~Info Page~

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Name: Sadie McGee

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

School: Francis Jone Middle school; however then transfers to James K Polk middle school

Appearance [let's hope this is least mary sue as possible :D]: Sadie has short blonde hair [above the shoulder]. It She always puts huge hard head bands on. Sadie has common brown eyes. Her nose is thin but it doesn't take much space on her face. Sadie's lips are also thin, the color is a mix of dark park and light red. Her shoulders are bony, her arms thin however is finally growing some muscle [milk! :D]. She's still developing a hour glass figure, her legs aren't the longest, she has thin calfs. Sadie's fingers are long and bony, which is why her mom got her to play piano.

Personality: Sadie is creative. She likes to play music, that's why she was in band at her old school. She played the cello. Sadie can be shy and awkward to people if they're giving her a bad vide. However, if she is feeling good vibes, then she can be friendly and helpful. Sadie also tends to make up her own theories and rules. Some can be very realistic..while others are insane. When she is in nervous situations, Sadie usually just goes through it to get it over with. The bad sides to her is that she can be bossy and spiteful. Sadie tends to judge things too quickly, which sometimes causes conflict.

Hobbies: 1. band

2. likes math

3. to ride her bike while walking her dog Bruno.

4. give advice

5. create more theories

6. talk on aim

7. observe the people around her [hopefully without getting caught xD]

Fears: 1. Detention. [she has a theory for detention]

2. Bullies

3. Lizards

4. Dodge ball

5. Ham [it's the devil's food in her opinion]

6. science books [sadie: some information can be misleading us!]

7. Meat [vegetarian!]

Style: Sadie likes to wear button up plaid shirts, she isn't crazy about skinny jeans but she has a few skinnyish ones. She usually likes to wear dark blue baggy jeans with her blue and green belt. Although she likes music, she doesn't wear many band tees. Her shoes change from converse to vans to air walks. When she is feeling lazy she'll wear flats.

~Other characters in the story~:


Mr and Mrs. McGee-parents

Hayley-Sadie's best friend from Francis Jones.

A/N: Now here's the info page! The chapters will be up soon! I also added a sound track to this story: The Higher-It's only natural. I don't know why, but the beat reminds me of this soon to be story!