Lost Bet

J.A.L: O-ho-ho, a new story! It's been a long time and I'm very happy! Since I thought of the idea in Spain and have been itching to write ever since. By the way, Spain has really great deserts (none really Spanish except for flan sadly) and it's a wonder I stayed skinny!

(goes on ranting about sweets)

Jay: (sweat-drops) Um, let's just go on to the story.


J.A.L.: Wow . . . It's been like so many months since I came back from Spain . . . You think this would have been done by now . . .

Johannes: It's because you're a lazy ass.

J.A.L: Meh, can't argue there.

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Chapter 1 – Losing the Bet

Mello stared, unable to believe what had happened. Near's charcoal black eyes met Mello's stare with one of equal disbelief.

The blonde haired boy just had won the poker game. After five intense games, Mello had won three of them. He had finally beaten Near at something.

The two first-years at Whammy High (a highly competitive and prestigious school that only the rich and incredibly smart can get into) had known each other since kindergarten. And for those past couple of years, Near was always first at everything and Mello was always second. Because of that, Mello developed a severe Near-complex. To beat Near at anything was considered a huge accomplishment to him.

Once that sank in, he jumped up and shouted with triumph, "Ha, I finally beat perfect little Near! I'm number one now!" He laughed, "How does it feel to taste defeat, Near?"

Though it appeared to an outsider that Near was just staring at Mello, one who knew the albino as well as Mello did would know that was as close to glaring that Near would get. Near replied, emotionlessly, "That doesn't matter."

Mello said with sadistic glee in his deep blue eyes, "That's right! You lost the bet as well!"

For those who are confused about what's going on (which is probably everyone), let's rewind to thirty minutes ago.

It was a regular . . .

(a flying lollipop goes by)

. . . boring . . .

(L chases after it, yelling "My limited edition, sugar-filled lollipop!"(L becomes VERY (disturbingly) OOC when it involves his sweets) He knocks over a group of unsuspecting first-years and jumps through a window, which the lollipop flew out of.)

. . . uneventful . . .

(Raito runs after L, "L, stop it! You're going to injure yourself and you have already injured Kira-knows how many students and property!")

. . . day in the Whammy school dorm. In one particular dorm, there were three beds and two bored students. Matt, Mello's best friend and the third best student in the first year, was somewhere studying and he was out of chocolate. All he had was a pack of cards and a Near without toys. Combine that with Mello's competitive nature and you will have an intense, five games of poker going on, where whoever won the most games would be the winner. In addition, the two had made a bet. The loser would have to do whatever the winner said for an entire day, which inflamed Mello's deep desire to win even further. And it turns out that was what was needed for him to win.

Mello cackled in anticipation of doing whatever he wanted to Near. Oh the possibilities! Should he humiliate Near publicly, make him his personal slave, or should he do both? How could he choose? By now, Near was feeling frightened (though he didn't show it) by the flames that surrounded Mello and the demon horns and tail that appeared on him.

Mello said, "Just wait till tomorrow Near! I'll have come up with your punishment by then!" With that, he took his leave to come up with different ideas for tomorrow. Near sat there and turned to the window, ". . . Dear God . . ."


Mello hummed next to Matt, who was trying to concentrate on his studies. The red-haired boy was getting very irritated by Mello. Finally, he asked, "Mello, could you stop humming? I'm trying to study."

Mello hummed, "Hmm? Sorry Matt, I'm just feeling really good today."

Matt said, "Oh ho? Does it have something to do with chocolate or beating Near?"

Mello smirked, "The latter."

The green eyed boy blinked, "No way, you actually beat Near at something?"

Mello punch Matt lightly (by his standards anyways) on the arm, "What do you mean by actually?"

Matt said, "Ow, ow, I'm joking! Anyways, what did you beat him at?"

Mello replied, "Poker."

Matt replied, "That's . . . nice but not a great accomplishment . . ."

Mello replied, "What if I told you I also won the right to make Near do anything I want for an entire day?"

Matt replied with more enthusiasm, "That is pretty cool!" He snickered, "I wonder what you are going to do to the poor, cute boy."

". . . Did you just call him cute?" Mello stared at his best friend as if he were an alien, which was also combined with a glare.

Matt replied, "Well, you have to admit he is cute in the hug-me-I'm-like-a-plushie kind of way." He smirked, "What, are you getting jealous and overprotective?"

Mello scowled with a heavy blush, "S-shut up! No I am not!"

Matt grinned, "That blush says otherwise." That earned Matt two hard hits to the head.

Mello murmured, "Hmm, what should I do with him?"

Matt said, "If you don't mind, I got a plan that's sure to humiliate him." He added under his breath, "Sorta."

Mello said, interested, "Tell me, what's your plan?"


The next morning came and Near woke up later than usual. It was a Saturday morning, and unlike other schools, they had no school on Saturdays (Whammy thought it would be best for the geniuses to be allowed plenty of rest time). Mello and Matt were already gone, it seemed. Near got up and stretched. He went to the shower to take a bath.

Once he finished washing himself, he heard the door to his dorm open. Curious to see who entered, Near wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door to the bathroom slightly to peek out. He saw Mello standing there with a bag in hand. Mello spotted Near looking at him and said, "Oi, come out Near!"

Complying because he had to do whatever Mello wanted, Near came out into the room. What he didn't realize was that with only a loose towel wrapped around his wet body, he presented quite a sight that could even the most devout person break out in an enormous nosebleed. Near may have the IQ of 240, but he was as pure as his white hair. Unfortunately, that wasn't helping the hormone-packed blonde haired boy, who had a blush across his face and was clutching his bleeding nose.

Near pointed at Mello's nose and stated the obvious, ". . . You are bleeding."

Mello screeched, "Shut up, I know!" While wiping his nose, he handed the bag to Near and commanded, "Change into this."

Near peeked inside the bag and gave Mello a pointed stare, "Are you serious?"

Mello smirked, "Yes I am. Now Near, remember the deal. You have to do whatever I want for the entire day!"

Sighing, Near went back into the bathroom to change into those unspeakable garments.


Mello drummed his fingers on the bed impatiently. It had been fifteen, whole fucking minutes and Near still hadn't come out. The clothes weren't even that complicated to put on! Finally snapping, he knocked on the door and demanded, "Are you done yet?"

Near's voice replied, "Yes, I was done seven minutes ago."

Mello stared dumbly at the door, and then snapped, "THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU COME OUT?"

Near replied, "You didn't say I had to come out.

Mello cursed in twelve different languages before he wrenched the door open. Five seconds later, he regretted doing so, because his nose was bleeding again.

Near was sitting on the bathtub rim in an elegant manner, knees together and hands folded in his lap. He had a red headband with two ribbons on either side in his hair. He wore the school's female uniform, a blue and white blouse with a red ribbon and a blue skirt. He also wore knee-high, lacy white socks with a red ribbon around it and black dress shoes. A very light pink color adorned his face and he had a small pout/glare in his eyes.

Near asked, "Are you satisfied now?"

The truth was that Mello was pretty happy right now, but it would be embarrassing to tell Near that, so he opted to keep quiet.

Near stood up, "Now if we're done here, I'd like to go back to playing with my toys."

Mello grabbed his arm, "Wait a moment, don't think that it's over yet. We still got an entire day."

Near sighed wearily, "What do you want now?"

Mello grinned evilly, "It wouldn't be fair for me to be the only one to see you in a school girl outfit."

Near gulped, "You wouldn't . . ."

Mello smirked, "I'm going to take you outside!"

Near countered, hoping to get out of it, "That would be considered a date."

Mello froze, and then grinned gently, "Fine, let's call it a date then. It doesn't really matter."

Near stared at Mello's grinning face and he felt the blood rush to his cheeks. He lowered his head, "If you're taking me out, I want to eat sushi."

Mello said, twitching, "Oi, pretty demanding considering you're my slave."


In the end, they went for sushi. Mello and Near sat in a booth, ignoring the whispers, giggles, blushes, and stares directed at them.

Mello asked, "So, what do you want?"

Near looked up, "Whose paying?"

Mello said, not really thinking, "I'll pay, I guess."

Near said with a glint in his other-wise blank eyes, "Then, I'll get the most expensive things on this menu (oh, and it happens to be the Eel and Salmon Combo). In fact, I'll get three rolls."

Mello nearly fell over once he saw the price, "Then you're paying for yourself!"

Near said, "It isn't very gentlemanly to make the lady pay."

Mello hissed, "You're no lady!"

In the end, Mello ended up paying, but Near ordered something less expensive.