Chapter 5: Standing to Defend her Part one: Memories of a Golden Childhood.

"...The current time in Chicago is 8:25 am and the air temperature is a comfortable sixty eight degrees. Thank you for flying Air Tokyo. In the future we hope you consider us in your travel plans to Japan." Rei yawned and stretched as she woke up to hear the very end of the captain's address to the passengers. She glanced out of the window and could tell by the view that they were only a few minuets from landing. "Guess I am making good time" She murmured to herself considering her flight left the airport at 3:15 pm yesterday. One part of her mind wanted to go quickly find Usagi and warn her, however another part strongly suggested that she go check into a hotel, shower then go find Usagi. Considering she has been wearing the same clothes for more than twenty four hours, the hotel won.

After the plane touched down and taxied to the gate, Rei got up to get her carry on bag from the overhead compartment. As she glanced to the front, she saw the all to familiar form of her brother. "Shit."

After she grabbed her bags from the overhead compartment, she quickly pushed her way off the plane much to the ire of the other passengers before her brother could see her. She needed to warn Usagi immediately.

She cursed once again as she was held up in customs but eventually she made it to the baggage claim to pick up her suitcase. Just as she turned to go out and get a cab, she bumped into Mamoru.

"Seems we had the same thing in mind, hmm sis?" Mamoru teased her with his sinister smirk. "Oh, I already know where she is, but I'll be a sport. Go ahead and warn her. It will make finding her all the more pleasurable." He grabbed his suitcase and headed out to the waiting town car he arranged for and left the airport heading to his hotel.

Rei quickly went outside and quickly jumped in the nearest cab. After giving the driver the address she was on her way.

Usagi laid on her back in her bed looking up at the ceiling, her mind still reeling from her impromptu date with Seiya earlier that morning. She smiled softly as she could still feel his lips on hers as if he had Just kissed her. She glanced at her alarm clock and saw that it was only eight fifteen in the morning. She sat up in bed and picked up her sketchbook he returned to her as well turning to the page where he wrote the lyrics of the song he sung for her smiling.


"What do you mean we?" Usagi raised an eyebrow as she saw Seiya's grin. "Won't your family have objections to you helping some strange girl take care of out of wedlock twins."

Seiya smiled as he continued to hold her hand. "I'm sure my sisters wouldn't mind. Hell, I know my big sis will love them to death and spoil them rotten. And my baby sister..." he chuckled. "She'll have a ball making clothes for them and dressing them. My brother on the other hand..."

"Your sisters sound wonderful," Usagi laughed softly as she looked into his eyes. "But your brother, he's that much of a hard ass?"

"You don't know the half of it." Seiya sighed softly. "So tell me about your family Odango." he watched her smiling. "I mean, they must be worried with you half way around the world and pregnant."

"Well, my mom and dad are great. They love me to death." Once again Usagi's smile faded as she watched the waitress set their plates on the table. She picked up the ketchup squeezing a little on her fries. "In fact they're the ones who suggested I come stay with my cousin for my own safety. But they don't know they're going to be grandparents yet. I never told them what Mamoru did to me the night I decided to leave."

"When were you going to plan to tell them?"

She ate a couple of her french fries and sighed softly. "I...soon" she sighed softly. "I'm afraid to tell them really. Not about the babies, but about the incident."


Usagi took another bite of her fries. "If I tell them and they file charges against him, his family will lash out ruin mine. Hell it was hard telling my best friend about what happened because she and I both know that he will try to take the babies from me since I am the one who ran."

"Usagi, I swear he won't lay a hand on you or those babies."

The two sat and talked as they ate their late night dinner learning a little more about each other. Much to Usagi's surprise, they had met before when they were younger she discovered when the subject drifted to their childhood.

"Before my parent's passed we spent every summer back with my dad's family in Japan. In fact you remind me of this little girl who I would play with in the park." Seiya smiled as he saw her relaxing in his presence.

"Bright golden blonde hair, two short little pigtails with odango's like mine?" Usagi smiled as she too remembered one very beautiful summer. "Juban district playground?"

Seiya nodded. "I remember her because she was a big crybaby," he laughed teasing Usagi.

"I was not!" She puffed her cheeks, her sadness quickly gone.

"So it was you!" Seiya laughed as he too remembered the first time they ever met. "Did you ever think that we would end up meeting like this again?"

Once again Usagi's expression softened as she this time reached for his hand holding it. "Honestly?" She looked into his eyes. "After we lost touch I thought that maybe you had forgotten about me."

"I could never forget such a warm-hearted girl like you Usa-chan." Seiya returned her warm smile. "Oh before I forget again," he reached into his guitar case and pulled out her sketchbook handing it to her. "You're a very talented artist. You are going to be famous one day."

Usagi looked at him surprised as he held out her sketchbook. "Thank you Seiya!" She stood and hugged him over the table. "Where did you find it?"

"You dropped it when you were in a hurry to run away from me. I tried to catch up to you when I saw it but you were already off the bus and it was pulling away from the stop."

She felt truly embarrassed and a little ashamed. "I'm sorry Seiya," she smiled as she hugged the book to her chest.

"It's okay. I'll forgive you if you give me a chance to show you real love and true devotion."

"I'll give him a chance," she said to herself as she got out of bed and headed to her bathroom.

After a refreshing shower, she glanced at herself in the full length mirror hanging from her closet door. Because of her slender frame and the fact that she's carrying twins, she already was showing appearing to be nearly five months along when in fact she is close to hitting the three month mark. "I'm scared, you two know that, right?" She said as she caressed the growing bump.

Considering it was mid November. The days had been considerably warm despite it was autumn though Seiya said he was taking her downtown, she knew that it could be cooler there so while she donned a new pink sweater and black calf length skirt. After she did her hair in it's usual style she headed to the kitchen where she saw Makoto cooking breakfast. "Morning Mako-chan," Usagi smiled as she grabbed a glass of milk to take her vitamin.

Makoto smiled as she finished making breakfast. "Morning Usagi-chan. Did you have fun on your date?"

"Still teasing her Mako-chan?" Motoki said as he wrapped his arms around Makoto's waist and kissed the side of her neck.

Usagi blushed as she took a bite of her breakfast grateful she was over her morning sickness. "It wasn't really a date Mako-chan. We just caught a late dinner."

"He asked you to dinner, Right?" Makoto asked and watched Usagi nod. "He paid, right?" Again Usagi nodded. "He walked you home, Right?" Again Usagi nodded. "Well..."

"It was a date!" Motoki and Makoto said at the same time.

"By the way Usagi-chan, why are you up and dressed nicely on your day off? Another date with Seiya?" Motoki asked noticing Usagi's appearance.

Usagi blushed a little more. "Sort of. Seiya is supposed to be meeting with some music producer and asked me to come along with him." Before Usagi could say anything else, the doorbell rang. "In fact I think that's him now." She quickly got up from the table and ran to the front door.

"Hey there Odango, sleep well?" Seiya smiled as he took her hand and kissed it.

Usagi blushed and smiled softly and kissed him on the cheek. "Yes, I actually did for the first time in a couple of weeks."

"Oh? Well tell me about it on the way, we have to be there at 11."

"We?" Usagi questioned with a raised eyebrow while grabbing her purse and cellphone.

"Yes, we. I can't go to an audition without my muse." Seiya kissed her cheek and took her hand. "Ready?"

Usagi nodded and left the house with Seiya after letting Makoto and Motoki know she was leaving.

Upon arriving at Motoki's house, Rei paid the driver tipping him an extra fifty and got out grabbing her suitcase. She didn't wait for a thanks from the driver as she ran up to the front door and frantically rang the doorbell.

Motoki who was enjoying his morning off groaned annoyed as he got off the couch. He knew it wasn't Makoto because if she forgot something she would just call and ask him to bring it when he came to open the cafe for business. His annoyed expression however quickly disappeared when he saw Rei on the other side of the door. "Well this is a surprise Rei-chan," he took her suitcase as an unspoken invitation for her to come in. "What do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Rei shook her head as she took a seat on the sofa with a heavy sigh. "I wish my visit was just a pleasure trip. Mamoru is here in Chicago. I don't know what he is planning to do but I came to protect Usagi from him."

Motoki looked at Rei as if she had just predicted the end of the world. "Wait. Chiba Mamoru is HERE in CHICAGO?!"

Rei nodded once again as she nervously wrung her hands through the already wrinkled material of her skirt. "He said he is going to make her go back with him weather she liked it or not. My brother is a really sick bastard, I just never really realized it...or rather I blocked it out denying it. I just feel really horrible for letting him get together with the only girl who really was like a sister to me and then sit by doing nothing as he tried to break her kind spirit."

" that why you abruptly dropped everything you were doing at home and flew out here?" Motoki asked as he pushed a box of Kleenex to the raven haired girl.

"Usagi is an angel, the sweetest person anyone will ever get the opportunity to meet. I refuse to let that bastard take anymore of that away from her. Tell me Motoki, when she first arrived, was that happy sparkle gone from her eyes?"

Motoki said nothing but just nodded. "Listen, Usagi is out on a date with this guy who pretty much was persistent and well she looked like she was in a very good mood. I don't want to ruin that for her today so, why don't you go freshen up and we'll go inform my fiancee about what's going on. Makoto would rather have her teeth pulled out before letting anyone hurt Usagi again."

Rei looked at Motoki surprised. "Did you say Usagi was on a date?"

Motoki nodded. "Yeah. Apparently he doesn't care that Usagi is pregnant with another man's children. He wants to honestly be with her." A wry grin crept on his lips as he saw the expression on Rei's face. "And yes, I said children. Usagi found out yesterday during her exam she is having twins."

Rei continued to sit in shock staring at Motoki as if he had grown a second head.

A laugh escaped Motoki's lips but he quickly sobered his expression. "Listen, do you have a place to stay while you're here in Chicago? If not we have plenty of extra guest rooms and you are More than welcome Rei."

"If you don't think your fiancee will mind, thanks. It will save me a day trying to check into a hotel and I can be here to protect Usagi as well."

Normally Seiya hated trying to find places in The Loop seeing as he would most often end up lost and on the wrong side at the wrong address but today he found the professional building with ease and on the first try. "Wow, I think you are not only a muse, but my lucky charm" Seiya smiled as he gently squeezed Usagi's hand smiling at her.

"Well why do you say that?" Usagi looked up at him curiously.

"Honestly, while I may have lived here for a majority of my life, I always get lost when I have to come downtown for anything." he admitted as they entered the building looking at the directory.

"Mau Productions, suite 3507." Usagi read as she looked at the board. "I know you are the one auditioning, but I am just really nervous and excited for you."

Seiya smiled and kissed Usagi on the cheek. "No need to be nervous because I'm not."

"Oh and why is that?" she asked as they walked to the bank of elevators to head up to the 35th floor.

"Simply because you're with me."

A blush touched Usagi's cheek as he felt his fingers intertwine with hers and they reached the elevators. "I know it is really too early to be saying this, but I love you Usagi-chan." He smiled at her and leaned in planting a kiss on her soft lips.

In a mild state of shock Usagi did not notice the elevator arriving until Seiya gently pulled her in with him.

"Hey Mako-chan, We have a new visitor with us." Motoki called out as he entered the still closed cafe.

Covered in flour but grinning from ear to ear, Makoto came out of the kitchen to the front where Motoki was waiting. "Oh we do and who might it be?"

Rei stepped from behind Motoki and smiled as she politely bowed. "Konnichi-wa, my name is Hino Rei." she introduced herself politely in Japanese.

Makoto smiled and returned Rei's polite greeting. "I'm Kino Makoto., but you can call me Makoto" she replied in English. "You must be Usagi's friend she kept talking about."

"Yes, though right now I don't feel like much of a friend seeing as I have put Usagi in danger."

"What are you talking about?" Makoto raised an eyebrow as she looked at Rei then the grim expression on her fiancee's face. "Motoki, what's going on?"

"Chiba Mamoru is in Chicago." Motoki said as he looked directly at his fiancee seeing expression on Makoto's face shift from shock, to fear, finally settling on seething rage.

Without a word, she spun on her heel and marched back into the kitchen. Having seen that enraged look before and not wanting to see his fiancee behind bars, Motoki quickly ran after Makoto with Rei hot on his heels. He entered the kitchen just in time to see Makoto grab a large carving knife. "Where in the hell is he staying. I am going to end him!"

"NO! The other two practicality screamed. Motoki grabbed Makoto's arm while Rei managed to safely get the knife from her hand.

"Is there someplace safe and private we can go talk?" Rei asked looking at the fiery eyed brunette.

Makoto afraid to open her mouth to speak nodded and headed out of the kitchen to the office.

"If Usagi is out on a date with someone else and Mamoru finds out there are two things I know will happen." Rei began after everyone had calmed down and they were in the office talking. "One: He'll become very irate considering that my very possessive." She softly growled out he word brother loathing the fact that she and Mamoru were related by blood.

"What's the second thing?" Makoto asked as she sipped a cup of water Motoki put in her hand.

"He will confront them. While he will act polite, deep down he is a seething ball of rage. When the opportunity is right, he will strike and it won't be pretty."

An uneasy silence fell upon the room at the realization of how much danger Usagi was in. Makoto picked up the phone and dialed Usagi's cell phone. "Fuck no answer."

"Perhaps she turned it off where ever she is?" Motoki sighed concerned.

So far everything was going well for Seiya. Artemis had his contracted background musicians going over the sheet music Seiya brought with while he interviewed Seiya as well as had him play a couple of songs acoustically.

Luna Mau, Artemis' wife and partner sat amazed and entrapped within the beautiful melody he played and sang. "We can't let him get away from us Artie" Luna beamed proudly.

Artiemis nodded in agreement with his wife then the couple glanced at their third partner awaiting her answer as she calmly sipped her tea. "Michiru? What do you think?"

Everyone in the room turned and stared at the aqua haired woman as she continued to sip her tea. Usagi held Seiya's hand tightly as she held her breath awaiting an answer.

"My answer...I will give after I hear his performance with the musicians. For now I am calling a lunch break"

Usagi gave Seiya's hand a little squeeze as she felt him start to get a little upset at what Michiru said. "Why don't we go grab a quick lunch," Her stomach growled loudly in agreement causing those in hearing range, everyone in the room, to laugh softly and Usagi to blush lightly.

Luna laughed softly as she looked at Usagi. "You must be really excited Seiya," she said referring to the baby more than the pending recording contract. "I know Artie was a nervous wreck before our daughter's birth two years ago."

Usagi was about to speak up but Seiya smiled hugging Usagi close to him. "Oh I am...we both are honestly since we found out she's having twins."

"Well then you'd better hope your first few singles are big hits...If you get the contract that is." Michiru said as she got off the phone ordering lunch for them all.

Luna frowned as she looked at Michiru who hid her sardonic smirk behind her cup. Normally Michiru was not catty like this during auditions, but she needed to test how potential recording artists would behave under pressure. Honestly she felt bad for the cold things she was saying trying to get Seiya and Usagi riled up but she felt if they could go the day without loosing their tempers at her.

Luna and Artemis pulled Michiru out of the room leaving Seiya and Usagi alone in the room as they waited for lunch to be delivered.

Usagi sighed softly and picked up Seiya's guitar handing it to him. "Can you play something for me Seiya?" she asked softly knowing that playing was one of the things that calmed him down greatly even back when they were kids.

He gave her a soft smile as he started to play. Seiya relaxed and smiled as he watched Usagi relax listening to him rubbing her growing abdomen then began to hum softly the song Seiya was playing.

After a refreshing shower and a delicious meal, Mamoru felt refreshed and ready to head out to look for his errant fiancee. He unfortunately was on his own from this point on in his hunt due to the fact that Mr. Blaque refused to have his surveillance team assist him any further. He however knew he would have to move quick because he was sure his sister had already informed Usagi of his presence in the city.

Mamoru however was in for a surprise as he wandered the busy streets of the central downtown area enjoying the still chilly November evening. As he walked past a towering glass building, he glanced through the window and saw a familiar blonde and cast her a dark smile.

"Seems I found you, Usa-ko" He said as he headed inside the lobby of the building.

"I can't believe it Seiya, You have a recording contract. You're on your way to being a big Star!" Usagi cheered excited as they stepped off the elevator.

"I couldn't have done it without you Odango," Seiya smiled brightly as he wrapped his arms around her and drew her into a hug sweeping her off her feet. "From here on it's you and me...and these sprites of course."

The smile on Usagi's face faded a little. "Is this what you really want?"

Seiya frowned slightly as he held Usagi's hands. "We're not going though this again Usagi-chan. I'm not going to let anyone or anything come between us. And now that I am on my way to becoming a big time star I can provide for you and our family here." He caressed her stomach in a loving manner.

"Oh speaking of family I need to check and see if Motoki called. " she fished out her cellphone and turned it back on. She blinked surprised seeing she had fifteen voice-mail and text messages

Seiya watched as her expression changed to one of worry when she read the text messages and they all said the same. As she looked up a sharp gasp escaped her lips as she saw through the lobby glass, her ex fiancee casting them a dangerous glare. The small electronic device slipped from her fingers snapping shut as she found herself paralyzed with fear.

"Usagi-chan. What's wrong?" Seiya asked concerned as he picked up the cellphone examining it for damage. He saw her face lost all color as held the shocked and frightened expression.

"Hello Usa-ko. Did you miss me?"

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