SETTING: Bright Side AU

DATE: July 11th, 2009

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

It had been a long day for Chuck Bartowski. Stuck at the Buy More all damn day, John Casey and Father O'Halloran in their little "Castle" below the Wienerlicious, no doubt watching Chuck and laughing their asses off.

It was days like this that Chuck almost hated the Intersect. Almost. But without the Intersect…

Chuck grinned as he looked down at the gold band on his left hand. Four months now, four months that Sarah Walker had legally been Sarah Bartowski.

Of course, they were still living in a hotel suite in downtown Los Angeles. Not exactly ideal, but the CIA was picking up the tab, so it really didn't matter so much.

As Chuck unlocked and pushed open the door to the suite, he was alarmed to hear what seemed to be the sound of his wife softly crying coming from within the room. Quickly pushing the door the rest of the way open, he burst into the room to find Sarah sitting on her bed, staring blankly at the TV mounted on the wall. Her eyes were puffy and red, tear tracks streaking her face.

Chuck frowned. This was strange. Crossing the room, he sat down on the bed next to Sarah and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "What's wrong, babe?" he asked softly.

Sarah sniffled again. "I… I hate Russell T. Davies," she replied, her voice sounding choked.

Oh. Sarah had watched Torchwood.

Chuck had tried to warn her not to watch the five-part "Children of Earth" serial on her own. Yes, he had downloaded each day and watched it the same night, but Sarah had not yet seen any of the episodes. And given that she had a wee little crush on the character of Ianto Jones…

"Sarah, it'll be okay," Chuck said quietly. "It's just a show. You know that."

Sarah turned to Chuck, an incredulous look on her face. "Chuck, they killed Ianto! And then Jack sacrificed his own GRANDSON!"

Okay, yes. So Chuck hadn't been exactly pleased with those events, either. Yes, he had graphically informed Russell T. Davies what exactly he could do with the horse he rode in on following the fourth episode. But Sarah… Sarah was taking it a little too hard.

"Sarah, it's going to be alright," Chuck whispered soothingly. "I promise."

As Chuck said that, he felt Sarah tense. "But…" she sighed. "I just can't help but think… what if that had… had been… you?"


Chuck raised an eyebrow. "What if it had been me?"

He felt Sarah shrug. "You work for the government, in a top secret capacity. What if something like that happened to you?"

A laugh of disbelief started to make its way up, but Chuck choked it off. "Babe, that would never happen to me. There's no such thing as aliens. There's certainly no alien species known as the four five six."

Sarah pulled away from Chuck, and turned to look him in the eyes. "I know. I know. But promise me this – promise me that if you are ever in a situation such as that, you'll run as far away, as fast as you can."

Okay, there was going to be no negotiating here. Time to simply assent. "Alright, Sarah, you have my word," Chuck said – and then, he turned and looked at the wall, purposefully making his face blank.

Sarah frowned. "Chuck?"

Chuck lifted an arm and pointed out the window. "We are coming…" he said in a flat monotone.

Fifteen seconds later, as Chuck writhed on the floor in pain, he decided that that little joke was definitely not worth the ensuing slap.