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The sun rose and the sun sank without fail. The moon sailed the skies as always. Winter crept away, and spring sallied forth. Yet, the advent of spring brought not the cheerful chirping of birds, and the trees did not deign to awaken. The chilly fingers of winter still stretched far over the lands and enveloped all life in deadly frost. And in the dark recesses of the young world, the Earl of Millennium waited and bided his time even as his sickle wrought their first disasters.

It was truly the dawn of a spring without voices.

The Millennium Earl was not death's ally. Contrary to popular belief, both death and god were his foes. He thwarted god with a vengeance, desiring to reign supreme. He would never achieve his aim, but of course he could not know that. All he knew was that god had not protected his pious family, and burning with grief he had shed his devout mantle for a sorcerer's robes. Learned in evil lore was he, and steeped in the desire for destruction. Death too he threatened, stealing victims away from the lovely young nymph who flitted through the fields of night to lead souls to the heavenly glades. In later years the earl would portray death as his servant, though the rebirths he created were nothing as holy as true sleep.

In the youth of the world, the silent spring haunted the living.

So god sent down the innocence, destroying the Earl and his Noahs for a time. The flood came and washed away the black hearts, piercing them with needles of virtue.

Summer came and summer went.

Autumn descended and ascended.

Winter swept over again, and now she prepared to depart.

Spring rolled round again, only to open the book of silence. The ancient dread of the silent spring was renewed in that time, and the Black Order re-established. The exorcists assembled and armed with their innocence attempted to weed out the pests that brought about the silence – akuma.

The spring was silent, and the birds chirped no more till time was destroyed.

A/N: Was reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (it's a lovely book! love the language though i can't stand the content) and got inspired. Not very good, i know, and much too short for my liking, but still. This'll be a series of unconnected oneshots; decided to do this instead of just posting random oneshots.

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