Title: Step Brothers

Author: Confusion No Hime

Author Notes: Yes, it's a new story. This idea has been haunting me for almost every day and every night for a month now, begging to be written. I know I still have 'Teal and Orange' to concentrate on, but I couldn't help myself. I just want to get this idea out of my system and tada, here it is. Anyway, I got the idea from Yuzuha Ougi's 'Brother' manga (anyone familiar with it?). I love it very much and I thought the idea of Grimm and Ichi being stepbrothers and staying under one roof is quite hot so, I wrote this fic. Anyhow, I hope you'll also like this one just like my TandO fic.

I also want to thankmy beta reader and good friend, Yoshimara. Thanks dear and love yah! (Beta'd version posted on: July 12, 2009)

Well, this is just the first chapter and I know it doesn't tell much but I hope it'll catch your interest. Please tell me what you think and enjoy.*^^*

Warnings: This fic contains yaoi/malexmale, bad language and possible OOCness.

Disclaimer: I wish I own Bleach but I know that wish will never come true.


ONE: First meeting

Ichigo taps an impatient foot as he scowls at the door. He received a call from his father a minute ago, saying that he and his twin sisters, together with the new addition to their family, are on their way home from the airport.

Yes, a new addition/member will be joining their family soon and Ichigo has no idea as to who exactly this person is. All he knows is that this person is a man who had been living in Germany, the same age as him and is his deceased step mother's son.

Yes, Ichigo had a step mother who recently passed away from cancer three months ago. Ayano had been a good mother to them. Beautiful and graceful at her age of thirty-six, she had chosen to marry his father Isshin after they met at a grocery store three years ago. They know of Ayano's past, that she lived in Germany and got married there with her first husband, but the truth that she had a son was a big surprise to them and said son is now an orphan since his father had passed away and none of his relatives wanted to take him in. Isshin, being the idiotic man that he is, immediately volunteered to accept him when he got a call from Germany's welfare service.

And so, here he is, waiting in front of the door like an idiot, getting more annoyed as time passes by. For some unknown reason, he doesn't like the idea of having a foreign step brother. For sure there will be communication problems since they speak different languages and for sure, a lot of things will change around the house from now on.

The sound of a car engine greeted Ichigo's senses, signaling the arrival of his family and his unknown step brother. He immediately straightens and waits for the door to open. After a couple of minutes, the front door opens and a huge man with dark hair and a white overcoat entered the house, following him were two young girls, one with black hair and one with tanned hair. All of them were carrying nothing, as Ichigo expects that their new member will have lots of baggage to bring. He gaped a little.

"W-welcome home." He stutters as he looks at them with slight wonder.

Usually, Isshin greets him with a deadly physical assault of any kind whenever they see each other, but today is an exception since a new comer had arrived in their house. "We're home, my dearly beloved son!" His father greeted exaggeratedly. The twinkling in his old man's eyes makes him have chills, but he ignored it.

"We're home, Ichi-nii!" Yuzu greets cheerfully while Karin just let out a grunt in salutation.

"W-where is he?" Ichigo asks curiously as he looks at his family with wonder.

Isshin blinked and looked behind them. A small shriek escapes him as he realizes that his just-recently-met- step son was nowhere to be seen. "Eh, Grimmy-chan?'

Ichigo quirks an eyebrow at the name uttered by his father, judging on the sound of that name, he guesses that his step brother must look like a kid or something. Somehow, he felt relieved. Maybe he will be the dominant son in the house even though they are both fifteen.

Yuzu turns her back as well and had the same reaction with Isshin. "Where's Grimm-nii?"

"Maybe he's outside." Karin replies uninterestingly as she crosses her arms over her chest.

"Do you think he's shy?" Isshin asks.

"Oh, probably." Yuzu answers with a nod.

Isshin turns to Ichigo and looks proudly at his son. "Ichigo, go get Grimmy-chan!"

Ichigo immediately scowls. "Why should I do that? I haven't even met him!" He whines, not that he doesn't want to meet his step brother, but the idea of talking to a foreigner freaks him out a little. He knows for sure that the guy probably speaks German and if he ever speaks Japanese, he probably speaks basic-level Nihonggo.

"That is why you have to get him! You haven't met him so getting him to come here inside the house will enable you to meet him!" Issin urges exaggeratedly with a wide smile.

Ichigo suddenly has the urge to break his old man's jaw. How he hates his father sometimes, no, make that most of the time because of his overly proud attitude and his crazy antics that sometimes inflicts injuries on his body. "I don't want to! Yuzu, go out and get him!"

"Ichi-nii, I think Dad's right! You should be the one to get him! He's a really cool guy! I know you will like him!" The young girl says cheerfully with a sweet smile.

Ichigo gapes then glares at her sister. "I told you, I don't want to! I don't know him and I am so not talking to him until you guys introduce me to him!"

Karin rolls her eyes and grunts. "You're just scared because he's a foreigner."

Ichigo glares daggers at the other twin. "I am not!"

"Then go get him. It's not like he's going to eat you or something." The dark-haired girl shoots back.

With a growl, Ichigo goes to the door with heavy steps and gets out of the house with a dark scowl on his face. He looks around the yard, searching for something weird but there was nothing. He walks at the front and goes to the side of the house, muttering a low 'Where did that fellow go?' as he squeezes himself at the small alley that leads to the back yard.

He successfully gone through the small space and heaves a sigh of relief as he finally felt free from the constricting feeling the tiny alley gave him. The back yard is peaceful as always and it still looks normal, except for that big, black thing at the far end corner of the wall. He looks weirdly at the object which turns out to be a man sitting in front of the brick wall.

What the fuck? Ichigo asks himself. Is that the guy?

The man seems to be so preoccupied with something that he was oblivious to Ichigo's presence. Ichigo silently approaches the man, trying to clear the scowl on his face as he takes a step nearer. The man seems to be whispering something that he can't hear and he instantly thinks that the man is crazy.

Is this really Ayano-san's son?

The man's hunched back suddenly straightens and it is then that Ichigo realizes that the man has teal hair… wild and messy teal hair.

He gulps in nervousness. The man really is a foreigner and he has no idea what to say.

He stops a few feet away from the foreigner, takes a deep breath then clears his throat to get the man's attention. "Um… excuse me," He says in Japanese.

The man's head rises at the sudden sound. He finally stands up, Ichigo's head following the man's head as amazement washes over him at how tall the man is. The man slowly turns around, brown eyes met blue as the foreigner looks at Ichigo with piercing cerulean eyes.

Ichigo absently takes a step back again as he feels his heart skip a beat. For some ungodly reason, he feels captivated by those eyes and that handsome face that is far too different from a normal Japanese person. The man is undeniably gorgeous with his messy teal-hair, deep blue eyes, perfect nose and thin lips and what the fuck? Did he just act like a love struck woman?

He immediately shakes his head to compose himself and looks straightly into those blue eyes again. The man gives him a weird look but he chooses to ignore it and opens his mouth instead. "A-are you Ayano-san's so—"

"Yeah." A deep voice replied as the man speaks. "I'm Grimmjow. Who are you?" The man asks roughly.

Ichigo's brow immediately rises in irritation. The hell? Are all foreigners act like this? This guy talks as if he lives here and—he speaks Japanese!

Though surprised as he is, he ignores his amazement for a moment and scowls at the newcomer. "I'm Ichigo, I live here." He shots back coldly.

The teal-haired man smirks and is about to say something, but stops and looks down at his hand.

Ichigo's eyes widens in surprise as he sees a small kitten sleeping in the foreigner's large hand. "What's that?" He asks as he looks pointedly at the sleeping creature.

"It's a cat." The teal-haired man replies with slight sarcasm. Ichigo glares at the man again but said man, didn't see his deadly scowl since he has his full attention to the small cat in his hand. He rolls his eyes first before he fixes his gaze on the animal again, wondering as to why the cat seems to be comfortable sleeping in the rude man's palm.

"Hey," A voice suddenly interrupts him from his thoughts. He looks up to gaze at the man again and this time, the guy is looking at him with a very confident grin. "So you're my step-brother, right?"

Annoyance suddenly tugs at Ichigo's insides as the other man looks mockingly at him. Though he doesn't know the man fully enough yet, he knows that he doesn't like him. Not at all. He silently curses as he welcomes the thought that maybe, his peaceful life will now be in chaos due to the arrival of this teal-haired spectacle, that turns out to be his step-brother.

"Yeah, something like that." He mutters, crossing his arms over his chest.

The foreigner looks at him from head to foot, his blue eyes scrutinizing him as if he's an alien or a piece of shit that needs to be inspected. His grin widens as he looks directly at him again. "You're far from what I've expected." He comments amusingly.

"What do you mean by that?" He shoots back with a dangerous glare.

"I didn't expect that you'll be different. It must be the orange hair."

"You have any problem with my hair?"

"Oh no, in fact I like your orange hair, makes you interesting."

Ichigo continues to look dangerously at the man, all the while, a couple of questions running inside his head as to why he feels nervous whenever those blue eyes of his stare at him and why he feels so uneasy being in his presence.

He shakes his head mentally.

Maybe because he's a foreigner.

He straightens himself and turns around.

Yes, he feels uneasy because it's his first time to face a foreigner who's actually good in Nihonngo.


"Come on, let's go inside." He says as he walks towards the back door, ignoring the uneasy feeling inside him.

The teal-haired man takes a good look at the orange-haired teen again before following him inside the house.


The Kurosaki house has two floors which are composed of a living room, a kitchen, a laundry room, a large bathroom and three bedrooms. Since there are only three bedrooms, it was decided that Grimmjow will stay in Ichigo's room. Ichigo was okay with it before, but now… he is definitely not okay with it. If anything, he despises the day that he didn't disagree with his father when he was asked if he was okay sharing a room with another man.

The teal-haired man looks around his room as he enters, carelessly dumping his duffel bag on the floor as he averts his gaze on Ichigo's study desk.

Ichigo bore holes at the man's back as he laments on the fact that he is going to sleep and share a room with the teal-haired jerk in front of him. "I know the room is small but it'll just have to do." He says sarcastically as he leans on the wall across Grimmjow.

Grimmjow slowly turns around to look at him, his thin lips curved up in a mocking smile.

"Something tells me that you don't like me."

Ichigo flinches at the sudden remark but keeps his composure. "What makes you say that?" He asks coldly, trying to act innocently as well.

"In case you didn't notice, you've been scowling at me ever since I arrived. You know, there are usually two reasons why people hate me. First, they hate me because they plainly hate my guts and second…" He slowly advances towards Ichigo with a hand on his waist and his eyes gleaming with sinister intent. "They hate me because they can't help but find me attractive even though they plainly hate my guts." He stops as he is just an arm's length away from the smaller teen and looks down at him teasingly.

Ichigo's throat suddenly went dry as he feels the taller man's eyes on him. He can easily avoid the man by walking away but at that moment, it seems that his body isn't connected to his brain and it refuses to follow what his mind was telling it.

Damn it! What is happening to him?

He swallows hard and opens his mouth. "I'm sure the reason why I hate you was the former." He replies defiantly, amazed at himself for being able to produce eleven words out of his mouth, despite that fact that his body didn't move and his heart is beating uncontrollably in his chest.

Of course, he's sure that it is the former. He really hates this guy's fucking guts. Grimmjow leans down towards Ichigo, his arm extending forward to place his palm beside the smaller teen's head for support. "I think I don't believe you on that." He says as he moves his face closer towards the orange-head.

Ichigo pulls his head back, a small moan escaping him as the back of his skull made contact with the hard wall. He tries to find his strength to move away but he only manages to gasp in surprise as he feels a pair of soft lips against his own, his brown eyes, seeing nothing but endless pools of azure as he gazes blankly at Grimmjow's eyes.

This can't be happening.

Grimmjow is not kissing him… right?

Like the lifeless wall behind him, he just stays there; silent, unmoving as the only thing he can feel are the soft lips stealing his first kiss and the sound of his heart, playing an erratic rhythm as it thumps wildly. He doesn't know how long they stayed like that, but as soon as he had gathered his wits, the taller man has already pulled away, looking at him with the same arrogant gaze that made his body numb.

"Y-you…" he tries to utter as he stares stupidly at the other man.

Grimmjow just smiled. "Take that as a welcome greeting." He said with a wink and turns around, laughing out loud.

Ichigo's face heats up in anger and he screams. "That is no fucking welcome greeting bastard!"

It is on that day that Ichigo Kurosaki decided that he hates his step brother Grimmjow for being the biggest jerk of his life and for stealing his first kiss.

Oh shit!

His first kiss was a guy and his step brother at that!



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