Slade sat at his desk working under the glow of a small desk lamp. He had been working for hours, but he was close to finishing so he didn't want to stop now. He was designing a new suit for his apprentice. A neurological suit that would give him control over his apprentice's every move.

Slade looked back over his shoulder at said apprentice. Robin was on his knees on the concrete floor. His hands were bound behind his back and chained to a metal ring in the floor. Robin was still wearing his red and green uniform, but his mask was gone. He glared at Slade, narrowing his bright blue eyes that were rimmed with tears.

Slade smirked behind his mask and turned back to his work. He pulled out a fresh piece of paper and started on a particularly complicated formula. He jotted down a few equations on a separate piece of paper and then moved his pen back to figure those numbers into his formula when a sound interrupted his thoughts.


The low growling sound came and went so fast that Slade decided to ignore it and continue. He had to start over, to make sure he didn't miss anything. He wrote the numbers in and then scribbled out a few more lines of the complex formula.


The noise was louder and longer this time, sending such a ripple of irritation through Slade that he almost snapped his pen in half with one hand. Slade turned to glare in the direction of the noise.

Robin returned the glare, but remained silent. Slade let out a heavy sigh and went back to work.

Guuuurrrrrrrrrrrgle ...

Slade stopped writing and tilted his head, waiting for the growling noise to stop. It did and he moved his pen back to the top of the formula so he could retrace his steps and pick up where he left off.

Slade had just pressed his pen to the paper to continue his work when the sound echoed from behind him again.


"That's it!" Slade slammed his fist down on his desk and stood up from his chair. He set his angry glare on Robin and stormed towards him.

Robin's eyes widened with fear. "Slade, I'm-"

"Not a word, Robin!" Slade interrupted, as he stopped to stand before his apprentice.

Robin watched Slade's hands as he quickly unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. Robin flinched back when Slade pulled his semi-erect shaft free.

"What the hell...?" Robin asked in disbelief as Slade reached for Robin's head and clenched a fistful of his black hair.

"Open your mouth," Slade commanded, bringing the boy's lips to the head of his shaft.

Robin fought to turn his head away. He twisted his wrists and pulled on the chain that held him locked to the floor. But Slade was too strong. He couldn't escape the man's hold.

"Now, Robin," Slade's voice was quiet, but demanding and Robin gave in.

Slowly, Robin opened his mouth and Slade pressed the swelling head of his shaft through the boy's parted lips. Robin squeezed his eyes shut, forcing fresh tears to stream down his cheeks. He opened his mouth as wide as he could to fit his lips around Slade's thick member. Slade pushed Robin's head down, shoving his mouth even further over his shaft until Robin felt the hard tip touch the back of his throat.

Robin gagged at the intrusion and Slade let out a deep groan at the feel of Robin's throat convulsing around his cock. Slade pulled Robin's mouth back off of his shaft until only the boy's lips were wrapped around the head. Robin tried to choke in a much needed breath and then Slade thrust back into his mouth to press against the back of his throat again.

Slade repeated these movements until he set a comfortable pace for himself. He pulled Robin's head down to meet the thrusts of his hips, using the boy's mouth to draw out as much pleasure for himself that he could.

Robin resisted at first, trying to pull his head back, not wanting to be used like this. He continued to gag and choke on Slade's shaft, until he finally figured out that if he relaxed his throat he could get in enough air between Slade's thrusts to keep from suffocating.

Slade looked down to watch his apprentice as he fucked his face. Robin's cheeks were flushed and tears streamed from his closed eyes, drool ran from the corners of his mouth to drip off of his chin.

Slade closed his eye and concentrated on the feel of Robin's hot, wet mouth sliding over his impossibly hard cock. He felt his climax building and his thrusts increased. He groaned as his shaft swelled before his impending release.

Robin could feel Slade grow harder in his mouth. He knew Slade was close and he was glad that he didn't have to endure this for much longer, but at the same time he was afraid for Slade to finish.

Slade pushed into Robin's mouth a few more times as he felt the rush of his release build. With one last fierce thrust, he shoved his cock all the way down Robin's throat, smashing the boy to him.

Robin's eyes popped open when he felt the first hot stream of Slade's seed gush down his throat. Slade's shaft convulsed and twitched in his mouth as he erupted inside of him. Robin was forced to swallow the evidence of Slade's pleasure while he choked and gagged for breath.

Slade's massive chest heaved as he caught his breath. He gave a few more small thrusts as his balls emptied the last of their contents into Robin. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was laying on Robin's tongue, making sure that Robin had time to swallow every last drop before he pulled himself out of the boy's mouth completely.

Robin swallowed the excess saliva in his mouth to try and wash away the flavor of Slade from his tongue. He gasped for air and slumped back on his knees. He watched Slade tuck himself away and buckle his belt. Robin looked up to glare at the man standing over him.

Slade glared back, still very irritated with the boy.

"Now maybe I can finish my work in peace," Slade snapped at Robin and then turned to his desk.

Robin glared at the back of Slade's head as he sat down and started working again. His stomach churned as it started digesting its newly acquired contents in silence.



That was so disgusting. I grossed myself out.

Did you understand what was going on? The growling noise that was disturbing Slade was Robin's stomach. The poor boy was starving, so Slade gave him a little something to fill his belly and keep him quiet.

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