Hey there, my fellow readers and writers. :) Well, here's a new story I've been working on ever since I listened to the song Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. And the line "Constant vigilance" is from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, spoken by Alister "Mad-Eye" Moody. So I cooked this up. I also decided to make Rick speak French a bit in order to drive my character crazy, since he reminds me of Gomez from the Addams Family (who gets a little passionate whenever his wife Morticia speaks French), and he's so hot (like Ephraim Ellis, who played him on Degrassi). This story is dedicated to my friend Liz aka LiZ-RoX. Hope you like it!

Setting: During the Season 4 episode "Mercy Street", goes AU from there

Pairing: Rick/OC

Disclaimer: The geniuses at the N own Degrassi. I own the fanfics that I cook up from time to time.

Falling Like the Rain

It was Monday in Mrs. Kwan's English class at Degrassi Community School, and it was poetry time.

"Okay. Let's start with Gavin," said Mrs. Kwan as she sat on top of a nearby desk.

"I hope my poem's pretty good. Do you think Ms. Kwan will like it?" asked a girl next to Abigail Watson, fifteen. Abigail had moved to Degrassi from Oregon a few days ago. She was wearing a dark blue T-shirt with a picture of an eagle and the words "Proud to be an American" written on it covered by a blue jacket, unzipped. On the outside of the jacket, around her neck hung a sparkling diamond crucifix on a black rope.

"I don't know. But it looks like we're about to find out," Abigail smiled, as she sat back in her seat and Spinner began.

"Okay, so— uh, Mrs. Kwan asked us to find a verse that speaks to our hearts." He began unfolding his paper. "This verse, by Kid-El-Rick, speaks to mine." He cleared his throat as Rick walked in and quietly sat down, with his homework in hand. Abigail looked over at him and gave a corner smile towards him. He caught the smile, and returned it.

She is so nice, he thought looking at her face, with her blue eyes, and half listening. Always defending me, sticking up for me, and willing to believe me. I can't believe how she greeted me my first day back, and when she offered her arm, just like the woman I see her as, I smiled, the grin lightening up my face, and took it...


Rick walked through the doors of Degrassi, hoping that the students would forgive him for putting his ex-girlfriend Terri MacGreggor in a coma last year and welcome him back. But instead all he got were glares and stares from them. They still believed he was a "psycho", a girl abuser.

"Is that you, Rick?" a voice called.

The wall of faces parted. Standing there was a girl who was obviously new to Degrassi. Her hair was the color of chocolate, and her eyes were blue. She walked over and offered him her arm.

"May I accompany you?" she asked, smiling.

Rick blinked. She obviously did not know what had happened last year. Making a mental note to tell her what happened when he got the time, he smiled and said, "Sure. And who, may I ask, am I speaking to? You look very... pretty." Rick suggestively smirked as he said the last part.

"My name's Abigail," she said. "Abigail Marie Watson. I moved here from Oregon. My father's retired from mail delivery, and my mother's a homemaker, and they both quarrel with each other sometimes.

"But," she added, seeing the surprised look on his face, "I'm lucky to have them as parents."

"Abigail." He tried out the name and found he liked it. "That's a lovely name. It's Hebrew, and it means Princess, and Father's joy. Abigail's great. I like it," Rick remarked.

She nodded. "It does, Rick. Thanks, and I like your name too."

**End flashback**

And I laughed at how she got Jay in a headlock, and threatened to put a stake through his heart. Rick smiled at the memory. What more can a guy like me want?

"I wants to find me a girl to love, a girl with wealth and class. But most of all I wants me a girl with—a bootylicious—"

"Enough, Gavin." Mrs. Kwan laughed and sighed. "Take your seat." Everyone burst into laughter. "Okay, who's next?"

Taking a deep breath, Abigail rose from her seat. Her movements reminded Rick of the asp, which he knew was used by Cleopatra, the last ruler of Ancient Egypt, to commit suicide. Her crucifix caught his eye, and he smiled a secret smile.

She walked to the front of the classroom, her paper in hand, and turned to face the students. Her eyes caught sight of Rick, and he smiled. That was all the encouragement Abigail felt she needed.

"Ok," she said. "This poem speaks to my heart, and it's about a very special person – a person who sits directly across from me in class. A person who deserves love and respect.

"And that person is none other than... Rick Murray."

Everyone (except Rick) turned and started whispering to each other... loudly. Abigail turned to Ms. Kwan and asked her a question with her eyes, and Ms. Kwan nodded.

Abigail smiled, and then turned back to the class and hissed, "Constant vigilance, please."

Abigail's snappy, witty remark was so loud that it startled everyone, except for Rick and Ms. Kwan (as they loved Harry Potter).

"Thank you. Now, listen. This poem is called "Iris", and it's dedicated to Rick."

Taking another deep breath, she began.

"He first laid eyes on her,

when she walked into the classroom.

She looked into those dark orbs of his,

and she was instantly lost.

He sensed desire within her,

he knew it was his to take.

He believed he could coax it out of her,

He wanted to mark her as his mate.

As king Rick passed a law by royal command,

that it was Abigail they were forbidden to touch.

Abigail was his and his alone,

although Spinner and the other boys wanted her so much.

"Thank you."

She placed the paper on Ms. Kwan's desk before heading back to her seat.

After class, Abigail waited outside the door. Then Rick walked up to her.

"Abigail, you're a great writer," he smiled. "Mrs. Kwan said for me to tell you that you did a great job on the poem. She said it's a fantastic piece of work, and very creative – just like you."

Then he reached up, placed his hand on her cheek in a loving way, and placed his mouth over hers.

Feeling grateful, Abigail also returned the kiss.

Finally when they pulled back for air, she asked, "Now that I've gotten over my fear of reading things I write in front of others, what do you think I could do?"

"You'll think of something," Rick assured her, patting her shoulder. "You write very well, and you're very creative. And I think you'll make a great author someday."

She smiled at his words. They really felt good to her. "Thanks, Rick."

"You're welcome, Abigail," he replied.

Then they headed down the hallway and outside to the quad. Two gangster-type guys walked up to them. They smirked as they looked at Abigail and Rick. But before they could say a word, Abigail spoke up.

"Well, well, well, you two Coolio wannabes. Shouldn't you be off hanging out with Jay, or having him shove you into lockers?"

Her tone was as condescending and snobby as she could possibly make it. Rick smiled secretly to himself as he slipped his hand into hers, thinking that Paige Michalchuk would be proud if she saw and heard this. The two guys looked at each other, confused.

"Wait a minute – who are you talking about?" one of them asked.

"Jay Hogart, that's who. You ever see what he does?" Abigail snapped. They shook their heads. "Well, do me a favor. Keep an eye on him. But if he finds out, tell him a little bird found out, OK?"

They nodded, and then headed off in the direction they were going.

Feeling her anger drain out of her, Abigail took a few deep breaths, telling herself to calm down. Then as if by magic, she felt Rick's arms around her.

"Mon amour," he whispered into her ear.

The sound of that phrase – French, she knew – was enough to immediately set her blood on fire. She couldn't help it; his voice was so full of passion, desire and something else she couldn't quite place at the moment.

Abigail bit her lower lip as he moved his lips up and down her throat, trying her best to suppress a moan of pleasure. Being sixteen, Rick was a foot taller than her, and very passionate, as she was sure he could be.

"Oh, Rick," she finally found the courage to reply, "that's French."

"I know, ma petite fille," Rick purred.

This time Abigail couldn't help but laugh a bit. Her laugh sounded so much like wind chimes on a lovely day – at least in Rick's mind's eye.

"Rick," she said, turning to look at him, and he was pleased to see the look of love in her eyes, "when phrases of French related to love fly from your lips into my ears, I feel as though I have no choice but to – well, let me put it this way... basically, I let that flighty tempter known as Control slip through my fingers."

After a moment, she asked, "Want to come to my house?"

Rick smiled. This was the first time someone had invited him to their house.

"Sure," he replied.

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