Grace isn't mine.

She was once but she isn't anymore. She's his, she's Ari's, though neither of us really have her, though I like to think the parts of her I fell in love with belong to me. And I think she think she's mine and I hope she wants to be, but she isn't, not really. Grace can't see that it'll never feel like she's truly mine until Ari's out of the picture.

There are times when I almost believe it's just us. Little, treasured moments. And then a phone rings or there's a noise or somebody's coming and we're back to reality again.

And it hurts.

And now Ari's here again, swinging out of that car in a manner that's… godlike. Ha.

Well, he might be the God of War. But I'm the God of Fire.

And it doesn't take a look in Phoebe's Oracle to see that with Ari around, there's never going to be a chance for us, for Grace and me.

And I have to do this for her, don't I, to make her happy?

I'm sure I'm going to do this and I don't want to feel guilty, but as I'm melting metal and shaping leather and weaving magic, my stomach turns and twists and my hearts pounding so loudly it's as if it's swinging on a string between each side of my head.

It's for Grace. So I must be doing the right thing. We can't really be together, not yet. She isn't mine. But she knows that I'm hers, if she wants me to do. And I think she does. So things will change soon.

And for now, that'll be okay.

Hi, if you read this. =) I'm not sure if anyone will.... or if anyone else is interested in Valentine fanfic, because I'm the first person to write in this section, which feels sort of special. xD And it'd be sort of magical if this was never read and floated round in Internet space forever... it might get lonely, though. =( But I thought I'd upload this after writing it randomly in the middle of the night and going through a million different titles... it's a bit fluffier than my normal stuff, though. =s So thanks for reading it and please leave a review.:)

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