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Jasper's Point Of View

My brothers and I were running through the scrubby grass plains for a boy's night out. I laughed as I leapt over a log, and I looked up into the sky, where a streak of lighting flashed. Well, this was going to be fun.

"Stop walking and start running, Jasper!" Emmett called to me, his emotions were coming in waves of impatience.

I was the newest member of the Cullen's family, and I found drinking animal blood was quite . . . gross. I wanted human blood, not animal blood. Edward looked at me warningly, and I rolled my eyes.

We ran even faster, whipping through the trees and bushes of the Plains of Canada. We were running across a plain in the middle of the night in the middle of a stupid thunder storm. This was going to be great fun.

"Jasper, jeez, stop holding us up! Seriously!" Emmett roared. "I want to hunt!"

"Go ahead then, Emmett." Edwards suggested, knowing I was ready to rip his head off.

Emmett grinned, nodded, and bolted off like a truly fast vampire on steroids.

"Thank you," I mouthed to Edward.

Edward nodded, and we waited until Emmett was out of ear shot to here us.

"Ah, finally." I muttered as a clap of thunder shook the air. "No more bickering."

Edward laughed his golden laugh. "That's just the way he is, Jasper."

"Still, his emotions were driving me insane." I replied, looking up into the sky as another streak of lighting lit the black sky.

I then thought of what my beautiful Alice, Emmett's Rosalie and my "mother" Esme were going on their girls' night out.

"Alice is fine," Edward replied as his eyes flickered from me to a near by bush.

"I know she is," I replied, not wanting him to know my deepest thoughts.

We passed a highway, and suddenly we could hear laughing. Not a deep burly laugh, but a happy, giggle-ly laugh. Edward put his hand out in front of my chest to stop me.

"Emmett?" Edward hissed as another roll of thunder clapped.

We heard a tiny little scream, and I went to bolt forward, but Edward's strong hand kept me in my place.

"Hey, hey. It's okay. The thunder isn't going to hurt you," Emmett's voice rumbled deeply.

We heard a tiny little whimper.

"I just have to go find my brothers, okay? I'll be back; I promise." Emmett's deep bass rumbled again.

In seconds, Emmett was in front of Edward. "You won't guess what I found! I found this little kid–she's only about two–and that poor kid told me her parents were killed!"

"Show her to us," I said. "I'll be able to handle it."

Edward gazed at me, the lighting in the sky lighting up his eyes. "All right," he murmured.

Emmett ran forward, and we ran after him, the faint smell of human burning through my nose. Emmett stopped in front of a bare tree, it's branches long and twisted; it looked like it was straight out of a horror movie.

"Do you want to meet my brothers?" he asked into the hollow tree.

"I think he's lost it," I murmured to Edward, and Edward chuckled darkly once.

There was another small whimpering sound, and Emmett reached into the tree. "There we go. See? Thunder isn't so bad!" Emmett said as he pulled something out of the tree.

Human smell leaked into my nose, but I wasn't tempted at all as I gazed at what was in Emmett's mighty arms, curled up against his neck.

It was a human girl, and she was tiny; skinny, tall and lanky. Her dark hair was plastered against her head, and she shivered as the window blew by up.

"Oh for heaven's sake," Edward murmured. "Emmett."

"How were her parents killed?" I asked, my voice soft.

The little girl quivered. "Daddy and Mommy were chased." Her little high yet soft voice said, loud and clear.

Edward and I looked at each other, giving each other looks of shock.

"And what else happened?" Edward asked.

The little girl didn't answer; she only cried out in fear as the thunder rumbled.

It was a few more seconds, and then the girl replied, "They were hurt. They passed away. I ran far; very far."

I was shocked at the girl's brain power; she must have been very advanced for her age.

"Do you remember your name?" Edward asked.

The little girl nodded. "Brooklyn."

"We have to take this girl in," I said, blurting it out. "She has no home, she's young, and Rosalie's always wanted a kid, right? Give Brooklyn to her."

Emmett and Edward exchanged worried glances. "What are Carlisle and Esme going to think?"

I was stumped on that. "We'll figure that out later; we need to get her out of the wind."

Brooklyn nodded, and rain started to fall. Lighting lit up the sky again, Thunder followed it, and the little girl screamed again.

"Jasper, give me your shirt." Edward said.

I stared at him. "Wha–?"

"For the kid," Edward huffed.

I unbottoned my white shirt, and took it off, giving it to Edward. Emmett passed little Brooklyn to Edward, and he wrapped her up in the shirt, nice and snug.

And we started running. Edward was in front, and he was making sure Brooklyn was tight and up against his chest so in case she slipped, she wouldn't fall.

We were flying, as fast as we had ever ran before. Each thunder clap, little Brooklyn would let out a yelp. After about twenty yelps, we were back at Edward's Volvo. He gave her to Emmett, and he hoped into the driver's seat. With me in the back, Emmett and Brooklyn went into the passengers side.

We drove down the highway at an insane speed, and within seconds, I could hear Brooklyn's content little snores coming from Emmett's lap. Emmett chuckled each time Brooklyn would snore loudly, and I slapped him on the shoulder.

We pulled up to the house a few minutes later. The girls' were already home; Rosalie's BMW was in the driveway.

I got out, and I looked at our house. It was big, of coarse, and with plenty windows; a good house to raise a kid in.

Edward was out and Emmett passed little Brooklyn to Edward. Edward craddled her against his chest with one arm, and he closed his car door with the other.

It was show time.

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