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Kotaro picked up the pen and hesitated. He wanted to write it but when he finally sat down to write, he had no idea what to write. Sighing, he managed to start writing:

Dear Misha-san,

It's Kotaro here. How are you in heaven? Have you been doing your missions properly?

I'm fine. I've already started middle school and even though I'm not in the same middle school as Ten-chan and Koboshi-chan, we still walk to school together.

No one has forgotten about you. Your odd actions, your weird way of pleasing people, your smile. No one has forgotten about anything.

I hope that you're doing well in heaven and that you're no longer causing trouble for anyone.

I guess I'll update about everyone. Ten-chan went to the same school as Koboshi-chan. He seems to be coping well with his family problems but we'll all be there for him when he needs help. Please, if possible, bless him for us.

Koboshi-chan has really matured since the first time you met her. She has abandoned her cat ears and is beginning to look like a young lady. She is still the same cheerful person though. Please bless her too.

Dai-chan entered the same school as me. He hasn't really changed much or anything and he is the only one who doesn't seem to remember you. Regardless, he is a good person so please bless him too.

Shino-chan is also well. Uncle has been recuperating well and she has been really cheerful these days. I have no idea whether she's still able to see angels or not though. I can't tell whether she remembers you either since she never mentions anything about you. However, please also bless her.

As for me, like I've mentioned before, I'm fine. School has been perfectly fine and everyday is normal to me. Sometimes, when I look up at the clear blue sky, I'll even think about how you are.

We are all doing fine here and everyone hopes that you're fine also. Our thoughts will remain by your side, no matter where you are. So please, as a last request, stay happy.



He stretched his arms. Was the letter too weird? He didn't know. The next day, a Sunday, he arrived at the beach by himself and stood at the cliff. He had folded the letter into a paper plane with the words 'To: Misha-san' on it.

Using all his strength, he thrust the plane into the air. A sudden gust of wind picked it up and by the time he opened his eyes again, the plane was nowhere to be seen.

Feeling satisfied, he headed home.

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"Misha-san!" A young angel with long pink hair turned around at the mention of her name. "You have a letter."

"Well, I wonder who it is from su." She picked up her 'letter', a paper planeā€¦


I somewhat liked the anime better since they were still together in the end... (she was still an apprentice angel at the end of the anime)