Kane, Arella, and Raven sat at the kitchen table and had tea. Kane sighs and looks up at Raven. "Raven, there is something your mother and I have to tell you."

"What is it?"

Then Arella looks at Kane and nods indicating that she would begin. "I haven't told you completely everything that happened to your belated father." Raven nods her head with a questionable look on her face.

"Your father was not entirely human. He was a demon."

"What? This is a joke right? What are you saying mom?"

"I'm saying that you are half demon. His human name was Don. I loved him and I thought he loved me. We were planning to get married in the winter of 1985 but he disappeared. No one knew what happened. While, I was walking one night, I heard a siren and saw a police chasing someone. That person had just committed a heist from a jewelry store. As he was running, he dropped something. I picked it up and tried to return it to the store but the owner claimed it didn't belong to him. So I kept it. I didn't know that by me finding that thing would change my life. Are you following so far?"

"Uh, yeah," Raven said still a bit confused.

"Then… 5 years later. (Sigh) Don came back. I was so happy to see him but I didn't know what his true intentions were. (Paused) He raped me and told me that I was only a pawn in his plan. I was confused. I didn't know what he was talking about. Then he revealed himself to me as… Trigon."

"No," Raven gasps in disbelief. She had heard stories about the tyrant and always hated him. Now to find out that this creature had hurt her mother was hard to process.

"I was so blinded by love, that I didn't see what he truly was. He… (she starts crying)… he said that my child will help him destroy the world."

Kane hugged Arella to ease her pain.

Arella continued while sniffing, "That's why, I ran from him. I happened to run in to Kane. He helped me and comforted me. I told him what had happened, and he did everything he could to try and find Don but he was gone without a trace. As for the baby growing inside of me, I was not going to let you die because of his wish. I could not bring myself to do it. I wanted you to live, to prove him wrong."

"So, all this time… you only wanted me as… revenge?"

Arella rushes to her daughter with great concern. "No, never dear!" She hugged Raven and kissed her head. "I would never let that happen to you. I love you so much dear."

Kane walked over and hugged both of them and gave Raven a reassuring squeeze. Then Arella said, "He was going to try and contact you somehow, so I made sure to keep you out of sight when necessary. He will do anything to get you, but you are only part of what he is after."

Raven looks up confused. She just found out that her dad was a demon bent on destroying the world. That was a lot to process. Now she finds out that there is another piece to this puzzle.

"The Fates thing this is a very funny and cruel joke I guess," Arella said as she walked to the kitchen counter. She pulled a secret latch that was underneath the counter and out came a shelf on the side of the cabinet above. Inside she pulled out a ring with what looked like a red ruby. "The thief that I talked about earlier dropped this. Little did I know that me finding this ring would seal our fate. Apparently, Don had left in search of it but never found. Lucky me, I just so happen to have. I don't know how he knew that I found it. I am still unsure as to way out of all the people in the world; I was chosen… we were chosen as his pawns."

Then Raven spoke from what seemed like a long time. "What will happen if I come into contact with the ring? How is it that I along with this ring cause the destruction of the world or better that the universe?"

"It's hard to say dear, but all I know is that if Don or better yet Trigon got to you, he would force you to open that portal. He may be sealed away, but part of his spirit is still free. And he has followers who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal."

"I can't do this mom. I can't handle this on my own."

"I know sweetheart. Kane will help you through this. You have nothing to worry about."

"Wait, aren't you going to help me? Where are you go… MOM WHAT'S HAPPENING TO YOUR HAND?"

Arella looks at her hand and sees that it is gray like concrete. 'Oh no, not now.' She thought as she feels the blood circulating in her body begin to stop.

" I don't have much time left. I knew this would happen soon, that's why I had to tell you this now." Arella is now has staggered breathing.

"No mom, don't leave me please. We can call a doctor and…"

"No Raven. It is too late. Don't worry about me. Once Trigon is destroyed I shall be free."

Raven watches with tears in her eyes as her mother turns completely to stone. Her last words to Raven were 'I love you.'

"No! Mom! Mom! Please say something! MOTHER!"

Kane grabs Raven and holds as she cries in his chest. His own eyes full of tears. He comforted her as best he could but he knew this would happen. He collects himself then picks Raven up and takes her to the car. She needed to get out of that house.

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