So she's your mate?"

Both Kin and Naruto were thrown for a loop by the simple question. They were boyfriend and girlfriend right now, but there wasn't really an option of going back... so all they could do was go forward...

"...Yes.", Naruto said, smiling softly at Kin, who returned the smile while wrapping her arm around his and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Well, you know what they say, First comes love... then comes tequila, then comes the broken condom, then the wedding in a cheap chapel, the birth of an unwanted puppy, the long, violent fights that the puppy's parents have over his existence, then the beatings, then the abandonment of the puppy in some dark alley, leaving him cold, alone, and wondering what he did wrong.", Gar'thil said, starting to choke up at the end. The other three stopped and gave the hound questioning looks as he started crying. "Why? I never did anything wrong(sob), why did you leave me?"

"...Are you going to be okay Gar'thil?", Naruto asked, putting a hand on the hound's shoulder.

"I (sniff)... I could really use a hug right now.", he said, drying his eyes with the back of his paw. He took a few deep breaths before speaking, though it still sounded like he was biting back tears. "I'm uh, gonna head back to hell and uh... sharpen my sword. Just summon another hound and they'll pick up where I left off."

With that, the apparently troubled hound poofed away, leaving them wondering if he meant the next hound would talk about weapons and fighting, or Gar'thil's abandonment issues.

"Okay... let's hope that isn't a requirement to be a hellhound. I have my own issues and I don't need a hellhound talking to me like I'm a shrink.", Naruto said, getting ready to summon another.

"Most hounds are perfectly right in the head, but some of them have tricky pasts. Gar'thil has abandonment issues, Lo'shan was raped by his sister, and Blodgarm used to be a drug dealer.", Blood said, materializing behind Naruto.

"Well... all aboard for the Whacko Basket.", Naruto muttered, getting an odd look from Kin.

"Whacko Basket?"

"Whacko Basket, Looney Bin, the Funny Farm, Qwack Shack, Happy Hotel, Mental Care Facility... same thing love.", he said, leaning down and kissing her forehead.

"Dare I ask why you know so many wonderful euphemisms for a Mental Institute?", Jiraiya asked, not sure if he wanted the answer.

"I was a little... suicidal as a child, and they sent me to the Whacko Basket a couple times.", was the cheerful reply. "Now then, can I have my arm back for a moment Kin-chan?"

She let go of his arm, giving him a mock glare while doing so.

"Kuchiyose, Blodgarm!", Naruto shouted, slamming his hand to the dirt after running through the seals.

Once the cloud dissipated, the three could see the massive hellhound standing in an almost battle ready position. Once he looked around he slowly rose from the crouch, though he looked a little annoyed as he turned his eyes to Naruto.

"Didn't I tell you to only summon me in battle?", he said, clearly not happy with the lack of carnage. Naruto shrugged.

"You told me to try.", he said, trying not to sound like a prick. Having an irate Hellhound yelling at you didn't sound like fun.

"Be calm Blodgarm, Naruto wishes to know how the hellhounds fight. He had summoned Gar'thil a moment ago, but he had another one of his episodes.", Blood said from behind the hound, making the beast jump.

"Greetings Lord Blood.", He said, bowing to the King of Hell. "I must say though, there are better hounds to summon for lectures on fightings styles. Gar'thil and I both use... unorthodox methods."

"Unorthodox as in... what exactly?", Naruto asked.

"We are capable of entering a werewolf-like state, allowing us to use weaponry. I prefer to fight in my Hound form first, moving on to hybrid if the fight is too difficult. Gar'thil usually starts off in hybrid form so he can start swinging that sword of his.", Blodgarm explained as they started walking again. "In general though, we focus on power; both offensive and defensive. We end up sacrificing speed, but the veteran Hounds can shrug off damn near anything and if they get their jaws around you... game over."

"... Why the hell is slow and steady always the answer?", Naruto asked, defeated. Kin sighed and put her arm around her boyfriend, giving a reassuring squeeze.

"It works, that's why. I suggest you start training your strength and endurance... now.", Blood said, smirking. "Summon Uoinota and Guawysvern."

"Must I? You know I can barely life one, let alone both.", Naruto said, hoping to reason with Blood.


"(Sigh) Fine. Kin, Jiraiya, Blodgarm... some space if you would.", Naruto asked, closing his eyes and starting to channel energy. He took a simple stance, legs spread slightly and arms out to the sides, hands open. "Come to me."

In a burst of sparks, red in his right hand and white in the left, two massive swords appeared in his waiting hands. After grabbing them, however, the tip fell to the ground, the obvious weight doing so. As Naruto panted from the loss of energy, Jiraiya and Kin took a look at his swords.

The one in his right hand was a real piece of work, looking to be six feet long from pommel to tip. The hilt was black and had a black leather grip, and the pommel looked to be two demon claws holding a ruby. The blade was blood red, and was odd in design; The sharpened edges, as it was double sided, were pitch black, and looked jagged. The Blade itself was ten inches across, and four-and-a-half feet long, while the handle took up the other foot-and-a-half. Uoinota.

The one in his left hand was much the opposite. It's hilt looked to be made out some sort of white metal, and bore golden designs. It's handle was wrapped in white leather, and the pommel looked to be two angel wings wrapping around a sapphire. The blade looked to be made of silver, and numerous gold designs ran through the metal, making the wide, straight blade look a little whimsical. It's dimensions were identical to the other sword. Guawysvern.

"Alright, now what?", Naruto asked, knowing that Blood wouldn't stop at making him summon the swords.

The ancient hybrid gained an evil grin, amplified by his canine maw, and aimed his right hand at Naruto, palm open. A visible distortion in the air shot out in a wave, washing over Naruto, who nearly hit the ground.

"What the hell?", he shouted, straining to keep a grip on his swords.

"I've increased the weight of your clothing by ten fold, and doubled the weight of your swords. However, every time a sword touches the ground, everything will have it's weight doubled. This can happen an infinite number of times.", Blood said, hand falling back into his cloak.

"So you want me to go the rest of the way like this?", Naruto asked, straining to keep the swords off the ground.

"Yes, but I can assure you that you'll be running. Blodgarm, you are to carry Kin. Jiraiya, I trust you can keep up?", Blood said, air starting to distort around him.

"Blood, I'm not sure I can walk, let alone run... why are you looking at me like that?"

He paled as the hybrid pulled a flaming trident from his cloak, and barely managed to move out of the way in time to avoid being impaled. He looked back at Blood to see him holding another one.

"I smell bacon, I smell pork, RUN LITTLE PIGGY! I'VE GOT A FORK!", Blood shouted, laughing insanely as he hurled the trident at Naruto.

"What the Hell is wrong with you?", Naruto shouted, Jumping back. He almost fell flat on his back from the sheer weight of his swords, but he realized his folly in a heartbeat. He strained and put all of his might into holding up the swords, after having let one nick the dirt.

"Blood!", Kin shouted, scared for her boyfriend's life.

"I'm not going to kill him... but you'll be amazed what he can live through!", was the insane reply as another trident flew at the hybrid.

"It isn't wise to interrupt Lord Blood's fun, m'lady.", Blodgarm said from beside her, kneeling so she could climb up unto his back. She did so hesitantly, but her eyes remained trained on Blood and her Boyfriend as they ran off; one hurling tridents, and the other trying not to die while carrying almost more weight then he could bear.

"I have to admit, if he doesn't die, this will definitely leave Naruto stronger... and sore as hell.", Jiraiya said as he and Blodgarm ran to catch up with the two hybrids. The hellhound looked over at the sannin as they ran, a raised brow.

"This causes you unrest? As his teacher, you feel that you should be doing more?", Blodgarm asked, barely noticing the pull on his fur as Kin held on by his mane.

"Yes, but I'm not sure there's much I can teach him; beyond the Rasengan, I don't really have anything he can use.", Jiraiya said, hearing a loud swear from his apprentice. "I don't have the balls to do this sort of training with him, quite frankly, and Blood doesn't give a shit."

"Perhaps, if that is your concern, you should focus on strategy and combat tactics. Lord Blood can withstand anything, and is undefeated in battle; Naruto will not be so... resilient... for quite some time. If you wish to teach him something that might save his life, then teach him when to charge in, and from what direction. Do you understand what I mean?"

Jiraiya pondered it for a moment. In all truth, until Naruto figured out how to use jutsu with his new energies, he was stuck being under Blood's tutelage for techniques. But he didn't need anything more then a couple of brain cells to learn some strategy... and if nothing else, Jiraiya was a decent strategist.

"I do, and I will... provided he lives through this...", Jiraiya sweatdropped after having heard another insane cackle from the King of Hell.

"He won't...really kill Naruto... will he Blodgarm?", Kin asked nervously from the hell hound's back.

"... As long as he doesn't stand still, Naruto will be fine.", Blodgarm said.

"But how can you be sure?"

"... It's sort of taboo to speak of it in Hell... but since we're in the human world and only you two can hear me...", Blodgarm said, pausing to look around, as if making sure no one was listening in as they ran after the twin hybrids. "Lord Blood has very shitty aim when it comes to projectiles, be it arrows or spears. If it's connected to him then he'll never miss, but if it leaves his hand... it's unpredictable. I actually saw him try to throw something forward, only for it to fly out of his hand backwards, and it hit the Hellion Elite that was about thirty meters behind him."

"... Wow. That takes skill.", Jiraiya said, sarcasm dripping from his words.

"Lord Hector, the King of Heaven and Lord Blood's brother, doesn't suffer from the same adversion. His primary weapon is a Longbow, and he's never missed. What aggravates Lord Blood is the fact that Lord Hector is also very skilled in melee combat, though he doesn't have the raw strength that Lord Blood has."

"But if he's got such bad aim, why does it look like he's almost hitting Naruto?", Kin asked, wincing as another trident almost took his arm off.

"He's locked-on to Naruto's Astral cord; and that's what he's throwing the tridents at. If a demon or an angel lock on to an opponent's astral cord, their attacks become guided, and their chances of hitting skyrocket. Still, it takes a very powerful demon to lock on to an astral cord in the midst of battle, let alone attack it."

"Attacking an astral cord? Why is this starting to sound like some badly written fantasy story?", Jiraiya asked, looking at the hellhound.

"If you can sever an opponent's astral cord, you separate their spirit from their body. In short, you kill them. However, they can still fight a little in spirit form, and can only be hurt by things that target the incorporeal, but their influence is very limited. If you can sever their cord and kill their "ghost", then that's it, they die and lose their chance to be judged; they get thrown into Limbo for eternity."

"That... does not sound like a pleasant fate.", Jiraiya remarked, starting to worry for his student. Kin had tightened her grip on Blodgarm's mane, and it hadn't gone unnoticed by the hound.

"Lord Blood isn't attacking his astral cord, he's just using it as a sort of guide. If one of them hits Naruto, it'll hit his physical body."

"That's not very reassuring!", Kin shouted, almost ready to cry.

"Kin, he survived being stepped on by the Ichibi, and being treated like a rag doll by the same bijou a few minutes before. I don't think a trident will kill him.", Jiraiya said, keeping his eyes on the two. It would take them a little longer to get to the town, given the serpentine patterns that Blood and Naruto were running, but with any luck the result would be worthwhile.

(Four hours later)

"That's good enough for now. We'll pick up where we left off when you leave for the next town.", Blood said, deciding that continuing the training into town would cause unnecessary problems. They were about a mile from the town, and with it resting well withing sight, he disappeared into the shadows.

"...Ow...", was all that Naruto could say as he fell unto his back, the weight enchantments gone from his swords and clothes. It didn't necessarily make anything feel light though.

"Naruto-kun!", Kin shouted, getting off of Blodgarm and running over to her boyfriend's side. Jiraiya watched as she checked him over for injuries, fussing over the few scratches he had. He felt a slight tug at his heart, and quickly turned away.

"Someone has relationship issues.", Blodgarm chuckled, walking over to the old man. "Did a past mate scar you, or have you never found one?"

"It's complicated, and probably too old to heal. Let's just say that when I see them, I curse my own stupidity, and my nature; if I hadn't been such a womanizer when I was younger, Tsunade might have stayed in Konaha.", Jiraiya said, looking into the forest.

"So you wished to have many mates when you were young, we all do. If you are worried that it is your nature to try and bed every woman you see, then try to focus all the charm required to do so on this Tsunade."

"You know, Hellhounds give shitty love advice.", Jiraiya said jokingly. Blodgarm shrugged.

"Time heals all wounds, but fire can stop them from bleeding. It's a proverb in Hell that can be taken two ways. One is for the torturers, so I won't go into it. The second way is taken as such: you can wait and watch it get worse, or you can suck it up and fix it then.", Blodgarm said, thinking of the things he had done in his past and how long he had waited to fix them. "Regardless, I have been here plenty long, and I doubt the locals will appreciate my... aesthetic qualities. Farewell."

And with that, Blodgarm disappeared in a poof of smoke, leaving Jiraiya alone. He let the hellhound's words sink in, though he had to remind himself that they did have a mission. He turned around to see Naruto standing up, using Uoinota as a sort of twisted had been sent back to where ever it had come from, and Kin stood to his left, making sure he didn't hurt himself.

"Let's just get to a hotel Kin-chan. Right now, I just want to lay down.", he said, completely wiped out from having evaded Blood for three hours while carrying the load he was.

"Okay, let's go then. Are you ready Jiraiya?", Kin asked, looking over to the sannin.

"As I'll ever be a suppose. I don't know if she'll be here, but she'll be close if not.", He said, half of him wanting to just get it over with and the other half wanting to go hide in a brothel.

"Come on then. A bed and a shower sound like heaven right now.", Naruto said and he limped towards the merchant town. Kin walked beside him and, after making sure Jiraiya was a few feet away, turned her head to Naruto with a coy smile.

"Why did that sound like an invitation to me?", she asked, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. He chuckled as Jiraiya caught up to the two, having completely missed what Kin said.

"Maybe, maybe not. Let's see if I can move after the shower.", he said, trying to be ambiguous as possible.

"Dare I ask?", Jiraiya asked, not taking his eyes off of the approaching gates.

"Kin just asked if I wanted to see the town. I would like a shower first, and I doubt I'll want to leave our room after that.", he said calmly, if a little strained; his muscles were starting to really ache.

"I trust that you're paying for your own room? I'm only paying for one room.", he said. In truth, he wasn't too worried about the two being in the same room, but he wasn't going to pay to have them in a separate room. Naruto had deep enough pockets to see that plan through.

"Yes, I'm paying for a room that I intend to share with Kin. I trust that you'll keep to your room.", he said, not entirely trusting the pervert. He knew that Icha Icha paradise was how he made most of his money, and he wouldn't put it past the pervert to peek on them to make a few scenes for a book.

"I might knock and see how you're progressing with the Rasengan after I give you the first step every once and a while, but I doubt you'll see me beyond that.", he said.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot about that. Didn't you say you needed something for the training?", Kin asked, hoping this wouldn't cut into... other things.

"We'll pick a hotel and get our rooms first, then I'll go out and get what I need. I'll drop them off and give you the basics, then I'm gone till dawn.", he said, trying to emphasis the amount of space he was giving them.

"Kami, even my tail is sore... did he make the scales weigh more too?", Naruto complained with a twitching eye.

Kin covered her mouth to suppress a giggle; it wasn't everyday you heard someone complain about a sore tail. Then a sort of devious smirk appeared on her face.

"Naruto-kun...", She said in a sickly sweet voice, drawing his attention. "Could you do me a favor? I just had an idea, and I need you to remind me if I forget when we get to the hotel."

"Ohhkay? What's the idea?", he asked, to sore to get the hint.

"Just remind me about the idea and I'll remember, okay?", she gave him a kiss and a sweet smile, knowing not to bring too much up in front of Jiraiya.

"You know, I have the distinct impression that you aren't going to be able to walk tomorrow.", Blood joked from the depths of Naruto's mind.

"It'll be half your fault."

"Not with what she's thinking..."

With that, Blood withdrew into the depths once more, leaving Naruto to question what idea Kin just had... and if it would test his flexibility.

As they walked into the town, they saw that some sort of festival was going on, and the festivities somehow distracted enough people that Naruto's tail and sword went unnoticed. As they wove through the crowd, they noticed that Naruto seemed to be growing increasingly agitated, twitching at the slightest touch.

"Naruto-kun... are you alright?", Kin asked, resting her hand on his shoulder.

"Something's here...", he said, half zoned out. "J-just get me to the hotel."

They picked up the pace after that, finding a decent hotel with vacancies much quicker then they expected. Jiraiya paid for his room and got the key before leaving to find what was needed for the Rasengan training.

"We want a room.", Naruto said, struggling to stand straight. The Lady behind the counter looked like she was questioning his sobriety, but looked down at the room list.

"All we have available are single bed rooms. Is that alright?"

"It's fine. It's just been a long day.", Kin said, putting her arm around Naruto. "We just want to relax."

The lady nodded and got the key, giving it to Kin while Naruto set the money on the counter.

"Are you alright? Really, you're starting to scare me Naruto-kun.", Kin said as she lead him to the room. Once they were in the door, Naruto let Uoinota disappear, and let himself fall onto the bed, a half gone expression on his face.

"A demon is nearby; one that escaped from hell. It's Naruto's instincts, driving him to find and kill the demon. It's a bit beyond his abilities though... I'll take care of it.", Came Blood's voice from the shadows, though he never manifested.

After a minute, Naruto seemed to snap out of the trance and sat up, looking tired.

"That... was unpleasant.", Naruto said, letting Kin embrace him.

"Are you alright now?", she asked, sitting in his lap. He looked into her eyes and cupped her cheek, a light smile on his face.

"Still sore as hell, but I'm fine otherwise.", he said, kissing her. When he pulled back, she sighed and got off of his lap. "What's wrong?"

"Go ahead and take your shower. If you can move after it, we're going to try out my idea.", she said, turning and smiling seductively at the end.

Naruto knew he wasn't going to be able to move, but part of him wondered if Kin would care. He got off of the bed, letting his clothes disappear in a shower of red sparks, and giving a Kin a good view of his body.

"...Kami...", she said, though the tone caught Naruto's attention. It wasn't the "Nice ass" tone she normally had when he was naked, but more like a "Oh my god, what happened?" tone.

"What is it?", he asked, turning to face her. Her eyebrows damn near shot to her hairline, making Naruto worry slightly. "What's wrong?"

"Go look in the mirror... I think I'm going to give Blood a thank you card.", she said, tone returning to "Nice ass".

With an eyebrow raised, he walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the full-body mirror, letting his jaw drop upon doing so.

His muscles had gotten noticeably more toned, and a little bigger as well. He flexed a few muscles, surprised at the sudden growth.

"If nothing else, I know how to train a Demon.", Blood said from the shadows."Archons and Demons develop muscles very quickly, which is why you can see the changes so soon. Your dragon side will prevent you from ever losing said muscles, and will speed the healing process; you should be able to move tomorrow. If you can, then the next demon is yours."

"Next demon?", Naruto half-groaned.

"How else do you expect to improve your rank? Archons gain status by how many evil beings they slay; demons increase in rank and power by killing other demons. It's killing two birds with one sword."

"Don't you mean, "Two birds with one stone?"", Naruto asked.

"Well if you want to try killing him with a stone, go for it. It had better be a big rock, I mean a big ass rock, just a huge fucking rock."

"Blood... are you high or something?", Naruto asked, finding the hybird's words slightly comedic.

"Battle high. It'll pass... wasn't even a real battle."

"What did you do?"

"Dropped a rock on him."

"... a big rock?"

"A big ass rock."

"Just a huge fucking rock?"


Kin was a little confused as to the seriousness of the conversation. She couldn't tell if Blood was kidding or not, but she at least knew that Naruto was joking... or was he?

Blood's presence disappeared and Naruto looked himself over once more in the mirror before moving to the shower and stepping inside.

Kin sighed and sat down on the bed, looking at the three scrolls that carried everything they had brought with them. One was Naruto's, one was her's, and one was mainly her kinky clothing, handcuffs, a can of whip cream, and a few other items.

"You know, Jiraiya is hiding something from you two.", Blood said, bone throne materializing with the king of hell in the middle of the room. "He thinks that he'll avoid your wrath if he doesn't tell you two, and lets the council do it. I, as a humble bystander, cannot allow such an injustice."

"Yeah... the gaudy bone throne just screams humble.", Kin said, used to the hybrid's random appearances at this point. "What is Jiraiya keeping from us though?"

"Now why would I tell you that when I can, just as easily, watch you beat it out of Jiraiya."

"What happened to not letting this "Injustice" slide?"

"The injustice was keeping it from you two entirely; if you want to know the specifics, ask, and or beat, Jiraiya."

With that, the King of Hell went away in a burst of fire, leaving nothing but a scorch mark and an irritated Kin.

(About ten minutes later.)

"That was needed.", Naruto said contently, walking out of the bathroom in a pair of shorts. He walked over to the bed and flopped down beside his girlfriend. "As it turns out, I can move. What did you want to do?"

"Nevermind that, we can try it another time. Jiraiya's hiding something from us.", Kin said, a pensive look on her face as she rested her head on Naruto's chest.

"So Blood told you too? Don't suppose he gave you any hints?", he asked, stroking her hair.

"Nope.", was the simple reply, though it was accompanied by Kin's arms encircling Naruto's torso.

As if on cue, a knock sounded at the door, and upon Naruto's positive reply, in stepped Jiraya. He was carrying a large bag with him, which he set on the table.

"I have what we need. Are you ready Naruto?", Jiraiya asked, reaching into the bag and pulling out a water balloon.

"Yeah... but I do have one question first.", he said, getting up into a sitting position. Kin let go and stood up, Naruto following her example as they both approached the sannin. "Blood told us you were trying to hide something from us... and I would appreciate it if you would come clean before I have to re-summon Uoinota.", Naruto said, tone falsely compassionate.

"I-I have no idea what he means... I would never hide important information like that from you!", Jiraiya defended, realizing his folly when he saw the flash in both of their eyes.

"Important Information... like what?", Naruto said, tail twitching. Kin was cracking her knuckles, seeming to suddenly exemplify "Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorn".

Jiraiya started backing up slowly, trying to negotiate with the two. They followed him every step of the way, ignoring his words.

He eventually tripping over one of Kin's shoes, leaving him on his ass with a serrated sword at his throat.

"Jiraiya-san... I can assure you that telling us will result in less pain then not telling us...", Kin said, eye twitching. She knew this was important if Jiraiya was so scared to mention it. "So tell us... before I go to the bath house and tell the women there that you peeked on them, and then tell them where you are."

Jiraiya gulped, not sure if he was more worried about Kin's threat or Naruto's sword. Apparently, these two had issues with secrets.

"A-alright, but just know that I had no say in this, and there is no way I can change the council's descion.", He said, hoping to save himself. He blinked as Naruto sent his sword away, looking down at his sensei with a raised brow.

"Now see, if you defended yourself with that to start with, we wouldn't have gotten to this point. So tell us, now that you know your ass is safe.", Naruto said, folding his arms.

"You... fall under the Clan Restoration Act... and you have two months to meet the requirements before the council steps in...", he said, wincing and shielding his face.

Silence. Utter silence. Kin didn't know what he was talking about, but a quick look at the shocked/empty look on Naruto's face meant that he did.

"Naruto-kun, what's the Clan Restoration Act?", she asked, leading him over to the bed so he could sit.

"... when a clan is close to being wiped out, especially if they have a favorably bloodline, the remaining males fall under the CRA, or Clan Restoration Act. In short... they have to take...multiple wives, with a minimum of two.", he said, not really liking the situation. He loved Kin, and he didn't want anyone else.

Kin took on a broken look, feeling like something had just shattered inside. She knew she wouldn't lose him, but the thought of sharing him like some twisted toy made her sick.

"And you basically have two months to find another girl that would be willing to bear your children. If you don't, the council will basically send a whore.", Jiraiya said. As much fun as threesomes were, they worked best if kept a one-night, only for the sex sort of thing. He personally didn't like the act, finding that it made women look like nothing more then breeding machines. Smut writer he might have been, Sexist he was not.

"B-but that's not fair!", Kin said, on the verge of tears. Naruto wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his chest.

"Kin-chan, I promise that whatever happens, I won't love you any less, and I won't abandon you.", he said, letting his wings appear and wrap around her as well. "We can leave Konaha if you want.", he offered, ignoring Jiraiya's shocked look.

"R-really?", Kin asked, drying her eyes. "B-but, after all you've said and done for Konaha... you'd leave, just like that... for me?"

"I would.", he said, gently kissing her. They let their lips separate and Kin rested her head in the crook of his neck, bathing in the love and affection.

"...We'll stay...and give this a chance.", she said after a moment, looking up at Naruto's amethyst eyes. "There has to be at least one girl that I could stand letting you impregnate in Konaha.", she said jokingly, drawing a smile from her lover.

"Actually, she doesn't have to be from Konaha; she just has to be "Willing and Able", so to speak. She could be a civilian from this town for all the council cares. The twisted bastards just want a bunch of mini-demons running around.", Jiraiya said, no small amount of disgust in his voice. "Still, I can't say I envy the situation. If your committed to one woman, I think everyone should leave it the hell alone, tradition and politics be damned."

"Wow, that's the most non-perverted thing I think I've ever heard you say.", Kin said, getting a laugh from Naruto and an indignant look form the Toad Sannin.

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.", he said, looking out the window at the fading light. "We'll do the Rasengan training tomorrow; I think you two have enough bullshit to sort through for one night."

He turned and left, wisely leaving the two alone.

As the door shut, Kin slid from Naruto's embrace and walked over to the door, locking it.

"Kin, what are you doing?", Naruto asked, eyes following the swing of her hips as walked back. She straddled his lap and began to lightly kiss his throat, slowly trailing them up until their lips met.

"Work your magic master,", she said, sliding into a submissive tone, "Make me forget everything, just for tonight. All I want to think about is you.", she moaned, pressing herself to him.

"Wish granted, Kin-chan.", he said, letting a soft smile slid unto his face as he cupped her cheek. "Tomorrow you'll remember... why you forgot tonight..."

He leaned down and pressed his lips to her's, letting the raw emotion and lust of the moment seep into the kiss. Her lips all but sprang out of the way as his tongue slid forward, slowly roaming her mouth as his hands undressed her.

The world blurred for the two, leaving them naked on the bed; Kin under Naruto, and lips still. He ended the kiss and smiled softly at his lover, who seemed to be enjoying the nice master thing as much as the punishing one. He moved down slightly, kissing her throat and slowly trailing down her body.

When he was finally faced with her dripping entrance, he looked up to her red face and smiled.

"Now, Kin-chan, let's make you forget; if only for tonight."

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