"How long have they been in a band?" I constantly followed Coconut Head around like a puppy, while he was trying to scope the empty bowling alley. Honestly, a part of me thinks that no one is going to show up, making the whole Loomer's performance, a lot more awkward.

Coconut Head peered into the punch bowl with pure disgust, "Uh....I don't know? Maybe for about two....three years now?"

I grabbed myself a small plastic cup, "Earlier, did you just say they were good because they threatened to beat you up if you didn't?" Am I actually going to take a sip of this probably spiked punchy substance? Grab a hold of yourself, Sadie. You're just worked up because the boy who has been on your mind since you entered James K Polk middle school is interested in music. There hasn't been enough time for someone to intoxicate the drinks.....unless backpack boy over here took out a few roofies from that black bag. No, stop it.

"Why are you so concerned? Oh! I get it! It must be a major turn on that a big bad bully is in a band. So, are you gonna finally hook up with him? I mean, that'd be great, because I won't be in the toilet bowl anymore."

My face grew rather warm, "No! I simply curious! I thought this party was going to be a huge bore, however now that there is going to be a band here, things might just be entertaining."

Weird haircut dude snorted, "Alright....whatever you say---" His head suddenly spun towards the doors that flew open, "Oh my god! People are here! Quick! Where's my sunglasses?! I need them to pick up the ladies tonight." The only thing you're gonna pick up is your dignity on the floor if you're actually walk over to girls. I apologize.

"Sadie! There you are! Oh my gosh!" Yes, 'oh my gosh', Missy already found me. I completely forgot I was supposed to be hiding under tables right now! Just turn around, fake a smile and go on. It's not like she's going to---. Two pairs of hands firmly gripped onto my forearms, practically dragging me to the center of the dance floor. Okay, she did. Pause, vogue, cause a scene! What..? This isn't the time for dancing? Thank God.

The perky blonde started running her mouth, "You look so good! Your hair, clothes! Who helped you with this? A hairdresser? Can I have her number?!" Coconut Head was too busy trying to impress some snobby girls in the corner to bother saving me again.

I unconsciously scratched the side of my face, "Um...thank you. Surprisingly, my mother helped me with this get up....not saying that I wanted it....but she did."

"Is your mom some kind of fashion designer?! Like seriously, this outfit is a whopping number ten! If only I brought my pink note pad so I can award you with amazing sense!" Missy fluffed my hair slightly, as if she was looking at herself in a bathroom mirror.

While the head of the preppy gang rambled on about curling irons, my eyes sucked up the now crowded bowling alley. Everyone were so keen to arrive fashionably late? I thought only high schoolers do that! Not naïve little pre-teens! Alright, it's possible that I insulted myself as well as everyone else in the school. Let's keep that between you and me.

"Sadie? Sadie? Are you listening?"

I nodded uncertainly, "Yeah...."

Missy flashed a brilliant white smile, "Okay, so who did you come with? Since you told me at school you're not going steady for that fruit head." Well, shoot.

Try the truth, "....I didn't come with anyone. Just single....single old Sadie. Personally, I think it's more fun to be an individual, no strings or attachments..." I'm hoping she doesn't decide to introduce me to the basketball team, in hopes of me falling deeply in 'love' with one of the jocks.

"Single?! You?! That is unforgivable! Don't you have an eye on anyone in school? Seth Powers? He may be a little....dense, but he's hot!" Eh, the long haired men aren't really my cup of tea. I don't have the guts to say that to her makeup plastered face though.

Dissy Missy (her new nickname), rolled her eyes, "You're holding out on me! I know it!" What? We're not even friends and she's acting like we've known each other for years. Well, I could have known her in a past life, probably why my life sucks so much now. "Just tell me! I'm going to find out sooner or later anyway!"

The stage lights in front of us snapped on. Ah! Is the show going to start now? Nice timing! Music began blasting from the large speakers, causing the 'cool' dudes leaning against them to stagger forward clumsily. In every party you go to, there is always a few people who make an butt of themselves.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen! To spin off this banging party, Martin and the Blue's Brothers will front for another band who will preform later tonight!" Why is backpack boy manning the microphone? I seriously hope that Loomer isn't part of the Blue's Brothers band. Oh God, I have a feeling this will be disastrous.

Missy laughed, "Oh my god, this is going to be good."

Coconut Head, Martin and a boy I never seen before walked onto the platform moments after backpack boy announced them. They were wearing different clothes than earlier, attire that's even more embarrassing than their formers.

Martin held the mic close to his mouth, which by the way, is a complete 'boo boo', "Hello America! Are you ready?!" No shouts or cheers of approval shot back at him. I'm surprised that the crickets didn't start flapping their yucky legs yet. However, Martin and the brothers were not discouraged, they only shrugged and stationed center point of the stage.

"One, two, three, four!" Coconut Head whipped out drumsticks from his extra baggy pants. Someone must have gotten the cue to press the play button on the stereo, for 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' could be heard throughout the echoey alley.

The boy whose unknown to me sang, "Don't go breaking my heart!"

"I couldn't if I tried!!!" Martin chorused back.

Coconut Head broke out into weird dance poses, "Honey if I get restless....."

"Baby you're not that kind!"

Remember the boy who I don't recognize? Well, I don't think I want to get to know him. Let's call him....Mister Fart Pants, here's exactly how it went down. He slid across the hard wood floor, trying to be like the rock stars that you'd usually see on MTV or Fuse. Not only did he rip his long pants, the boy cut the cheese.

Is there supposed to be very faint smelly waving rays coming out from his rear end? No...I didn't think so. Missy wrinkled her nose with utter terrifying shock. Many people around me cleared the mini dance floor, escaping to the clean air bowling alleys. 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' abruptly stopped, Coconut Head plopped himself off the stage, "I quit! We're sell outs!"

It's a handy thing I pack nose plugs in my pocket, "Nice.....one."

Coconut Head huffed with frustration, "I was trying to make it a surprise but, SOMEBODY had to ruin it!" He gestured towards Mister Fart Pants who was currently slumping near the deserted snack table.

"Hahaha! That was such a joke!" Dissy Missy came back to the scene of the crime. Oh man, I thought she was gone forever. Seems like I attract girls who don't give a flying pancakes about anything but their physical appearance.

My friend with the epic glasses replied lamely, "I'm glad we entertained you."

Missy ignored him, her attention once more back onto me, "Okay, since we were rudely interrupted by that pathetic disturbance, I never heard your answer to who you like." Dammit it to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

"She didn't tell you? It's obvious that she fancies Lom---." My hand flew to his saliva infested mouth. Stop him now, drown my palms in hand sanitizer later.

The girl who has way too much hairspray in her long hair shot me a confused expression, "What's a Lom?" Oh come on. Who else in the entire school has a name that starts with 'Lom'? It isn't even his name in the first place! Billy Loomer. It really troubles me why people just address him by Loomer.

Coconut Head wrecked free from my grasp, "You know what? Never mind. It's Billy." He shouldn't go to sleep tonight, because I'm fairly sure I'll unexpectingly transform into a bat like creature and slaughter him in the comforts of his own blankets. Intense.

"Billy who?!"

I answered, "Billy from an non-existing place in an equally nonexistent planet far away from the sun, moon and Earth." Get the message?

Missy frowned, "Fine! Don't tell me! It's not like they are a million Billy's in the school! I'll find out, mark my words Sadie McGee!" She marched on, most likely searching for her gang of pink followers. Something tells me that nothing great will rise from this.

Well, I should start thanking the fruit head for making my life a lot more complicated. Then again, the promise of me turing into a bat still stands, so I should just simply state, 'Sleep with one eye open.' But I'm way too nice to actually say anything nasty at all, so I just smile at him while he grins away with no care in the world. Just watch your back! It'll be coming! Whenever I get a backbone....it'll be coming. My sudden doubts of Dissy Missy getting enough brain IQ to solve the person I supposedly 'fancy' escalated greatly.

"Ned! Moze!"

This boy seems to be yelling a lot of people's names today. The best friends smiled after spotting Coconut Head and I near the stage, cheese cutting smell forgotten. Why don't you come over here? Join the two party group of awkwardness and random failures. I definitely know Mom wouldn't want to hear about this kind of stuff when she practically flings herself at me the moment I set first into the house.

Ned supported the classic tux and tacky tie, "Hey!"

"Hello." I tried to cover myself up even more than usual, afraid that it'll lead to another heated conversation about how 'slutty' or 'good' it looks on me. Deceased Auntie's sweater is not really helping me much quite anymore.

Moze on the other hand, looked completely necessary. Her dark purple dress sweeped the floor gracefully. Why couldn't Mom put me in something as formal as that? No, instead I got the loosey goosey type of parent.

I complimented, "You look awesome!"

Her eyes brighten, as if she was waiting for someone all night to notice the dress that probably took hours to maintain, "Thanks! You too!" Leave it at that.

"So.....whose playing tonight?" Ned wondered casually. Is he always here? If so, that's kind weird. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with hanging at a bowling alley. But---how should I rephrase this, I bet there are more interesting places to go and see....than this used to be Sears department store.

Coconut Head breathed on his sunglasses, "Loomer."

Moze sighed, "Oh no."

Ned looked beyond scared, "Not again! Last time he threw the mic stand at my head! Dammit Cookie, why did you have to go to your Grandmother's house?!" Lucky duck.

"It can't be that bad." I tried to reason with the distressed teenagers.

Loomer's old crush nodded her head slowly, "Trust us. Put them in front something you can cause damage with, is like giving Satan the easy button for blowing up the world."

Now I'm positively sure that Moze is over exaggerating . Even though they have more past experience with him than me, it doesn't seem logically moral that Loomer and his gang would start a fight in front of millions of kids and about five adults. Did I forget to mention that this bowling alley's next door neighbor is the bulls (cops)? They're not that stupid.

The lights dimmed, telling us the real performance is about to begin. Ned groaned in anxiety while Coconut Head hid behind the flipping out figure. Backpack boy was back, standing proud on the stage. Why is he so happy? Did he manage to slip something weird in the punch like I expected?

"Now here's what you've been waiting for all night! Please give some lovin' to the band known as The Metal Trashers!" First off, I would never give my love to something that is called 'Metal Trashers'. Only Loomer could think of such a bullyish name as that. Are their instruments metal? Or possibly trash they found outside a few minutes before show time?

Loomer and his gang strolled up the stairs, pushing backpack boy out of their path. He fell flat on his back, telling me exactly why he probably decides to carry around a bag that could fill a whole army. Safety precautions.

The boy who I have been waiting all night to see, grabbed the microphone, death glaring at every gaping fish in the ocean. His eyes finally rested on me. Did he not think I would be here? That's just too bad, big guy. Go on, play piano man.

"This song, is titled 'The Girl All The Bad Guys Want', by Bowling For Soup."

Oh my freaking lord. No.

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