A/N: Hello! Hahaha i've decided to do up this content page of sorts, because when i read a collection of fics i usually stop reading after the first one, because i have limited time and cannot decide which ones to read. So to help you make a decision, i've summarized the chapters, and put up the pairings, so you can read whichever ones you prefer :D

2. Silent Spring

No pairings. This oneshot muses about the relationship the Earl has with death and god, and how silence has always been associated with the Earl and his akuma.

3. Poisonous Forest

Tyki-centric, no pairings. It deals with how Tyki sees himself, and how he sometimes cannot differentiate and reunite his two selves.

4. A Requiem

Allen/Lenalee. They visit Matel after the war is over, and appreciate the love between Guzol and Lala.

5. Solace

Allen/Lenalee. Lenalee has one of those nightmares again, and Allen comforts her even while both know that the Earl will strike soon, and strike with deadly aim.

6. Reminiscence

Lavi/Chomesuke. Lavi visits Edo on Chomesuke's death anniversary.

7. Tired of War

Kanda-centric. No pairings. Kanda muses on war.

8. Road's Musings

One-sided Road/Allen, implied Allen/Lenalee. Road has nightmares about how Allen will never fall for her. Fantastical and a little dark, maybe.

9. Fun and Anxiety

Krory/Miranda and Allen/Lenalee. It's a normal day at the Headquarters, with the children of the exorcists (namely Krory and Miranda's child) worrying their parents.

10. Broken

Allen/Lenalee. One-sided Lavi/Lenalee. Allen died defeating the Earl, and Lenalee and Lavi make a pilgrimage to his tomb many years later.

11. The Earl

Earl-centric. The Earl was once a devotee, until god waged war on him.

12. For He Can Remember

Lavi-centric. Bookman reads an old manuscript that brings to life events of the past.

13. A Princess's Love

Sandra/Vittorio. A princess has to marry within her station, but true love will prevail in due course.

14. Hair and Eyes

Kanda, Lavi and Allen are vastly different in terms of both their hair colours, eye colours and personalities. However, their friendship is so strong that it enables Allen to defeat the Earl. No pairings.

15. That Pleasant White-haired Boy

Loufa dreamt of princes who would win her heart as a young girl. And then she met Allen, who stole her heart without knowing it. But Loufa cannot make Allen notice her, for his heart is already with Lenalee. Onesided Loufa/Allen, implied Allen/Lenalee.

16. Suspension

A third war against the Earl has to be fought because Allen failed to vanquish him all those years ago. The new Supervisor sees a lady suspended in a ice-like medium. Implied Allen/Lenalee, set in the far future.

17. Of Vanity

Women are vain by nature. Lenalee and Miranda's perspectives of beauty is explored here. No pairings!

18. Circular

Reever and Komui are good friends. Their friendship has a circular theme to it - giving and taking. No pairings (not yaoi!)

19. Defeat

Allen is defeated by the Earl, and he subsequently disappears. The Black Order still fights on, but they know that without Allen (and his reappearance), they wil never win. From his current location, Allen takes a walk to visit his companions, and he ends up feeling guilty for failing the world. Minor Allen/Lenalee.

20. Bookman

Bookman wrote a letter to Lavi. No pairings.

21. Of You And Me

Lavi loves Lenalee, but he left when he found out that she loves Allen, and not him. He spills his feelings to his diary and tries to write a poem. Implied Allen/Lenalee. Onesided Lavi/lenalee.

22. Title

How Eshii came to make 'title' his catchphrase. No pairings.

23. The Language of Flowers

Flowers are often symbols of human emotions. Allen killed Lenalee when the Fourteenth awoke in him, and he has never been able to present her with a bouquet of flowers. One day, he decides to bring flowers to her grave. Allen/Lenalee.

24. A Monster Twice Over

Eliade has never been anything but a monster. Slight Eliade/Krory.

25. A Stalk of Grain

Hevlaska awaits the end of longing.