Spock sat in his armchair, reading. A pair of glasses were perched on his nose, as his vision had begun to deteriorate when he hit sixty, and, for reading, he preferred them to contacts. A loud crash and a shout of triumph floated to him from the hall closet. Apparently Jim had found something.

"I got it!" he announced, shuffling into the room. In his hands was an old-fashioned photo album. "Come over here." He gestured to a seat next to him on their couch. Spock put down his padd and sat next to him. Jim spread the photo album onto both of their laps, opening it. The first pictures were of a teenage Jim, standing in front of a motorcycle and looking very proud of himself. "I actually paid for that with my own money, you know. Loved that thing." Then there were a few from his days at the academy, mostly of Leonard McCoy or Nyota, in which the subjects seemed to be quite annoyed at the photographer. It was strange seeing them young again. A pang of sorrow hit him as he remembered the cold day several years ago on which they buried the doctor. It had seemed to be a cruel joke that of all things, he would have pancreatic cancer, one of the few human diseases they hadn't cured yet. Nyota had never been the same after that.

"They look so young," he whispered, remembering his own days at the Academy. The pages were turned, revealing a grinning, impossibly young Chekov, Sulu's unforgettable costume from a Halloween party (he had dressed as one of the three musketeers, complete with a rapier), and rather perfect image of Scotty yelling at Keenser whilst eating a sandwich. Now, Scotty was a rather aged Starship Captain, Sulu was the head of the botany department at the Academy, and Chekov was a retired prestigious physicist.

"I love this picture." Jim indicated an old, fairly worn photograph of two small children, one half-Vulcan, one human, cuddled on Nyota's lap. Jim's laugh lines crinkled.

"I cannot believe you still have this image." He shook his head, but it was immediately one of his favorites. Then came the pictures from Leonard and Nyota's wedding. As captain, Jim had insisted on doing the ceremony himself, so half of the pictures of the three of them at the "altar" featured the blond grinning impossibly wide and the couple making an impressive attempt at killing him with their eyes. The rest were from the reception which, due to the fact that Jim nearly force fed him several bars of chocolate, he did not remember at all, but the pictures showed him smiling and, most shocking of all, dancing.

"Aw, you're so cute there." Spock shook his head, but smiled a little. Following those wedding pictures, were images of their own wedding. Well, weddings. Jim had insisted that they marry multiple times, in the traditions of several races and cultures. He had claimed that it was because he wanted to make sure no creature in the galaxy would attempt to seduce him, but he imagined, looking through the photographs, that it was probably simply because it was nice to relive the moment several times over.

They had married according to several Terran customs (Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Hindi, and that of a small island off the coast of Tahiti), as well as those of the Vulcans, Orions, Andorians, and, though it was more accidental than anything else, the Klingons. In all of the pictures, Jim and Spock were very happy, while the expressions of their crew grew to resemble something more akin to disbelief when they reached the last few weddings, especially their admittedly failed attempt at the Klingon ceremony. Which, incidentally, took place while Spock was in the beginning stages of pon farr, during which he accidentally threw several large objects at Jim and a friendly Klingon who had joined the crew remarked that they seemed to be courting. This convinced Jim that they needed to be married as Klingons.

"You know, I like this one here," Jim said, indicating an image. Spock saw it and greened a little. During the pon farr after the last wedding, when he had finally realized what was happening, it seemed Jim had grabbed his camera just before they settled things. It was a rather dynamic image of Spock nearly attacking his mouth. It was a little bit of a surprise, considering that he did not recall the camera being present.

Pictures flipped by, encompassing years of their adventures. Leonard and Nyota's children, the ceremony promoting Jim to admiral, their own adopted children (two humans and a Vulcan), Pike and Winona's wedding, their own grandchildren. So many memories, and even more, hidden beneath the photographs, of all the things, private or grief-filled, that had never made it onto film. There was birth and death and friendship on all those pages. Looking at them all, Spock felt complete. Whole.

They'd lived. For what seemed like several lifetimes. But more importantly, they loved.

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