[[If the stars collide, will you stand by and watch them fall?

So hold me 'til the sky is clear
And whisper words of love right into my ear]]

When we were kids, we used to watch the stars all time.

We would lay on a bedspread over the damp grass just after Nunnally's bedtime, eating stolen cookies from the kitchen and trying to tell apart stars from satellites.

Sometimes we waited until we caught the glimpse of a shooting star, and we'd make a wish.

I always wished for the stupidest of things. For bugs to disappear, for Suzaku to get a brain, for Nunnally to never get a boyfriend...

And Suzaku would laugh at me, refusing to tell me what he wished for. He'd smile and tell me it was a secret, that I'd know with the passing of time.

Then we'd fall asleep huddled together, until the maids woke us up, scolding us about catching a cold.

I never got to know what Suzaku wished for, but he says his wish came true.

Now I only wish we could lay and watch the stars again like we used to when we were ten. It's not like we have the time, anyways.

So I'd just have to be satisfied with spending lunch with him on the rooftop.


"I wish for Lelouch and I to be together forever…"


[['Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour seems much longer

Yeah, I've got you
Oh, to make me feel better
When the nights are long they'll be easier together ]]

This is going to be a series, guys.

SuzaLulu, AU, School!fic, from Suzaku/Lelouch points of view, but I'm really not sure we're i'm going with this. Unbeta-ed, and my first language isn't english, so yeah... That's McFly's I've Got You, If you were wondering ;)

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