Author's Note: I haven't worked on this in a long time and with the good Lord's help, I was able to come back to it. : ) I hadn't planned on posting any season 5 entries until I was totally finished with season 5. But, I decided that since I wasn't sure when I would finish season 5, since it had been so long since I had worked on it, the fact that I had people asking me when I would add more, and since I did have some season 5 entries finished, I would go ahead and post what I have. I pray and hope you will all enjoy it. Please keep checking back for updates. : )

In this first season 5 installment, you will find several entries based on the two part episode, "Guess Who's Going To Be a Bride". Besides the episodes themselves, I took off on what Tony said to Roger in part 2, that he dreamed of Jeannie every night. : )

Season 5

Entry #53

Jeannie's dog Djinn Djinn may be cute, but he can be a little terror. He was here not to long ago and Jeannie accidentally turned him into porcelain, trying a new blink recipe in the genie journal. She even turned my briefcase and one of my reports into porcelain by accident. What will they come up with next? Then, after going through a mess of being accused of passing off an ancient art piece (Djinn Djinn) as my own and getting through all of that, I thought I was in the clear.

Then the other day, he shows up again. Jeannie got a phone call from her aunt Milama. Yeah, my office. Her aunt was obviously fascinated with contacting her that way. She sent Jeannie a surprise present. A wrapped box with a bow pops into my office and unwraps itself (a present unwrapping itself—now there's something new). Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! It's Djinn Djinn. Jeannie's aunt sent her Djinn Djinn. Oh, no! Now what? Dr. Bellows came in and knew exactly who it was. I tried to convince him it wasn't and I almost succeeded-that is until Roger came in and opened his big mouth. So, Djinn Djinn did what he normally does. He attacked Dr. Bellows and shreds his uniform.

Then, we met up with General Schaeffer in the hallway and he thought Djinn Djinn was cute. He told me he'd like him to meet his Great Dane, Jupiter. So, I told Jeannie later at home to get Djinn Djinn home. He couldn't stay. Of course, Jeannie pleaded with me to let him stay and not being able to say no, I relented (why is she so hard to say no to?). But I knew I still couldn't take him to the park to meet General's Schaeffer's dog. Well, Djinn Djinn had other ideas.

When I was explaining his absence to General Schaeffer, Djinn Djinn pops in. Then from there, there was total chaos. Djinn Djinn turns invisible. Jupiter goes nuts because of Djinn Djinn. Jeannie shows up to try and help, but Djinn Djinn seems to want to do his own thing anyway. So, basically I went on a wild goose chase and so did General Schaeffer (after Jeannie unfroze him—she froze him to keep him from knowing what was going on). Djinn Djinn wound up on a diving board at a pool down the street and I get on there to try and get him and just as I get to him, he pops out and I fall in the pool. But then Jeannie reverses that with her blink. Then, I find Djinn Djinn up a tree and I still couldn't get him. With Jupiter gone, I took a lot of heat from General Schaeffer. But then we got lucky.

Jupiter and Djinn Djinn were found at the pound. When we got there, we discovered Djinn Djinn had shredded the dog catcher's uniform and he was in a complete panic. I could see why. Djinn Djinn had done him in. Thanks to Roger's big mouth about Djinn Djinn being "mine", I had to go in the back after him. Jeannie pops in to help, but it doesn't do much good. Djinn Djinn decides he wants to play and we had to humor him. So, he plays smart and blinks me in a cage. This became more and more like a rousing game of "Ring Around the Rosie"-or rather, "Blink Around the Rosie".

Then, I guess General Schaeffer couldn't stand it anymore and Jeannie is knocked out when he opens the door. But as soon as he opens the door, the dogs knock him down and they charge out. Djinn Djinn comes back and starts shredding more. I'm telling you, you've got be on your toes every second with that dog around. Thank goodness that by today (two days later), General Schaeffer had forgotten all about it. His dog, Jupiter, is home safe and sound. So, he's happy. Gotta go for now.

Entry #54

This has, without a doubt, been the worst day of my life. Unless a miracle happens, Roger and I both are leaving Cocoa Beach in the morning and going to the Aleutians for six months. Luckily, Dr. Bellows has agreed to take care of my house for me. But receiving this news is only part of my bad day.

For one thing, what happened isn't really even my fault. But the worst thing is I have lost Jeannie and this time it's for good and it's all because of my big mouth.

Let me start at the beginning. I was running late for a meeting this morning with General Schaeffer and Dr. Bellows. They weren't upset, thank goodness. They told me that the ambassador from Kasha would be arriving and they wanted me to show him around. They said that Kasha had the phinkilium that we needed for our propulsion system and they wanted me to make this guy feel right about giving it to us. I didn't think it was a big deal. Then, I saw Roger out in the hall and he called me "your highness". I thought he must be a little out of it. Then, I go into my office and find three guys in these Middle Eastern turbans and robes.

Naturally, I thought they were from Kasha (big mistake). I mean, what was I supposed to think? Then, Dr. Bellows came in right after I did and the plump guy (the one I thought was the ambassador) looked at Dr. Bellows and said, "Salom!" I think that means something like bow in honor of or something. Dr. Bellows was baffled because he wanted him to Salom to me, but I encouraged him to do it for the sake of the phinkilium. So, he did and it was almost comical, but I didn't have time to laugh.

I took these guys on a tour. I was showing them the room where the wind tunnels were. I was getting kind of technical in my explanations and it looked like they were bored and they were ignoring me because they just started wandering the room and looking around. Then, Roger comes in and asks me if I was really going through with it and at the time, I couldn't understand why he would ask me that. So, I said yes I was because NASA needed the phinkilium. That caught the plump guy's attention. So, I told him how supportive I was of Kasha and all of a sudden he went into a frenzy and shouted, "TRADER!" at me.

He blinked and there was this plank on my arms. I was shocked, to say the least. He blinked! It turned out that he wasn't the ambassador from Kasha. He was Jeannie's grand-uncle, the Maharaja of Basenji, Kasha's enemy. Oh boy. I made a big mistake. Next thing I knew, he and his two companions chased me into the wind tunnel. I called for Jeannie, but it was too late.

Her uncle turned me into a galley slave and there I was on a ship, chained. Now this was giving my arms a major work out and plus, it was one of my worst nightmares. My clothes were torn and everything. Jeannie blinked in and was obviously upset at seeing me like that. I begged her to blink me home and she said she wanted to, but she could not because her uncle's blink took precedence over her blink(oh for Pete sake—now I have to deal with the ranking of genies?). She said she would go talk to him. I started calling for water and the guy in charge dumped a bucket of water on me.

A little while later, Jeannie came back for me and blinked me dry and then home. Jeannie told me about her uncle's conditions. I must avenge the honor of Basenji for my traderous support of Kasha and then, I must marry Jeannie. I said I could not agree to those conditions and Jeannie said she understood if I did not wish to marry her (I did wish to more than anything, but I would not be bullied into it). I said that it's not that I didn't wish to, but I would not be intimidated. So, she told me I should get down on my knee as if I were proposing to make it look good for her uncle. Then, she asked me that as long as I was down there, didn't I love her just a little bit and I said yes, I loved her very much (but not said in the way I wanted to).

Now, I just had to figure out how I was going to satisfy her uncle so he would leave me alone. Then, low and behold, Roger comes in and tells me General Schaeffer wanted me in his office right away so I could meet the ambassador of Kasha and show him around. Of course, Jeannie's uncle went crazy, but calmed down right away and said he knew of a way I could satisfy the first condition. He blinked and he handed me this huge sword.

Sure. No can do, pal. I changed into another uniform and threw that sword away. I get to NASA and Roger had followed me with that sword. I told him to quit and that I'd already gotten rid of that thing three times. So, I proceeded to show the Kashan ambassador around and then, the major trouble started.

First, when I went to shake hands with this guy, this knife appeared in my hand and I passed it off by it being a present of a letter opener we wanted to present him with for visiting our country. Then, when I was showing him something in the wind tunnel room, the sword appeared in my hand again and I didn't know it until I had swung it around and it was against his throat. Now this guy thought I was really trying to hurt him. I knew Jeannie's uncle was around somewhere, but I didn't know what to do. When we opened the wind tunnel door, there was a tiger in there. I tried to explain to this guy, but he wouldn't listen. So, Roger handed me this cup of liquid to give to him and just as he was about to take a sip, Roger told me Jeannie's uncle had handed it to him and I knocked it out of this guy's hand, just in time, and it spilled all over my right foot and it burned through my shoe. It was acid and it burned like fire.

Then, when Dr. Bellows and General Schaeffer came to check on us, the Kashan ambassador told them what a murderous maniac I was and that Kasha would give their phinkilium to Albania. Dr. Bellows tried to go after him and General Schaeffer was madder than a wet hornet. I tried to explain, but he wouldn't let me. He said I'd be lucky to have permission to stay in the air force.

After he was gone, I asked Roger if that lunatic (Jeannie's uncle) was still in the trash can and he said yes. Roger and I slid sideways very carefully and I got the lid off of another trash can and slammed it on top of the one Jeannie's uncle was in and I let him have it. I went completely crazy. I told him that he and his pals were not going to run my life (which is what he was trying to do) and they had better leave me alone or he'd spend the rest of his life in a NASA garbage can. I said that I was Jeannie's master and that's the way it was.

Then, I really let my big mouth run off with itself and what I said, I'll regret till the day I die, because I said it in anger at him. I said that as a matter of fact that I was sick and tired of Jeannie and all of her magical nincompoop. It was fowling up my life. I wouldn't marry her if she were the last genie on earth. Jeannie popped in at that time, in place of the trash can under the lid and she had the most hurt look on her face. She said, "Goodbye, Master. FOREVER!"

Oh my gosh. What have I done? Why did I say that? Why did I let her uncle make me that upset so as to say something so hurtful about Jeannie? I hurt Jeannie deeply and when she said goodbye forever, I knew she meant it, but I was hoping she didn't. Roger and I left NASA and I stopped on the way home to get her some flowers. I stepped inside my house and started calling for her. I said I didn't mean it. I stepped over to her bottle on my desk and told her I was sorry and what I had said was in anger at her uncle and that I didn't mean it and that I hoped she would forgive me. Nothing came out of the bottle. I looked in it and she wasn't there. I found that she left me a note. I dumped it out and the note was on a tiny little scroll.

I couldn't bring myself to read it and so, I handed it to Roger to read. The words he said are still ringing in my ears even now. He said, "I think she's really left you this time." I said I couldn't believe it. As I stood there, trying to take that all in, my heart was sinking. Jeannie was gone and for good. Roger tried to make me feel better, saying there wouldn't ever be any trouble again from her and I'd never have to think of explanations again for Dr. Bellows. We both agreed that I was a free man (yeah, like I'm supposed to feel better now). I acted all excited, but inside, I was crumbling to pieces.

I went in the kitchen and started looking in all the bottles under my kitchen sink to see if she was by any chance in there. Roger asked me what I was doing and I said I wanted to make sure she didn't change bottles and that she was really gone before we started "celebrating and whooping it up". Roger started looking in the living room while I continued to look in the kitchen. While looking, I had a little case of sillyness and I looked in the ketchup bottle. I realized it and set the ketchup bottle down really hard and it splattered on my face (I guess I was trying to grasp on to any hope that she would still be around, but good grief, in ketchup! Why would Jeannie be in a bottle of ketchup?).

I proceeded to try and wipe it off, but I definitely didn't get it all off. I picked up another empty pop bottle, looked in it, got my finger stuck in it, and couldn't get it off. I went in the living room to get Roger to help me get it off, but when I went in there and saw Dr. Bellows, I went to salute and knocked myself out with that bottle.

After I came to, Dr. Bellows told me I had been dropped from the space program. I got the bottle off my finger, washed my face, and headed back to NASA with Roger and Dr. Bellows. Dr. Bellows said he would stand behind me all the way. General Schaeffer said he was sorry, but since the pentagon would throw a fit about what happened, I was still out. Then news to Roger, he was being sent to the Aleutians along with me.

We've been given tonight to settle things here and we are leaving in the morning. I've got my things together and Dr. Bellows will look after my house. I don't know where Jeannie's uncle got off thinking he could do what he did to me. I take responsibility for what I said in anger about Jeannie to him. That was my doing, but I just don't know how he thought he could get away with basically turning me inside out. Facing six months in the Aleutians will be one thing. But facing the rest of my life without Jeannie will be totally different.

She was one of the most important and precious things that ever came into my life and now she's gone. I don't know what I'm going to do without her besides kick myself forever for what I said. I have to be honest. I had been giving these years with her a lot of thought. I've said over and over how it couldn't work between us because she's a genie human and I'm a mortal human. But I had just started thinking that she really is no more different than anyone else is different. She just comes from a different part of the world and just has different capabilities. That's all.

I also started thinking that it just might work between us. I know she loves me and I love her and that's all that would have mattered. And I really thought that I might take the next step, finally tell her how I feel, and ask her to be my wife. But now it's all over. Jeannie's uncle tried to bully me into it, but I wouldn't have that and I believe I am right in not taking that, but what I said in anger earlier was my doing.

I should never have said that. I hurt her. How can I possibly forgive myself? If I hadn't been so stubborn and admitted my love for her a long time ago, this whole mess could have probably been avoided. So, I guess I can safely say that all of this IS INDEED MY FAULT. I didn't think it ALL was at first, but maybe it is. I've lost my position as an astronaut and I've lost my Jeannie. I'm going to have to find a way to go on without Jeannie, but I have no idea how. I loved her and I always will and I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. I'm going to bed now, but don't know if I'll even sleep or not. Bye for now.

Entry #55

Well, Roger and I arrived safely at the Aleutians yesterday. No wonder no one wants to come here. It is beyond cold here! I spent all day at the control board after we got here yesterday. All I did was my duty. I didn't talk much. Roger said he had to tell me three times, at the same time, to speak up when someone was calling me on the board. He asked me if I was going to be all right and I said I was fine. Nothing was wrong with me (yeah right). But I think he knows better.

When we first got here, we were being sarcastic and moody. He said there's nothing he wanted more than to have six months duty in the Aleutians and I said I didn't get us put here; Jeannie did (yes I did it again-said something I didn't mean while being upset). Roger was shivering and it looked like he was shaking his fist at me and he said he wasn't. He was just too cold. I apologized to him later for snapping at him and he was okay about it. I guess I thought it would be easier to blame Jeannie for the whole thing rather than admit how I was feeling, especially since I know it's all MY fault. I have never felt so empty.

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I sat up awake last night and Jeannie was standing in the doorway here. She said, "Hello, Master." I remember I smiled and asked her what she was doing here. She said she loved me and that she would fix everything. I got up and started to go to her and hug her, but she disappeared. I told her to wait and come back. It was then that I just "jerked" myself awake. I sat up and looked around. Roger was asleep and Jeannie was nowhere in sight. I realized that it was just a dream. At that moment, I felt the emptiest I had ever felt in my life.

Roger and I got up this morning and he asked me how I slept. I lied and said I slept fine. After I woke up from that dream, it took me forever to go back to sleep. I slept maybe two more hours before Roger and I got up this morning. We're on a break right now. Roger went down into the village. He's going to be back any minute. So, I'm going now. I don't want him to see me writing in this.

Entry #56

This is day three in the Aleutians and I had another dream about Jeannie last night. I don't know how to handle this. I'm supposed to forget her now. But how can I if I keep dreaming about her? I went to bed last night thinking just maybe I could sleep okay and get through the night. Haha. It didn't happen. I don't know how long I was asleep before my dream began, but I don't think it was too long. I dreamt I was still in Cocoa Beach. I came home from NASA and she was puttering around the house. When I came through the door, I had some roses. Jeannie turned around and looked at me with that loving look on her face (the one that always made me melt). She took the flowers and said they were lovely. I told her what I should have a long time ago.

I told her that I was madly in love with her and had been for a while now. She laid the roses down and I proceeded to pull her into a kiss and just as I was about to, she disappeared. This time, I called out to her. Obviously, I was really calling out her name, loudly, because I woke up to Roger shaking me. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I asked him what happened. He said he woke up to me calling out in my sleep to Jeannie. I told him that was ridiculous and why would I be calling out to her? She's not a part of my life anymore. So, he went on back to bed.

Why?! Why?! Why?! Why did I have to be such a chicken? Why didn't I tell her I loved her when I had the chance? She was everything I ever wanted in a woman and I blew it. Maybe if I just immerse myself in my duties here, it will help me forget her (yeah right-I doubt it).

Entry #57

Well, it's almost the end of the first week of being in the Aleutians and I am no closer to getting Jeannie out of my head or my heart than I was when we first got here. This is day six. I thought maybe I would have forgotten her by now, but who am I kidding. It'll take forever. I can't forget her. She's all I can think and dream about.

Last night, I dreamt that I had taken Jeannie to a night club of dinner and dancing. We had just finished dinner and we had gotten up to dance. I was in a tux and she was in the silver sequin dress she got after we first met. She was so beautiful. We were dancing and her arms were around my neck and my arms were around her waist and we were smiling at each other. Next thing I remember is pulling her closer and going into the sweetest kiss.

Just as our lips met, I woke up. I sat up and looked around and realized where I was. I felt so frustrated and disgusted. Why does this keep happening? Jeannie is gone for good this time. I miss her so much and it's making me crazy. Gotta go. I'm being paged at the control board.

Entry #58

This is day nine and I still haven't stopped thinking about Jeannie and it's getting worse. I'm pretty sure the people on the other end of the control board think I'm crazy. At least five times yesterday, if not more (and it probably was more), I went to the control board and answered pages, saying, "Major Jeannie here." The first time I did that, the guy on the other end said, "Excuse me? Would you repeat that please?" I asked, "What? Repeat what?" He ,then said, "Major Nelson, you answered my call as 'Major Jeannie'. Are you alright?" I told him I was fine and that I guess I had my mind on something else (and I did). He said that was okay and that it happens sometimes. I mean come on, Major Jeannie? Sheesh!

Well, a little while later, I did it again! I was paged and I said, "Major Jeannie here." It was a different person this time. He said, "Major Nelson?" I said, "Yes, this is Major Nelson." He said, "You just said 'Major Jeannie'. You okay?" I said I was fine and that I was distracted and he left it at that and we went on with our work. Then, lo and behold, I kept doing it. I did it at least three more times, if not more (and it probably was more).

Roger was there twice when I did that and he just looked at me. When I told the others on the other end that I just had stuff on my mind, I cut my eyes around and looked at Roger (he was sitting on his bed) and he had this look on his face that said he knew what I was thinking when I answered my pages. I know I must be driving Roger crazy. I've woken him up three times calling for Jeannie, but he never pressures anything. He just goes back to bed. This has got to blow over sometime.

Entry #59

This is day ten. Last night, I was actually sleeping okay. Before bed, I bundled up good and tight and went for a short walk. I thought I could clear my head (yeah right) and hopefully get a decent night sleep (again, yeah right). As I said, I was actually sleeping okay until halfway through the night. I started feeling really restless and as I started stirring, I startled myself awake (or so I thought).

I sat up and I saw Jeannie standing at the foot of my bed. She was smiling. I said her name and she said "Master", very softly. She stretched out her hand and I reached out to take her hand and she disappeared (not like she does when she "blinks" out) and I called out to her to wait. I kept calling her name. Next thing I knew, Roger was shaking me, telling me to wake up.

I woke up and I was still lying down. I sat up and looked around. Roger asked me if I was okay. I lied and said I was fine. There was a slight pause and I told him she was standing right there and I pointed to the foot of my bed. I said, "Honest, Rog, I…" I stopped and came so close to breaking down, but thank goodness, I didn't. I'd never want to do that in front of him. I just shook it off and Roger told me it was okay and to try and go back to sleep. I said I would and I did, but barely. I tossed and turned the rest of the night. I have to go. I'm being paged at the control board.

Entry #60

This is day thirteen, almost at the end of the second week here and I'm still going crazy. The day before yesterday, I addressed a Colonel at the control board as "Colonel Jeannie" (his name was Colonel Martin). He was shocked and asked me what I called him. I said, "Sir?" I didn't know what he was talking about until he said I called him Colonel Jeannie. I told him I was sorry and that I just had stuff on my mind. He said it was okay and left it at that. Then, last night I had another dream similar to the other night. This time, I was at NASA working at my desk. I looked up and Jeannie popped in in front of my desk and I jumped like I did half the time when she did that. She was smiling and was there for just a brief moment and she popped out. I started calling her name and I woke Roger up again. I told him I was sorry and he said it was okay and that's all that was said. He's been so nice about all this. I just wished I could forget about her, but I can't. It's been two weeks and I'm crazier than when Roger and I first left Cocoa Beach. Gotta go.

Entry #61

This is day fifteen and on top of everything, I've become a major crab apple. Roger and I got into a bit of a fuss fight yesterday. He asked me a question about something and I said I didn't know. Then, he asked if I didn't see that report from the day before and I got annoyed for no reason and I bit his head off. Of course, he snapped back at me (and with good reason) and we just got into this big argument. We finally stopped and were quiet for a minute. I spoke up and said I was sorry and that I snapped at him for no reason.

He said he knew I had had my mind on Jeannie a lot and it was probably getting to me. I tried to deny it and said no, it wasn't. Then, he asked me what I would call it when I answer pages as Major Jeannie and address Colonel Martin as Colonel Jeannie and pretty much wake him up at night, calling for her. I said maybe it was getting to me a little (sure, a little my foot), but it didn't matter. I told him she was gone and I never wanted to see her again anyway (man, I'm a bad liar). He said okay and didn't say anymore about it, but I believe he knows I'm lying.

Then last night, I dreamt that I was on a mission up in space and I saw Jeannie in her harem outfit floating around. One minute I saw her and the next minute I didn't. Then I saw her from the other side. So, I rubbed my eyes and said her name (normal voice). It was then that I woke up (at least I didn't wake Roger up this time). Gotta go for now.

Entry #62

This is day sixteen and yes; I'm still going crazy. Same old, same old. I had two dreams last night about Jeannie. Yes, that's right. I'm so crazy and I miss her so much, my dreams are multiplying. First one happened not more than an hour after I went to bed. I dreamt I was walking along a beach (not the beach I found her on). At a distance, I saw her standing on the shoreline, looking out on the water. She looked sideways and towards me and smiled. I couldn't believe my eyes. I started running towards her and she disappeared. I woke Roger up again. All he said to me that time was, "Dreaming again?" I said yes, but it was nothing. He said okay, went back to bed, and we both went back to sleep. About two hours later, it happened again. I was on the same beach again. This time, I saw myself (only me at first) running. Then my vision switched over to Jeannie and she was running. Then, it was both of us. We were running towards each other with open arms. Just as I got to her, she disappeared. Again, I found myself calling out for her and yes, I woke Roger up-AGAIN. He got me woke up and said, "So, it's more than one now, huh?" I said yes, but it was nothing (yeah, nothing my foot). They'd stop sometime. I never wanted to see Jeannie again anyway (yeah, like that's the truth). Gotta go.

Entry #63

This is day eighteen. I'm on a break right now. I was just listening to the radio and as luck would have it, two of the songs I heard reminded me of Jeannie. They were both by the classic country singer, Patsy Cline. The first one was "I Fall to Pieces", which describes me perfectly. It serves me right for lashing out like I did towards Jeannie when I was angry with her uncle.

All through out the song, I was in another world, remembering things about Jeannie. I remember the incident a few years ago when she made everyday Sunday to get me rested. I remember how she almost left when I got angry with her, but she changed her mind (oh I wish she would do that again). Then, I remembered the incident when I almost sent her away on Haji's birthday (shame on me). Then, I remembered what we shared and went through to find out her birthday. Then, I remembered the agony we went through when she was locked in the safe. I remembered how cute and sweet she was and how helpful she was trying to be when Roger and I went on that orbit-the-moon mission with Commander Wingate.

I remembered the kiss we shared after all that mess when she tried to make me governor. Then towards the end, I remembered the look on Jeannie's face when she told me goodbye forever and the ache I felt in my heart when Roger read her note and said he thought she really left me this time.

Then a few songs later, it was Patsy Cline's song, "Crazy". Yeah, if loving her makes me crazy, then I must be crazy (it's Jeannie for Pete Sake).

The first memory I remembered was the first sight I had of her after she smoked out of her bottle after I rubbed it. Then I remembered at the end of the day when I was trying to get rid of her and she just kissed me (oh, what a kiss). I remembered when I took her out for our first anniversary (after we got rid of that blue bird brain) and how incredibly beautiful she looked and the evening we shared. I remembered again about when she was locked in the safe and how hard it was. Then, I remembered the joy we shared once I got her out. I remembered again kissing her after that governor mess. Then, I just remembered the morning breakfasts and coffees she had for me and how she always greeted me so sweetly when I'd come home.

She was always so cute when she'd get excited about things. Then, on the very last line of the song, I remembered again when she kissed me in my house that first night when I tried to get rid of her. It has been two and a half weeks now since she's been gone. It has got to subside (yeah right). Gotta go.

Entry #64

This is day twenty-one. Roger and I have been in the Aleutians for three weeks now. I had a typical dreamy night last night, but I have to say there was something different about these two. I mean it feels like they meant something; like something is going to happen. But, I don't see how. Jeannie's gone and I'm in the Aleutians.

Anyways, in my first dream, I was in my orange space suit with my jacket on. I was wandering through an ancient town or village. People were in turbans and robes. I believe I was looking for Jeannie. The strange thing was, Roger was with me and we were in a big hurry. It was like we had to get somewhere before it was too late. I have no idea what that means, but I wonder.

Then my next dream, Jeannie and I were at my house in Cocoa Beach. We were in her bottle and I remember looking her in the eyes and asking her to marry me and her saying yes. These dreams did not seem like the normal torturing dreams that I've had the last three weeks. Something seems to keep telling me to be ready. But, be ready for what?

Well, I have to go. I have some work to do at the control board and Roger will be back in a little bit. He went down into the village to get the mail.

Entry #65

I am floating on cloud nine. This is the happiest I've been in a long time. I'm exhausted, but I just couldn't sleep until I wrote about what happened today after I wrote this morning (even though I'm exhausted, I'm not sure I can sleep because I am so excited and happy).

I have my darling Jeannie back and I am never, ever letting her go again. NEVER! Like I wrote earlier this morning, I felt those dreams from last night said something was going to happen and it did. Roger came in with the mail about 15 minutes after I finished writing and I was at the control board. He got some letters from some girls and I got one from Dr. Bellows. The letter stated that Roger and I had been reprieved (reinstated) because NASA had received phinkilium from an "unexpected source". We were so excited. Then, there was something else in with the letter. It was an article that told about a Middle Eastern ceremony where Maharani Jeannie I (Jeannie the 1st) would choose a husband and be crowned the new queen of Basenji.

At first, my heart sank and I commented to Roger after reading that article out loud that Jeannie was getting married. He basically said what did I care and that I said I never wanted to see her again anyway. At that point, I couldn't keep it in any longer. I commented back, "And you believed me?! I haven't been able to get her out of my head since we got here. I dream of her every night" (which obviously he knew that part since I woke him up half the time). Then, I came out with it and told him that I was in love with her. The look on his face was priceless.

I remembered my dreams last night and thought about the article. I felt like the good Lord was using that article to tell me where to go to find Jeannie if I wanted a chance to get her back. I bound to my feet and told him lets get out of here. Of course, Roger thought I was nuts and said by the time we got back to Cocoa Beach and got General Schaeffer's permission, it would be too late. I said I wasn't going to Cocoa Beach. I was going to Basenji. All I could think of was that I'm in love with Jeannie and if I have even the slightest chance to find her, apologize, and get her back, I was going to take it.

If she was going to marry anyone, she was going to marry me. I was not going to screw up this time. Roger tried to stop me, saying we'd get kicked out for sure. At that point, I didn't care. I wanted Jeannie back and I was willing to risk everything to get her back. I ignored the guy giving me directions to Cocoa Beach and I knew I was really risking it all. I landed at the Basenji airport and from that point I don't remember how I found her uncle's palace. I just remember taking off like a shot after getting off the plane, with Roger following along behind me, and arriving at her uncle's palace.

The guards weren't going to let us in, but I chanced it and told them to look the other direction at something and Roger and I tried to run in, but they grabbed us and took us inside. We tried to get away and I said I demanded the right to see the queen (and Roger popped off he demanded the right to call the cops LOL) and they just pushed us in the throne room. Jeannie and her uncle were shocked. Her uncle was quite upset. I told Jeannie I wanted to talk to her and she was going to let me, but her uncle broke in and told me I wasn't her master anymore and I had no claim on her (yeah, we'll see about that, pal).

I had no choice but to do what I did. I didn't care who heard it or saw it. I said I demanded the right to ask for her hand in marriage. The look on Jeannie's face was priceless. She said, "Marriage? But Master, you said that…" (She had walked towards me). I broke in and said I knew what I said and I must have been out of my mind (and I was). I said I couldn't live without her. She started looking at me all dreamy like. I said I loved her and that I wanted her to be my wife. She melted like hot butter on the stove (she looked so precious).

All of a sudden, she changed her mind and told her uncle to send Roger and me home. Huh? Now what was up with that? Her uncle wasn't about to send us anywhere. Why was he on my side all of a sudden? He said the rules stated that anyone who wanted to enter the competition may enter. He said all I had to do was guess what was in a small box (he called it the riddle box). Jeannie told me to ask him what would happen if I were wrong. He said there was a "small" penalty. I looked over and saw this guy with a huge axe. What? They were going to chop my head off? Well, I guess I may as well add my life to my list of risks, but I didn't care.

I loved Jeannie and I didn't care what it took. But, I was shaking in my boots. I jokingly said animal, vegetable, or mineral and laughed nervously. He said time was up and to guess. So, I came out with an ingot of phinkilium. He asked me what I said and I said an ingot of phinkilium. He said he was so sorry (I was wrong-uh oh). These guys grabbed me and proceeded to lock me on the "thing" where they were going to behead me. My heart must have been going 200 beats a minute (figuratively speaking). Jeannie was going crazy and she defied this at the last minute and blinked me home (she later told me she told her uncle that since she had me back, she no longer wished to be queen of Basenji).

I landed in my living room in Cocoa Beach. Jeannie saved my life and I mean that in more ways than one. After standing there for about a minute, she blinked in my arms and squealed with delight (oh man, I loved hearing that noise as it had been so long since I heard that) and she repeated over and over that I loved her and she kept kissing my cheek. She was so happy to be back that she didn't care if we got married, that she would be happy just being my genie and obeying my every command. I didn't say much but for her to blink me to NASA. So, she did so instantly (she came with me). I told her to blink her another outfit on because she was still in this Middle Eastern get up.

She blinked on this blue dress with a red scarf. About that time, Dr. Bellows and General Schaeffer came through some double doors and they were shocked to see me. Jeannie was fixing to blink out like she always did, but I told her no not here and she said Dr. Bellows… and I said for her to stay with me and that was an order.

The next moment was a very proud moment for me. I introduced Jeannie to them as my fiancée. They smiled real big and Jeannie looked at me surprised-like for a moment. Then, she started to cry. Dr. Bellows, General Schaeffer, and I realized Roger wasn't around. I suddenly remembered he was still in Basenji. I took Jeannie aside and told her to get Roger back. She was so caught up in the moment that it took her a minute to compose herself to get Roger back, but she did it. Roger was blinked out in the nick of time (they were going to behead him). Roger didn't know I had told Dr. Bellows and General Schaeffer that Jeannie was my fiancée and he tried to escort her out, but they stopped him.

General Schaeffer was nice enough to give Roger and me the rest of the day off and said he was sure I needed time to greet my fiancée properly (and boy did I). Jeannie said thank you and after Dr. Bellows and General Schaeffer turned to walk away, Jeannie blinked her, me, and Roger out.

We landed in my living room. After a few minutes or so, she blinked Roger home and finally, I was able to do what I've been wanting to for so long. I took General Schaeffer's words to heart. I grabbed her, took her in my arms, embraced her, and told her that I missed her so much. Then, she told me that she missed me, too. We broke the hug and I looked into her eyes and said that I was so sorry for what I said before she left. I continued on that these last three weeks had been the most miserable three weeks of my life, but that they also made me face the truth that I'd been hiding from since I met her. I said that I loved her and that I'd loved her from the first moment I laid eyes on her.

The next thing I know, she grabs me, embraces me, and says, with tears in her eyes, "Oh, Master! I love you, too, and I forgive you." I, then, said that I wanted to do this right. I got down on one knee and said, "Jeannie, will you marry me?" At that moment, even more tears seemed to come out of her eyes and she says, "Yes, Master. Yes, I'll marry you."

I, then, stood up, took her in my arms, kissed her with all the love I had inside, and it felt wonderful. I felt so relieved and free that I could do that and not be afraid of my love for her anymore. I was silly to have fought it all these years.

Genies aren't supposed to be real, but she's as real to me as anyone and I love her more than I can even put into words.

We kissed for quite a while and I finally had to break it up (and it pained me to do so—I just wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go) and tell her I had to go to bed because I had to go to work in the morning. She sounded disappointed, saying okay and that she understood.

I told her I couldn't wait to see her in the morning and she giggled so sweetly. I couldn't help but kiss her again. We didn't do anything more than kiss and I absolutely refuse to do anything more than that until she's my wife. I just won't. I am ashamed and I regret to say that I made a couple of mistakes with a couple of past girlfriends and I'll regret it till the day I die. I so wish I hadn't done that. That didn't make me a man nor prove I was a man. A man is a real man when he knows how to love his spouse and others, treat them with respect, and be able to admit it when he's wrong. After that, I made a vow that I would never be that close with anyone but my wife.

I want to respect Jeannie and myself enough to wait till our wedding night to be that close. It will be so much more special. I love her and I will be faithful to her. I now know, without a doubt, and really have known all along since we met, that she is and has always been the one God wants me to marry. We might have been married by now if I hadn't been fighting my love for her; I had myself convinced that just because she was a genie, it wouldn't work between us.

But, that's all in the past, now; the present and the future is all that matters now. When it comes down to it and all that it amounts to is that she's different; that's all. She just has different capabilities and that's okay. It really is okay. For example, even though Roger and I are both astronauts, we're different from each other. But that doesn't stop us from being friends and the fact that Jeannie is different won't keep our marriage from working. We love each other and that's what matters. I'm not promising to be perfect, but with the good Lord's help, I will give my best to our marriage and will love and take care of Jeannie always.

I can honestly say that I'm going to marry the girl in and of my dreams and I'm not ashamed or afraid. Yes, I'm curious about what lies ahead, but with God's help, Jeannie and I will face whatever comes our way together. I love her so much and I can't wait for her to be my wife. : )