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Epilogue: Crazy in the Bathroom

It had been five months after Grimmjow and Ichigo's relationship were exposed. Things were crazy for them but it was also happy and exciting. However, since the entire family now knew that they were together, having sex had been a big problem for them. Yes, a very big problem simply because someone, specifically Isshin would break inside their room while they're in the middle or was about to fuck each other.

Grimmjow was getting very stressed about this. He was because his only way of de-stressing was getting his orange-haired lover fucked and now that he wasn't getting any, he wanted nothing more than to kill Isshin Kurosaki or burn their house down… but of course, he couldn't do that.

Ichigo on the other hand, was frustrated as hell. Of course he wanted to have sex; he wanted Grimmjow's teasing and roughness when they fucked. He wanted to be a slave of ecstasy again and again under his lover's ministrations but thanks to his jack-ass of a father, he couldn't go to heaven that he called orgasm.

The lovers considered this as a big problem and yet they couldn't do anything, 'coz Isshin Kurosaki was just like goddamn Kakashi Hatake when it came into popping out of nowhere.

"I'm gonna take a bath first." Ichigo said as he grabbed his towel.

Grimmjow was still sitting absent-mindedly on the bed but an idea suddenly popped inside his head when he heard his lover. His eyes immediately perked up and gleamed maniacally at his lover who was currently passing in front of him.

Ichigo didn't miss the wicked glint in the German's eyes. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked with his usual scowl.

A grin crossed Grimmjow's lips then, he stood up, grabbed Ichigo's wrist and dragged him out of the room.

"O-oi! What the fuck--!" Ichigo shrieked but was cut off when Grimmjow shut him up with his hand. He glared at his lover but the German only responded with a knowing smirk. For some reason, he had an idea on what the other man was planning to do.

They crossed the hall in three strides and the next thing Ichigo knew was that he was already inside the bathroom with his back against the wall and Grimmjow towering over him with a sadistic smirk. "What do you think you're doing?" He hissed as he tried to push the other man away.

Grimmjow wasn't even affected by Ichigo's hands on his chest. He wasn't even bothered since he knew it was half-hearted. "Don't act dumb, Ichi. I'm about to fuck you." He cockily replied.

Ichigo's eyes widened with shock and he struggled to push Grimmjow harder, but all to no avail. "We can't do it here, you dumb fuck! Let go of me this—aaaaahhh…" His protests turned into a long moan, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a hand was on his crotch, fondling his cock into hardness.

"How can we not do it here, when you're already moaning, Berry?" Grimmjow teased with a smirk then leaned over and kissed his lover's lips.

The orange-haired teen responded to his lover's kisses hesitantly. True, he wanted to be fucked right now, but they were in the bathroom and anyone in the family can knock there any moment to use it. But all his hesitation seemed to flew out of his mind when the hand touching his crotch, slipped inside his pajamas and stroked his hard cock. He opened his mouth, inviting Grimmjow's tongue inside his warm cavern.

Seeing and feeling his lover's reaction, Grimmjow decided that he would fuck Ichigo right now in the bathroom no matter what happened. Fuck it if someone would knock on the door. Fuck it if Isshin would break down the goddamn door and see them. Fuck it even if the young and innocent twins will see them screw each other. He would take Ichigo and he would take him now! He wrapped his free arm around Ichigo's waist and tore him away from the wall. The both of them went under the shower with their mouths closed, tongues tied and their bodies rubbing against each other.

Ichigo pulled away for a second to allow some air into his heaving lungs, a dark blush obvious on his beautiful face. "Grimm, this is so…"

"Kinky, I know." Grimmjow finished for him before he smashed their lips again and turned on the shower. Warm water immediately fell down on them, making their lust stronger.

Finally giving in to his lust, Ichigo pulled away from Grimmjow for a moment to take off his now wet pajamas. The German dropped on his knees in front of him and pulled his pants down, exposing his rigid shaft.

Grimmjow licked his lips at the sight. Seeing how Ichigo wanted him made his own cock even harder. He looked up, grinning wildly as he saw the anticipated look on the Japanese teen's face, before he darted his tongue out and licked at Ichigo's head.

Ichigo bit his lip, stopping himself from moaning. He felt his knees buckled under him and he leaned on the wall for support as Grimmjow took the tip of his cock inside his mouth and sucked lightly, drinking his precome and the warm water coming from the shower. The German then alternated between swirling his tongue and sucking on his lover's head, coaxing more soft moans to escape from Ichigo's closed lips. But Grimmjow wanted more and he did when he swooped his lover's hard cock inside his mouth and sucked real hard. Ichigo's mouth dropped open into a silent scream as thick pleasure assaulted his entire body. Shit, he had wanted to feel that again and now he was. He took a deep breath and tangled his hands on Grimmjow's mop of wet, messy blue hair, undulating his lips to control the pressure his lover's mouth was applying on him. "G-Grimmjow, fuck! That feels good…" He moaned lowly.

Grimmjow continued torturing his lover's cock, feeing more amorous as he tasted Ichigo's precome that definitely reminded him of strawberries. He was forever addicted to his orange-head lover's taste, that he was sure of. Wanting to taste more of his lover, his hands slid up on Ichigo's legs and over his smooth ass, massaging the soft globes of flesh. Then, he traced his lover's cleft with a finger, stopping the wet digit on Ichigo's opening to tease it.

"Aaaahhh…ha….ha… Grimm…jow…" Ichigo moaned as the finger on his hole slipped inside him but not fully. Grimmjow's ministrations were driving him over the edge. The German would swirl his finger around his hole, would push it inside and when he knew that it would hit the hilt, he would pull his finger back and do the process all over again. It was pure torture that was done to rob him of his orgasm.

The blue-haired teen teased his orange-haired lover some more before he decided to jam his finger deep inside his lover and sucked him harder.

"Fuck! Fuck! Aaaahhh, fuck! I'm coming Grimmjow!" Ichigo screamed unconsciously as he was pushed over the edge, his eyes blinded with nothing but white light and as his entire body contracted in ecstasy.

Grimmjow eagerly drank his lover's essence, swallowing every drop and tasted strawberries from the orange-head's come. They haven't even gotten over their sex high when…

Knock! Knock!

"Are you there, Ichi-nii?" Karin's strong voice suddenly echoed from the door.

"Shit!" Ichigo muttered in panic as he pulled the German away from his still hard cock and looked nervously at his lover.

Grimmjow simply stood up and looked as cocky and calm as ever. "Answer her, Berry." He told him as if they were not in a very awkward situation.

"Yeah! Yeah, I'm here!" Ichigo replied shakily, hoping that his voice sounded normal to his sister.

There was a brief pause. Then…

"Is Grimm-nii there too?"

Ichigo went pale at the next question. He opened his mouth to answer—

"Yeah, I'm here." Grimmjow replied so casually.

The orange-head looked at his lover with his mouth wide opened, dumbstruck. Grimmjow didn't just do that.

No response from the other side of the door.


"Yeah, they're doing it." Karin suddenly said.

Ichigo suddenly wanted to die. Grimmjow just grinned and a loud manly scream was heard outside the bathroom.


Yeah, they knew oh so well who said that.

Again, Grimmjow jut grinned and Ichigo… Ichigo slapped himself to wake up from his nightmare. Unfortunately, it didn't do him any good since he was fully awake and was not dreaming. "Shut the fuck up, goat-face! We're not doing it!" He denied.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!MWAHAHAHAHA! No need to feel shy my adorable little gay son! We understand, you and Grimmy have certain needs but I hope you can control yourself and not be too loud, hahahahahaha!" Isshin answered his voice loud and proud.

"I said, shut up!" Ichigo screamed with a red face.

As for Grimmjow, he was trying his best to stifle his laughter. He really did find the situation really funny and the most amusing thing was that, he was still hard.

"Oh, Grimmy-chan!" Their father called in a sing-song tone.

"Yeah?" The German replied cockily as he wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist. The orange-head immediately struggled and started cussing.

"Please be easy on my cute little Ichi, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Now fuck off and stay away from the bathroom, will ya? You're disturbing us." Grimmjow replied as he nuzzled on his lover's neck.

"You got it! Give me lots of babies, my darling son!" Isshin screamed like a mad man.

Ichigo wanted to die so badly at that moment. Not only was his father acting like an ultimate jack-ass, but also Grimmjow whose hands were fondling his cock…again, bringing it back to life, unfortunately. "Get your paws off me, you bastard! I can't have babies, fucking goat-face!"

"Man, can we get out of here already, Dad? You're fucking disturbing them! They don't need your advice! They know what they're doing!" Karin suddenly complained.

"Oh, what are you doing there, Dad? Karin-chan?" Yuzu's voice was suddenly heard and Ichigo felt the situation just got worse.

"Nothing." Karin answered. "Take care of this trash, will you?" She said then a loud crash and the sound of footsteps fading away from the door was heard.

Through all that ruckus, Ichigo still got hard and he hated himself for that. "Stop it, Grimmm…aaaahhhh…"

The end.