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I stood from my desk and waited.


How many times had I told Booth to be here at 7:00? Not 7:15, which was the time now. Here I was, in my new dress that Angela had insisted I had to get, looking like an idiot. I was going to be late for my own awards banquet!

I quickly checked down the hall, but there still was no sign of Seely Booth. This was definitely going to be the last time I let him drive me anywhere.

I thought for a second.

Okay, maybe not the last time. Booth was my partner after all, and I had wanted him to be there when I got the award for best mystery write of the year. But, if I knew he was going to be late, I would've asked Angela to drive me.

"Bones!" Booth's voice echoed in the quiet halls of the Jeffersonian. I saw my partner, Special Agent Seely Booth, running towards me in his suit. He quickly got to my door and caught his breath.

"Booth, you're late." I told him. "We're going to be late." He looked up at me and smiled.

"Bones, this is your night." I nodded—I clearly understood that. I was intelligent or had he forgotten that? "You have to be fashionably late." The term didn't make sense—fashionably late? What on Earth did that mean?

"Late is late, regardless of how you look, Booth." I explained to him. He straightened up and laughed at me.

"Bones, it means that you're supposed to be late because you're the guest of honor."

"Well, why did they tell me 7:00 if they wanted me there later?" I asked, honestly trying to grasp the idea. Booth often said things that confused me, just like I often said things that confused him. I was the brains and he was the brawn as Angela had told me. 'Very hot brawn,' she had also said and I had to agree with her tonight. Booth did look incredibly handsome in that suit.

"You know, Bones, just forget it." He replied, grabbing his keys. "Ready to go?"

"I've been ready, Booth." He sighed.

"Okay, Bones, then let's get moving." He started down the hall and I quickened my step to keep up with him. "By the way, that dress looks really good on you."

"Angela told me to buy it." I said honestly. Booth grinned cockily.

"Then, I'll have to tell Angela thank you."

I realized with a start that we were having a 'moment.' It was a term Angela used to describe the mounting sexual tensions between Booth and me. I, of course, knew that Booth and I were just partners—that was it, but Angela was a sucker for romance, so she constantly told me that I should go out with Booth.

I always told her no.

I couldn't go date Booth—we worked together! As I saw from her and Hodgins, dating in the workplace could have disastrous effects. Besides, Booth was not my type. He was a jock, obsessed with sports and socks and I was the smart girl, who loved books and science. Those types never ended up together.

Or if they did—it never lasted.

I wanted Booth to stay a trusted friend—nothing else. Angela could lecture me all day, but it wouldn't change anything.

"Booth," I started.

"Hmm?" He asked, putting the keys in his huge SUV.

"Thanks for doing this tonight." I grinned. "I know formal things aren't really—,"

"Bones." Booth interjected. "Do you really think I would've missed this?" He was looking at me straight in the eyes and for a second, I couldn't breathe.

"No," I mumbled looking away. I quickly got in the car before I blanked again. That moment had been too much. I couldn't allow myself to lose control like that! I might do something irrational.

Booth got in the driver's seat and quickly hit the gas pedal. I shot him a look.

"That's for emergencies!" He exclaimed, but I could detect a hint of playfulness in his tone.

I waited.

He gave in.

I bathed in the glow of victory as he hit the siren button.

Now, we were going to make it in time.

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