Epilogue – Payback

A few months had passed. It was the summer break and Mello was lounging in the dorm room. The window was wide open, letting in the cool air. He let out a sigh of relief every time the cold wind blew. He sat up once he heard the door open.

Matt entered the room. He raised a hand in greeting, "Yo Mello."

Mello waved lazily, "Hey there."

Matt said, "I got you something as a present for tying with Near on the final exams."

Mello grinned at the memory. He and Near had tied with perfect scores on the final exams. Sure he wasn't number one, but he wasn't number two. That was good enough for Mello. Light had gotten them both matching necklaces and wouldn't stop rambling on about how proud he was of them and how he remembered when he and L tied with perfect scores on their finals. Mello fingered the golden locket around his neck. Inside was a picture of all of them. Mello was screaming at the camera man for taking his chocolate, Matt was trying to calm him down, L was eating his lollipop, Light was trying his best to remain calm, and Near was pretending he didn't know them. Good times.

Reaching into his bag, he fished out a couple of bags of Lindor's Chocolate. He tossed them to Mello, "Enjoy!"

Mello's eyes widened as he caught them, "No way, these are, like, Limited Edition! This must have been a pain in the ass to get!"

Matt said, "Not when you got connections. Sorry, they kinda melted a bit."

Mello grinned as he opened it, "It's fine. Chocolate tastes better when softer and melted anyways."

Matt said, "Well, I'm going to get going. Got an errand to run for Roger. Enjoy the chocolates." He gave a two-finger salute as he opened the door. As he was about to walk out, he bumped into Near. Matt said, "Oops, sorry Nearie. Didn't see you there."

Near rubbed his nose as he said, "It's fine." Sometimes he hated being so short, since his face always crashed into other people's chests.

Matt passed him, "Well, enjoy your quality time with your boyfriend." He gave a suggestive wink and left a blushing Near and embarrassed Mello.

Mello screeched as Matt exited, "Fuck you, Matt!" He said, "Hmph!" as he leaned against his pillow. He commanded, "Close that door, will yah Near?"

Near obliged and closed the door. A click was heard, indicating the door was locked. However, the two didn't pay any attention to it. Near walked over to Mello's bed and sat next to him, ". . . Are those Limited Edition Lindor Chocolates?"

Mello grinned as he popped on in his mouth, "Yup!" Mm, vanilla raspberry chocolate never tasted better.

Near said, "Let me try." He reached for Mello's hand and brought it to his mouth. Gently, he began to lick the melted chocolate off Mello's hand.

Mello was stunned, his face bright red. The feeling of Near's wet tongue dancing over his chocolate-covered fingers caused him to shiver. A pleasant feeling ran up his spine and urged him to take it further. He bit his lips. No, he had to restrain himself.

Strike One

Near said, "It's delicious." He released Mello's hand. Quickly, Mello withdrew his hand. Near raised an eyebrow at this action. He asked, "Mello, are you ok?"

Mello said, "Y-yeah, I'm fine."

Near brought his forehead to Mello's, "Are you sure?"

Mello squeaked, "Y-yes!" He pulled back quickly.

Near frowned, "What's wrong?" He asked tentatively, "Are you mad at me for licking the chocolate off your fingers? I know how possessive you get when it comes to chocolate."

"No, that's not it!" Mello denied quickly. He said, "If it's you, I don't mind."

Near blinked and then softly smiled, "Thank you Mello."

Gaah! Mello could literally hear his heart go 'doki doki.'

Strike Two

Near reached over and grabbed one of the sweets. He said as he unwrapped it, "The vanilla taste laced with hints of raspberry is quite intriguing. The taste is unique and texture of the soft chocolate is quite addicting. It is only unfortunate I get thirsty afterwards."

Mello chided Near, "Leave it to you to overcomplicate eating chocolate. You don't analysis it, you just eat it, idiot."

Near giggled, "I suppose I do over-think things. Just like Light-san."

Mello felt himself blush again. The legendary Near giggle! Very rare, but when it shows up, it's the most beautiful and cutest sound you ever heard!

Strike Three!

Near slowly licked the chocolate ball, the chocolate sticking to his fingers.

Mello asked, "W-what are you doing idiot! You're suppose to pop it in your mouth and let it melt!"

Near replied, "I feel it makes it last longer if I lick it instead of swallowing it. It would help you if you took time to appreciate your chocolate instead of gobbling it."

Mello retorted, "Shut up, I appreciate my chocolate very much!"

Near gave him a 'whatever' look. He said, examining his fingers, "Ah, I got some chocolate on it." He began to lick it in an erotic fashion.


Any of Mello's self-restraint vanished. He tackled Near and pinned him to the bed. Mello's hands held each of Near's arms above and to the side of his head. Near's eyes were filled with surprise as he asked, "Mello?"

Mello gave a wicked smile, "Near, remember the day I made you walk around in a school uniform with me? You said you'd repay me but you never did."

Near argued, "I did! You asked me a question and I responded honestly!"

Mello said, "Nope, it was part of the bet. Remember, you had to do anything I wanted for a day? That included answering my questions."

Near fell into silence as he realized there was no way for him to escape. He asked, "T-then . . . What do you want?"

Mello smirked as he whispered in Near's ear, "I'm sure you know what it is."

Near shivered. Mello's hot breath tickled his ear and the scent of vanilla raspberry hung in the air.

Mello said, "Now, let's get rid these annoying clothes!" He began to unbutton Near's shirt before Near shouted, "W-wait!"

Mello asked, grumpy, "What?"

Near flushed, "D-don't you think you're going too fast?"

Mello frowned, "Near, we've been dating for a couple of months now. And we've known each other for years. I think this has waited too long."

Near shouted, "B-but I . . . I'm not sure I'm ready!"

Mello stopped. He asked softly, ". . . Near, are you really against this?"

Near said, "I-I . . ."

Mello said, "If you really don't want it, I won't force you. But if you give me your consent, I won't stop no matter what you say." His eyes met Near's, a spark flying between them.

Near laid there under Mello for what seemed like an eternity. He looked into Mello's dark, unwavering eyes. His breath hitched. No matter how many times he looked into Mello's eyes, Near was always stunned by the sheer will and force it hid within its dark depths. He finally said, ". . . It's not that I don't want it. I just felt cornered and scared. What if this is the wrong decision? A mistake we can never undo?" He breathed, "But when I look into your eyes . . . I can see this will not be a mistake."

Mello asked, his hopes rising, "So it's . . ?"

Near nodded, "Yes."

That was all Mello needed before he quickly unbuttoned the rest of Near's shirt and pulled it off the lithe boy. He pressed his lips greedily against Near's, forcing Near's mouth open with his tongue. He began to explore Near's mouth, sweet from the chocolate. Correction: Chocolate had never tasted better at this moment.

He met Near's tongue and played with it. Mello smirked as he heard a tiny gasp of pleasure of Near. He pulled away after a few seconds, allowing to get a good view of a flustered Near.

He whispered in Near's ear, "You look tastier than any Russell Stover's Chocolates I have ever seen."

Near flushed and turned his head to the side, unknowingly giving Mello a better access to his neck, "Stop your stupid comments and put your mouth to some other use, Mello."

Mello said, "As you wish." He began to bit around Near's neck, satisfied at the small noise Near made. While he was working on a hickey, his hand slide up Near's thin frame to reach one nipple. He began to tweak and play with it.

Near felt overwhelmed. He had never been engaged in any sort of sexual activity. Everything was new to him, and the pleasant sensations were overtaking him.

Mello pulled back, admiring the bright red hickey around Near's collarbone. He then moved downwards to continue teasing Near.

Near let out a moan. Mello was everywhere, his hands dancing over Near's body and his tongue . . . Oh God his tongue. He didn't know how much more he could take.

Mello began to pull down Near's pants and underwear. While he was doing that, Near reached up with trembling fingers to unzip Mello's jacket-like black shirt. Realizing what Near wanted, Mello's hands receded from Near's pants in order to shrug off his shirt. Near blushed seeing Mello's bare chest. They had occasionally taken baths together, but that was when they were children. Mello's slim body had become lean but lined with muscle. His skin was a golden peach-like color, showcasing the fact that Mello was an active person. Near felt embarrassed about his pale and weak body.

As if he had read Near's mind, Mello breathed, "Near, you're so beautiful."

Once again, Near blushed. He said, "L-liar . . ."

Mello said, "I may be a liar, but even a liar tells the truth once in a while." He began to undo the necklace around his neck and bound it around Near's wrists. He then re-clasped it around the bed post, ignoring Near's protests.

Near spluttered, "What is the meaning of this?"

Mello grinned wickedly, "It's kinkier this way. Seeing you so helpless turns me on."

Near flushed, "P-pervert!"

Mello shrugged, "I never denied that."He slowly trailed his tongue down Near's navel, having pulled off Near's pants and underwear already. He stopped at the area right about Near's privates, smirking, "You're already so hard?"

Near glared, looking at Mello's tight pants, "Like you aren't—Aahhh!"

Mello didn't respond as his mouth was already busy. Swirling his tongue around the tip, he gently teased Near before he finally swallowed Near's length.

Near threw back his head, "A-aaah!" Ecstasy filled Near's body. It was too hot in here… too hot, too hot! He let out a loud scream of pleasure as he came.

Mello pulled back, one eye shut and tongue sticking out. His mouth, left eye, and chin were covered in cum. He wiped off some from his eye and licked it. He made a face, "Blegh, it's kind of bitter-sweet."

Near glared, though it had the effect of a wet kitten, "Then don't swallow it."

Mello said teasingly with a look that reminded Near of the Cheshire Cat, "But it's very delicious!" He had a wicked thought at the moment, "I wonder, how do I taste like?" He gave a suggestive look to Near, "Aren't you as curious as I am?"

Near thought, 'You want to play that game?' He smiled, sending (good) shivers down Mello's spine, 'Fine, I'll play your game.' He pulled at the necklace bounding him, "How am I suppose to do anything like this though?"

Mello said, "Well then, let me take care of that." He unclasped the necklace, but refasten it once it was freed from the bed post. Mello smirked as he sat back, "Now, I'll let you do the rest of the work, including unzipping me."

Near sat up, trying to wriggle his wrists free, "H-hah? How am I suppose do that without my hands—" He froze. He turned to Mello with a face that reminded Mello much of Light when he was in disbelief and pissed off, "You aren't seriously suggesting that I use my mouth, are you?"

Mello smirked as he drawled, "Giving up al~rea~dy?"

Near, despite his looks, was a prideful person as well. He said, "Fine then." He lowered himself to Mello's pants, blushing at the proximity. He gently grabbed the zipper between his teeth and unzipped Mello's pants. He then bit at the underwear and tugged it down to reveal Mello's member. Once again, he blushed. Mello was . . . above average to put it mildly.

Breathing in deeply, Near took Mello's member in mouth. His tongue lapped at the tip of Mello's manhood, swirling over it as it was candy. He then began to suck gently.

Mello bit back a moan. Damn it, Near was good! It had to be a natural gift, because Mello was sure as hell that Near was a virgin.

After a while, Near attempted to deep-throat it, but the gag reflex prevented him from doing so. He pulled back, coughing.

Mello asked with concern, "Hey, are you alright Near? Idiot, you're too inexperienced to do something like that!"

Near was curious, "Then Mello . . . how come you can do it?"

Mello blushed coughed, "A-ah, well, I p-practiced . . ."

"With Matt?"

Mello shouted, "No! I-I . . ." He blushed and turned his head, "Used c-chocolate bars . . ."

". . ." Near then broke into laughter.

Mello turned back, surprised.

Near laughed, "That's so like you Mello!"

Mello growled, embarrassed, "Shut your mouth." However, there was no ill will behind his words.

Near smiled, "Sorry."

Mello said, "Heh, you can apologize to me by getting ready for the main event." He threw Near back against the bed and his fingers brushed across Near's entrance. Near let out a small gasp as his body shook. Mello said, "Ugh, I don't have any lube on me . . . wait, but I could use that . . ." His glance fell upon the chocolates.

Near said, ". . . Please don't tell me you are actually intending to use that?"

Mello argued, "If I don't use some sort of lubrication, it'll really hurt. Besides, it's just chocolate, not poison!"

Near shouted, "I'll have chocolate inside me that's not in my stomach!"

Mello gave a perverted smile, "Don't worry, I'll clean it all out."

Near glared, "Mello . . !"

Mello sighed, "Fine, I'll just use my fingers and maybe some saliva. But it's going to hurt, so don't say I didn't warn you!" He began to coat his fingers with saliva, stopping once he was satisfied with his work.

He then began to insert his slick finger into Near. Near held back a pained gasp. It already hurt, but like hell Near was going to stop now. His grip tightened around the blankets as he waited for Mello's finger to fully slide in. It wasn't long before Mello inserted another finger. This time, Near couldn't hold back a whimper.

Mello whispered, "Sorry, I promise it'll feel better." His fingers reached up to entangle with Near's, "Trust me."

Near tightened his hold on Mello's hand, "I-I trust you."

At that moment, Mello had brushed against something sensitive. Near's back arched as he let out a moan, "Oooh!"

Mello smiled, "Found it." He continuously pushed in and out, hitting Near's sweet spot over and over. He made a scissoring motion with his fingers that nearly drove Near over the edge with pleasure. Once he felt Near was ready, he pulled out.

Near groaned in disappointment. He lifted his head up to give Mello a half-hearted glare when he felt something warm push in. He gasped as he felt numb pain. However, it didn't hurt as much as before.

Mello glanced down and saw that Near was bleeding (see the note at the end of the chapter). He was slightly surprised. He didn't know virgin males could bleed as well. Oh well, the blood did make his job easier. Near ridiculously tight. It was obvious this kid was a complete virgin. He let out a small moan. But God, it felt so damn good!

Near said, "M-Mello, it hurts . . ."

Mello said, "I'm sorry, just endure a little more."

He moved in slowly, making sure Near wasn't in too much pain. He pulled out a bit and moved deeper in. Near panted heavily. The sounds alone were almost enough to make Mello come. Eventually, Mello struck against Near's prostate, making the younger boy's eyes fly open and let out a loud moan of pleasure.

Mello smiled, panting slightly, "See, I told you it would feel good." He began to thrust into Near a little more wildly than before. To think that a couple years ago, he would have never imagined he would do this with Near. But here he was with his long-time rival and lover. He smiled softly, fate was a fickle mistress.


Near rocked along with Mello's movements. He gasped every time Mello hit his prostate. The overwhelming pleasure was so new to Near. The scent of sweat, chocolate, and Mello's cologne was in the air. It was so hot. He wanted to drown in this ecstasy.

The two of them knew they were reaching their limit soon.

"Aaa-ah, Mello!"

"Uhhnn, Near!"

Mello came first, and Near followed shortly afterwards. Mello paused for a second to catch his breath and recover from the orgasmic sensation before he pulled out slowly. Cum began to overflow out of Near once he completely retracted, a thin trail still connecting them. Eventually, it snapped and disappeared. He looked at his chest, which was covered in cum. He wiped some off with the sheets before he collapsed next to Near.

Near turned his head, "Mello . . ." He was so exhausted, but he placed his arms around Mello and pulled closer, ". . . Is my debt repaid?"

Mello replied as he wrapped his arms around Near, "It was more than enough, Near." He buried Near's face in his shoulder as he inhaled the Dove-shampoo scent of Near's hair.

Near blushed but moved closer, ". . . Good."

The two lain there for what seemed like eternity, slowly falling asleep and slipping into sweet dreams.


Matt walked back to the room. He grumbled, "Can't believe my Nintendo DSi died on me. I was just about to save!" He was about to open the door to get his charger when he heard voices. More specifically, Near's and Mello's.

"Aaa-ah, Mello!"

"Uhhnn, Near!"

Matt froze, ". . ." He slowly turned away from the door and walked down the hallway to find Light and L's room.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Matt slammed the door open. He saw Light quickly push L off him. They were on the bed, and L fell off with a 'thump.'

A while ago, Mello had dubbed Light with the mocking nickname of Light-nee. Eventually, it escalated to the point where Light and L were officially known as 'the parents of that crazy genius trio' by everyone in the dorm. Needless to say, Light was not pleased with his 'affectionate' nickname. He got used to it, though.

Light (whose hair was slightly messy, Matt noted) asked, "Matt, what's wrong?" He had swung around to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and had his best 'motherly' smile on.

Matt said with tears in his eyes, "I feel like the third wheel."

Light asked, ". . . What?"

L got up from behind the bed, displeased, "There was no need for you to push me off the bed. And what do you mean, Matt?"

Light pushed down on L's head, hiding him from view, "Shut up, this is a job for a socially-skilled and sensitive person. In other words, not you."

L sniffed, "How cruel, Mom."

Light flashed a strained smile, "Shut up or I'll castrate you, Dad."

Matt sweat-dropped, 'Why am I the only straight one in this family, sexually and metaphorically-wise?'


Don't worry Matt, you won't be straight sexually for long! The Mary Sues you will be paired up with will eventually turn you off women for life. Trust me.


Ok, I'll admit, I wrote this entire chapter just for that omake. XD

Bwaaah, I'm sorry, I fail at writing smut! I just don't have the experience to courage to go farther with the details. Oh, and I refuse to use words like 'dick' and penis' because they're too crude. But saying things like 'shaft,' 'length,' or 'manhood' feel just as strange. It's a lose-lose, but whatever.

If you got horny reading this, then I guess I did well. If you didn't, I'll commit seppuku (basically a sort of Japanese suicide that involves driving a sword through yourself) for wasting your time. T.T

*By the way, I'm not quite sure if virgin men would bleed at being penetrated. I've seen it happen in other franchises, but I'm not 100% sure. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Alright, cheers to one of my non-one-shot stories being finished. Yay.