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Jasper POV

"Jasper, come here!" Alice called. I smiled and walked over to her. She sat next to Rosalie on the swings, giggling at something Rose said.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked.

She turned to me and smiled. "Are you going to the pool tomorrow?" Actually, I had no plans to be there, but I would if she and everyone else were.

"Yeah, I'll be there, why?"

"Because Emmett, Rose and I are going to the pool at ten and wanted to see in you could make it."

I hid my smile. "Yeah. My parents will be at work tomorrow, so all I have to do is ask tonight."

Alice's smile was dazzling. "Okay, thanks Jasper!" She and Rose hopped off the swings and raced each other to the lake where Bella and Renee sat. Rosalie scooped Bella up and twirled her around. Emmett walked up beside me.

"So, you're going to the pool with us?" he asked.

"Yes, Emmett. I am. Hey, is Bella going to be there?"

He snorted. "Of course not! With her luck, she'd wind up drowning."

I slapped him on the head.

"What was that for?"

"For being an ass. You know none of us would let anything happen to Bella."

"Well, duh! She's like a little sister to me. That's saying something, seeing as how we've only known her for three months."

"Yeah, lucky for Alice she's her neighbor."

"Speaking of the little shortie, what are we going to get her for her birthday next week? She's gonna be ten. "

"Well, she knows what we get her every year, so why try to surprise her? I still don't understand how she knows…it's like she's psychic or something."

Emmett clapped his hands. "That's it! We can get her one of those psychic ball t-shirts and sing her theme song!"

"Yeah, Emmett. That's sure not to attract suspicion if we go around singing 'Sister Psychic' right?" I said sarcastically. "Stupid! She told us that out of confidence! She allowed us to make that song her song on the condition that no one else was told about her ability. They'd send her to the asylum for sure!"

Alice had the ability to know what was going to happen before it did. She told us she had dreams about it. Most of them were good, but on occasion they were about something terrible. Once, Alice dreamt that a brown-haired girl would be her best friend. Two days later, Bella had moved right next door.

"Well fine, oh wise one. What are we getting her?"

"Why don't we get her a board game?" I suggested. "Like Monopoly?"

"Has it," Emmett shot down my idea.

"Ouija board?"

"Parents won't let her have it."

"Sixth Sense!"


"You've never seen that movie? Where this psychologist dude meets this kid who can see dead people. It's really good. And it's a subtle reminder about Alice's ability."

Emmett thought about it for a minute. "I like it."

Alice POV

"So, Alice, any more funny dreams lately?" Rosalie asked as soon as we left the playground with Jazz and Emmett. They leaned in closer to hear my response. I smiled and leaned into her ear.

"Yeah, I saw you and Emmett together, and me and Jasper. Bella was with someone, too. The funny thing is, we all looked to be about the same age, including Bella."

Rose giggled. "Well, we're almost- wait, including Bella? So, what? We'll stop aging?" she whispered, confused.

"I don't know, Rose. But we'll find out one day, won't we?"

"I guess," she sighed. I saw my house coming into sight.

"See you guys tomorrow!" I cried, waving. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper waved back.

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