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This story basically revolves around the question of what if Tsukune wasn't the human that even he thought he was. what if he truly was different but in the human world his life style somehow kept him unknowing about his true identity of course until he reaches Youkai academy.

This is where his life is eventually unveiled to him by pure accident how would Tsukune feel remember he believes he is human so this is obviously going to be difficult for him. (Now that is all I am saying you'll have to read to see)


In denial, Monsters DO EXIST!

Tsukune sat quiet in his class room, the sound of roaring students piling out the door with wide smiles made Tsukune feel even worse in his current situation. The boy had spent the last ten minutes staring out of the window clearly unfocused, thoughts rushing through his head such as "They are all leaving and I wont be able to see them again. Why did I have to flunk my finals..." he sighed loudly.

"... if I just studied instead of attending to my club duties this would never have happened, seriously can my life get any worse than this?" the boy let out another large sigh causing him to snap out of his trance he then pulled himself out of his slouching position he then left the room. It was so quiet and lonely that the sound of his rosary hitting off a desk echoed through the room turning back to the class for one last second he whispered "Guess I'll be seeing you next term" before finally exiting.

Tsukune walked quietly through the halls making sure to avoid the slippery areas that the cleaners had just went over. He walked to the school doors and opened his umbrella as he was always told by his parents that he should never be caught in the rain and if it ever did rain when at school he should go inside and await their arrival. It was today as Tsukune didn't care for his parents' stupid rules and walked out into the downpour.

His umbrella kept him dry up until he reached the school gates where a change in wind speed and direction caused the rain to catch his body the second the droplets hit him he laughed whilst thinking "So this is what my parents were worried about hah my skin wet seriously this is a jo-" before he finished his train of thoughts he began to shake violently, letting out small cries of pain. The more the rain hit his skin the more he screamed, small sparks were forming around him but he didn't even notice them as the pain was controlling his senses now it was so bad that his eyes became glazed by thick tears.

He lay there in the rain feeling his life force leave his still body slowly and just before slipping into unconsciousness he swore he caught sight of thick car lights shining in his eyes "Is this what dying feels like? I guess those are the gates of heaven" Tsukune joked before collapsing.

"Tsukune, Tsukune?" the woman who'd just exited the car cried out "I told you to never go in the rain, I told you! This is exactly how your real mother died" the woman whispered the last part before pulling the man into her car.

Tsukune woke around five hours later, eyes fixated on the ceiling his body still feeling pain surging through his body. Though his vision was blurred he could still see. He quickly scanned the room as he sat up, grimacing in pain from the sudden movement.

"Dear he's awake, Tsukune's awake" shouted the woman who was present, the feeling of relief was clearly heard in her slightly croaked voice. This made Tsukune smile and just moments later a tall man with black spiked hair entered the room.

"Kaa-san sorry for worrying you, but h-how did I get home? The last thing I remember is feeling incredibly weak and collapsing on the floor, what exactly happened to me?" asked Tsukune sounding worried slightly worried. He feared for his life in that downpour and thought of how much he would leave behind if he died, at that point he realised that no-one besides his parents would even bat an eyelid to the news and the thought of that scared him the most.

"Your lucky that I came to pick you up when I did Tsukune" his mother scolded whilst hugging the boy, "When I got to the school I saw you lying unconscious and my world just froze up for a moment, you have no idea how much you worried me!" she screamed at Tsukune who just looked down at the floor mumbling his apologies under his breath.

"Tsukune I know you were upset that you failed your finals but what I told you was for your own good, when i said never I meant it, so once again I'll repeat it, NEVER and i mean NEVER expose yourself to water from a tap or a bottle or even the freaking sky! The only time you can do so is if I prepare it for you or you follow my instructions as it can be deadly for you" his mother continued breaking into tears

"Y-you, I-I th-thought y-you d-died on m-me Tsukune! T-this a-all h-happened b-because y-you didn't f-follow t-the instructions I t-told y-you" it was too much for the woman and it was all too clear she walked straight over to her husband and made her way into his arms begging for an embrace.

"Tsukune, I'm not blaming you for feeling upset but please remember that what we tell you is for your own good, you don't need to know why you can't take the rain its purely a mystery" his father lied, "Now I know you must be feeling awful right now so I'll try and up your mood, have you ever heard of Youkai Academy?" the man asked, when Tsukune shook his head in disagreement his father smiled and replied "It's the high school you will be going to next year" pride was heard in the mans voice, the words 'High School' made Tsukune's head fly up in excitement but before he could ask anything his father finished "If your wondering how I did something so brilliant your just going to have to use your imagination" his father then went through the story of finding the entrance slip on the floor in his head, but he wasn't going to tell his son this, at the moment he felt proud and didn't want his achievement to be undone.

"So I get to go to high school?" Tsukune asked in excitement the nod that he received from his father made him spring out of the bed the pain had subsided and he was now filled with joy as he was going to high school after all "Maybe life doesn't always appear as it seems, I thought that I lost my chance and did something reckless and now I find out my actions didn't even have to happen, if I just waited I wouldn't have been in pain and I would have been going to high school as well, I guess I should take things more calmly for now as my reckless attitude always gets me into this sort of problem, this is why I have no friends it's because I have hurt those who angered, i am alwats seen lashing out at the smallest sign of bad intentions which are directed towards me, I guess a near-death experience does this too you, from now on I'll take things more calmly and maybe in this new school I'll have friends"

Many weeks had passed since the incident had occured and Tsukune was now finally making his way out the door and awaiting the bus, his farewell to his parents took longer than he had expected it would, but with them gone he was now on his own holding a suitcase in one hand and a can of tomato juice in the other another thing he was told by his parents was that he had to drink tomato juice every day and since the incident in the rain had occured he had taken the wierd rules more seriously than ever before.

It didn't take long until the bus finally arrived, the doors opened loudly as he was greeted by a person who he would definitely class as 'weird' "So your going to Youkai Academy?" the driver asked in curiosly, Tsukune nodded nervously which caused the driver to laugh loudly "Well I hope you know what your doing kid, scaaary things happen there" Tsukune shrugged this off and sat in a nearby seat. "High School life is about to begin this is going to be so fun!" his sub-conscious told him.

The bus had been driving for around an hour, until they entered a large tunnel, in this tunnel not a single ray of light was visible and when they finally got through it the bus stopped, "Well here it is Youkai academy, this is your last chance, turn back now if you value your life" the bus driver informed the boy, Tsukune didn't even pay notice to him and jumped out onto the ground, "Well good luck kid, your bravery may get you places" the bus driver told him as he drove away.

Tsukune whilst holding his suitcase examined his environment he noted that there were dead trees, thousands of graves and a weird red sky. It didn't seem normal to the boy but at the same time he didn't particularly care "This place is unique" he told himself as he walked along a long winding path. Tsukune had been walking for around two minutes, the path was now uphill and much harder to navigate along. Tsukune's attention was fully focused on the hill so when a large rustling sound came from a nearby bush he didn't even react, just seconds later a girl came flying out trying to control her movement but was destined to crash into the floor, Tsukune noticing this at the last second and dived down catching the girl, cutting his face in the process even so he sighed in relief when he saw that she was safe.

The girl sat dazed in his arms for a few seconds until the boy flinched and jumped back, "S-sorry for that" Tsukune stuttered, on further examination he realised this girl was a real beauty, long pink hair, dazzling green eyes and nice sized breasts when he realised he was blushing he looked down to the floor trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Thanks for catching me" the girl replied shyly she looked extremely nervous, her eyes noticed the blood on Tsukune's cheek just at the sight of it she licked her lips hungrily. she then started to examine the boy instantly realising he was wearing the same school uniform as her this gave her something to speak about. "So you're attending classes at Youkai Academy?" she asked the still blushing Tsukune.

"Y-yes, just joined today I'm actually a freshman" he replied with a smile, just hearing this made the girl smiled brightly "So what year are you in?" he asked nervously a small smile cropped onto the girls face.

"Actually I'm a freshman just like you, I'm also joining today, oh by the way I'm Moka Akashiya and also vampire" Tsukune's head rose instantly when he heard vampire a look of disbelief in his eyes. Moka mistakenly thought it was a look of fear, "You don't like Vampires?" she asked sounding slightly upset.

"Umm well" he then searched his mind for a suitable answer and finally finished with, "I have nothing against them, they are umm unique" his words made Moka's eyes glisten slightly, "How rude of me I forgot to introduce myself I'm Tsukune Aono nice to meet you Moka-san"

Moka was filled with joy as she had finally found someone who didn't mind her race, "Umm Tsukune-kun would you be my friend?" she asked in a worried tone thinking of the possible rejection that she might receive.

It came as a real surprise to her when he replied "of course" she instantly found herself hugging him tightly and without noticing she started to bite his neck softly, sucking gently on it and drawing blood the action instantly made Tsukune draw back, "I'm so sorry you just smelt so nice" she apologised looking donwn she noticed the gold rosary on Tsukune's wrist causing her eyes to widen. The rosary was gold with a sapphire crystal in the centre, she found herself looking at her own before long. "Hey Tsukune-kun, what's that rosary on your wrist?" she asked in hope.

"Oh this old thing? I don't exactly know as it's been on my wrist ever since I can remember, I can't even remove the thing its an extension of my body, I have no idea how to remove it or what it's even for to be honest" his words filled Moka with excitement and also confusion.

"It sounds exactly like mine except for I know what mines for" she told him waiting for his curiosity to kick in. as predicted he asked her what it was for she only replied, "Well it turns me into a vampire of course silly, when its removed the vampire blood in me activates and I turn into a very scary vampire" her words made him chuckle slightly. Glancing down at her watch her eyes widened once more, "Oh I'm so sorry Tsukune-kun, I have to go now but I hope we see each other soon" she told him whilst running off. "What a cute girl"

Tsukune packed his belongings into his new dorm room, then after the long and strange introduction ceremony that kept mentioning 'Co-existing with humans' he was finally Homeroom. He sat near the back of the room one seat up from the final desk which was right next to the window, the only person who was absent was coincidently the person who sat behind him. The homeroom teacher Mrs Nekonome started speaking to the class about how the school works this snapped Tsukune's mind into thinking mode.

"As you all know this school teaches monsters how to live with humans, co-existence is important so you must stay in your human forms at all time, also revealing your species is against the school rules, this rule was made for many reasons one of this is too keep all of you safe, finally as all of you are monsters you should know that we need to live with the humans so needless violence doesn't occur, that's why we made this monster only school, I hope you all enjoy your time at Youkai academy" she exclaimed.

During her speech many groans were made. Tsukune got nervous every time she said he word monster this was also the case when a random guy turned to him and exposed his large tongue which made Tsukune realise that what this teacher was saying could actually be true, he raised his hand and stood up but before the teacher could reply a knock was heard at the class room door.

The person at the door was none over than Moka the 'vampire' girl that he'd met earlier, she instantly spotted him standing up and after she introduced herself she ran across the classroom and jumped into Tsukune's partially opened arms screaming "Tsukune-kun" the emotions shown from the male students were that of jealousy and hatred all they did was glare at him, thinking up multiple ways to hurt the guy most of them had already thought of him as the 'weakest' person in school, even before seeing his strength.

"M-Moka-san what a brilliant surprise" he exclaimed as the girl tried to take another bite out of his neck, before she could proceed the teacher ordered her to her sit behind Tsukune, "Why do I think that I will be eaten this year?" he thought as he slammed his head on table causing a large thud.

When class was dismissed Moka took the initiative and grabbed Tsukune's hand pulling him out of his seat she then barged through the crowd of male admirers, the man with the extraordinarily large tongue glared and clenched his fist with rage.

Moka pulled Tsukune to a drinks dispenser, turning to the boy she asked him what drink he would like, "Umm Tomato juice please" he replied gaining another shocked expression from the girl, she quickly placed the money into the machine receiving two tomato juices, they then walked over an empty bench sitting side by side, many watched this through the school windows, it was a shock when people realised that not just the men where angry as some women actually found Tsukune attractive and glared at Moka angrily.

"Tsukune-kun why do you have tomato juice? I know that's a strange question coming from me but I'd like to know why this is because usually only vampires and other blood consuming monsters drink it." Her words caused Tsukune to freeze up for a moment, "If this is really a monster school, does that mean she could really be a monster? That's hard to believe though but if it's true I really don't know what I am going to do" he thought in a panic,"Tsukune-kun?" whispered a soft voice.

Tsukune returned to reality and answered the curious female "I was told by my parents that I must drink tomato juice at least once a day, but you know what, that isn't the only weird thing, I also cant go in any water that hasn't been tampered with, I know the consequences now because when I felt the rain on my skin I ended up collapsing in pain, It felt like I was going to die, but that's just silly right?" he asked the girl.

"He gets hurt from touching water and requires tomato juice... he also has a rosary just like me and yet he doesn't say that he is a vampire maybe he's just following the school rules or maybe, he somehow doesn't know he's a vampire" she thought to herself finally responding, "Tsukune-kun are you a vampire?" the words made Tsukune burst into a loud fit of laughter. "What's so funny?" she asked.

"No I'm not a vampire at least I don't think I am, you should really stop playing around Moka-san there aren't such things as monsters, are there?" the words caught Moka of guard, she decided not to speak another word after that. "Maybe he just really, really likes acting like a human?" she thought to herself.

They continued to sit together in peace until the man who'd been trying to intimidate Tsukune all day appeared in front of them. "You're that girl, Moka right? How about you leave this loser and hang around with a real man?" the words made Tsukune jolt up and swing a punch, but the man caught Tsukune's fist and crushed it with ease. "Wow you're really weak, weak enough to be a human" the man taunted before punching Tsukune so hard that he flew into the nearby drinks dispenser causing the machine to crumple, Tsukune held his ribs and stood up but before he could dart at the man again Moka got in his way.

"You can't fight without removing your rosary, and since you cant remove it yourself you don't stand a chance at beating him" she told him with a concerned tone, Tsukune tried to get passed her but she wouldn't let him move, seconds later a teacher ran out and broke up the fight, the man just laughed whilst pointing at Tsukune.

"You're not even worth my time, but next time that girl Moka is going to be spending some time with me" he said whilst grinning, it didn't take long until the conflict had ended, Tsukune stood clutching his ribs, he was the strongest person at his old school so how come he got beaten so easily just then he though. After thinking it through Tsukune finally came to the conclusion that this school had to be a monster school, though it wasn't the most logical explanation he couldn't admit that someone could beat him up so easily.

"Moka, you say you're a vampire right so what do you feel about humans?" he asked curiosly, he wanted to know if the girl would even take his question seriously or not, to his surprise she answered him rather quickly.

"I hate them" the words tore through Tsukune, "I hate them so much that's why I'm at a monster school now, previously I attended a human school, all my fellow students bullied me and mocked the existence of monsters, I cried every day but they would just laugh at me, all I ever wanted was a friend, that's why I'm so glad that I met you Tsukune, you're my first ever friend and also" she went close to his ear, "The first person I have ever fell in love with" the words made Tsukune get excited but at the same he felt a feeling of awkwardness.

"Love? We just met like a few hours ago" he said in disbelief, but the girl looked deadly serious about it, she started looking at the boy deeply "He must be a vampire there is no other explanation for it"

"Well you're the first friend that I've ever had, you're also the first vampire that I've ever seen outside of my own family" she told him, all of the observers from the window all gasped at hearing that Tsukune Aono could be a possible super monster even after seeing him get humiliated so easily.

The conversation ended there as the bell went signalling that they had to return to class, "Moka-san we will continue our chat after school if that is fine with you?" he asked, she nodded in agreement which made Tsukune much happier that he was going to be able to sort out this little misunderstanding, it still hadn't completely sunk in that Moka might be a vampire but he decided that he wasn't going to worry about it for now, despite the fact that he didn't believe her the thought that Youkai Academy might actually contain monsters was becoming believable but he wasn't going to freak out about it yet.

His harasser spent all the remaining lessons glaring at Tsukune trying to make him feel uneasy, rumours were spreading like wildfire that Tsukune and this guy were going to fight after school this spread even faster because according to the rumours Tsukune was a vampire, the only people who didn't know of the rumours were Tsukune and Moka.

When class ended many people rushed out of the school doors heading for their dorm rooms, a few students remained patiently waiting to see the fight, meanwhile Moka and Tsukune were talking to each other about what Moka had said earlier. "Moka-san you said that you hated humans, you also said I was your first friend, how would you feel if this friend told you that he was a human" the world stood still as Moka just stared in disbelief at Tsukune, before she could answer Tsukune noticed the new look of sadness on her face, "Don't worry Moka-san, you wont need me anyway, I'll go back to the 'human world' and go to a 'human school' so don't worry" he told her as he began to run away, Moka just looked at the running figure before bursting into her own run to pursue the boy.

Tsukune was on his way to his dorm when the large bully appeared right in front of him, staring down on him as if he saw Tsukune as worthless, a few people had gathered around to witness this. Tsukune just stood still as the large figure slowly approached him. "Your Aono Tsukune right?" Tsukune nodded receiving a smile from the man. "Nice to meet you I'm Saizou Komiya" just seconds later Tsukune felt a fist hit him powerfully in the stomach, Tsukune double over and dropped to his knees gasping for air. "The rumours say you're a shitty little vampire, Ha if anything your just a human, well I have a little surprise for you" Tsukune looked up at Saizou as he began to enlarge. Saizou's muscles grew much bigger and spikes began to grow on parts of his body, the sight of this forced Tsukune to tremble in fear, "Mon-monster, they weren't kidding they actually exist?" less than a second later a bone crunching punch collided with Tsukune's face causing blood to erupt from his nose and mouth.

"What a weakling I can't believe that you're supposedly a vampire!" Saizou shouted as he picked Tsukune up by his throat and slammed him hard into a nearby tree causing the branch to collapse. Tsukune lay battered on the floor trying to stand up but his efforts were useless, he had finally found out that all those scary bed time stories that he had heard as a child were actually real and now he was going to die to one of those creatures. "You couldn't even hit me, how pathetic" Saizou commented as he spat on Tsukune's face causing the crowd to laugh, "End of the line scum" Saizou spoke as he sent his fist rocketing towards Tsukune. "Is this the end?"

"Tsukune-kun!" shouted a familiar voice, it sound as if it was getting closer and before he knew what was happening he was pulled out of the way of Saizou's attack. Opening his eyes he realised his saviour was none other than Moka which made him smile happily. "Tsukune-kun, I don't care about your race I just want a friend" the words made a few tears appear in his eyes, "anyway you can't fight with that Rosario on" she claimed once again. "So she still continues to say that, hah I'll show her that she is just misinterpreting something"

Tsukune reached for the Rosario on his wrist as Saizou approached Moka. He grabbed her firmly pulling her towards him, he then groped her breasts forcing her to call out in fear, she began to struggle wishing she could just push the guy away so in an act of desperation she reached for her rosario.

Tsukune grasped his gold Rosario softly, just staring at it for a small few moments and screamed loudly "Moka-san! I'll show you that your just wrong about me this Rosario probably wont come off anyway!" he then pulled backwards and shockingly it came of however Tsukune felt nothing.

"See Moka-san nothing's changed!" he shouted but just moments later Tsukune started to feel something bubbling inside of him, it was odd, It felt strangely powerful, Moka's eyes tightened as she desperately pulled on her rosario just as she thought that all hope was lost the rosario slipped of its own chain. Tsukune and Moka both started to transform at the same time, Saizou instantly started to feel uneasy, as two super demonic presences started to fill the air the presence was so powerful that the observers felt as if they were suffocating, Tsukune's eyes turned bright red and slitted, his hair colour changed to silver and grew slightly longer in length, the sight of them made everyone watching tremble. When the transformations stopped everything grew silent as the two super beings came into play.

Tsukune looked down at himself seeing his pale skin causing him to feel extremely confused and worried, he then turned to Moka who had seemingly gone from cute to sexy in mere moments, as they both looked at each other Tsukune felt the need to break the silence and asked "What the hell is this?" causing everyone just stare in confusion.

Saizou hated being ignored so when he realised that the seemingly weak Tsukune had his back to him he charged aiming to kill Tsukune, Moka spotting this darted forward but before she could reach him Tsukune reached out an arm and stopped Moka right in her tracks, she stood dazed as Tsukune spun on his heel and punched Saizou cleanly in the face sending him flying across the terrain, Tsukune however wasnt satisfied yet.

He walked up to the fallen monster and sat on his chest with clenched fists. "You just tried to rape one of my friends didn't you!" before Saizou could even reply Tsukune's powerful punch met his face head on causing Saizou's heavy body to sink into the earth. Tsukune still wasn't done though, he pulled back his fist back again and went for the killing blow, when he was only mere inches from Saizou's face he felt his fist grind to a sudden halt he instantly realised that someone had a strong grip on his arm, turning around he muttered "Moka-san?" before a kick hit him hard in the face sending him on to the floor, she then towered over him glaring.

"Tsukune Aono, Know your place" she declared casuing Tsukune to gulp slightly, moments later he saw a leg flying at him; instinctively he caught it, twisted it then reversed their postions resulting in him sitting over Moka's stomach. She was breathing heavily but at the same time blushing fiercely at Tsukune who'd just completely countered her in this position she felt a little turned on by him as everyone just watched in amazement, some were really hoping for some action.

"Like I said, Know your place Aono Tsukune" she declared once again before turning the tides resulting in her sitting on top of him, this time she leaned down and started to kiss his neck softly, "Is this really Moka-san doing this, and what the hell is going on how the hell did I do that?" Moka then bit down hard on his neck leaving a distinguished mark. "That means I own you Aono Tsukune, it'll let over girls know if they want you they'll have to try and take you from me, I never expected that you'd be such a strong vampire, sadly I have to go now if i don't the seal on my rosario could break, I recommend you put yours back on too Tsu-ku-ne" she whispered the last bit seductively. Not knowing what to do Tsukune took Moka's advice and clipped the Rosario back onto his wrist, when he tugged at it this time it was firm and wasn't coming off, "What the hell is up with this thing?"

When Moka put her Rosario on she fainted instantly prompting Tsukune to catch her and walk back to school, "You want a friend huh? I guess I can stay here a little longer but I am really going to have to ask you about all this"

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