Hey there … I bet you're wondering what this is … well, let me tell you. So now that Pranksters, Prefects, and Prophesies is complete, I am going to write some random little stories with Hermione and Fred because I love writing with them and I just can't be done … yet. These series of little events will lead up to the next story I have been planning in my mind for a very long time. I'm just doing this for fun, because I actually have two other stories I'm working on … Hope you like them …

*HW pov*


"I know Mione ... and I'm sorry you're hurting."

"HURTING?!" I paused taking deep breathes. I couldn't even breathe. It, Hurt, So, Bad. "HURTING DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT."

"I know honey. I'm sorry." Fred replied even more timidly


"… Well … uh … honestly, that's all my mum said, I was allowed to say …" He admitted with a weak smile.

That was the only time in this last hour and a half that I had smiled. That's why I love Fred so much. He always knows just what to say. I try to keep reminding myself to not take out all my anger on him … but when a bad contraction comes, he's the only person around besides the healer, and the healer is actually helping me … yeah it's not so easy.

"Fred, I'm sorry it's just that … OOWWWWWWW!"

"You're doing great Hermione. The baby's almost ready. Just give me one last push when I say …" encouraged the healer. "NOW!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" this baby was going to be born NOW if I had any say in it.

"Come on Mione! You're doing great Mione .. I love you!" encouraged Fred as I laid back on my pillow.

"It's a boy!" yelled the healer over the babies cry.

"Let me see him." I demanded.

"Now, Mione just let the healer do … whatever a healer does … you'll see him in a second honey."

"Fred were YOU the one just in pain?"

"Now that you mention it, my hand hurts, you have quite the grip when- … uh, no. I wasn't."

"Well I was, and I want to see my son before I pass out … oh my … our SON" I realized and my eyes started to water. HE was in this world and we brought him here … w.o.w.

"Are you still hurting? Why are you crying honey?" he asked worriedly

"No, I'm not in pain, just so happy … and I want to see him."

"I know sweetie … you scared me there for a second … just a few more minutes. I know you're not the most patient person when you want something, but I promise you that if our son isn't out here in 2 and a-half minutes, I will go and get him for you." Fred reassured me as he sat down next to me on the hospital bed.

"Here's your son Mr. and Mrs. Weasley." Said a nervous looking nurse. She must have heard me complaining … whoops

"Thank you" said Fred with a smile.

"Took you long enough …" I mumbled … I couldn't help it, I was agitated. They had kept my baby from me … Oh but as soon as she put his 7 lbs. 6 oz. in my arms, I forgave her. He was perfect. "Oh Fred he's perfect!" I said through my tears of joy as I looked at him. "Here you hold him … I need to get a grip on myself."

He took our son carefully into his arms. What a good father he was going to be … "What are we going to name him?" Fred asked me. … Well we had talked about names but had decided not to name our baby until we had seen what he looked like …

I pulled the blue blanket that was covering his hair and body. He seemed to have brown hair tuffs on his head and his blue eyes (all babies are born with blue eyes) had a tint of dark. (Just like my eyes when I was a baby!) I had inherited dark brown eyes from my dad … now that I think about it … my son looks a lot like my dad when he was a baby …

"What names were you thinking Fred?" I asked.

"Well the only name that seems perfect enough is Hermione, but that's a girl's name …"

"hahaha … Fred, I think he looks like my dad …. He sorta looks like a … Jonathon." I said looking at him pleadingly … I just wanted us to both like it.

He smiled and looked down at the baby. "Hello Jonathon, I'm your daddy! And sure, your mum might have me whipped, but when you get old enough I won't let her talk me into letting you be a wimp. You're going to play qudditich." "… when you're old enough." He added after he glanced at me.

"Yes … I guess, but, Jonathon Emmet" I said looking towards the baby. "You will also keep up with your studies."

Fred smiled at that … The baby had the same middle name as him. "No he will not! I told you. No son of mine will be some wimp!" He said jokingly.

I couldn't wait to take Johnny home to the newly decorated nursery. Fred had painted it a pale yellow (a neutral color) and on the walls close to the ceiling was a border of wall paper with different colored eggs that hatched into baby dragons. It was so precious.

"Um excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Wealsey." Interrupted the same even more nervous looking nurse as before, "There's a crowd of people who want to come in … and I can't hold them back much longer, so I'm just warning you before they get here … I tried to tell them only immediate family only … but"

In came Ginny, practically running, even though she was carrying her 9 month old son James. Next was Mrs. Weasley, and then the rest came in; Bill, and Fleur, with their 3 year old Victorie; Charlie and Natasha with their 2 and a half year old Eric; Percy, and Penny with their 2 year old Phil; George, and Alicia with their one month old son, Harrison. Ron and Luna came in together. (They SHOULD be getting married soon, but you know Ronald and his commitment issues.) And finally Mr. Wealsey and Harry brought up the caboose.

They all crowded around cooing over the baby.

"Oh he looks like your father Hermione!" exclaimed Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh he's darling." Claimed Penny.

"Good thing he doesn't look like his father." Joked George.

"Are you going to tell us his name?" asked Ginny impatiently

"Jonathon Emmet Weasley" Said Fred proudly.

"Prefect!" cried Mrs. Weasley. As she reached out for her grandson. "Oh come here little Johnny! I'm your grandmum!"

Child birth really was tiring…. I decided, I could close my eyes, just for a couple of minutes. The family was here so I knew Johnny wouldn't go a second without tons of love.

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