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Warnings: Good gravy, yes! This is dark, non-con, BUT... well, just read it. You have to go in blind and we can talk about your feels at the end. Just hang in there. I'm here for you, buddy. *pats you on the back*

The beginning is slow, but don't be impatient. I know some of you skip the paragraphs and just go right to the quotation marks to only read the dialogue ;) But, I think the beginning builds the mood. So turn the lights off, snuggle up under a blanket and read it all the way through.


Robin sat at the computer, staring up at the large screen with a sucker in his mouth. He spun the stick in his fingers, swirling the sweet orb on his tongue while his eyes darted over the images of Jump City.

It was Halloween night and Robin had volunteered to keep an eye on things while the Titans went out to help cheer up the less fortunate kids. Cyborg and Beast Boy were helping out at the local orphanage while Starfire and Raven were making rounds at the children's hospital.

There was a piercing scream that echoed through the room and Robin lazily turned in his chair to watch the movie that was playing on the television. Some blonde female was running down a dark hall trying to find an unlocked door where she could hide from whoever was trying to kill her. Robin shook his head and returned his attention to the computer screens.

He leaned back in his chair and popped the sucker out of his mouth, absentmindedly swirling the tip of his tongue around the red ball when he heard a faint clanking noise from out in the hall and he froze. He turned his head to look behind him, peering into the darkness beyond the doorway.

Robin listened for a few moments before he slowly turned back to the computer screen. He slid the sucker between his lips and moved his hands to the keyboard, checking the Tower's security system. It was still online, and the Tower was clear. Robin shrugged and typed in coordinates to scan the other side of the city.

This time, the clanking noise was much louder, and much closer. Robin spun around, jumping out of his chair with his fists in the air. He glanced around the room, searching the shadows, straining his ears to hear any sounds beyond the movie that was playing in the background. There was another noise farther off down the hall and Robin recognized it as the sound of a door closing.

Robin wasn't alone in the Tower...

He clenched his fists with a nervous sort of irritation. If his team was trying to scare him, it was working. Secretly Robin hoped this was all a prank, but he wasn't stupid enough to take any chances. There was one way to be sure...

Robin pulled the sucker from his mouth and set it next to the keyboard. He used a hand to dial the code for the Titans' communicators, but just as he was about to hit the call button, the entire room went black and deathly silent.

Robin gasped and spun around, his eyes darting from shadow to shadow. He pulled out his communicator from his belt and brought it to his lips.

"Titans, come in," Robin spoke quietly, but there was no noise coming from the other end.

Communications were down.

"Great," he let out a sigh, trying to slow the pounding of his heart.

Thankfully there was enough moonlight streaming in through the windows so that he could see well enough without having to use his flashlight. If someone thought they could sneak up on Robin in the shadows, they were in for a big surprise. Robin grew up in the shadows and he wasn't going to let someone else get the drop on him on his own turf.

He crept up to the doorway to peer around the corner into the empty hall. He moved out silently, making his way to the first door. With a deep breath he turned the knob, but it didn't budge. It was locked. Robin blinked in surprise. He tried the rest of the doors along the corridor, realizing that the Tower had been locked down before the power shut off.

Clank... Clink

Robin flipped around at the noise that came from somewhere down the opposite end of the hall. He reached for his staff and extended it while he moved towards the noise, happy to have a weapon in his hands.

He walked down the hall, passing the closed doors and stepping around the beams of moonlight that shined through the windows.

He knew where he was going.

He headed towards his destination, knowing where the noise was trying to lead him. He wasn't surprised when he found the door was slightly open.

The only room that wasn't closed off.

His bedroom.

Robin pushed the door open with his staff and waited behind the protection of the wall. When nothing happened he reached for a disc from his belt. He activated it and quickly threw it into the room. A bright burst of light pulsed out from the disc, bathing everything in a blinding white that Robin hoped gave him a momentary advantage.

He flipped into the room just as the pulse of light began to die, using the few precious seconds he had to scan his surroundings before the entire room was plunged into darkness again. Robin stood, spinning his staff around him while he shifted to glance over every corner of his room.

He turned around just as the light flickered with its last spark and he gasped in surprise when his gaze caught the slight glint of copper and the white of a single glaring eye before the room was swallowed by darkness.

"Slade," Robin glared, hissing the man's name venomously.

"Hello, Robin," Slade greeted the teen with an icy tone.

"What are you doing here?" Robin backed away, slowly stepping back towards his curtain. He couldn't see anything in the black room and Slade never made enough noise for Robin to be able to rely on his other senses. If he was going to have a chance in hell, he needed light.

"Just checking in on an old friend. It has been several months since I last called on you to come out and play." Slade mused, sounding distant and hollow.

"I'm not your friend. And it has been a year and a half since you've shown your face. What are you planning? Where have you been?"

A chuckle echoed through the room and Robin glanced all around him in the darkness, trying to pinpoint where the man's eerie voice was coming from.

"I have been away... ignoring the temptation... until a little birdy came along and reminded me of how much I missed you. The need... the desire... its overwhelming, Robin."

Robin swallowed, his throat suddenly feeling too dry. "What do you want, Slade?" he asked, closing the distance to the wall next to the edge of his curtain. He ran his hand along the wall behind him.

"What do I want?" That cold dark laugh echoed through the room again. "I want you, Robin."

Robin's eyes widened at those words just as his hand came into contact with the control panel for his curtain. He flipped the switch and was relieved when the curtain slid open, but his relief was short-lived when the light that spilled through the window revealed Slade's large form standing directly in front of him.

Robin snapped into action, quickly swinging his staff up towards Slade's masked face, but the man was faster and he grabbed the staff with both hands and used it to shove Robin back against the wall, pressing it across his throat.

"It has been quite a while since I have had the pleasure of your company," the man's eye narrowed. "Far too long for my tastes, anyway."

Robin glared and lifted his feet up to plant the soles of his boots against Slade's chest and he shoved the man back with all his strength. Slade staggered back, taking Robin's staff with him and Robin took the opportunity to lunge at the man.

Slade effortlessly dodged Robin's strikes. He stepped to the side, blocked his punches, and used the staff to stop his kicks. They moved like the flow of liquid, mirroring each other's motions as if the whole thing had been a dance choreographed especially for this moment under the moonlight.

Slade chuckled. "You can't even touch me."

Robin growled, growing increasingly more frustrated. He put everything he had into a single punch that was aimed at the blind side of Slade's mask.

Slade's hand shot up to grip Robin's fist and he bent the boy's hand back until it cracked.

Robin shouted in pain and dropped to his knee, cradling his injured wrist. He looked up at Slade with wide fear-filled eyes.

Slade tilted his head to one side. "Now it's my turn."

The kick sent Robin flying back against the foot of his bed. He clutched his chest and coughed, scrambling to get to his feet before Slade reached him, but he wasn't fast enough. Slade pulled him up by his hair and then slammed his fist into Robin's stomach, causing the boy to crumple to the floor again.

Robin whimpered in pain.

"Mmm, how I've missed that sound," Slade stared down at the huddled form at his feet, watching the boy trying to get to his hands and knees. He reached down for Robin's shirt and hoisted him up by his collar. "Beg me to stop, Robin."

Robin weakly grabbed Slade's wrist and lifted his gaze to glare up at the man. "No, Slade. I won't."

Slade's eye narrowed. "Not yet. You're not nearly scared enough. But you will be."

Robin swiftly lifted his knee up to strike between Slade's legs and then he quickly twisted away, tearing his shirt in the process to get out of Slade's grip. The man's head turned towards Robin's direction and the boy glared at that single calculating eye. Slade opened his hand, letting the material fall from his grasp and then he stepped forward.

Robin tried to defend himself.

He tried to stay on his feet.

He tried to get in one good hit.

But he was no match for the massive figure that filled his vision.

Robin barely recognized the way the man was moving. Slade wasn't fighting like he had in the past. There was something cold and sadistic in the way he ran his hand up Robin's chest before gripping him by the throat, the way he wedged his leg between Robin's thighs before he struck him in the groin, and the way he swirled his fingers through Robin's hair before he clenched it in his fist. Something was different about Slade. Robin didn't know what he sensed in him, but something wasn't right.

Slade wasn't holding back at all and as Robin was flying through the air to crash into a wall, he realized the danger he was in. Slade was going to kill him.

Robin scrambled to his feet, using the wall for support. He had to get away. He had a fraction of a second to escape and he didn't hesitate to act on it. Robin lunged towards the door, praying that he could fling it open and bolt out into the hall before Slade caught him.

He reached towards the slightly open door. His hand closed around the knob and his heart skipped a beat. His muscles tensed in anticipation of pulling the door open, but instead, the exact opposite happened.

Slade's hands slammed against the door on either side of Robin's head, forcing it to close. Robin yelped and then froze when he felt Slade press up against the back of him, trapping him between the cold surface of the door and the warmth of Slade's body.

For a few moments, Slade didn't do anything. He just stood there, keeping Robin pinned in place, his larger body encasing the smaller, frightened hero.

Robin had to fight the urge to yell at Slade to just do something. He pressed his forehead against the door and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to calm his trembling body. His breaths came out in shallow gasps and his heart felt as if it were about to pound through his chest. He had only been afraid, truly afraid, maybe a handful of times in his entire life, but he couldn't remember ever being this terrified or feeling this helpless.

Slade chuckled behind him, his warm breath rustling through Robin's hair. "You're ready, Robin. I can smell it. The scent of fear is radiating off of your body in torrents. It's intoxicating."

Robin opened his eyes and turned his head to look up at Slade over his shoulder. "Ready... for what?"

Slade's hands slid down the smooth surface of the door to grip Robin's wrists. He pulled the boy's arms behind his back. "For me," he answered and then yanked him back into the room, shoving him towards the bed.

Robin gasped as he was bent over the edge of the tall bed and pushed face down into his soft blankets. He turned his head to the side to breathe and twisted his shoulders, testing Slade's unrelenting hold.

Slade moved to hold the boy's wrists with one hand. He wedged his boot between Robin's smaller boots and kicked his feet apart while his free hand slid under the boy's body to unclasp his belt. He made quick work of Robin's pants and before the hero truly realized what was happening, his pants were in shreds around his ankles.

Robin's eyes were wide with panic and he fought even harder to squirm free from the villain. "Slade, what are you doing? Let me go. Stop!" he protested, his voice betraying his fear.

Slade chuckled and moved his hand to his own belt and pants.

The sound of the man's zipper echoed painfully in Robin's ears and he felt his heart jump into his throat.

"Slade, please don't do this," he pleaded, looking back at the masked man over his shoulder.

"Yes, Robin. Beg me to stop. Beg your Master not to take you." Slade's eye narrowed and he quickly pulled Robin up by his hair, slammed his fist into the boy's stomach, and then held his open hand up in front of the boy's mouth to catch the spit that he coughed out.

Robin was vaguely aware that Slade had shoved him back down to bend over the bed, twisting his arms behind his back again. He fought to get air into his burning lungs, barely noticing that Slade was slathering him with his own spit to prepare him, swirling the warm saliva around with a finger, and then the hand was gone, moving back up to grip his wrists behind his back.

Robin tensed, gasping into the blanket when he felt the man's bare flesh come into contact with his own. His most private of places was being prodded by the man's arousal... He hadn't expected it to happen so quickly. He wasn't even sure what was happening. One minute he thought Slade was going to kill him and the next the man was trying to push inside of him.

Robin squeezed his eyes shut, trying to rationalize what the hell was happening. This must be a nightmare. A terrible, insane, really, really bad nightmare... but then there was pain and the reality of the situation was suddenly undeniably real. He grunted, clenching his teeth. His voice grew louder until his mouth opened with an anguished shout.

"Slade, no!" he rasped.

"This is going to happen, Robin. And there is nothing you can do to stop it."

The pressure continued and Robin groaned with the man's efforts to gain entry into his body. He turned his face into the blanket and bit down on the thick comforter. His body started to give way, allowing Slade to slip in just past the tight ring of muscle. But Slade didn't stop there and Robin cried out into the blanket as his body stretched to accommodate the man's invading shaft.

"No! No more! Please," Robin begged, his voice cracking. His whole body was trembling. It felt like Slade was going to split him in half and he was sure the villain wouldn't be able to fit without ripping him to shreds.

Slade responded by backing out a little and then he pushed forward to bury himself completely, eliciting a pained shout from the boy beneath him. He didn't pause to allow Robin time to adjust around him and instead started moving, thrusting in and out of the hero with long, languid strokes.

Robin growled into the blanket through his clenched teeth. He was relieved Slade had used his spit to make this easier, but at the same time he was disappointed that his body was able to accept the man with little resistance.

"Why are you... doing this?" Robin asked between thrusts.

"To claim what has always been mine."

Slade's pace quickened and Robin squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the fact that Slade was inside of him... he was literally inside of him... fucking him. He drew in a ragged breath and twisted his gloved wrists in Slade's grip.

Slade chuckled and pulled the gloves off of Robin's hands. "You are a bit overdressed, aren't you?"

The man released Robin's arms and moved his hands to the teen's hips to gain better leverage. He pulled the boy back against him as his thrusts became harder, more violent.

Robin gripped the blanket in his fists, matching grunts with each of Slade's thrusts. He stared past the foot of his bed to the newspaper clippings on his wall. The pictures of him and his team in their most triumphant moments. Robin closed his eyes, ashamed.

Slade suddenly tensed with a short grunt and Robin felt the man pulsing inside of him as a warmth spread within him. He let out a quiet sob, thankful that it was over.

Slade gave a few more quick thrusts before he pulled out, sliding out much easier than when he had entered. He reached a hand down to grab Robin's arm and turned him over to lay on his back.

Robin looked up at Slade with an expression that seemed to be a mix of anger and fear, fully expecting Slade to kill him now that he was done with him.

Slade smirked behind his mask. "Now it's your turn." He pushed Robin's legs apart and settled his hips between his spread thighs.

Robin's eyes widened in surprise as Slade pushed into him again. The man set a steady pace and leaned over to plant one of his hands near the boy's head while his other hand traveled lower, down between their bodies.

Robin visibly flinched when Slade's fingers brushed against him. He could see the mirth in the man's eye, watching him, while he teased his limp member to life.

"No," Robin raised his hands to shove at Slade's chest defiantly. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the man's skilled manipulations.

"Don't fight it, Robin."

Slade chuckled darkly and shifted the angle of his thrusts, hitting a spot inside of Robin that sent a shock of pleasure through him. Robin's eyes popped open with a gasp and he met Slade's gaze with a worried frown.

Slade repeated the movement, finding a comfortable position to ensure that every thrust brushed past the boy's prostate, causing him to shudder with the growing stimulation.

Robin's hands clenched into fists against Slade's chest. A small moan escaped his throat as Slade stroked him, rocking his body with each thrust, and sending twinges of pleasure coursing through him. He recognized the sensation of the tingling heat pooling low in his belly and he knew he was losing this battle.

"Slade, please... Don't make me enjoy this," Robin pleaded with a pained expression that reflected his pleasure and guilt.

"This isn't about you, Robin. This is about what I want, and right now, I want to make you come." Slade's grip tightened around Robin's hardened length and the boy's lips parted with a choked gasp.

Robin felt the familiar throb of need that started at the base of his shaft and ended with a tantalizing itch at the tip of his swollen glans. He bit his bottom lip, fighting the urge to buck his hips to create more friction.

Robin felt his nipples tighten with a shiver of pleasure and he suddenly became acutely aware of the contact between the two of their bodies. The heat and girth of Slade inside of him, the feeling of being filled, and the motion of the man's hips rocking against him was overwhelming. Robin gripped Slade's shirt in his fists, feeling Slade's heart beat and the muscles of his broad chest flex with his movements. The warm hand around his shaft, lazily stroking up and down his length made everything blur together and he lost himself in his own building desire. There was no Slade, and there was no Robin, there was only skin against skin, heat, tingling friction, quiet moans, panting breath, and gripping pleasure.

Slade quickened his thrusts, relentlessly rubbing back and forth over the gland inside of Robin, making the boy twitch with the sensation. Robin's eyes fluttered closed and he bit his bottom lip, feeling his body flush with heat. He arched his back with a low moan as he teetered on the edge of his release and with one sudden hard thrust he felt himself fall into the blinding waves of his climax.

Robin's body shuddered, clenching around Slade as he shot white streams of his pleasure all over his chest and stomach. He felt the man swell inside of him and then a growing warmth as he released the evidence of his own sated lust deep within him.

Robin opened his eyes, gasping for breath. He stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to meet the man's gaze.

"There is no reason you can't enjoy this too, Robin." Slade slowly pulled out of him and took a step back, letting Robin's legs fall limply to dangle over the edge of the bed. "Now, on your knees, boy."

Robin's breath caught in his throat. Slade couldn't be serious. There was no way the man could possibly want to go again, let alone be physically ready for it. Robin lifted his head to give the man an appalled look. "No more, Slade. Please, you got what you wanted. Please just end this."

Slade's eye narrowed. "I'm not through with you."

Robin glared, clenching his teeth. He didn't care what Slade wanted. He was done with this. Robin swiftly twisted his body to the side, bringing his steel-toed boot around in a wide arch that connected with the side of Slade's face.

There was a loud ringing sound of metal crashing against metal as Slade's head snapped to the side and his body followed, sending the man stumbling to land on one knee on the floor.

Robin had already sprung up from the bed and darted around Slade towards the door. He was surprised when his ankle was caught, causing him to fall face first to the floor. He looked down to see that Slade was reaching for his other leg and he kicked in a panic, but the man already had a firm grip. Slade ripped the straps off of Robin's boots and tore them off the boy's feet then he yanked Robin down so that he was kneeling over him on the floor.

Robin found himself blinking up at Slade's face and he saw that there was a huge crack that branched through the copper side of his mask and a jagged piece was missing from the bottom of Slade's eye down to the side of the man's mouth.

"That hurt," Slade growled, his voice taking on a hollow tone that sent a shiver through Robin.

Robin glared up at the man, masking his fear. "Good! Pain should be the only thing between us, you sick bastard!"

"If you wanted me to make it hurt, Robin, all you had to do was ask," Slade growled the words out through his clenched teeth. He reached up to rip the pieces of his mask away and then swiftly stripped off his armor and shirt before he stood, hauling Robin up to his knees in front of him.

Robin's eyes widened at the sight of Slade's face. Somehow, the eyepatch, white goatee, and white hair just seemed to fit the man. He had always hoped to unmask him, but under the circumstances it was a bittersweet victory and the glare on the villain's face had Robin wishing he never saw the man without his mask on ever again... or clothes for that matter...

Robin snapped out of his deep thoughts when Slade roughly gripped his hair with one hand and shoved his pants down off of his hips with the other. He lined Robin's mouth up with the head of his stiff cock.

"I'm not going to bother warning you about what will happen if you try to cause me anymore pain, Robin. I suggest you focus on my pleasure instead."

Robin's hands flew to Slade's thighs in effort to push himself away, but Slade was much stronger and Robin soon found himself choking down the thick shaft. Slade didn't make the task easy for Robin as he plundered the boy's throat, gagging him and using his mouth to draw out as much pleasure for himself that he could.

By the time Slade finally pulled back to coat Robin's face in his seed, the boy had tears and spit mixed with blood running down to drip onto his chest and the floor. Slade released his hair and he fell forward, collapsing to his forearms. He coughed for breath and wiped at his mouth, wincing at the pain from the cuts in his lips.

Slade unclasped his boots and kicked them off before shedding his pants. He reached down for Robin's shirt and lifted him up to toss him onto the bed again, causing the material to tear off of his body.

Robin tried to turn, but Slade was already on him, pushing him face down into the bed and straddling his thighs. Robin closed his eyes as Slade roughly took him from behind, sliding in and out of him with ease.

Slade's pace was brutal and his grip was crushing, causing tears of pain to fill Robin's eyes. He didn't know how long the man used him, or how many more times the bastard came, he was too exhausted and wounded to care anymore.

Slade flipped him over onto his back again and gripped his wrists, pinning them on either side of his head while he pushed into him. His thrusts were slower and Robin noticed that a slight sheen of sweat had broken out over his body. It seemed the man was finally tiring out.

Slade smirked down at Robin, noticing the faint glimmer of hope on the boy's face. He leaned down, brushing his lips against Robin's swollen, cut mouth. Robin's eyes widened when Slade's tongue slipped between his lips, but he didn't fight it. He glared up into the man's eye as Slade deepened the kiss, devouring the hero's mouth. Slade's thrusts quickened and he somehow managed to come again, flooding Robin's insides with warmth once more.

Slade closed his eye, panting heavily. "Mmm, I suppose that's enough for one night. I've never experienced such unending stamina and endless pleasure. I am quite satisfied with this body's performance."

Robin blinked up at the man hovering over him. Was he talking about himself? "Wh-what?" Robin asked, looking rather confused.

Slade smirked and leaned down to press his mouth to Robin's lips, kissing him gently, then he rose back up. "Oh, I wasn't talking to you, little Robin. I was talking to the Master of this body."

Slade's eye closed and his body jerked slightly as the ghostly face of a demon emerged from the man's chest. It smiled a wicked grin full of pointed teeth while reaching a clawed hand down towards Robin's face.

Robin's breath caught in his throat when the hand lightly caressed his cheek, barely ghosting over his heated flesh.

Slade grunted and inky black wings erupted from his back, phasing through the man's flesh. The demon spread his tattered wings and tore himself away from Slade's body. The naked apparition hovered in the air above the bed, stretching its sinewy limbs and then with one last look of longing at the two bodies below it, its image dissipated and vanished from view.

Slade's eye opened and scanned down the body of the boy underneath him. The man was panting heavily, his breath cool against Robin's damp face. He lifted his hips, slowly pulling his still-hard shaft from Robin's body as he rolled off of him to collapse next to the boy on his back.

Robin didn't move. He laid there, listening to the man next to him catch his breath. He blinked up at the ceiling, causing a few tears to escape and then found the courage to speak. "Slade?" he tested the man's name, his voice hoarse.

Slade hesitated for a moment before responding. "Yes, Robin. It's me."

Robin turned his head to look at Slade laying next to him. "What...? How...? Was that...?"

Slade glanced over to meet the teen's gaze. "An incubus. I couldn't stop it. It fed off of my ambition to gain control over you and fueled my desire to force your subjugation. I was powerless to quell the lust it instilled within me."

"You were... possessed?" Robin's eyes narrowed with a glare. "It was your fault," he whispered, quietly, accusingly. "Because of your obsession with trying to make me your apprentice." Robin slowly pushed himself up to sit on the bed, wincing in pain.

Slade propped himself up on an elbow, noticing how the boy flinched at the sudden movement. "I suppose you have a point. The incubus was drawn to that obsession... I won't stop until I have you, mind, soul, and body."

"Fuck you," Robin seethed, glaring at the naked man stretched out beside him.

Slade's expression darkened. "Oh, I think you've had your fill of me already, boy."

"You're not even sorry! Damn it, don't you realize what you just did to me?" he looked at Slade, confusion, anger and sorrow mixed on his face.

"Not me, boy. The incubus," Slade glared and sat up as well.

"It was you... I'm covered in your sweat and... and..." Robin shuddered with a silent sob and then grabbed his ribs with a pained grunt.

Slade watched Robin for a moment, his eye scanning over the bruises and cuts strewn across the boy's lithe body. He met Robin's gaze with a look that reflected the hero's pain. "I won't deny that it was my lust for power and dominance that brought this upon you. The incubus woke up a primal need that I prefer to keep buried inside of me, that I deny exists. It was that desire that made me do this to you... but, without the incubus' influence driving me, I never would have acted on those desires, Robin."

"That's no excuse!" Robin shouted, losing control of his tumultuous emotions. He moved to get up from the bed, but was stopped when Slade grabbed his bruised wrist.

"What if it had been you?" Slade's eye narrowed. "What if the incubus had possessed your body? What dark desires would it have released? I wonder what you would have tried to do to me... Or perhaps to a certain green-eyed alien?" Slade paused, letting his words stir up Robin's darker thoughts. "How do you think you would feel afterwards?"

Robin's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He stared at Slade's face. Anger, regret, and sorrow blending into one. He wanted to hate the man for what happened. He needed someone to blame, to focus his anger on, to be able to get revenge and find some sort of satisfaction from it. Some closure... But, it wasn't Slade's fault. He was used by the demon, a victim, just the same as him.

Tears welled up in his eyes. Robin tried to stop it, but he couldn't hold them back and they spilled over to stream down his face. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to cry in front of the man who had just destroyed him.

"Robin," Slade breathed the boy's name out, though his tone was void of any emotion. He wrapped an arm around Robin's shaking shoulders and pulled him close to his chest, enveloping him in the warmth of his body. It wasn't something he was comfortable doing, offering sympathy... but it was what Robin needed and it was his fault Robin needed it. Slade thought back to the time his young son had gotten hurt because of him, and how he had held his boy against his chest in the same manner, hoping it would soothe the damage he had caused.

For a while they just stayed there like that while Robin cried; the two of them sitting in the middle of the bed, naked, surrounded by the destruction that they had created.

Robin stayed pressed up against Slade, listening to his heart beat through his broad, muscled chest, held securely by the man's arm. It was oddly comforting.

Eventually Robin stopped crying and he regained his composure. He pushed the man away and wiped his tears with the back of his hand. He glanced at Slade, who was watching him with a blank expression.

"I hate you," Robin muttered, averting his eyes.

"I know," Slade answered flatly.

"Are you... going to tell anyone?"

Slade reached for Robin's chin and turned his face so he could set his gaze on the teen. "Of course not. What would I say? That a demon made me sneak into the tower when the other Titans were out, conveniently, I might add, and it forced me to attack you?" Slade dropped his hand.

Robin swallowed nervously. "I... just wanted to be sure that you weren't going to use this against me. That this wasn't some plot of yours."

"I'm flattered that you think I'm so nefarious, Robin," Slade smirked. "But, what about you? You know you have enough hard evidence to convict me. You could put me away for a long time if you told anyone about what happened here tonight. No one would believe that I was possessed by an incubus."

Robin shook his head. "That would be wrong. It wasn't your fault. You were just as much a victim as I was."

Slade frowned. "Well, when you say it like that, I think I'd prefer to deny that there was a demon involved. I do have a reputation to uphold."

"Don't worry, I won't tell if you don't," Robin smiled slightly, thinking of his own reputation. "Neither one of us can use this against each other. Deal?" he held his hand out.

Slade grasped the boy's hand and gave it a shake. "Agreed. It'll be our little secret."

"You should get dressed, I guess," Robin dropped his hand and moved to the edge of the bed, grunting in pain. "I think you broke a few ribs."

"I think you broke my cock," Slade retorted.

Robin's head snapped around to glare at the man. "That's not funny."

Slade arched a brow. "I'm not joking."

"Oh, I..." A thought suddenly struck Robin and his eyes widened. "What the hell am I going to tell my team?"

Slade moved to stand from the bed. "Tell them the truth," he said while walking over to pick up his shirt from the floor. "Tell them I broke into the tower and beat the shit out of you."

"What was your motive?" Robin watched the man pull his shirt on over his head.

"Do I need a motive to break into the tower to beat the shit out of you?" Slade asked, raising an indignant brow.

"No, I suppose not. That sounds like something you would do."

Slade bent down to pick up a piece of armor and buckled it to his forearm. He glanced around, looking for the other piece, finding his boxers and pants instead.

Robin watched Slade pull his pants on and buckle his belt.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" Slade asked, glancing in his direction.

"Actually, I would really like to shower first, but I don't think I can stand right now."

Slade's eyebrows shot up. "Did I break your legs too?"

"Almost," Robin answered quietly, averting his eyes.

Slade let out a sigh. "Would you like me to assist you?"

"Not really. I think I'll just wait until you leave."

"And let your friends return to find you passed out on the floor covered in my DNA? I think not." Slade walked over and grabbed Robin's arm, lifting him to his feet and then helped him step towards the bathroom. He led him into the shower where Robin could use the bar on the shower door to support himself.

"Yell for me when you're done," Slade said before leaving to give Robin some privacy.

Slade walked around the bedroom, looking for the rest of his uniform. He found a boot under the bed and a glove hanging off the side of the lampshade. He was fully dressed by the time Robin called for him and he returned to the bathroom to find the naked teen clinging to the shower door, looking rather pale.

"It hurts... need to sit..." Robin rasped.

Slade pulled a towel from the bar and wrapped it around Robin's body before lifting him up into his arms. He carried Robin out to the bed and sat him down on the edge.

"Thank you," Robin said, quietly.

"My pleasure," Slade smirked.

"I hate you."

"Yes, I know."

Slade walked over to Robin's closet and pulled out a new uniform and underwear. He returned to the bed and set them down next to the teen.

"I trust you can manage to get dressed on your own?"

"Yes, I'll be fine," Robin nodded.

"You should wait here for your friends. As soon as Raven returns she can heal your wounds."

Robin nodded, understanding that Slade knew Raven would know the truth if she touched him, but he was still giving him permission to allow her to heal him.

Slade turned his back to Robin and stepped towards the door. "I'll be around, if you need to talk, Robin," the man offered, walking away.

"Wait!" Robin called after him and Slade paused to turn and face him. "So, um... since I've seen your face, and well, every other part of you," Robin blushed. "Would you maybe want to meet for coffee tomorrow, without our masks, and... talk?"

Slade smiled, slightly. "How about dinner, instead?"

"Dinner? Isn't that kind of..." Robin trailed off and his blush deepened.

"Well, I did make it past third base, Robin. I think I should at least buy you dinner," the man arched an indignant brow. "I'll pick you up at six," Slade smirked at Robin's stunned expression.

"Wait, here? You can't pick me up here," Robin said, looking worried.

"No, not here. Don't be ridiculous. Keep your communicator with you. I will call you to let you know where to meet me. Don't be late. I don't like to be kept waiting." Slade turned to walk out of the boy's room. "Oh, and wear something nice," Slade said as he passed through the doorway, leaving Robin in stunned silence.


Slade entered his hideout and casually walked through the main living area towards the bedroom in the back. He flipped on the light and stepped over to the large bathroom where he started to unclasp his armor, dropping everything in a pile on the tiled floor. He peeled his shirt off and then bent over to unbuckle his boots before kicking them aside.

"Your body is insatiable," a hollow voice echoed through the large bathroom.

Slade looked up to see the ghostly apparition of the incubus, smiling wickedly at him. He glared. "Didn't you get your fill?"

"Yes, I did," the demon locked its glowing eyes on Slade, holding the man's gaze while it moved closer. It reached a finger out to trace a claw down Slade's bare chest, over the ridges of his muscled stomach, down to the front of his pants. "But you did not," it pulled his zipper down. "I felt it. You were not satisfied. You want more."

Slade smirked. "And I will have more, all in due time."

"Without me?" the incubus's form shrunk back in displeasure.

"Without you," Slade stated firmly, pulling his belt off.

The demon watched Slade undress with a morbid fascination and then it flickered slightly. "My time in this realm is nearing its end. Thank you, for allowing me the use of your body, Master."

"You are most certainly welcome," Slade smirked. "Although, you forced me to intervene once or twice when you came close to killing him. I wasn't happy about that. He might have noticed."

The incubus cowered a little. "Forgive me. He was so beautiful, I got carried away."

Slade waved a hand. "It's fine. Everything went according to plan. You fulfilled your part of the contract perfectly."

"Thank you, Master. Should you ever desire a contract with me again, please do not hesitate to summon me. It was my pleasure."

"Mine as well. I release you," Slade gave a small nod and watched the demon slowly dissipate.

The End


did you like it? ... yes, no, maybe?

I'm sorry if you hate slash, non-con, and evil twists and I made you read this. But I couldn't warn you because it would have given stuff away. Forgive me?

So, Boredomisanunderstatement wanted me to write slashy, smutty, sex and she wanted Robin to enjoy it at some point. That was her only request. So there it is, Boredomisanunderstatement. I tried. This was all I could squeeze out of my warped brain. I hope you liked it.

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