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Chapter 27

"Where are you taking me?" Robin asked. He was currently being herded to god-knows-where, blindfolded.


"What is it with you and secrets?" The teen grinned, slowly tilting his head upwards to try and catch a glance at where they were. Slade, of course, caught him.

"Why must you insist on being so nosey?"

"It's in my blood!" Robin said quickly, grinning the whole time. "Besides, I would like to know a head of time if I'm being taken to my death sentence."

"Perhaps." Slade smirked, breathing down the Boy Wonder's neck. "But, you'll still have to wait and find out, either way."

"You are no fun at all." Robin pouted, his lip jutting out. Slade couldn't help but smile and just for the hell of it, lifted the teen into his arms and begin to carry him over his shoulder.


"What?" The man said a bit sheepishly. "I thought I'd save you the energy."

"You just wanted an excuse to ogle my ass."

"That too."

Robin couldn't protest anymore, considering the man had begun to run his fingers over his ass, in a rather pleasing way.

The hero was listening very carefully to the sounds around him. Slade had finally set him down once they had made their way inside…somewhere.

"We're in an elevator?"

"Yes." Slade said simply.

"What kind of elevator?"

"It's a ser--Hey.." Slade glared, and Robin only chuckled. "I'm not going to tell you, I'm sure you'd be able to figure out where we are, depending on the type."

Robin mumbled something. Slade pretended it didn't sound like a death threat.

The doors chimed, signalling the end of the ride, and Robin was again ushered out, still not having the faintest idea of where he was. The hero suddenly smelled something, it smelled like…chlorine.

It was then, that the blindfold was taken away and Robin was left staring in awe. They were on top of a rather large building, probably one of the biggest in Jump City, the stars overheard, showering them in their fluorescent glow. There were a few lanterns, four, each one set in one of the corners, on top of the roof. But the thing that really drew the teen's gaze was the humongous swimming pool, sitting calmly in the middle.

Suddenly the lanterns came to life and illuminated the area in a soft glow, and Robin felt his eyes sparkle. It was a very romantic settling, and the teen felt his eyes water slightly at the sight.

The hero breathed out, circling around with a question on his lips, only for it to die once he noticed Slade was no longer there.


"Over here." A voice called from the side. Robin glanced over at a table that was covered by a small sheet, and there was a full three course meal occupying it, with a small candle set in the middle. Two chairs were placed on either side of the wooden table.

"What is all this?" Robin asked, walking over to the man who smirked.

"You didn't really believe that I had forgotten that you owed me one last date, did you?"

"Well…uh…no…but…" The teen stuttered, a large blush painting over his features. Slade came around the table and grabbed the hero's neck and pulled him up for a dominate kiss, that left Robin breathless.

"Slade…" Robin whispered, his eyes hooded behind his mask.

"It's just the two of us up here. I've made sure of that."

The teen just nodded his head, not wanting to know what the man had done to ensure such a thing. It was best not to mull around in those waters.

"How'd you manage to keep Red away?" Robin grinned, after being seated in one of the chairs. The food was still covered in silver covers, so he had no idea what was under them. It sure smelled amazing though.

"Secret." Slade smirked, sitting himself as well. Which gave Robin prime time to gaze at the man across from him. He still wore his half-mask, but with a black dress shirt that showed off all of his defined muscles, and a pair of black slacks and dress shoes.

"I haven't even served the food and your already drooling." The man grinned.

Robin glared but there was no real conviction in it. The teen had decided on wearing a red dress shirt, that had the two top buttons undone, showing off his new muscles, but had decided on a pair of black jeans and sneakers, instead of going all out. Besides, he hated wearing dress pants, they were never comfortable.

"This smells amazing." Robin moaned softly, taking a whiff of the delicious food that was set in front of him. There was steak, potatoes, cranberries, corn-on-the-cob, peas, and a bread roll. Most of it was dripping in either butter or gravy and Robin really didn't know what to eat first. He thought about face-planting the plate, but that would look very undignified. So, he opted for the potatoes full of butter and gravy first.

"So…" Robin began, once he felt like he would explode from eating so much. "Are we going to be swimming?"

"That was rather the point."

The teen glared. "But, aren't we supposed to wait thirty minutes until we go into water, after eating?"

"Your point?" Slade grinned, already advancing on the unsuspecting teen.

"What are we going to--"

He never really finished that sentence.

It was only a matter of seconds before the hero was on the ground, shirtless, and Slade sucking at his nipples like his life depended on it.

"Ooo…ohh god…" Robin said arching up, shuddering as the man switched to his other nipple.

"I'll never get tired of hearing that." Slade growled out seductively, the vibrations causing Robin to groan loudly.

The mercenary grazed his teeth down the hero's chest, his tongue flicking out once it reached his belly button, and then travelling down, towards Robin's jeans. The hero spread his legs invitingly, his eyes hooded behind his mask.

Slade decided he had enough of the teen's hidden eyes and promptly pulled the mask from Robin's face. The glistening blue orbs staring back at him, full of lust and want, made the man incredibly hard.

Robin cried out when Slade engulfed his shaft, already swallowing him whole. The teen's hands were clenched into fists, not being able to find purchase on the ground. Robin thrust his hips forward and moaned Slade's name loudly when he realized the man wasn't stopped him.

"ooh….uh…uh…yess…yesssss god Slade…"

The man hummed and then groaned at the sound that escaped Robin when the vibrations shuddered through his cock, sending the teen into a frenzy. When Slade knew the hero was close to coming, he quickly picked up the boy, thrusting him against the table, and with Robin's quickly reflexes he caught himself on the edge, holding himself up.

The mercenary hurriedly unzipped his slacks and applied lube that he had hidden under the table, before moving behind the hero who was panting hard. Slade pushed Robin's pants and boxers down to pool at his feet and, not in the mood to wait, plunged in deep, hitting the teen's prostate in one go.


The scream almost made Slade come right there, it was so erotic and needy. The man rewarded his little minx, however, by pushing in harder and faster.

Robin cried out at every thrust, not remembering when he had been fucked quite this brutally. Slade was even growling behind him.

The contents of the table were pushed to the ground, however, when a Robin fell on top of half of it, curtsey of Slade fucking him so hard. The hero clawed at the table, his eyes clenched tightly shut, mouth wide open, his moans echoing around the area.


Slade could only obey.

"I hope the staff don't ask what happened to the table." Slade mused, twenty minutes later, when both parties were stark naked, in the pool. Robin blushed profoundly, glaring daggers at the man.

It was true, the table looked like an animal had tried to eat it, claw marks, and, were those teeth marks as well? It made Slade rather smug, although Robin really didn't think so.

Robin slowly swam over to the man who was lounging by the edge, looking over the city. It was almost ten-thirty at night and all the city lights were illuminating the city. It was a beautiful sight to see.

"Slade?" The teen asked quietly, standing in front of the man.

"Hmmm?" The man hummed, turning to look at the teen.

"Thank you." Robin said smiling, really and truly smiling. "For everything, I mean. For helping me with my powers and the beast…and for these last two months after the Ra's incident…I didn't think I would make it…even after I had…killed. I just…thank you."

"Your welcome, my little Robin." Slade whispered, pulling Robin closer.

The hero gasped softly, as he was pulled into a soft kiss.

"Yours?" The teen whispered when the kiss broke.

Slade nodded his head, a small smile on his face. "Mine."

The next few months were interesting as they were weird, for Robin. Even though nothing had been said, exactly, Slade and Robin were officially dating, as Red liked to put it. The team more-or-less had come to terms with the couples relationship…and seeing Red around the tower a lot more often than should be legal. But the klepto refused to be away from his 'bean and big bad'…but Robin and, grudgingly Slade, had come to accept that Red was a part of their life now.

Slade and Robin kept their other lives separate, Robin was still a hero after all, and Slade was still a criminal. After a rather embarrassing encounter from Robin and the Titan's when Slade had tried to steal a newly developed weapon, which involved the teen groping him and teasing him until he thought he would explode, allowing the Titan's to secure the weapon, the man had decided to take his work elsewhere. In another town, which he didn't visit too often, sending his bots to do his bidding.

Otherwise, Slade and Robin kept that part of their relationship on low key, pretending, sometimes, that it didn't even exist. They sparred and worked out together, and sometimes the mercenary would give the teen advice on how to capture a certain villain (as he didn't classify some of the crazier criminals in the same class as him…some were just completely loco in the head). Life wasn't too bad.

Robin back-flipped out of the way of Jinx's pink energy and sent out a bunch of his bird-a-rangs. The girl smirked and hopped up on a metal beam in the middle of the construction lot and shot another round of her powers. The Titan's leader grinned and his force-field flew up, protecting him from the attack, before swiftly running towards the girl and planting his Bo-staff firmly into her gut, sending her crashing into a pile of wood, effectively knocked out.

Gizmo sputtered and Mammoth looked stunned.

"Since when is the crud-muncher this strong?" The small criminal screeched, his backpack flaring to life and multiple legs sprouting forth. Although they weren't much use, Robin cut them down and knocked the teen unconscious with a round-house kick.

Raven quickly flew in and, using her own power, made a large steel pole smash into Mammoth, knocking him out as well.

"Duuuudeeee." Beast Boy grinned, high-fiveing Cyborg. "I'm loving Robin's new suit, he kicks so much butt."

"Yes, it is quite splendid." Starfire gushed, her eyes shinning.

The team were currently standing before a few police cars that were escorting the three HIVE members to jail. The officers of the law grinned at the Titan's leader.

"Nice job out there, young man." A stubby police officer said, patting Robin on the back.

"Yeah!" Another man said, looking like he spent all of his time at the gym. "You did great, considering.

Robin turned around to stare at the man. "Considering?"

"Well, your relationship…" the man seemed to stutter. "With that Slade fellow."

"What of it?" Robin said in an even tone.

"Uh, nothing…" the man said, moving backwards, to join the rest of his own team. "Just glad your still on the good side is all."

The Titan leader raised an eyebrow, but left it at that. He knew that not all of the city agreed with his choice of partner, not like he gave a damn. He did want he needed to do, that was that. His relationship status, aside. Besides, it was none of their business anyways

The Titan's gazed at their leader, wondering what type of mood he would be in now.

"So…" Robin grinned, turning towards them. "Who wants pizza?"

"Yeah!" They all cheered.

Yes…life was good.

Red entered Slade's lair, a box of Capitan Crunch held under his arm, considering it was nine in the morning and he was hungry. He made his way through the long corridors, snickering to himself when he saw the numerous gears in the 'throne room'.

It wasn't until he had almost made it to the kitchen that he heard something that almost made his nose bleed.

"Please…please master …fuck me…I've been such a bad boy…"

That was Robin's voice, Red groaned mentally.

Red heard a rather loud growl and something that sounded like clothing being ripped off.

"Your master is very disappointed, you will be punished accordingly."

"Master!" Robin moaned harshly.

Slade was just about to plunge deep into his lover, when he heard a crash from behind him.

Red fell to the floor, a rather large blush on his face, when he saw Robin on top of the kitchen table, hands handcuffed over his head, legs spread wide open, his face flushed, with Slade only half naked, his jeans undone and his obvious need jutting forward, almost touching the hero's weeping entrance.

"Uh….Uh…" Red sputtered.

Slade narrowed his visible eye and Robin sat up as best as he could, his entire body red.

The thief stared at the two, before grinning quite evilly. "Uh…anyone want some Capitan Crunch?"

Who knew Red could run so fast?

Robin flipped from a roof onto an adjoining roof top. He felt a sudden rush of energy as he breathed in the night air. He had decided to go for a jog, but ended up running around half of Jump City. Well, that was a jog in Robin's mind, so there, he wasn't crazy.

He suddenly hear a store alarm go off and sighed to himself. So much for a peaceful night, what idiot was trying to rob a store at this time of night, don't people sleep?

The hero flipped over a ledge and landed in a crouch on the ground in front of a jewellery store, scanning the area for the culprit. The figure was submerged in shadow, they looked rather small, but the form was lithe and built.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Robin asked out, rather cockily. The person in the store tensed slightly.

There was a mumble that sounded awfully familiar before the figure stepped out, the street lights making him visible.

"RED?" Robin growled, hands crossed over his chest.

The thief grinned behind his Red X mask, before shuffling his feet on the ground, his arms full of a few shinny things.

"Hey Bean." Red beamed, trying to act innocent. "What have you been up to? I haven't seen you and Big Bad in days."

"I think the better question is, what the hell are you doing?"

"Uh? Picking out some nice jewellery? I really recommend the shinny ones, oh and the glittery ones…"

Robin snorted but there was a smile on his face.

"Your going to make me put them back, aren't you?" Red questioned.

Robin nodded his head and Red pouted. Even though the hero couldn't see it, he could practically hear it.

"Can't I just keep one?" Red whined, trying to slowly edge away from the entrance of the store. "Look how pretty it is!"

Robin narrowed his eyes. "Remember what I said Red."

"What's that?"

"Guess you don't want to get laid." Robin smirked. "I might just have to show up unexpectedly from now on…interrupt…"

"But Bean!" Red gasped out, his entire pile of goodies dropping to the ground and the teen ran at Robin, grabbing his arm. "You can't dooo that! I'll die!"

"Yes I can!" Robin sang.

"You are so mean." Red said his arms crossed over his chest.

"But you love me anyways." Robin chuckled.

Red seemed to think about this for a moment. "Your still mean."

And then he took off, but not without pinching the hero's behind and making his way on to another roof, and out of sight.

Robin finished towel drying his hair, exiting his bathroom and entering his room. He was naked, except for the towel that was on his shoulders, collecting the water that dripped from his almost shoulder length hair. He really needed a hair cut.

"Hello Robin."

"Hi Slade." Robin smiled at the man who was sitting on his bed, looking extremely comfortable.

"No screams of fright? I must be loosing my touch." Slade said with a frown.

Robin grinned at the man before entering his walk-in closet and picking out a pair of jeans and a red muscle shirt, putting them on, leaving his hair to air dry. He was in no mood to try and style it.

"I knew you were there."

"How disappointing." Slade mused out loud.

"How come you're here?" The teen questioned. "I thought you were going to be out of town for a few days, it's only been a day."

"I finished early…" the man trailed off. "Besides, would I miss an opportunity to see you naked?"

Robin snorted.

"I have work to do you know." The hero said, but there was a rather evil grin on his face. Especially when he slowly walked over to the door and shut it with his foot, locking it behind him. "I have to catch up on filing."

"Is that so?" Slade purred, his mouth forming into a smirk. "Well, I suppose I'll just have to be a gentlemen and …distract you, hmm?"


The Titan's could only shake their heads at the rather animalistic sounds coming from the room.

A week later Robin was standing in a door frame, staring around the room in astonishment.

"You refurnished the living room?" The teen gasped out.

"Well, I hardly want to be called a vampire." Slade explained, both parties remembering the time when the hero had called this place, such a thing.

"I was kidding…well, sorta." Robin laughed. "It looks nice."

"Only nice?"

"Well, I'll let you fuck me in here now, how does that sound?" Robin snickered, jumping on the comfy couch and melting right into it.

"Peachy." Slade grinned. "However, I have made dinner. We wouldn't want to spoil it, now would we?"

Robin pouted and looked like he wanted to say something, but held it in, once he smelled the delicious food.

"Your going to make me fat." Robin protested, once he was finished eating.

"We can't have that, I might not fuck you anymore."


"Let's just be thankful that you aren't." Slade smirked. "Because that means I can fuck you."

"Just stop." Robin growled.

"Fine, fine, later." The mercenary grinned. "But, you better not hold out on me all night."

"What if I did?" The hero said, a bit of an edge to his voice. "It seems all you want to do lately is have sex with me.."

"And?" Slade said carefully, waiting for the explosion.

"And?" Robin repeated. "What do you mean, and? I'm not just a toy, I'm a person. I can only take so much."

"But you take that much so well." Slade smiled, before frowning at the heated glare he received, deciding that his fun was over. "I know your not just a body Robin."

"Then stop treating me like one, you bastard!" Robin spat out, before gasping.

Slade narrowed his visible eye, about to say something, while the teen scrambled to get off the couch to try and run to safety. Robin hadn't called him that in a very long time.

"Wait…Slade…I didn't mean…" The hero stuttered, already off the couch.

The mercenary lunged for the teen, and Robin back flipped over the couch, putting at least, a little distance from him. Although the hero didn't feel all that safe at the moment.

The one-eyed villain swiftly jumped over the couch during the boy's musings, only to back him up against a wall. Robin scrambled to escape but the man easily caught him, new powers be damned.

"Robin…" his voice like a knife, cutting through butter.

"I was…just upset…I didn't mean…"


"…and…it's just…I …not a body and…"


"…I want to be more…and …I just…"


"I love you."

Utter silence.

This time the hero really tried to escape and managed to do so, only being intercepted and thrown into the bedroom, the door locking shut.

Crap…shit…fuck… Robin had a small spazz attack in his head.

The man just stood and stared at the teen while he looked every where but at him. Robin looked around quickly, before spotting a window, he ran towards it , pulled it open, about to jump out, when Slade grabbed him around the waist, and dragged him back in.

"Let me go!" The hero struggled, his face burning in embarrassment and shame. Slade was definitely going to kick him to the curb now.


"What?" Robin breathed out.


"When what? What kind of stupid question is that?!"

"Robin.." the growl was a warning.

"When did I fall in love with you? Fuck if I know! It just happened, ok!" The teen said, the end of his sentence sounding so miserable. "Now, just kick me out, and we'll be on our merry way!"

"Kick you…" Slade actually stuttered, a sound that caused Robin to stare in astonishment.

It was then that Slade pushed Robin away and on to the bed. The man gave the teen a look that scared the hero. He practically tore his mask off, it shattering into pieces upon impact on the wall, it was thrown with so much force. The hero gasped loudly, not believe his eyes.

"Wha…what?" Robin blanked, before screeching. "What are you doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Slade barked, pouncing on the teen, straddling him.

"But…but you said…I said…before."

"I do…"

"You do?" Robin whispered, his eyes watering. "But…your not supposed to."

"Well, I do, deal with it."

The hero let a few happy tears fall from his eyes and fisted his hands into the white locks that fell around the man's head. He fingered the eye patch and any other part of the man's face he hadn't seen yet.

"Your still a bastard…" Robin smiled, his shirt already falling to the floor.

Slade only snorted.

Yes…life was good.


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