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Dangerous Liaison

Chapter Ten Prom Night Part One

Athrun felt like a new person after his talk with mother, after realizing that all the emotion building up in his whole being for girl was Love. If someone had asked him now "Are you in love with Cagalli Hibiki?" he would answer with confidence a "Yes." Or maybe he would scream it instead.

He had just gotten home from the visit to the hospital and was sat presently on his bed; in his hand he held a small box with smile glued to his lips. He was confident Cagalli would love this, it wasn't too expensive and it belonged to his mother. Lenore had handed him the box and said "Give this to her."

"Athrun... can you come out here?" The voice of Patrick came from outside of his room. Athrun stood up and placed the box on his desk. He walked to the door and opened it. "What is it?" he asked annoyed.

His father gave him a demanding look, "You're taking Meer to the prom tonight and there no arguments." He ordered in a cold tone, before walking away.

Athrun wasn't really surprised, he was uses to it now been ordered about, and with his father been quiet cold to him too. And Athrun had little blame for it too; ever since his parents divorced, he stopped getting on with his father and in return Patrick left him alone. But he still gave him money to spend, got him what he wanted to show he still cared for his son.

However for Lenore sake, Athrun did as he was told when asked. And that meant he had to take the bitch, but at least it didn't interfere with his plans.

The school prom was going to be held at one of Orb most cheap extravagant hotels in Onogoro. Sunrise Hotel was rated 6 stars for its service and faculties. It had large ballroom area where the prom was going to be held and decorated with silver and white balloons and streamers. It was going to be decorated in a simple style with a buffet table for those who were hungry.

Cagalli wasn't at all too excited about the prom like most girls in her class, but she had a valid reason why she wasn't. She wasn't exactly going with the guy she wanted to go with.

She sighed and then stared in amazement at her mother's dress hanging just in front of her closet; a small smile touched her lips. It was a red in colour, full length, halter neck made from silk; it wasn't anything over the limit of revealing, just enough to gain attention. Though Cagalli didn't like it at all been revealing, but she wanted to wear it, for the reason that it was made by her mother for her.

Cagalli continued to stare at it until a soft knock was heard; she turned her head to window to see Athrun.

Standing up from her bed she walked over, "What you doing here?" she asked as she opened the window.

"I wanted to tell you and give you something ." Athrun spoke climbing into her room. Once he was in he turned to face her and pulled out a medium small box from his jacket.

"I want you to wear it tonight." He said handing it to her. Cagalli looked from the box then too Athrun before taking it.

She would be lying if she wasn't surprised; hell she was more amazed, stunned that he had talk to his mother about her.

"Open it..." he urged with a smile.

She opened a medium small box to reveal a lovely heart shaped pendent, it was a hoop shaped like a heart with studs of diamond around it. Cagalli was overwhelmed with amazement, was she dreaming. The Athrun Zala that she knew of would have never gotten anything for a girl, he had always thought because of his charm he didn't need to get gifts to pursue girl.

"It's beautiful..." she manages to say in shock. The blue haired male smiled. "Let me put it on for you." He said taking the box from Cagalli.

Cagalli could only nod and turn around, as Athrun took it out if it box and unhooked it. Cagalli held her hair up and Athrun placed it around Cagalli and fastened it.

"Finished..." He smiled pressing his lips firmly on the back of her neck for a few seconds, before parting away. Cagalli felt a cold shiver run down her back. "Are you a vampire?" Cagalli suddenly spoke without thinking, as she turned around.

Athrun chuckled, and then he leaned his lips to her ear. "I can if you want me too." He whispered hotly in her ear. "Vampire's are known for their sexual allure after all. And I would love to leave a mark one you." He smirked. Taking hold of her by the waist and pulling her into a sensational kiss.

Breaking from the kiss he smiled."I told my mother about you." he spoke suddenly. Cagalli was clearly surprised. "You did?"

Athrun nodded and smiled. "You know I love you don't you?" he asked in a gentle whisper suddenly.

Cagalli was of course surprised at the fact that he had given her something and talk to his mother about her. But what surprised her more was the way he had asked her the question as if he meant every word sincerely.

And for once since they had started this small affair, she found herself believing his words. She smiled, and then she pressed her lips lightly on to his.

The blue haired male smiled in the kiss. "I have a surprise for you tonight..." he whispered in the kiss.

Cagalli parted from his lips and raised an eyebrow at him. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

Athrun chuckled and then his lips twisted into smile. "You will after wait." He replied. Her lips twisted into frown.

He chuckled and then smiled: leaning in to kiss her, "I'll see you tonight then...." he whispered before climbing back out of the window, leaving Cagalli stood dazed.

If she was some sort of loony cartoon character, she would have melted on the spot into a puddle after all the kisses they had done.

Kira pulled the curtain apart to peek out of the window to see someone standing there he did not like, out of all the guys that asked his sister to the prom. She had to choose Miguel Aiman, he may seem like Mr nice, but he was the school well known playboy friend.

And Kira didn't trust him one bit.

"Shouldn't you let him in Kira?" Lacus his girlfriend asked. She was dressed in a pink spaghetti strap gown with pair pink heels, while Kira was in one of his father's tuxes.

"No he can wait outside." Kira grunted. Lacus giggled, "You just don't want him anywhere near your sister."

She smiled. "Well I don't trust him." Kira frowned. "He looks dodgy, extremely dodgy if he friends with Athrun Zala."

Lacus smiled again. "Is that why you hired a Limo?" she asked raising her eyebrows.

"No..." Kira lied looking away. Lacus was absolutely right, the main reason he hired the limo was so that he could keep an eye on his sister. He didn't want to let the guy take Cagalli or bring her home in his car alone.

"How do I look?" Cagalli's voice was suddenly heard. Both Lacus and Kira turned, and Kira was gladder now that he had hired a limo instead.

In the red dress her mother made her, Cagalli looked stunning. The dress reached her ankles; it showed off her healthy shapely figure and a little bit of cleavage. The V neck of the dress wasn't cut down too low for the girls to call her a slut; it made Cagalli look more sophisticated then a slut anyway. Anyhow she had her mother's red silk pashimina around her shoulders.

On her feet there was a pair of red ankle wraps shoes with a small heel, which were given to her by Shiho. Her hair was left loose and given wavy curls, and around her neck was the beautiful pendent Athrun had brought her.

"You look lovely Cagalli..." Lacus replied with smile. "Right Kira..." She nudges her boyfriend.

Kira smiled "Yeah sis you do." Cagalli blushed she hadn't gotten use to compliment directed at her. "Thanks." She said quietly, then she looked around the hall way. "Where's my date I thought I heard the door bell?" she said looking at her brother.

A small smile appeared on Kira lips and then he coughed. "He waiting outside...let's go..." he replied, dragging Lacus.

Cagalli looked at her brother and then Lacus who's just smiled back. She sighed and followed her brother and Lacus.

"WOW" Miguel spoke, as Cagalli walked out. "You look amazing..." he complimented her.

Cagalli cheeks turned red and she said a small "thank you." Miguel smiled and then walked over to her and leaned his face to hers.

Cagalli closed her eyes tightly and turned her head the other way, however before he could even kiss her Kira pulled his sister away.

"We better get going now, or we'll be late." He smiled. Never once in her life had Cagalli felt grateful for her brother over protectiveness until now that was.

Meanwhile behind some bushes, a man stood watching, "It's time Cagalli....." he smirked. "You're going to be mine... Whether your dead or alive." He added laughing.

End of Chapter Ten

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