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(2 years later)

"DOG-PILE!" came the shrill cry from behind Yoruichi as she stood erect on the hill gazing down at the vast stretch of open fields and forest that they used for a playground for the children. She spun around and started laughing merrily. The look on Soi's face as she was driven to the floor by their three children was hilarious. Ginei grabbed Soi in a headlock and ruffled her dark-blue hair much in the same manner as he had witnessed Yoruichi doing when she arrived home from work. After the twins' were born Yoruichi had insisted that she should get a part-time job so that she could start building up a little fund for the children when they grew up. Yoruichi raised the camera to her eye and snapped several pictures. This was too adorable for words!

Soi smiled, her features blushing pink "Yoruichi-sama doesn't that photo album of yours have enough photographs of the family yet?"

Yoruichi laughed gleefully snapping more photo's "eh No Soi-chan I want it bursting with photos!" Soi rolled her eyes and slowly drank in the radiant dark woman before her eyes. She truly was a goddess; her sensuous curves, her rich, dark creamy-soft skin, those blazing, teasing golden eyes were enough to make the coldest of hearts (namely Soi's) melt into a puddle of pink goo. Soi softened her features as she felt butterflies in her stomach. It was a surprise that after all these years together she good still feel giddy as though she were back to the days when she would admire Yoruichi from afar. Yoruichi turned and flashed Soi a bright smile, causing her to blush and avert her gaze. Soi squirmed her way from out of the three wrestling children and while they tried to claim dominance on top of the other two, Soi stepped up silently behind Yoruichi. Yoruichi jumped a little before smiling gently as two thin, pale arms wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled her back a step to lean against Soi's strong, lithe body. She hummed slightly and wrapped her own dark arms over Soi's, squeezing her hands slightly. A soft kiss was pressed to the goddess' neck making her moan lightly before pale hands began to caress her stomach beneath her tight T-shirt. Soi was amazed. No one would believe that Yoruichi was pregnant again! Secretly Soi was hoping for another little boy. That way Ginei could play-fight with. Then again for now he had Kanaye for that. She was as feisty as her mother … with Soi's furious temper … not the best of matches in the world!

"Yoruichi-sama looks so radiant against the sunset" Soi purred lightly nuzzling her lover's warm neck. She smelt like chocolate and bubble-bath.

Yoruichi giggled as Soi nuzzled their foreheads together. It tickled! "Soi-chan"

"Mmm?" the goddess spun in Soi's arms, making the latter blush when two large, firm breasts pushed provocatively against her own.

"I know this will sound selfish ... but ... it's uh ... Valentines day soon and-"

"So you ... want the kids to go to Katsu's?"

"Or Yen's it suits me either way" Yoruichi shrugged once she had gotten her point across, no longer embarrassed. Soi smiled up at her and combed her lover's purple locks back with her pale fingers.

"So you want Valentines evening with me, eh?"

"Hai" Yoruichi nodded with a shy grin "then the kids can come home in the morning" she mumbled, bowing her head and playing with Soi's hands in a cute manner, too cute for words.

Soi giggled "fair play, baby" she bent down and placed a kiss upon Yoruichi's still-flat stomach "come on let's play!"

"You sound like a child, Soi-bee" Yoruichi laughed as she knelt on the picnic-blanket, aiming her camera for more photo's. "SMILE!" she sang out snapping several photo's of Soi re-joining the dog-pile.

"VICTORY!" Soi yelled pumping her fists into the air laughing merrily as she lay on top of the twins' ad Ginei who was wedged in at the bottom with a mock-sour look on his features. Yoruichi laughed at this.

"Ginei-chan you really should stop scowling what if the wind changes and your face sticks like that?"

"Then I shan't have to ever worry about faking a smile for Kanaye because she knows I cannot" he replied cheekily "OW!" he yelped before he twisted his head to glare up at Kanaye. The tomboy was currently perched on his shoulderblades glaring down at him through her piercing silver eyes while jabbing her razor-sharp elbows into his ribcage.

"Mama! Kanaye's got her foot in my stomach!" came a timid squeal from the other side of the pile of people.

Soi shared a frown with Yoruichi before the former hopped off the other's and dug Keiko out from beneath Kanaye. "Hi there little one" Yoruichi waved brightly snapping a picture of the dishevelled looking Keiko, her long purple hair looking tangled in its elbow-length plaits.

Keiko smiled shyly before walking over to join Yoruichi on the blanket. She needed some food to soothe the throb in her stomach. She grabbed a handful of crackers and cheese and began eating away at them. It wasn't long before everyone was on the picnic blanket eating the various foods Soi and Yoruichi had prepared that morning. Yawning and stretching Soi stood up and made to walk over to the brink of the hill to over look the secluded place they lived in. Yoruichi frowned before finishing off her sandwich in one bite, ruffled her kids' hair, placed a deck of cards between them and stood up and leisurely followed Soi to the brink. Yoruichi crept up behind Soi and slowly encircled her dark arms around her wifes' waist. "The sunset is beautiful, isn't it, love?"

"Hai" came the quiet reply, almost too quiet to hear.

Yoruichi frowned "Soi-chan ... what's wrong?" No answer greeted her question. She squeezed her arms slightly around Soi's body "Bee-bee?"

Soi shrugged, her eyes still gazing out over the sun-bathed hills "it's nothing"

"Bee-bee please, if anythihng is bothering you let me know" came Yoruichi's tender whisper.

Soi felt a pang of guilt. She couldn't lie to Yoruichi. She simply couldn't! With a small sigh she turned in her lover's arms and buried her lips into the nape of Yoruichi's warm, chocolate neck. "Are you happy?"

Yoruichi blinked, frowning at the question "of course I am, I have a beautiful wife and three-soon-to-be-four wonderful children"

"But are YOU happy?" Soi looked up into Yoruichi's golden eyes. Yoruichi's facial expression was sincere and calm.

"Hai. Hai I am"

A small smile crept onto Soi's lips "I love you Yoruichi-sama"

Yoruichi let out a small chuckled and wrapped her arms around the younger woman's neck "I love you too ... my little bee" Soi leant up on tiptoes and placed a long kiss to Yoruichi's full, dark lips. She pulled away with heavy-lidded eyes and gave a hum of desire. Their little 'moment' however was broken when Ginei began yelling childishly.



"Kanaye-chan please calm down!" it was the meek yelp of Keiko that made the parent's run back to the picnic blanket.

"Kids what's going on?" Soi growled, narrowing her eyes at the trio.

Kieko sniffled, getting to her feet and pointing a finger at Kanaye and Ginei, who both had the decency to look a little sheepish as their parents' gaze burnt down upon them, "this is why I hate playing cards with them! They always fight! Always!"

Yoruichi glared down at her son "Ginei you should know better than that, you're twenty-one next week!"

Ginei rolled his eyes "yeah I know"

"Then act like it!" Yoruichi growled before flashing a grin "now come on let's get you lot home, it's school in the morning don't forget" a chorus of groans echoed around them as they collected their picnic things and made their way back to their car that was hidden in the shade of the tall trees.

The evening was calm and tepid as a still breeze floated an inch off the ground. Soi pressed a kiss to Keiko's forehead and then to her twins' who slept snuggly beside her in the small double-bed. Ginei was out for the night with his girlfriend and Yoruichi was currently in bed, earlier than usual, reading 'Pride and Prejudiced' one of her favourite classics. Leaving the bedroom door ajar Soi straightened her cotton shirt and walked along the hallway to the master bedroom. Closing the door behind her Soi ran a hand through her hair and slipped beneath the satin-soft blankets and curled up into Yoruichi's side, her head resting lazily on Yoruichi's shoulder. Without tearing her gaze from the page she was reading Yoruichi leant down and pressed a lingering kiss to her wife's forehead, smiling slightly as the pale woman crooned into the delicate touch. "Kitty put the book down, it's getting late"

"It's friday night, I can sleep in tomorrow"

"Meaning you'll wake up at 9 o'clock instead of 5 o'clock" Soi breathed teasingly, a small smile playing on her lips as Yoruichi shifted flashing her night-shirt to Soi. Soi had kept her promise, when Yoruichi hadn't been expecting it, she had bought the goddess a shirt with the slogan "I AM THE MOTHERSHIP" printed in block purple letters across the stomach a smiling baby face beneath it. Yoruichi rarely wore anything else to bed these days, so it was a good thing that Soi had gotten her several in various different colours!

"Hey!" Yoruichi grinned patting Soi's shoulder playfully. Sighing in defeat she removed her glasses, placed both glasses and book on the bedside table before turning onto her side and wrapped an arm around Soi, pulling her closer (if this action was actually, physically possible) and smiliong slowly. "So do you think that Ginei will be announcing an engagement any time soon?" she asked with a Cheshire cat grin, and a twinkle in her golden eyes.


Yoruichi chuckled "what?" she asked innocently.

"Not everyone marries in their early twenties" Soi chided "I mean look at us; we didn't get married until we were in our mid-centuries"

Yoruichi laughed at this "I know I know" she wrapped an arm around Soi's shoulders and flicked the bedside lamp off, nuzzling her lips against Soi's fluffy hair "mmm I love you, bee-bee"

"I love you too Yoruichi-sama" both women closed their eyes contently, wrapped in one another's embrace as they unconciously kissed one another's bodies within the thin cloud of sheets and dreamt peacefully, of their fourth little bundle of joy on the way. Yoruichi smiled in the early morning as Soi cuddled into her back, a pale arm draped around her waist, Soi's hand caressing her faintly rounded stomach. Placing a dark hand over Soi's own, Yoruichi closed her eyes once again to the bird song outside. Yes she would get fat, but to make Soi-chan a proud 'daddy' again ... well ... it was all worth it.

The End.

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