The extremely shocked mental silence I sent over the mind space was wild. Jed was starring straight into Jane's eyes, and as my panic overwhelmed almost everything. My stomach was in such a knot I was barely able to breathe. I wanted to puke my guts out right there and then. Jed looked at Carlisle, his eyes beseeching.

I whipped toward my father figure, and reached out with my mind, not tentively, but urgently. I exploded into his mind without resitation. The normal white sea was now gray with terror. His face showed no emotion, but I slowly whispered, /Daddy?/ in my mind.

Carlisle smiled at me and looked at Jed again. Edward snarled, but said nothing. Alice's mouth was in an "o" of surprise, and Jasper was gritting his teeth. Esme, Rose and Emmett didn't know what was happening yet.

"Go, Jed. Go. I will, I promise." Dad's voice was shaky and tiny.

I looked back at Jed as he looked deep into my eyes. Within everything that was happening, I could hear Jane's little gleeful, "Ha! I always get my way, even though she's not dead."

"I'm sorry, Brooklyn," Jed pleaded. "Please forgive me. I'm so sorry."

I nodded, tears running over in my eyes. They flooded my eyesight and everything was a blur, and it still hadn't clicked in my brain on what he was going to do. My breathing was painful now, and if I hadn't been in front of a bunch of people, I probably would have started crying even harder.

I felt Jed's lips on my neck, first as a kiss and they opened, and a flash sharp of pain made me gasp. Jed's mind was suddenly filling with red blood lust, and I could feel something burning on my neck and I wanted to scream, but I screamed nothing. I could feel my body trembling.

"No!" Edward shouted, and I heard his gasp of pain.

Esme's whimper was suddenly lost in the pain, the burning was now acompanied by Jed's wild snarls as he was sucking out all my blood. It felt like all of my life was being spilled out into his mouth, and he was swallowing it. The burning flared, and my mouth opened and a scream managed to escape it. I wanted the burning to stop, and my mind was frantically seeking answers.

Jed's cold arms were around me once more in an unbreakable grasp. But suddenly the cold was broken away from me, and even through my pain, I was grasping for Jed to come back to me. I was in someone else's arms, and I was looking into the face of Carlisle.

/Daddy,/ I whispered mentally through my mind and through the pain that then made me gasp and scream. I was being thrown into a fiery pit, and there was almost no way to escape it.

I closed my eyes and let out a blood curdling scream that sent the burning knife pain down my back. It flooded my system faster with my pounding heart, and in the middle of my screaming, I could hear my father whispering to me what was happening.

I was still screaming as I could hear frantic voices of Edward, Esme and Alice. I only wanted to hear two things: Jed's voice and Jane being ripped to shreds. I knew I would probably not get either of those two.

/Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed, JED!/ I was screaming in my mind over and over again. The field that we shared was on fire now, and the beautiful multi-colored flower in the middle wasn't on fire; it was glowing brightly. I wanted for him to reply horribly bad, and I sent that feeling over the heated mind space.

The pain worsened still, and I knew that through this, I was surely going to die.

Agony ripped it's way through my emotions, replacing everything; my love for my vampire family and my love for Jed. It covered every emotion in a raging fire that coated my every feeling, my every movement. . . . My everything.

I kept screaming, still trying to listen to Carlisle, but all I wanted to hear was Jed's voice again. And again, I sent that feeling over to him.

I only caught Jed's words in my mind as I spiraled into a burning void that I didn't know if I was going to wake up from or not. /Dragonfly, I love you./

All I felt was darkness and pain.


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