1Chapter 1

Piercing blue eyes, framed by golden hair. Thin lips forming a hint of a smile. Slender, long fingers... such unique beauty... how good would it feel to kiss those lips, to feel those fingers against my skin...so perfect it was hard to take.


"Huh?" a sudden voice woke me from my daydreaming, pulling me back into reality, like gravitation pulling a falling apple to the ground.

"You were daydreaming again." my friend gave me a small smile.

"Sorry Alice... what did you say?" I asked, honestly sorry for not listening to her. Alice was my best friend, and I cared for her very much. She had always been there for me, when Farid had left me. When he found a new girl he loved. When I fell and hurt my arm. Alice had always been there, every day, every night, 24/7, only a phone call away.

"You are hopeless. Take this mor serious!" Alice said, slightly pouting, but I knew she was just playing.

"I'm really sorry Alice." I repeated, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. "Please, say it again?"

"I asked you if you already have your dress for the prom. It's only two week away you know?"

Oh right. The prom. It was all Alice could talk about right now. What every girl talked, thought and dreamt about. Every girl except me.

"Yes, I got it yesterday. You wanna come over and see?" I asked, while I placed my pencil case and my math book into my backpack. Finally, school was over and I could go home. It was a Friday, the only day of the week I couldn't wait to come home. The day I daydreamed more then any other day. My favorite day in the week.

"Sure!" Alice beamed at me. "I got mine two days ago, should I bring it over?"

"Of course. I want to see it." I answered, shouldering my backpack and standing up from the chair I had been sitting on for nearly two hours now. I hated math, hated it with a passion, but every Friday I had to sit through two hours of mind-blowing boredom.

"Okay, great." Alice didn't even have to ask what time she should come. She was welcome at every time, night or day. My family loved her, especially Mo because she had been there for me when Farid hat broken up with me, and all my other friends hat let me down. It was partially my fault, I had drawn back from everything and everybody. But Alice didn't give up. She went the whole way with me, from crying all night, to slowly getting better.

"And you're going with Bryan, right?" she asked, and I gave a slight nod.

Bryan was a boy from my class, who had always had a crush on me. He was a nice boy, handsome... and when he had asked me to the prom, I didn't even hesitate. He was really nice, and the person I liked... well, he would never have gone to the prom with me. Not even in my wildest dreams.

"You know who he reminds me of?" she said, walking next to me as we walked through the corridor of the school, toward the exit.

"No. Who?" I asked, opening the door, slightly blinking at the bright sunshine.

"That man that always comes to your house on the weekends... what was his name again?"

"Dustfinger. It's Dustfinger." I replied, flinching slightly. "And he look's nothing like him."

Sure, Bryan had wavy blond hair and blue eye's too, but he wasn't nearly as good looking as Dustfinger. Not nearly as beautiful or elegant. There way no way the two could be compared.

"Right. It's such a strange name. I can't really believe that it's his real name. Maybe it's just a nickname, and he doesn't want to tell you his real name?"

"We've been over this Alice. It's his name." Alice just shrugged.

"Anyway, he totally reminds me of him. Maybe it's just because I don't see the guy that often. He only comes on the weekend's right?"

I nodded, searching the street for Mo's car. The school wasn't far away from my home, walking distance, but Mo always picked me up. He was scared that something could happen to me on my way home. Alice lived only a few street's away from the school, and walked over to my place, or rode her bike. Whenever she walked, Mo would drive her home.

"Isn't it a little strange?" she asked, and I turned my head to look at her.

"He work's a lot. So he doesn't come by on weekdays." I explained, patiently smiling at her. We had the same conversation every Friday. Well almost the same. It normally didn't involve Bryan.

I looked back to the street, and then checked my watch. Mo was late. Mo was never late. Had something happened.

"Oh look, there he is!" Alice suddenly said, her voice a mixture of excitement and wonder.

"What?" my gave snapped to the direction she was pointing out, and really, there he was, smiling at me.

Alice spoke the words that were in my head.

"What's he doing here?" she asked, looking at me as if I knew the answer to her question.

"I honestly don't know." I answered, quickly walking toward the man. Alice followed me. I was scared and worried. Had something happened to Mo and my mom? Why was he here?

"Dustfinger, why are you here?" I asked as I came to a stop right in front of him, Alice standing right next to me.

"What, you're not happy to see me princess?" he asked, grinning at me a little. He still called me princess, even though I was 17 now. Sometimes I hated it... and sometimes I loved it.

"Of course I'm happy to see you." I answered impatiently. "But where's Mo? Did something happen?"

Dustfinger shook his head. "No. He was just really busy working, and couldn't reach you. He asked me to pick you up. You know he's scared to let you walk home alone. So here I am."

"Oh... okay. Thank you." I said, feeling a little relieved that nothing was wrong. "I'll see you later then, okay Alice?"

I turned to my friend who was practically staring at Dustfinger as if he was an alien or some kind of rare animal. He had that affect on most of the people. Probably because his worn coat and the old bag he carried around gave him something mysterious.

"Uh... Yeah." was all she answered, smiling at me and giving me a hug goodbye. "I'll be over soon." and with that she left.

"Okay, let's go." I said, glancing at Dustfinger. I wanted to start walking, when another voice called my name.

"Meggie, wait!" Bryan called, running towards me.

"What's wrong Bryan?" I asked as soon as he stopped in front of me. I didn't know why, but it felt weird with both of them here. I wanted Bryan to leave quickly, or leave myself.

"I just wanted to ask you, when I should pick you up." he said, smiling at me. Bryan always smiled at me, and it always made me feel a little... out of place. I knew it was foolish, but I couldn't help the feeling.

"I really don't know yet. I'll give you a call today, as soon as I know okay?" The truth was that I did know when I wanted him to pick me up, but right now it didn't matter. I wanted to leave as fast as I could, and take Dustfinger with me. The older man was looking at Bryan, examining him maybe. I felt my stomach twist.

"I gotta go. I'll call you. Bye Bryan." I said, turned around and walked away. I knew Dustfinger would follow me, soundless like a shadow.

We walked in silence for a while, then Dustfinger finally asked the question I had feared.

"Pick you up for what?"

"The prom. It's a ball for the students who graduated." I explained. "You go as a couple, dance and listen to a speech and stuff."

"As a couple? So, he's your new boyfriend?" he asked, not even looking at me. He barely looked at me. A fact I really hated.

"No. He like's me, and since I don't have anyone else to go with I said yes. We're going as friends, and he knows that." I shrugged.

"It seems to be a big deal. Everyone who passed me was talking about it." he shoot me a quick look from the corner of his eyes. "Can you dance?"

Ouch. He had hit a sensitive spot.

"Well... no. I can't." I admitted. "I'm practicing though. Alice know's how to dance, and she's teaching me. I don't really get the hang of it yet, but I'm improving."

Admitting that I couldn't dance to Dustfinger was far worse then to anyone else. Alone by the way he moved when he preformed she could tell that he could dance. It was part of his life, after all. Dancing with fire.

"That's good." was all he said in reply. He didn't talk to me much, he never had. He had always been more of a quiet person. It was something I had accepted long ago, and now treasured the silence between us, that was never awkward, but calming.

We walked close to each other, so close that for a second his hand brushed against mine. It felt like a bolt of lightning chased through my body and I was so surprised that my breath stopped for a second.

Don't be stupid Meggie. I told myself. You're being childish. He has touched you a million times. When did you start getting all nervous about it? Only because you like him doesn't mean anything has changed.

I quickly focused on something else. Thinking of him would only make things worse, and it was bad enough that every time he touched me, my skin felt like it was on fire.

The rest of the way we walked in silence, until we finally got home. Mo had bought a nice house in a small town after Mom had returned. Elinor and Darius still lived in Italy, but they visited on occasions. Farid had also moved to their place, because his new girlfriend lived in the little village only a few miles away.

Dustfinger opened the door for me, giving me his crooked smile, and I quickly walked pass him. Whenever he smiled at me like that I couldn't do anything but blush. It was like a curse. I didn't want him to find out about the crush I had on him.

Is it really just a crush? I suddenly asked myself, as I threw my backpack into my bedroom. Resa had cooked, and the minute the scent of the delicious warm food had reached my nose, I realized how hungry I was.

It only took me a few minutes to walk into the diningroom and sit down. Resa was already sitting, and so was Dustfinger. I took a seat next to my mom, and soon Mo entered the room, sitting down next to Dustfinger.

"Sorry I couldn't pick you up Meggie." he apologized, but I just smiled.

"It's okay dad. Let's eat." I started passing around the food. Resa had made spaghetti with tomato sauce, one of my favorites. Lunch was over soon, and I went to my room after putting away my plate in the dishwasher.

I didn't have much homework to do, and as soon as I was done, the doorbell rang.

"Meggie?" Alice called. Sometimes it was scary how good her timing was, and I often wondered if she bugged my house.

"Upstairs." I answered, and only seconds later Alice stood in my room, giving me a quick huge and placing her dress that was wrapped in some protective material on my bed.

"So, show me your dress." she grinned widely at me, nosy as always.

"Calm down Alice. You might explode from all the excitement." I said, and she just laughed.

"Well, then hurry or you might have to clean up the mess." she answered, and I went to my closet, walking extra slow to annoy Alice. It earned me a pillow thrown straight at my head.

"Oh come on! My grandma walks faster."

I just rolled my eyes, and then pulled out the dress. It was a long white neck holder dress, made of silk, and backless. I turned around and Alice just gasped.

"Oh Meggie, it's beautiful!" she said, quickly getting off the bed and walking over to touch it. "It must have cost a fortune!" She was clearly impressed.

"No, it didn't cost anything. My mom wore it to her prom, and gave it to me." I carefully put the dress back, and then said. "Okay, so now show me yours. And after that we can practice dancing."

"Okay. Mine isn't as classy as yours..." she quickly pulled the dress out and showed it to me. It was a short strapless dress, about knee long, embroidered with little red flowers.

"It's beautiful Alice." I said. It wasn't beautiful in a classy, but in a cute way, and I thought it matched Alice perfectly. "You are going to look great." Alice was so easily pleased.

"Thanks. Okay, so let's practice some more." she quickly put back her dress and then walked to the living room with me. There was just more room and the Hi-fi unite was better. I turned it on, and the music started to play.

The first dance was a classic waltz, and I hated it. I couldn't get the hang of it, no matter how hard I tried. But Alice didn't give up on me, and so I didn't give up either.

After 30 minutes I was so frustrated that I just sat down on the couch and took a deep breath.

"It's hopeless." I said, looking at Alice who sat down next to me. "I'm never going to be able to dance this stupid dance. I don't want to be able anyway."

"It's not hopeless." Alice quickly said. "Come on, let's try it one more time. I'm sure you'll do better."

"I don't want to." I knew I was acting like a little child but I couldn't help it. "I'll just stand still and let Bryan dance."

"I don't think Bryan would like that." the voice made me and Alice both jump. I quickly turned my head to the door, and there he stood, leaning against the door frame, an apple in his hand. He had already eaten a piece, but put it down on the commode.

Alice looked at him and then at me, silently asking where he had come from, and what he was doing. I would have to explain to her later that Dustfinger seemed to have the ability to just appear out of thin air.

"I don't care." I answered, not looking at him directly. My voice sounded high and childish, and I could have hit myself for being such a immature brat.

Dustfinger walked towards me, and then took off his coat. He always wore it, even in the house, and that he took it off now surprised me. The only other time he ever took it off was when he was doing a show... so why now?

Underneath the coat he wore a simple black shirt, not the usual white one.

"Come here." he said, holding out a hand to me. I looked at him for a few seconds, trying to find out what he wanted to do. But then I realized. He wanted to dance with me.

"I don't think so." I quickly answered, shaking my head. There was no way I was doing this. It was bad enough he knew I was to clumsy to dance. I wasn't about to show him, and step on his feet to prove my point.

"It's not that hard Meggie." he said, smiling at me. "I'm sure your friend will demonstrate it to you?" he looked at Alice.

I had seen Alice drool over men thousands of time's, she wasn't picky. As long as they looked good and were well built, they were okay for Alice. But the expression on her face made my chest clench with jealousy. She liked him, liked him a lot. I had never wanted to hurt her, but right now I felt like giving her a good smack to the head and yelling "Stop looking at him like that, you can't have him!" Of course I didn't.

"Uh sure!" Alice quickly got up, clearly over the shock of being asked to dance, and took his hand. It made me sick so see how she was ogling him. Dustfinger pulled her closer, one hand holding her's, the other on her waist.

"Meggie, the music please?" he asked, and I got up and pressed the play button. Watching them dance felt like torture. They moved perfectly, every step and turn looking graceful and elegant, just the way it should be.

Dustfinger was looking straight into Alice's eyes, and I knew that my best friend was absolutely thrilled. The scar's didn't seem to bother her, but on the other hand, they didn't bother me either. So why should they bother her?

The song ended, and Dustfinger pulled back from Alice, who clearly didn't want to stop.

"Thank you." he said, and Alice just nodded. Then she moved to the couch and sat down. I wondered how fast her heart was beating.

"You see? It's not that bad." he said, smiling as he extended a hand towards me. "Play the song again, and dance with me."

"Dustfinger, I honestly think I shouldn't ever dance again." I said "You don't want to broken feet do you?"

Dustfinger gave one of his short, bark like laughs and then just took my hand. He laid his hand on my waist, and hesitant I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"You are so going to be sorry for this." I mumbled, but he just smiled at me. I didn't look at him, stubbornly looking down at my feet. Alice had quickly but on the song and Dustfinger started moving his feet.

It was worse then I thought. I kept getting confused and was clumsy enough to almost throw him down to the floor. I was about to pull back from him with all the strength I had, when he bowed his head and spoke so close to my ear that only I could hear him.

"Don't look at your feet Meggie. Look at me."

Yeah right. I thought Looking at my feet is the only way to not stomp on you or even worse.

"I don't think so." I answered.

"Trust me." it almost sounded like a plead. I slowly looked up, right into a pair of blue eyes that were looking at me very intensely.

"Now. Don't try to think about your next step. Just do it." he said, softly leading my body to follow his. "Follow my lead. Don't be scared to mess it up. You can't do anything wrong when you're following someone."

Somehow his word's made sense. I did what he told me, let my body be pulled and turned by him, and somehow it knew exactly what to do. When he took a step back my body took a step forward. It suddenly was so easy.

It felt natural to be in his arms, to dance with him, to feel his hand on my waist and stare into his eager looking eyes. Almost as if I had never done anything else. As if this was meant to be.

Time stood still for me, and all that counted was Dustfinger. Forgotten was Alice, the livingroom, the music... my whole world shrunk around me and suddenly he was my world.

When the music stopped I wanted to scream at Alice to play it again. But then I pulled back, sheepishly looking at him. I was at a los for words.

"Wasn't that bad was it?" he asked, as he picked up his coat, and put it back on.

"No." I said, quickly looking at Alice who seemed like she urgently wanted to tell me something. "Thank you Dustfinger." Dustfinger just nodded, picked up the apple and left the room.

Mysterious as always. I thought. It was almost annoying never to know what he was thinking.

But as soon as the door closed, Alice blurted out "He is so into you Meggie!"

"Huh?" was the only answer I could give. I still felt a little dizzy from being close to him for so long, and her words hit me like stones. "What the hell are you talking about Alice?!"

"Didn't you see how he was looking at you?!" she asked, grabbing my hand and pulling me up to my room so fast I almost fell. She sat down on my bed, and I sat down next to her.

"Alice, I think you are interpreting way to much into a look." I said, but my heart was beating against my chest so violently it almost hurt. Was there even a little bit of hope that Dustfinger might like me? Me, Meggie Folchart, the girl he called princess and treated with such caution that it sometime's annoyed the shit out of me?

"No, I didn't. Meggie, he looked at you as if... I can't even describe it!" she said, her voice high with excitement and happiness.

"I don't know. He's a lot older then me. What could he possibly see in me?" I asked, looking into the mirror that stood on my desk. It was just big enough to see my face. My cheeks were red, and when I touched them I was surprised by how hot they were. Was I really so in love with Dustfinger that just the slightest chance of he liking me to made me like this?

"Oh come on Meggie. You're smart, fun and beautiful." she winked at me "And love doesn't know or care about age."

"Still Alice. I'm not sure." I shifted a little uncomfortable, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Well, then let's find out!" Alice was fully motivated, the sparkle in her eyes making me realize that I had no chance of stopping her from doing whatever she planned.

"Lay on the floor, and hold your ankle." she said, gently pushing me off the bed.

"What?!" I asked, sitting down on the floor more out of confusion then out of trusting her and doing what she said.

"Just do it! Hold your ankle!" she said, and then opened the door. I did what she told me, staring at her. What the hell was she up to? But before I could even open my mouth, it was to late.

"Mo, Resa, Dustfinger quick! Meggie hurt herself!!" she yelled, and then quickly sat down next to me, grinning widely. "Act like your ankle hurts." she whispered to me.

"Alice, are you stupid?!" I hissed, quickly glancing at the door. "How is this going to show me how Dustfinger feels?"

"You'll see." she giggled, and then looked at me real worried. One day she was going to be on hell of an actress.

We both looked to the door as someone rushed through it. Dustfinger immediately kneeled down beside me, his face looking so worried it hurt me. I wanted to tell him it was just a stupid joke to make the pain in his face go away, but somehow I couldn't.

I was too scared that he would get angry and never look or talk to me again. I had no other choice but to play along with Alice plan.

"How did it happen?" he asked, quickly scooping me of the floor and onto his strong arms. I didn't really know what to say, but luckily Alice was a good liar.

"She tripped." she quickly said, following Dustfinger down the stairs. Mo and Resa were about to hurry upstairs, and then just let Dustfinger pass them. The fire-breather let me down and sat me on the sofa.

Mo quickly got on his knees, carefully looking at my foot. Dustfinger was standing next to me, his long fingers curled into fists. I couldn't look at him, so I quickly looked down to Mo, who was still examining my foot.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, as he carefully touched my foot. I shot a look at Alice who nodded her head slightly.

"Uh.. yeah, it does." I quickly answered, and looked back to Mo. "I... I think it might be broken or something." I bet Alice was proud of me.

"We should take her to a doctor." Dustfinger said, and Resa nodded in agreement. "If it is broken, it need's to be treated by a doctor."

"Probably." Mo murmured and then got up. "Okay, I'll take her to the hospital. They will probably want to do an x-ray anyway, we might as well go straight to the place where it can be done."

"Can I come?" Alice asked, taking my hand and gently squeezing it. "I want to know what's wrong too."

"Sure." Mo answered, smiling slightly. "You two can't be separated, can you?"

"Nope." Alice said, and smiled at Mo ever so sweetly. "We are best friends after all." Alice had a way with people (especially men), and I envied her for it. I was never able to talk so freely to anyone, least at all strangers, but Alice would just walk up to someone and talk to them. It was one of the things I really liked about her.

Mo was about to pick me up when Dustfinger moved in front of him, lifting me onto his arms as if I weighed nothing at all. I felt my cheek's grow hot again, as he carried me to the bus. The first time I was still to surprised and overwhelmed to really grasp how close I was to him. But now I could feel the warmth of his body, smell his scent... and if I listened really hard, the beating of his heart that seemed to be a little too quick.

He gently but me down on the backseat after Alice opened it for him, and stayed bent down.

"You okay princess?" he asked quietly. His eye's were searching my face for any sign's of pain or fear, and I couldn't stand it. He was worried and it was my fault. I was lying to him, betraying him, only to find out if he liked me. I allowed him to feel pain, and it nearly made me cry.

"Don't be scared princess." he whispered, gently stroking my cheek. He must have thought the tears in my eye's were because of the pain I felt, or the fear from what was going to come. "You'll be just fine. I promise."

I nodded slightly. Come with me. I wanted to say. Come with me, hold me close to you. Don't leave. Stay with me. And as always, of course, I didn't say it.

"Be brave. I know you are." were his last words, before he moved away from me. I watched him take a few steps back, as he let Alice in to sit next to me. He closed the door, watching me as Mo started the engine and drove away.

The doctor at the hospital was nice, and after he looked at the x-ray, he said it was probably sprained, and that it would be okay in a week or two, as long as I gave it chance to heal and didn't walk around a lot. He put a bandage on my foot, and then let me go home.

Mo still had to fill out some forms at the desk of the nurse's station, and me and Alice waited for him in the sitting area. As soon as we were alone I turned to her.

"Okay, so how exactly did this help me to find out if Dustfinger likes me?" I asked, a little angry with her. Because of her, Dustfinger was worried about me, and I had to spend almost two hours waiting in a hospital.

Alice smiled at me, obviously pleased with the result of her little game.

"It's simple. He was the first do arrive in your room. That mean's, you must mean a lot to him. He even got there before Mo or your mom!" she explained, smiling at me. "If he didn't care about you a lot, he wouldn't have rushed back to you so fast."

I blinked at her, in disbelieve. "Or he was the closest, and because he cares for me as a daughter, he hurried to help me. Alice, that doesn't prove anything!"

"Trust me, it does." Alice said. "Didn't you see how he acted? He didn't even let Mo carry you to the car! If you were a daughter to him, wouldn't he let your father take care of you?"

"...Okay you have a point." I admitted, and sighted a bit. "But seriously, did it have to be something so dramatic?"

"Drama is what I do best." Alice smiled, and winked. "Anyway, now you can enjoy being spoiled by him. You loved it when he carried you. You looked like you were just about to melt in his arms."

"Stop teasing me!" I said, but then giggled a little. She was right. I had enjoyed it very much.

"So, now all you have to do is make him yours." she said, and smiled at me.

"Yeah right." I said, suddenly serious again. "There is no way he would ever go steady with me or anything like that."

"How do you know that?" she asked me, and smiled "I bet if you do it the right way he would fall on his knee's and ask you to marry him."

"You are way too optimistic." I shook my head. "I'm not you Alice. I don't know how to talk to guys, or make them want to be with me. That's your special power." I tried to push away the hopelessness inside me by joking, but it didn't work. I still felt depressed, knowing that he liked me, but also knowing I would probably never have him.

"I'll help you. You'll see." was all she answered.

"Ready to go?" Mo asked, smiling at both of us. I nodded, and he carefully picked me up. We walked back to the bus in silence, and when we got home, Resa and Dustfinger were already waiting.

"It's only a sprain." I immediately said as Mo put me down on the sofa. Dustfinger looked relieved, and I felt a little better. "It'll be okay in a week or two."

Resa smiled at me and gave me a hug, before softly stroking my hair. Then she gave Mo a kiss.

"Hey, can Alice sleep over?" I asked, taking everyone by surprise, even Alice. Got you back. But Alice quickly picked up on the game.

"I promise to be good." she said sweetly, batting her eyes at Mo. Damn it. How the hell does she do it?! "I don't want to leave Meggie alone tonight."

"Of course you can." Mo said, smiling at both of us.

"Thank you~" me and Alice said at the same time, smiling at Mo and then at each other. Alice was way to good at stuff like this. But on the other hand... it helped more then it harmed.

"Well, do you need to get some stuff from your place Alice?" Mo asked.

"Yeah... uhm... Meggie, can I leave you alone a little while?" her voice sounded sincerely worried, but the grin on her face said more then thousand words.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." I replied, looking at Mo. "Can you drive her?"

"Sure. No problem." Mo said, smiling at Alice. "Ah before I forget. Me and your Mom want to go see a movie tonight. Do you want to come?"

"No, I think we're fine, right Meggie?" Alice said, and I nodded.

"Yeah. Thank's anyway though." I smiled at him. Mo looked at Dustfinger who shook his head. He didn't like the movie's, I knew. He hated how loud and full they were.

"Okay then how about Resa and Alice come with me, and we'll get your stuff and then drop you off here again. Then we can go straight to the Movie theater."

"Sounds okay." I said and looked at Alice. She was wiggling her eyebrows in a suggesting way. I would be alone with Dustfinger. This was probably my best chance.

"We'll see you later then." she said, and walked off to the door. Mo gave me a kiss on the forehead before following, and Resa a kiss on the cheek. Soon, it was only me and Dustfinger left in the livingroom.

I felt a little nervous, not looking at him. I felt the couch give in a little under his weight as he sat down next to me.

"Does it hurt?" he asked me, and I slowly turned my face to look at him. He was sitting close to me, closer then ever before. On one side it scared me, but on the other I loved it. I felt safe around him.

"No, it's okay now. As long as I don't move it, it's fine." my voice sounded a little shaky, as if I were scared.

"Are you sure?" he asked, and I nodded. He was so close, so close... I didn't really know how to act around him.

Dustfinger smiled at me a little, and all I could do was smile back. It was weird being with him like this, now that I knew there was a chance that he liked me.

"I'm sorry I worried you." the words slipped pass my lips before I could stop them.

"I always worry about you princess." he answered, and this time it was him who didn't look at me.

"Really? Why?" I asked, curious about his answer. My heart was beating faster again, so fast I was scared it might just stop.

"...Because you are so precious to me." he said, suddenly grasping me and pulling me tightly to his chest.

"I'm scared to let you out of the house, to leave you alone every time I go because something could happen to you. But if I stay longer then these 2 ½ days, I know something much worse would happen." his voice was coarse, barely over a whisper, and so close to my ear that it made me shiver.

"What... would happen?" I asked, placing my hands on his back to keep him close to me.

"...I could do something you don't want." he answered. "I could destroy everything you and I have here. I would anger your parents, they would never let me see you again... I can't let that happen." He swallowed, his grip around me becoming harder.

"What would you do?" I asked, my voice so quiet that I was scared he couldn't hear it.

It felt so good to have him so close to me. I could feel my body starting to tingle all over, making me want to move closer to him. So I pushed myself into him harder, sighting in pleasure.

"I could kiss you and touch you in a way that would be very inappropriate." he said, his nose softly touching my neck as he trailed his lips over it, only inches away. I shuddered, a soft moan escaped my lips. I felt him flinch, and then he pressed his lips against my throat. Then he pulled back.

"Don't!" finally I was able to say what I wanted to say. I held on to him, pressing myself to his chest. "Don't let go~"

Dustfinger swallowed hard, and then softly pushed me away. "I'm sorry Meggie. But this just can't be. This can't ever be."

He stood up, looking at me and then said "I'm going to be back in a few hours." and then left.

In that moment Alice entered the door. She came into the living room... and found me crying my heart out.

So this is what it feel's like. A broken heart.