Lolz! Tails Is A Girl!

I am not making fun of people who actually like that stuff, I'm just making fun of the idea. I'm sincerely sorry, but the idea is dumb.

Summary: One of his inventions gone terribly wrong, turning Tails into a girl in the process. Sonic suddenly goes lovey dovey over her...him...her? So confusing...

Pairing: Sonic/Tails (Liek, duh!)


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...well, not really. More like in Tails' workshop. The male fox, well...for now, was building a machine that could recycle butter (Zomg! A Crash Bandicoot reference! Lolz!).

Once Tails finished building the machine, he went to go activate it. Tails pulled the switch, and suddenly...a green laser zapped Tails. Tails shrieked out in agonizing pain. Just as the laser zapped Tails, it suddenly stopped. The two-tailed groaned out in pain, and collapsed to his knees, clutching his head. Suddenly, Sonic sped down to Tails' workshop with a look of concern on his face.

"Yo, everything okay? I just heard a scream and-" Sonic scanned his body...or should I say her body, from head to toe.

When the machine zapped Tails with a laser, Tails appeared to have long hair that reached down to the middle of her back, and also appeared to have big "melons" on her chest. Sonic felt his heart thump faster in his chest. He like, suddenly fell in love with Tails!

"Tails, I like this new look on ya," Sonic wolf whistled, causing her to blush.

Tails stood up, wobbly. She felt different. Well, duh...she...he...she just changed genders. She looked at her breasts and blushed. Her fingers ran trough her long hair. Tails shrieked girly...well, Tails always sounded like a girl before, but now he has an even higher pitch in her voice, if that's even possible.

Sonic smirked seductively and sped by Tails' side. He wrapped his arm around her. Tails smiled uncomfortably and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Ugh...Sonic?" Sonic shushed her with his finger.

"Tails...I know this is too soon, but I think I've fallen for you. You're the most beautiful creature, and your tits are...perfect. I mean, I think their bigger than Rouge's tits...and that's saying something. Your tits are round, soft...not to much spaced apart...or not saggy like orangutan's tits and old lady's tits are and-"

"Sonic, enough!" Tails interrupted, pushing Sonic away from her body.

"I'll never stop loving you, Tails! Never!" Sonic exclaimed, hugging Tails tightly.

"No, I meant stop talking about my boobs," Tails glared at Sonic. The young fox sighed.

"My didn't work. It was supposed to recycle butter, but it turned me into a girl instead."

"Eh...who cares...I like you this way Tails." Sonic nuzzled into Tails' chest.

"Tails...I've always loved you. Ever since we first met, I loved you. But now...since you're a girl, you got tits, and that makes me love ya even more!" Sonic confessed, holding onto Tails' delicate hands lovingly.

Tails beamed at Sonic, tears falling from her eyes.

"I love you too, Sonic! I was so afraid you wouldn't love me since I'm a girl. I'm so happy now!" Tails embraced Sonic, tears were still falling from her eyes.

Tails and Sonic stood there, hugging each other. Tails sighed, closed her eyes, and nuzzled into Sonic's chest. Sonic looked down at her, stroking her hair, smirking.

'Ha...I'm gonna lose my virginity tonight. Sweet!' Sonic thought to himself, still looking down at Tails.

The end? 0.o


Ahahahaha...this was fun to write. It was short, stupid, and pointless. Yay!