Hello my Freaky Darlings!

I have news that should make a great number of you... happy.

I cannot continue Maelstrom as it is. Without Phantom, I cannot continue to use Blood as he has been(or write fights like he did); it started as a joint effort, and I cannot end it alone. However, there's a loophole.

It started with me being unhappy with the terribad grammar and characters in the original(you have to admit, they had a lot of holes in them). I tried to simply edit the chapters, but it felt wrong just slapping stuff in. Then I tried a rewrite following the same story line. Didn't work.

Then, two days ago, it hit me. I'm not sure what it was, but it felt like a hammered rhino driving a tank of awesome.

To sum it up, I'm rewriting Bloody Maelstrom with the skill and style I've gained by writing other works of fanfiction. The Rewrite will be called Bloody Maelstrom: Redux(Not "Naruto, the Bloody Maelstrom: Redux).

Do you wanna know the best part? The prologue and first chapter are done and up. Have fun, my little Darlings.