NCIS: Cause of Death

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------------ -------------

Unlocking the front door, he let Ellie in ahead of him, as he shut and locked the door.

Hanging up the keys, he set his briefcase down, and hung up his jacket.

As Gibbs walked into the hallway, he heard one of the upstairs doors shut. He figured she went to her room to be alone.

Heading upstairs, he changed into a pair of loose jeans, and his undershirt, along with an NIS t-shirt.

Before heading downstairs, he knocked on Ellie's bedroom door.

"You ok in there?"

No answer.


No answer.

Gibbs opens the door, and looks around.


Going back into the hall, he sees light from underneath the bathroom door.

He knocks, adrenaline running through his body.

No answer.

"Elizabeth, are you in there?"

No answer.

"So god help me, I'm coming in there right now!" He yelled, before he swung open the door.

Seeing bubbles from what looked to be a bubble bath, he looked in the tub.

"Ah! Gibbs!" Ellie's head popped up, out of the water.

"You weren't answering me. I was checking up on you." Gibbs gave her his "grumpy" look.

"Well, I wasn't feeling good, so I thought I'd soak in the tub."

Gibbs put his hand to her forehead. She was warm to the touch.

"I'll have medicine for you when you get downstairs." He turned to go.

"I already took some."

"Ok." Gibbs said, pulling the door shut behind him, leaving her to soak.

-------------------- ------------------------

Heading downstairs, Ellie opened the basement door, and peered down.

Seeing Gibbs working on his boat, with a glass of bourbon sitting on his woodworking table, she made her way down the steps.


"Hey yourself. Feeling any better?" Gibbs asked, concerned.

"Kind of. I'm sure after some work on the boat and sleep, I'll be fine."

He nodded.

"You hungry?"

Ellie shook her head. "Don't think I could eat and hold something down."

"You should try toast soon."

She chuckled. "Do we even have bread? I think I finished up the last part with my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich yesterday." She thinks. "Hmm, yeah, I did."

"I'll get more in a few."

"Don't worry about it. Unless you plan on fixing yourself a sandwich. Cause I refuse to eat anything for awhile."

Picking up a piece of sandpaper and a block, she started to sand a piece of the boat.

"There's more to your dream."

Ellie looked to Gibbs, but kept sanding.

"Yeah, there is. It's about mom and dad. Dad's brother Alan." She paused. "Dad buying drugs, mom confronting him, Dad killing mom, then himself."

Gibbs waited for more, but she didn't offer anything.

"Your dad's brother Alan. You mentioned him."


"You wanna tell me what he did?" Gibbs asked, curiously.

She didn't answer at first, but slowly stopped sanding, though she didn't move, except for her shaking.

He could see she was shaking, and trying to hold back tears, as he put his hand over hers, taking the sanding block away from her, and taking her in his arms, as she busted out crying.

"Shh.. It's ok."

"I hate him so much...Mom and dad... never found out what happened."

"How long ago was it?"

"Over Christmas break last year. He stayed the week."

Gibbs held her tighter to him.

"Everything will be ok. I'll keep you safe."

"You can't promise that. You don't know what's going to happen in a minute, or in a day."

Gibbs nodded, kissing the top of her head, keeping her in his arms.

He knew he couldn't promise, but he'd try his hardest.

--------- --------------------- ---------------

Staring in the bathroom mirror, she admitted that she looked exhausted.

'Hell, crying didn't help either. Especially in front of Gibbs. Dumb ass...'

Looking at the wall clock, she decided it was definitely time for bed.

Shutting off the bathroom light, she walked down the hall to her room.

Opening the door, she got the strangest idea. She had never cooked here, like she did at home.

Turning around, she walked down the stairs again, and saw Gibbs in the kitchen.

"Hey Gibbs?"

Turning around at the sound of his name, nodded. "Yeah?"

"Does the team like potatoes?"

Gibbs started laughing.

"Why do you ask?" He said, between laughs.

"Well, I figured, maybe tomorrow, we can have the team over, and I could.. um, cook? I used to cook all the time at the house." She explained.

"Sure." Gibbs nodded, as he put his coffee cup in the sink. "I'll see what they're doing tomorrow night, pending our cases."

"I know. So, yes?"

Gibbs nods. "Yes. Just don't burn the house down."

"I won't. Promise." She yawns.

"Go to bed, its way past your bedtime."

"No kidding. Night Gibbs." Ellie calls, as she heads back up to her room.


For once, everything was alright.

-------------- ------------------- --------------------