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Adam lay bored on his bed in another drab hotel room. It didn't seem to matter if they were pricey or fleabag, they all felt really the same. Randy had called him earlier, inviting him out for a night with the boys which meant drinking until the point of faceplanting, and ending up in random beds, possibly having fucked someone or been fucked. Even that was the same, and it was no longer interesting to the cocky blond. He rolled over, snapping his gum, which seemed to have lost its flavor. He pulled the wad from his mouth and stuck it behind the headboard of his bed, pressing it in place with his thumb. He rolled over again, this time placing himself on his back, and lacing his hands behind his head. The ceiling was as uninteresting as everything else was. The last fun he had really had, was with Rey when he'd fulfilled Rey's request and dressed like a priest, and then Rey had bent him over a pew and fucked him. That had been deliciously different, and was the whole point of Adam having started the game to begin with. Life on the road, contrary to popular belief, was often not full of crazy adventures. Most of the time it was full of the same ho-hummery of traveling, being sleep-deprived, and traveling some more. Entertainment had to be sought out, it didn't just fall out of the sky from the fun-gods, and often times the banks of practical jokes and insane dares dried up leaving boredom to fill their places.

Just like now. Adam was so fucking bored. He rolled off of his bed and began to pace the room, counting his footsteps, before realizing with dismay the depths of dullness he had reached to be doing so. His eyes snapped up from his toes padding against the carpet, when a knock sounded on his door. Who could that be? It was probably Randall coming to attempt to drag Adam's ass out of his room and out to a night that Adam didn't want. With a suffering sigh, Adam opened the door without bothering to look through the peephole. He was prepared to give a firm NO and then slam the door in Randy's face before anything more could be done. However, any words died on Adam's lips when he saw what was not Randy at his door.

Shawn stood at his door, the spitting image of the fantasy Adam had written upon his own scrap of paper for that brainchild of his. That sex game was the best damn thing he'd ever thought of, this only went to further prove his genius. Shawn looked so pretty, and still any words stayed silenced on Adam's tongue. His hands were afraid to touch the man, he looked too innocent to be defiled in the way he had come to offer himself up, and that really turned Adam on.

Shawn remained standing there with a blush painted across his face. Although Adam figured it was from embarrassment, he liked to think it was just the blush of innocence being tested. Finally, Adam extended his hand, and Shawn's fingers twined with his, and Adam drew him inside, closing the door. The tiered ruffles of Shawn's short bobbed skirt rustled softly as he moved, his golden hair swishing in the twin tails which were secured with curling cotton-candy pink and black ribbons. Adam's fingers brushed against the pink and white ruffles, over the tiny black bows on the top tier of the skirt, over the black ribbon detailing of the bodice, and the puffed sleeves. Adam's palm cupped Shawn's smooth shaven face, and his thumb brushed the soft-silk cheek. Shawn was the perfect Lolita.

Adam scooped him up and laid Shawn on the bed gently, trailing his hands again over the pretty details of the dress, before delving up under the ruffles to caress Shawn's thighs and down his legs to the tops of the white stocking Shawn wore. The slow, ticklish, tease of Adam's tracing fingers coursed a visible shiver through Shawn, and Adam could feel the muscles of Shawn's legs twitching beneath his touch as he repeated the motions. The third time he didn't stop at the tops of the milky stockings but brushed over them, his hands gliding over the curvy muscle of Shawn's calves and down to his ankles, and feet, where he gently touched the pink Mary Jane's.

The little girl shoes were tossed to the floor, the cream-white socks rolled slowly away from the flesh beneath, and sent to meet their abandoned counterparts. Adam placed his hands against Shawn's thighs and spread his legs apart, and then crawled between them, leaning in to get a close look at Shawn's face. The golden rain of his pig-tails were fanned out around his head, the ribbons spiraled like the shiny curls on top of Christmas packages. Shawn's baby blues were wide and gazing up at Adam. His lips were curved into a small smile, the soft petals glazed with a light sheen. Adam bent to taste them for a kiss, and a hint of cherry blossomed in his mouth as his tongue swept past the willing lips.

His hands again roamed over the soft cottony material of the dress, touching and fingering each bow, ribbon, and lacey ruffle. Their teeth clicked gently as their mouths worked, and Adam's tongue pushed deeper into Shawn's mouth, wringing a moan from the wiggling body beneath him. His lips broke away from Shawn's and crawled over his jawline, and down his neck, as he pushed the tiered skirt up and slid his hands against the hot skin beneath. Adam's fingers roamed over the thin panties that barely concealed the jutting organ beneath. Shawn mewled as Adam moved his palm over the impressive package, rubbing the seemingly fragile material against the thick head. Adam's teeth nipped at Shawn's neck, his lips traveling further, to the swatch of Shawn's chest which peeked above the scoop neck of the dress. Adam kissed the chest that moved up and down with fevered breaths, and dragged his tongue in slow circles against the flesh. Shawn's erection was straining against Adam's hand, the thin barrier between skin becoming damp. Adam hooked his fingers into the band of the panties and worked them down Shawn's legs until they were off. He brought the dampened middle of them to his face and nuzzled against the musky scent, before leaving them in a crumple on the bed next to Shawn. Adam bent and licked at the hard organ, the head brushing up against the skirt ruffles. His tease of it was brief, before his hands moved beneath Shawn's ass to tilt his hips and give his tongue access to another intimate place that needed more attention than Shawn's pretty cock.

Adam shivered with pleasure as he heard his name cried breathily again and again, at the tease and trace of his tongue along the crevasse between Shawn's perfect checks. He took as much time readying Shawn as his own body would allow, and then tugged his own jeans and briefs away, and slipped into Shawn's tight heat. At the union of their bodies both men gasped in pleased curses at the feel of the other. Adam grasped Shawn's wrists and held them above his head, against the bed, as he started up a pace that was satisfying to them both, and the puffy skirt whispered fabric moans at the movements. Too soon, both of them were riding the downward wave of orgasm, the pretty skirt dirtied by Shawn's sticky load, and Shawn's thighs wet with Adam's as the blond unjoined their afore mated bodies.

"Shawn…thank you." Adam smiled down at the man with ribbons in his hair.

"You're welcome." Shawn smiled back at him.

Adam moved away from Shawn, and Shawn sat up, then rolled off the bed and fixed his skirt. He grabbed the panties which had fallen off the bed at some point, and used them to mop up some of the thick ropes from his thighs. Adam watched him closely, and handed him the discarded stockings and shoes. Shawn took them and headed towards the door, but didn't put them on. Adam followed after him to reluctantly show him out. Shawn's hand turned the doorknob and pushed the door ajar, but then he stopped. His fingers fiddled with one of the powdery pink ribbons that curled in his hair. Shawn loosed the strip and took Adam's hand, and pressed the small offering into his palm.

"Keep it." Shawn said. He curled Adam's fingers around the ribbon, and kissed his knuckles, before ducking out into the hallway and shutting the door on a smile that somehow, still managed to look innocent.