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1. Luck

Timeframe: during Go For Green

Ziggy was the luckiest person in the world, he was sure of it. Forget surviving the end of the world, escaping the mob, making a friend in the Wasteland, and becoming the Power Rangers' … whatever he was to them. This, right here, was the ultimate proof that he was lucky.

"You're perfect," he said while the others stepped aside to discuss whether or not Tenaya could be a Ranger.

"Really?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," he said, his smile widening when she smiled.

"You think they'll let me become a Ranger?"

"No," he said, shaking his head, "I know they're gonna let you be a Ranger. There isn't a single person who's walked through those doors who was anywhere near as good as you. And," he added, whispering, "I might mean the Rangers too."

Her smile widened and he fought to keep his under control. He knew from experience that if he got too excited he'd start to look goofy and she'd think he was a dork.

"Ziggy!" Scott called.

"I'll -- be back," he said, slowly backing away from her, as if afraid she'd scamper off like a frightened animal.

She nodded and when he turned back around to wave at her, was happy to see that she was still watching.

"Knock it off!" Scott ordered.

Ziggy quickly snapped back to reality in time to see Summer hide her smile.

Flynn didn't bother hiding his smirk when he said, "If you can tear yourself away long enough, we'd like you to get the green morpher for us."

"Really?" Ziggy asked. "You're gonna give it to her?"

"Did you see anyone better come in here today?" Summer asked.

Ziggy hugged the Ranger closest to him, who just so happened to be a very disgruntled Scott.

"Get off!" Scott demanded and brushed off his jacket as Ziggy sped away, tripping over the rows of seats and waving back at Tenaya.

He made it to the lab and back in record time, rushing, in part, because he wanted to keep Venjix's latest monster from taking the morpher from him. He couldn't keep the goofy smile off his face as he hurried into the auditorium as he imagined Tenaya joining the fight, helping the rangers to victory, and moving her stuff into the Garage later that night.

Oh yeah, he thought just before he rounded the corner, he was the luckiest guy in the world.

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