*And now, as promised, here is an exclusive sneak peek of my next fiction in the working, "Manhunt". Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Luke was more than a little weary. He had stayed the extra two hours because they needed him to, regardless of the fact that he'd already been there twelve. Now that the ER was finally full staffed again, he could gladly escape. He hadn't considered crashing at the hospital, even though he was already so tired. It would probably have caused him to miss his wife in the morning, something he really didn't want to do with her leaving on assignment for the FBI in a few short hours. She was already bummed enough that he'd been called in to work at all.

With coffee in one hand and cell-phone in the other, Luke approached the elevator towards the parking garage. There were no other souls in sight, with the exception of a lone gentleman who had been a few paces behind him as he came out of the automatic hospital doors. He had caught up somewhat, and got onto the elevator along with Luke, nodding slightly in response to his polite smile.

Luke took that moment to touch base with Katherine, something she'd always insisted that he do no matter what time he left the hospital.

"Hi hon. Yeah, I'm just leaving now, they needed me for awhile longer. No, I'm okay, just tired. " He chuckled lightly at her next statement. "I don't know if I'm too tired for that, I guess you'll have to wait up for me and find out. I'm about to get off on my level. I'll grab my car, and be home after that, okay? Mm, that sounds interesting. I'll be there soon, don't let me miss anything." He teased lightly, hanging up just as he stepped off of the elevator.

The other man got off behind him, but Luke was no longer paying any attention to him. He walked briskly towards the Physician's parking where he'd left his Volvo, eager to get back home to his beautiful wife.

He hesitated slightly in his stride as the hair on the back of his neck seemed to stand on end, and a wave of unexplainable nervousness crashed over him. Luke started to glance over his shoulder, stopping dead in his tracks when something hard jammed into his back. He still had his cell-phone in a death-grip, as the man behind him raised his weapon to press it against the back of his skull.

"Give it here Doctor." The stranger ordered directly into his ear, and Luke surrendered the cell-phone.

"What do you want?" Luke asked with as flat a tone as possible.

"I wanna get out of here, and now that I have you, that can finally happen. Walk this way now, if you try anything, you're a dead man."

"What do you want?" Luke repeated more strongly than before, but allowed the gunman to guide him for the moment.

"You'll find out soon enough Barrows, it ain't up to me to spoil all the surprises."

Luke was doing some fast reasoning on his own. The man clearly knew who he was, and needed to get him somewhere else, which indicated the fact that he needed him alive. It also meant that the stranger probably wouldn't follow through on his death threat.

Luke acted quickly, so that he wouldn't have a chance to talk himself out of it. He yanked the lid off of his coffee, and in one swift motion brought his hand back over his shoulder, dashing the hot liquid into the stranger's face. He heard the man's howl of pain, but didn't wait to see how bad it was - he took off running.

The man had his cell phone, but he wasn't completely helpless without it. Luke was a mere six strides away from the man before he hit the panic button on his watch, just in case he couldn't evade him. He looked around wildly as he sprinted across the garage, hoping, praying someone else was around. Gunman had walked him past his own car, and he couldn't risk back-tracking now. His only thought was to find another living, breathing human being, or to just escape out of the garage entirely.

As he rounded a turn to continue down the level, a dark blue mini van suddenly pulled up directly in his path. His first thought was of relief, as he ran over to the driver's side window. It opened to reveal a dark haired gentleman with a goatee and an easy smile. "Can I help you?" The man asked.

"Yeah, ther-there's someone chasing me." Luke got out breathlessly.

"I know." The man said almost sympathetically. "It would have been so much easier if you'd just gone along with him."

Luke fell back a few paces as van doors came open, and four more guns were extended toward him.

"Oh. You're together." He muttered. "That figures."