Title: Turbulence, Chapter 1
Author: digitalruki
Pairing: Davis/Ken*
Spoilers: Season 2 finale. This story takes place shortly after the end of Season 2
Summary: Ken doesn't like to ask for help. Luckily for him, Davis doesn't think twice about offering.
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Davis, or Ken.
*Author's Note: That's right, "Davis", not "Daisuke". When I write, I hear the English characters in my head, and I don't feel right changing the name. Davis, T.K., and all those silly names were the ones I loved as a kid! Writing fanfiction for anime isn't my forte, but I just love this pairing so much. I hope you can excuse my eccentricities. Tell me what you think!
I feel like the after-story of season 2 is kind of full of holes? So I'm going to ignore some facts. More on this later.


It wasn't his habit to trust people.

But he trusted Davis, and when had that happened? His memory still had gaps, but not so recently that he'd missed when he started listening to everything Davis said, or watching everything he did. He didn't question the hand that was offered to him, today, again. He took it.

Davis pulled him onto Raidramon's back. They settled close together, Ken resting his hands on Davis's shoulders. His grip tightened quickly as Raidramon broke into a lightning-fast run. He felt Wormmon trembling in-between them, held steady by their interlocking limbs.

Innocent people were being attacked by an ill-tempered Digimon at one of the new portals to the Digital World. They had defeated Myotismon, and lost Oikawa. Digimon and humans were slowly becoming allies. But the Digidestined weren't out of the woods yet. Indeed, it seemed their problems had only multiplied. Sometimes Ken could barely stand it. He didn't know how he was supposed to help everyone.

Sometimes, he had to admit that he couldn't save the world by himself. As much as he wanted to fix everyone's problems, he was only one kid.

Sometimes, he would watch Davis at work, and wonder if maybe one kid was all it took.

"We have to hurry!" he called. Of course, Davis knew that, he told himself. He didn't have to yell. Their heads were practically resting on eachother. Locked together in support. Davis didn't turn.

But Ken could hear the grin in his voice when he said, "Nobody likes a backseat driver, Ken."

Raidramon leapt over three parked cars and a phone booth. For a split second as they descended, Ken and Davis were floating, and their only connection was Ken's grip on Davis's shoulders. Ken felt the adrenaline rush, the fear, especially as he briefly lost contact with Wormmon. He felt Davis's warmth, his steady posture, a boy who was used to flying through space.

Their heartbeats were in sync. Davis was afraid, too.

They landed, as gentle as a rolling wave, still leaning into eachother. Their legs locked onto Raidramon's lean back. Ken considered transferring his grip there as well. It would certainly be a more reliable grip, and make it easier for him to hold Wormmon. But his clutch on Davis only tightened more.

More reliable, certainly. At the end of the day, Ken didn't trust anyone but himself. But the day, and the fight, wasn't over yet. And for this brief moment when he was forced to lean on someone else, he was glad it was Davis he was putting his trust into.