Door Knob

"Belle, Belle?!"

I called for her


Bell Green has been missing for two days now!!!And sadly I was losing hope…I've loved Belle since we were in the fifth grade.

I already knew she would never love me she has a boyfriend "Cody Penton" they have been dating for about a year...I think…a year ago today I told Belle that I loved her.

I walked up to the last house on the street it was big, blue and very old. Slowly I walked up the old wood steps that creaked when I lifted my foot off of them.

I hesitated at the door and a million memories flushed through my mind memories of…of Belle ,the ones I hated, the ones I loved .I shook my head not wanting to see them all now, and walked in. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it hurt my head and made my stomach curl.

It took me a minute to figure out what the smell was…and I got it…BLEACH!!! This can't be good! As much as I wanted to yell "Belle!" something inside me stopped me.

I walked down a long hall looking at the old pictures that hung on the wall…one caught my eye…it was of a little girl no older than seven…she was dressed in a pink dress and blond curls…she looked very unhappy…stnding next to a tall dark man.

At the end of the hall was a door…brand new you could tell.

I stood there almost in a trance, staring at the door I thought I was going to pass out the smell of bleach had gotten stronger as I got closer to the door. There was no doubt the smell was coming from the room behind this door.

The sound of a bloodcurdling scream made me jump therefore breaking me from the trance. I lifted my hand to the door knob, but instantly jumped back. It was scorching hot.

I took of my shirt and wrapped it around my hand, then grabbed the door. As I slowly opened the door I thought about all the things I could see, things that could possibly kill me, hurt me, break my heart.

When the door was fully open, I took a look around the room. Nothing. I walked to the closet, it was wood and had mirrors on it. I slid it open and all hell was revealed...