On My Mind

The Kiss

I go to bed that night feeling somewhat miserable. Perhaps I should skip the rest of the week, and claim a sudden bout of chicken pox. Though the Nurse would know I'm lying, since I actually had it freshman year.

It can come back, can't it?

I mumble to myself as I brush my teeth- I couldn't sleep unless I did brush them, a habit Mom instilled- and change into pajamas. My bed offers comfort and security from the mad Sissy Benson, and I climb into it gratefully.

Moments later, I'm asleep.

A warm body.

Strong arms.

What feels like a jacket.

It must be Ben, I figure, recalling his suit.

But it is not.

Instead, it is a blond, young man who is holding my close, gently kissing me. It is an unfamiliar red coat he is wearing that rubs against my chest. I idly push thoughts aside of itchiness, as the kiss deepens. Sturdy hands run through my hair, and caress my shoulders.

We break apart.

Big brown eyes focus on my face, almost hungrily.

And then he speaks.

"Beatrice…I thought you were dead."

I can only stare- got to break that habit, a little voice says-as I know I'm very much alive.

I wake suddenly, though my alarm has not yet gone off.

All I can think of is the dream. The past month or so, and all my embarrassment within, is utterly gone. The intensity of the dream drove it all away. It is all I can do to breathe.


Author's Note: There you have it! I hope I stayed true to the characters, though it seems Liz and Yvette are a little off. Poor Bea, so preoccupied…I share her embarrassment, as I've experienced a few moments of my own.

Thanks for reading!