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The Titans were currently lounging in their favourite room of the Tower, the living room. Each member had a different expression on their face, ranging from comical relief, disgust, and annoyance. It would be hilarious…under any other circumstances.

"I'm not doing it!" Spat the pissed of leader of the group. His gloved hands were firmly pressed into fists. This bird was NOT a happy bird.

"Please Robin, I do not wish for those tiny orphans to suffer any longer." Starfire, the voice of persistence this last hour. It was starting to grate on the leader's nerves.


"Robin" began Raven, the voice of reason. "You and I both know, there is no other way for us to raise the money. You must do this."


Beast boy and Cyborg sat quietly. This argument had been going on for the better part of an hour. Both boys would exchange glances at one another before breaking out into laughter. The thoughts of Robin….well it was just too funny to say.


"NO Starfire! Why can't one of you two do it?" Robin's pout was now in place, his arms crossed over his chest in his famous act of defiance.

"I can't really see Raven going on a date" cut in Cyborg.

"Yeah! Besides Raven isn't available." Robin glared daggers at Beast Boy, remembering that only a couple weeks ago had Raven and the changeling gone exclusive.

"What about Cyborg?" The Boy Wonder tried again.

Everyone turned to each other and burst into laughter and even Raven cracked a smile.

Robin sighed in annoyance. Today was just not his day.

Raven tried a different approach. "Look, this was your idea, to save these children. No one is more suited for this job than you are Robin."

Robin mumbled under his breath, glaring holes into the wall in front of him.

"But villains too?"

Raven nodded her head and brought a hand to their leaders shoulder. "As much as I don't want to do it, the villain portion of the city has resources, we'd be able to double…triple the money made. It would only be for three dates Robin, then you'd never have to see the person again. There is no sex involved, no physical contact…just you…and.."

"…But their villains…what if…you know…?"

The unspoken question sent shivers down each team members spines. The odds of Robin having to go on a date with that particular villain, well, it was a good chance. But no one really knew what type of resources he had.

"It's a risk that we may have to take…for those children." Robin would never admit it willingly, but Raven had a good point, and for Christ sake she was making him cave.

The large sigh from their leader informed the group that he had given up.

Robin stood from the group, and ventured towards the door, intent on getting a good night sleep and pretend that this little contest was not about to happen.

"We'll start broadcasting this soon." Came Cyborgs voice.

Robin never turned around, "I have a bad feeling about this…" he muttered, and off he went through the door. The door snapped shut and everyone breathed a sigh of relief once he was gone. Sometimes Robin was able to put everyone on edge.


Word had spread fast throughout Jump City. Robin was an enormous icon among heroes and villains. So, when everyone heard that there was a contest for a chance to date the Boy Wonder. Well, you can imagine the amount of people who began bidding.

Cyborg had created a website for people to send their bids to, via online banking. It was easier than having thousands of letters mailed to their Tower. Besides, it allowed for the contestants to see the amount of progress other candidates were having.

Every person was given an anonymous name, so as to not cause any trouble for the parties involved. Candidates were allowed to place bids 24 hours and 7 days a week, and were allowed to withdraw or deposit more money whenever they felt like it.


Robin had locked himself in his room, refusing to come out, except for missions, which seemed to be fewer and fewer each and every day the contest was running. The Boy Wonder was not pleased with the current events happening. It wasn't that he couldn't handle himself when it came to dating someone. It was the thought of certain people who he may have to date, that made the boy shiver slightly.

Thank god the contest was only for residents in Jump City.

Robin sighed softly and removed his clothing; he desperately needed a shower. Glancing over his shoulder, the boy sauntered into the bathroom on the left side of the room. He glanced at himself in the mirror and removed his mask. Dull blue eyes stared back at him, full of stress and fatigue.

"I remember when they used to be pretty…" mumbled Robin, turning on the water to his shower. As the temperature warmed up, the boy ran a hand through his hair and caught the scar on his chest.

He clenched his eyes closed and moved away from the mirror and into the shower. He touched his scar, on top of his heart…


He swore and traced the jagged edges of the "S" carved into his skin. Even though Robin was now eighteen…and that occasion had been three years ago, it still haunted him.

No matter how many times he tried to remove it with creams and lotions, it just wouldn't go away. Raven tried many times to remove it with magic, but Slades marking still stayed. It had been during a time when the boy had misbehaved during his apprentice training.

Robin shivered remembering the events, it had been one of the most painful experience he had ever had, physically anyway. He grabbed his bottle of shampoo and squeezed some of the contents into his hand. You'd think three years would be long enough to forget such things, but not for this bird. He lathered up the soap and ran it through his hair.

A year ago, Robin had stopped spiking his hair, preferring to leave it down and out to the side like he had it when he was in Tokyo looking for Brushogun. There had been many changes in his appearance in three years. The boy was no longer a boy in a sense. He had filled out quite lovely, growing into almost six feet. Robin had grown in other places too, including his body build, which now was fuller and reaplced with, although still lithe, but defined muscle. The Boy Wonder had gained a nice six pack and had become strikingly handsome.

It was only a small comfort though, because once you looked beyond all those features, he was still the same old scared bird, with the proof on his chest.

As he finished the shower and turned off the water, he stepped out into the steam-filled room and groaned.

"Stupid contest…"


A day later, the entire team was sitting in the living room once again. Cyborg had the big screen turned on and the current standings of the contest on it. There were a few people high up into the hundreds of thousands and some that were only biding small numbers. But it didn't matter to the team, anything was better than nothing. For a small instant, Robin seemed pleased with the results. It was a chance to save the orphans, they were doing some good to hundreds of children would didn't have any parents.

It touched his heart in a small way and for a moment…and only a moment, Robin was happy.

Only for a moment though...

"There seems to be a stand still among four members of the contest. Any time even one of the four places a bid, the others have to place a higher one." Explained Cyborg, raising his laser pointer to the screen and placing the light on the four who were neck and neck.

"Interesting…" stated Raven. All eyes were on the screen, watching the numbers fluctuate. Sure enough, the four contestants at the top continuously tried to outbid each other.

"Geez, do they sit at their computer and just wait for someone to outbid them, that's kind of pathetic."

Raven glanced at their leader, smirking slightly. "Perhaps, but you are a very wanted man Robin."

The boy glared at the Goth in annoyance and crossed his arms over his chest and turned away. Cyborg continued to monitor the progress while everyone else went their separate ways.

"Only two more days…" muttered the half man, half robot.


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