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Garnet eyes were greeted with the setting sun as they lazily opened. With a small yawn, he sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes. What time was it? A glance at the new clock Kurama had bought told him it was ten in the morning. Ten!? Hiei leaped out of bed and took out his clothes for the day. Just the usual. His mind was still wondering if it was healthy to sleep in that long. He stopped his morning rush to retie his pants. Third time in five minutes; it was ridiculous. Instead of putting on a shoe and tieing at the same time, he decided to once and for all fix the problem. Both hands, he took hold of the string and pulled.


His ears picked at the panicked call of his name and all but dropped his tea rushing back to his room. He slammed the door open, hoping he had made it in time. The scene was, a little unexpected, shall we say? Hiei was laying back on the bed pulling at his pant strings which were too short to fit all the way around, the demon himself looking like he was on the verge of a frustration meltdown. Kurama could feel the sweatdrop on the back of his head. Gently closing the door, he sat next to the demon and stopped his hands.

"What is it?" Hiei sat up immediately. "Besides the fact your pants don't fit anymore." The fire demon was sent mentally spiraling once more, furiously tugging at the string, hoping they would magically fit. Kurama sighed. "We can go to the store and get some new ones today, alright?" Why did he feel like he was talking to a five year old?

"And what am I supposed to wear until then? These are my only pants...." He looked down and mourned the loss of his pants. It wasn't fair. "I'm too big to wear anything else!" He fell back on the bed in exasperation. Kurama laughed softly beside him. "You think its funny?" The fox smiled and leaned over him.

"I think it's cute that you are so upset about gaining a few pounds. I could swear you are acting like a woman." Oh goodness the glare was intense. "Besides, prego pudge makes you look cute too." Kurama stood and called out that they were leaving in a few minutes before he left the room. Hiei laid on the bed, his eyes glued to the closed door where Kurama just was. Did the fox mean hat he said? He thought he was.....cute? He glared at the wood. He was not 'cute'. He sighed and turned back to the ceiling. Those damn butterflies started their rounds in his stomache once again. Couldnt they ever give it a rest? He was startled out of his thoughts as a pair of grey sweatpants flew at his face and a 'lets go' followed.


The shopping mall was one place the fire demon did not want to be. Whole masses of humans wandering even more aimlessly than usual, in one small space, breathing the same air......He snapped back to attention as Kurama almost skidded around another corner. Apparently the fox knew where he was going in this place. They entered what apparently was a clothing store and Kurama easily navigated to the correct section. Hiei made sure to touch nothing, Koenma still under the impression he would steal anything, and kept his hands in his pockets. He wearily kept watch to make sure no humans wandered too close, not wanting any contact if he could help it.

"How about a few lazy sweatpants? They're soft, and they stretch out." Kurama showed him the black pants he had taken off the rack. Hiei just rolled his eyes and continued to pretend he wasn't in the disgusting human packed building.

"Whatever. As long as it fits." It seemed like hours before Kurama strolled to the counter, an enormous pile of clothing in his arms. Hiei hadn't paid any attention to the fox's doting, but when he saw the final pile he started to worry if letting the fox buy him a wardrobe was the best choice. Hell, Kurama could have picked out things with little frills or leather for all he knew. But before he could inspect them, Kurama was smiling at him with two large shopping bags, ready to go. Great. Nothing he could do about it now. He just hoped Kurama was sensible. He doubted that as well, watching the fox practically skip back to their room, humming a tune, once they got back to the temple.


Hiei crossed his arms with a small sigh. There was nothing to watch on tv. Kurama and Yukina were going through the fox's purchases in his room, giggling every now and then. He didn't need to change at this very moment, and he would rather make any awful discoveries alone without those two all giddy beside him.

"Oh Yukina!!" Damn it. The oaf and the detective just had to make an appearance. He tried to ignore the two humans as they strolled into the living room, taking a few minutes to greet 'Grandma' on the way. He quickly flitted into the kitchen before they could notice his presence on the couch. The last thing he wanted was to entertain fools. That was Kurama's job. He kept silent, waiting for the other two to leave, but held in a growl when he heard them settle in on the couch. They had better not have taken his spot. He strolled over to the fridge to look for something for lunch. Hell, he was in the kitchen anyway. Salad, fruit, milk, jam, chocolate, eggs, ........wait. Chocolate. His senses went mad. Chocolate! He snatched the bar as quickly as he could. He had to have it. Now. He had never felt anything so strong; trying to open the wrapper as fast as possible. He pulled on the plastic as hard as he could. Why wouldnt the damn thing open!?

"Shorty?" The demon froze and turned around to find the two humans in the doorway giving him odd looks. "Need help.....hehe.....opening that?" Yusuke caught the bar thrown at is face.

"Open it now."

"That is no way to ask someone to help ya, shrimp." Kuwabara stole the chocolate from Yusuke's hand, raising it above his head. Hiei eyed the food.

"If you have any desire to live past this moment, you will open that and give it to me." The idiot was not going to interfere with his snack. Especially when it was chocolate. His craving was driving him mad, and for a second he could swear Yusukes head was chocolate. He mentally shook himself and snapped back to the situation. "Now." Glare.

Kuwabara grinned.

"Fine, I'll open it, your Majesty." That was more like it. Wait, what was he doing?! Kuwabara opened the plastic and brought the bar to his mouth tauntingly. "Hey Urameshi, I think I'm a little hungry." Hiei was on full alert.

"Don't you dare." Kuwabara shook the treat.

"Or what? Come on, all you got to do is ask." Glare. "Ok." Kuwabara smiled as he put the whole bar in his mouth.

The world turned black.


He opened his eyes groggily. It was dark outside. When did it get dark? And where was he?! He felt and realized he was tied up, a sock in his mouth. The forest seemed to come alive at night. He tried to scream, but managed to fall over. He hurt, everywhere. Wait. Why was he in his boxers!?


"What did you do?!" Kurama yelled. He was in their room for half an hour and next thing he knew Kuwabara was missing. He peered down at the suspiscously content little demon on the couch and Yusuke on the floor unconscious near the kitchen.

"Is there anymore chocolate?"

"Not until you answer me Hiei."

"He's not dead."

"That's a godsend, but where is he?"

"Mmmm." The demon stuck his finger to his chin, pretending to think hard. "I might remember tomorrow morning." Kurama sighed and put Yusuke on the recliner chair before anyone stepped on him. He did a quick check, making sure nothing was horribly wrong, and went to make some lunch.

"You know that wasn't very nice." The fox came back a few minutes later with some noodles for the two of them.

"Tell that to them." Krama stopped mid chew.

"What did they do this time?"

"Doesn't matter. They won't do it again." Kurama sighed. "So, is there more chocolate?"

The fox continued his meal. There was no getting through to Hiei, but he was wondering exactly what those two did. "Yes, there is a whole box in the bottom drawer of the fridge." Kurama paused. What was that sound? He wasn't aware of too many large animals in the surrounding forest. Hiei quickly returned after his bowl with three chocolate bars, sliding them across the table to Kurama.

"Can you open them for me?"

Kurama stopped eating again. "When did you learn to ask?" He peeled open the wrappers and handed them back. Hiei took a huge bite, shrugging.

"I don't know."


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