Cooties and Kisses

- Chapter 2 -

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. As per normal, Lily Van Der Woodsen would drop off Serena and Eric at the Waldorf penthouse before going about doing her own things. And as tradition goes, the three of them would watch Blair's favourite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, while savouring Dorota's home-made waffles.

However, things soon became interesting as the girls got inspired to raid Eleanor's wardrobe to dress up like the timeless Audrey Hepburn. And oh boy, there was no way Little Eric was spared from this.

"But sis, I look so silly!!" Eric whined as he inspected the blue dress Serena made him wear.

"No, you look soooo cute Eric!" Serena shrieked as she placed another layer of necklace on Eric's neck.

"Now all you need is a bit of make-up and you'll look like a pretty girl!" she exclaimed.

"Serena, I'm a boy. I don't need make-up," he said as a matter of factly as he took the necklaces off his neck.

"Oh don't be silly Eric. You'll look pretty with some lipstick," Serena said as she placed a large sunhat on his head.

"Sis, stop it! I'm not a girl!" Eric chided as his eyes covered by the big floppy hat.

"Serena, Serena!" Blair screamed, stealing the blonde's attention away from Eric.

The little blonde girl turned around, trying her best to make her way towards her best friend. As gorgeous as these Manolo Blahnik heels look, it was extremely hard to walk or even run about in them. To make things worse, they were too big for her.

"Blair!" Serena whined. "Wait for me! Your mom's pretty heels are killing my feet!"

"Serena, hurry up. Look at what I found!" Blair exclaimed as she popped her head out of her mother's closet, waving a pair of sunglasses in her hand.

"Oh B, those sunglasses are so beautiful!" Serena replied.

The two girls were too busy tearing apart Eleanor's closet to realize the mess they created. Practically the whole of Eleanor's room had clothes, shoes and accessories covering every inch of the floor, making it seem as though there was a tornado in the room. In fact, the three children were so engrossed in their own worlds to notice a very shocked Eleanor and a laughing Harold standing by the door.

"Laugh all you want Harold but if anything is missing, torn or damaged, you're replacing it," Eleanor said in a huff as she continued witnessing a tradegy taking place before her. A stifled laugh from Harold was the only reply.

"Dorota! Dorota!" Eleanor yelled.

"Yes?" Dorota wheezed as she rushed up the stairs.

"Make sure everything is back in place before Bass family arrives. After that, prepare the drinks. They'll be here in an hour," Eleanor simply said as she headed back down to kitchen to inspect the food that has been catered.

Dorota's eyes widen as her eyes grazed upon the mess in Mrs Waldorf's room. This was definitely going to take her at least two or three hours to clean up. Dorota simply just sighed, shaking her head.

"Daddy! Daddy! How do I look?" Blair said as she tried her best to walk around in her mother's Zac Posen dress which was dragging on the floor.

"You look stunning Blair Bear. But don't you think those sunglasses are a little too big for you?" Harold replied, lifting the huge pair of sunnies of her head.

"But Audrey keeps wearing them and they look so pretty on her!" Blair exclaimed. "What do you think Dorota? Do I look like a princess?"

"Yes Miss Blair, you look very pretty. But your mama room not so pretty" Dorota sighed loudly as she saw Eric kicking about the clothes on the floor, sulking.

"Mr Waldorf! Mr Waldorf! What about me?" Serena asked, trying her best to balance on those heels as she made her way to Blair and her father.

"You look lovely as well. Now girls, go grab Eric and help Dorota clean up this room. We have guests coming over" Harold replied as he twirled the girls around.

"But Daddy, we haven't even put on the make-up!" Blair pouted.

"Yeah Mr Waldorf! I even promised Eric that he'll get a make-over today!" Serena whined.

"No Serena, you did not!" Eric screamed from across the room as he tried to remove the dress he was wearing.

Harold sighed, bending down to his knees and brought the two girls closer to his side.

"I'm sorry my angels, maybe next time. We have important people coming over later."

"Thank you!" Eric yelled as he ran across the room, engulfing Harold in a tight hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" he muttered, causing the Harold and the girls to laugh.


"Now Charles, I expect you to be on your best behaviour," Bart stated. "Harold Waldorf and Eleanor Waldorf are both very important clients to me, do you understand?"

"Yes father," Chuck scowled.

Chuck and his father were on their way to the Waldorf's residence for dinner. Bart had to go over a few business deals with Blair's father and decided to bring Little Chuck Bass along as he promised Chuck that he'll get to see Blair again if he behaved himself.

So far, there were no pranks caused by Chuck. There was only a tiny fire mishap that occurred earlier that morning. Little did Bart know that it was Chuck who set the kitchen stove on fire. Nancy had told Chuck not to mess with those knobs on the kicthen stove. But seriously, did she actually expect Chuck to listen to her?

"Father, why didn't you get rid of Nancy? She started a fire," asked Chuck who was trying his best to feign innocence.

"She made a mistake Chuck. People make mistakes and when they do, they deserve to get a second chance," Bart replied, his eyes still focusing on the documents he had in his hand.

"But she could have killed us all!" Chuck sneered.

"Chuck..." Bart sighed as he looked at his son. "You want me to fire her, don't you?"

Chuck merely smirked at his father, nodding his head, causing Bart to sigh even louder.

"Get Nancy fired? Check. Now, getting Blair Waldorf," Chuck said to himself.

His stomach turned at the thought of being with Blair again. He couldn't wait to see her. In fact, this time round, he even brought her flowers to make sure that he would impress Blair. Chuck leaned back into the leather seat, clutching the daisies he picked out for her. He smiled as he let his thoughts of kissing Blair run wild.


After what seemed like centuries, Dorota was finally done with cleaning up Eleanor's room without much help from the three little kids of course. They only helped to sort out the mess into three different piles - clothes, shoes and accessories - before running downstairs to grab a drink.

The three little musketeers, as Harold called them, were enjoying some delicious strawberry smoothies made by the man himself.

"Wow King Harold! This is sooo good!" Serena cried as she sipped the last drop of the smoothie.

"Two thumbs up," Eric said as he wiggled his two tiny thumbs in Harold's direction.

"No kids, you're being too kind" Harold chuckled.

"No daddy, they're right. Listen to me daddy, you make the best smoothies ever. Now, don't doubt yourself for that," Blair said as she cupped her father's face in her tiny hands, trying her best to reassure him.

"Aww, thanks my Blair Bear" Harold cooed as he kissed the tip of Blair's tiny nose as she proceeded to climb onto the kitchen counter.

"Now my fellow musketeers! I conclude that my daddy here, the King of the Waldorf court, makes the best strawberry smoothies ever. Three cheers for the King Harold!" Blair cheered as stood on the kitchen counter and raised her tiny glass into the air for a toast.

"I don't know what you just said B, but I agree with you anyway. Three cheers for the King!" Serena exclaimed as both she and Little Eric raised their glasses.

"Now my young musketeers, the queen of this court surely doesn't want you to be breaking her precious glasses," Harold said as he grabbed those glasses quickly from their tiny hands before they slipped off onto the floor. "I think you three had a little too much to drink."

"That's what Gramma CeCe always says to Mommy at night!" Little Eric blurted out before bursting out into laughter.

"Uh-oh, Mommy's been naughty." Serena giggled before bursting out into a laughter as well. Apparently, the laughter was so contagious that Blair was soon seen lying down on the kitchen counter and breaking out in giggles.

"Dorota, could you please help me clear up the kitchen?" Harold asked the maid who just dropped by into the kitchen, causing her to sigh loudly.

"And what in the world did you feed them this morning? These kids are bouncing off the tables, literally." Harold added as he carried a giggling Blair off the tables to prevent her from rolling off the kitchen counter.

"Well... Miss Blair wanted some waffles so I made them some waffles" Dorota replied nervously.

"With some maple syrup?" Harold asked.

"No, Miss Serena wanted chocolate syrup so I put chocolate syrup with waffles" Dorota answered as she looked at the floor which suddenly seemed so interesting. She knew that feeding children, especially those three children, anything with high-sugar content would have them running about the place in a matter of minutes.

"That explains it all then. Alright, no more sugar for you three laughing hyenas." Harold chuckled.

At that very moment, the elevator bell dinged.

"Who's that, Daddy?" Blair asked breathlessly as she looked at her father.


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