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Here Come the Fans

Morning had broken and the sun's rays began to creep their way into Tsukune's room, when he felt the warm sensation on his face he rolled over with an arm outstretched, he was now lying face down with his hand resting comfortably on an unknown object.

Tsukune slept for another twenty minutes until he felt a strong blow on the back on of his head awaking him up from his slumber. Tsukune rolled over looking face up at an angry Moka thinking "How did I piss her off this time?"

"What the hell did you think you were doing!" she screamed in Tsukune's face "seriously I thought you were better than that Tsukune, I would have never expected you to sink so low" she spoke in disgust.

"What is she speaking about, anyway it's too early to get into an argument" the boy thought, before he spoke he let off a large yawn "Moka-san I have no idea what you are speaking about, first you ask to live in my room then you hit me in my sleep I think you have a weird way of thanking someone" Tsukune spoke tonelessly.

"So you're saying that you didn't know what you were doing to me?" she asked sarcastically, once she noticed the boy was about to reply she continued "you're saying to me that you didn't mean to feel me up? You didn't mean to play with my breasts when I was sleeping? Do you really think I'm that stupid Tsukune?"

"Yes I do think you're that stupid" he thought but decided to keep quiet and not provoke her anymore. "She won't believe me but here it goes" Tsukune took a large breath "I wouldn't do that because I dislike you're breasts" he told her "wait that's not true why did I say something so stupid, oh crap"

"You really dislike my breasts?" she asked sounding like she was about to cry.

"Oh great I really did it this time" quickly trying to take back his statement he told her "No that was a lie, I really, really like your breasts Moka-san" when he realised what he'd said he felt like punching himself.

"So you just lied to me to get out of this argument, which means you really did mean to feel me up! Tsukune you pervert, I can't believe I trusted you" she screamed at him

"Is this just your time of the month or something?" he replied stupidly, his eyes widened when he finished speaking, "She's gonna kill me"

"Oh so you're a comedian now are you Tsukune, you, you…" she moved in closer "IDIOT!" she screamed and started slapping him, Tsukune just lead there taking it sighing when it was all over. "It was always going to end like this."

After his little beating he sat up and started to get dressed in front of Moka, when he saw her turn to him with a look of rage he carefully walked out of the room and decided to change somewhere else.

"This is all so weird, first she asks me if she can stay, then something out of my control happens, then we argue, then she hits me, what's next is she going to come in and ask to feed on me?" he chuckled at his last thought as he finished changing.

"Tsukune-kun" called out Moka in a soft voice, even though he was just beaten up by the girl he entered the room with a look on his face that just said 'what?' "Umm can I drink some of your blood?" she asked sweetly causing a look of horror to appear on Tsukune's face.

"Umm how're you thinking of extracting it don't tell me you're still angry about earlier" his words made Moka's expression change back to anger.

"I'd already forgot about that Tsukune, but now that you remind me I suppose I can extract it through another way" she then clenched her fist.

Tsukune backed into a corner looking for another solution "how about pancakes for breakfast instead of blood" he asked hopefully, she shook her head but this time Tsukune wasn't having any of it.

"What is your problem!" he shouted in her face causing her courage to crumble "I didn't mean to do it seriously! I'm sorry I don't even remember it" he shouted originally before lowering his tone.

Moka's anger subsided into near tears causing Tsukune's anger to melt away "I'm sorry" she muttered quietly before retreating to the room. "Yup it's her time of the month" he thought.

"Moka-san I'm sorry" he apologised from the other side of the door; Moka didn't give him a reply. "Come on we'll be late for school" he told her. Seconds later the door opened.

"I'm not going in today!" she screamed in tears reacting to this Tsukune placed his hands gently on her shoulders but she pulled backwards the action caused Tsukune to unintentionally grab Moka's rosary unclipping it both of them were lost for words as Moka began to transform.

The sexy vampire Moka was now looking eye to eye with Tsukune, a look of pure rage on her face made Tsukune tremble in fear. "You can remove my rosary" she said calmly with a smile, Tsukune sighed in relief until he was kicked so hard that he flew to the other side of the room. "But don't think I'll let you off so easily, Know your place!" she commented before re-attaching her rosary. "I'm still not going to school today" the outer Moka told Tsukune as she returned to their room, locking the door.

Tsukune lay bruised in the corner "understood" he gasped. Getting to his feet Tsukune brushed the dust of his clothes "If anyone asks about the vampire aura I'll just say I let it slip by accident because if anyone finds out that Moka is living with me, I'll become the enemy of every male student" he told himself.

"Well I'll see you later then" Tsukune called out before leaving the apartment he got no reply as expected. Walking down the large corridors Tsukune got many looks varied from fear to intrigue, he just replied to every look with a smile no matter how weird it looked. Tsukune sat down for a quick breather after leaving the building for some reason he was still feeling that kick that Moka dealt him.

Taking one last look at the dorms he walked off in the direction of school, "I hope she'll be calmer when I get back because I don't know how many more hits I can take seriously that hurt really bad" he told himself as he walked to school alone.

As he continued his journey he noted that all the female students seemed to look at him differently he just smirked and continued to walk his own route to school.

Along the way Tsukune spotted a girl doubling over in pain and instantly ran to her side asking her what was wrong in a panicked tone. The girl smirked slyly before returning to her feet.

"Thank you for finding me" the girl spoke softly "I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't arrived, you see I've always had this weak body so occasionally I fall to the ground for hours and if no-one spots me it could be very dangerous for my health" she told Tsukune who seemed to sympathise with her plight.

"Oh no I'm just glad I could help" Tsukune said whilst smiling brightly "Oh I forgot to introduce myself I'm" before he could finish speaking the girl cut him off.

"Aono Tsukune, the boy that all the girls are after" she finished off his sentence then smiled softly at his confused expression, "I'm Kurono Kurumu and it's very nice to meet you Tsukune-kun" she then began to strangely rub her large breasts up against Tsukune causing him to blush fiercely.

"Ahh Ah ahh oh I can't control myself" she moaned this tricked Tsukune into looking down at her, once their eyes met she instantly started to use her monster powers "charm" she kept repeating in her head when she finished with her spell she asked the boy "Do you want to be my slave?"

Tsukune continued looking at her with a confused stare "Not particularly why would you say such a thing" and with that Tsukune walked off leaving the girl on her own. "What the hell how did he resist my charm! I'll, I'll steal him away from Moka then I'll be able to get every guy in school" she mentally screamed.

"What was with that girl, I helped her and she asks me if I want to be her slave…. She must be a rich lady but I swear I saw something coming from here eyes" he told himself before it hit him "did she say that every girl is after me? What did I do wrong?" sighing loudly he decided to make his journey much shorter by running the rest of the way.

A panting Tsukune reached the school gates, many female students were staring at him their looks filled with lust made Tsukune feel very nervous "Did they find out what I did to Moka somehow?" after thinking it over he told himself "No that only happened this morning so what did I actually do?"

Entering homeroom he was swarmed by all the girls and instinctively he backed away thinking that it'd be another situation like what happened between him and Moka this morning, however on closer observation he noted that they didn't look pissed off like Moka did, using all his courage he asked "What exactly is this?"

The response was three girls literally throwing themselves at him screaming "Tsukune-kun" at the top of their voices. "Wait a second…. I think Kurumu was wrong their not after me they want me…. Oh yeah that can be classed as the same way" his own thoughts made him blush "if Moka finds out she'll kill me I don't know why I know this it's just an instinct" in knowing this Tsukune desperately made a break for his seat just making it before they stormed him again.

"Safe!" he declared loudly gaining the whole classes attention "That is all" he followed up and began to look at the blackboard ignoring the malicious glares of the male students "Think of a happy place" he kept telling himself but it wasn't helping.

"Tsukune-kun?" a familiar soft voice caught his attention, turning around he realised that the voice came from Kurumu who tried to use her magic on him once again "do you want to serve me?" she asked seductively

"Like I said before not really" he replied the reaction to this was at least fifteen male students saying they would serve her forever. "She really means it you know" Tsukune told them but that just made them even more excited and before long all the males were mindless slaves of Kurumu.

"Are you sure you don't want to join them Tsukune-kun?" she whispered softly the nod from Tsukune made her so angry that she put her hand through the desk screaming "I'll get you eventually Tsukune-kun!"

"If you want me how about you do what ever other girl does and act normally towards me instead of trying to use some weird eye beams on me!" Tsukune screamed at her the expression on Kurumu's face was priceless.

"How did you know about the magic?" she asked in disbelief.

"What that's what you were using, I just guessed that was the cause, to answer your question its probably because I'm a vampire." he stated causing her too get extremely angry.

"If I can't have you, I'll take you by force, a kiss would definitely make you my slave!" she screamed as she sprouted wings and flew straight at Tsukune propelling him through the wall with her, all the male students looked up saying 'Look what master just did it's so brilliant" the words made Tsukune sigh "I hate mindless drones"

Tsukune was currently the hostage of Kurumu who decided that if she couldn't use her magic she'd just enslave him with her kiss, determined not to become like the other male students Tsukune struggled desperately eventually breaking her hold causing him to fall towards the earth.

"How about you just remove the rosary?" the strange voice told him

"Well you could have told me that earlier" Tsukune shouted in his head.

"That's not very nice now is it speaking in that kind of tone" the voice feigned an insulted tone "Well you know me, always arriving in the knick of time" it joked but Tsukune decided not to put up with any crap today.

"This is not the time to be joking!" Tsukune stated as he yanked the rosary of its chain turning into his true form. "This isn't very helpful I'll still crash into the ground!" he told the voice.

"I didn't think it through that much!" it shouted back.

From that point on Tsukune decided he was going to ignore the voice and concentrate on a way to get out of situation. Looking up he saw Kurumu flying towards him in a nose dive and claws outstretched.

Just as Kurumu was about to impale Tsukune he caught her wrists freezing the nose dive then threw her downwards with all his strength unluckily for him he didn't have enough time to let go so it sent them both towards the earth but this time the position was more favourable for Tsukune, Kurumu crashed into the earth first followed by Tsukune who ended up landing on her.

Tsukune pulled himself to his feet realising that he was completely unharmed; satisfied with the result he clipped the rosary back on and turned to Kurumu who was completely unconscious.

He walked straight over and on closer inspection he realised that she wasn't moving at all. Tsukune began to panic eventually deciding that she had to go to the infirmary.

Tsukune discarded his feelings towards her and picked her up deciding that the fastest way to the infirmary would be to carry her. The looks that the unconscious Kurumu got from Tsukune's fangirls were those full of hate and jealousy, Tsukune decided to stare violently back at them a few times knowing full well that it wasn't Kurumu's decision to be carried around by him, so she shouldn't be treated cruelly for it he thought.

When he delivered the girl to the infirmary he decided to stay behind and watch over her, his main objective was to apologise for hurting her even though she started the 'fight'. After two hours had passed Kurumu finally started to open her eyes the bright light from the ceiling made her slam her eyes shut for a few seconds.

After scanning the room she realised that someone else was present she couldn't tell who it was because her eye sight was a little blurry, that was until she heard his soft voice. "Are you ok Kurumu?" he asked in a worried tone

"Tsukune-kun, what are you doing here?" she asked sounding rather confused all the boy did was smile.

"I'd like to apologise for what I did to you, if I hadn't been so violent you wouldn't have been hurt" Tsukune told her, his words were a real surprise to Kurumu who thought that he was going to shout at her for trying to enslave him.

"Bu-but I tried to kidnap you, how can you be so forgiving?" she asked with teary eyes.

"Oh I think you're misinterpreting my actions, I didn't say that I had forgiven you I just said that I was sorry, however if you would like to be friends that would be great" he told her.

"Friends? I'd rather have him be my eternal love slave but still I like his offer" she thought before replying. "I-I'd like that Tsukune-kun" she told him gaining a true smile back from him.

"Also I would like to ask you to use anymore magic on me, if you do I'll never consider you but you are a very cute girl so there's still a chance" he replied with a smile, his actions genuinely surprised her.

Kurumu began to blush; she didn't know why before she could even think about it she replied saying "If that's the case I'll win your heart without powers" when she realised what she said she mentally slapped herself. "I can still use my assets" she thought before smothering the boy.

As it was lunch time the two decided to have lunch together, Kurumu's mindless slaves began to grind their teeth angrily but after a few words from their mistress they eventually shut up, "I'm sorry Tsukune-kun it seems as if my pets are a little protective of me" she joked causing Tsukune to let out an awkward laugh.

"I'd prefer if you didn't bring you're 'pets' with you to be honest" Tsukune told her the reaction was a sly smirk and with a flick of her wrist she dismissed them.

"So you wanted to be alone with me all along" she purred as she pounced on Tsukune rubbing her breasts against him, Tsukune was very excited by this but kept his urges at bay "Don't try and resist me Tsukune-kun I know you want it" she whispered in his ear before climbing on top of him.

He grabbed her and reversed the roles with him being on top this time. "So you like being the one in control that's fine by me Tsukune-kun you can have me any way you like" her words made Tsukune avert his vision trying to hide his blush "aww how cute" she stated "Why don't you just take me as your woman?" she asked as she moved her hand downwards feeling his private area through his trousers.

Tsukune jumped backwards with an embarrassed look on his face "Kurumu what are you doing stop!" he shouted but she wasn't listening.

"Don't try and deny it Tsukune-kun you want me don't you" she claimed as she dived on him once more, "Your prize is right here why don't you go ahead and take it" she told him whilst planting kisses on his neck.

"I SAID STOP!" he commanded and flipped her over onto her back again, his tone made her submit instantly "please Kurumu I said that I wanted to be friends for now can't you just act normal for awhile?" before she could answer him he continued "and another thing why would I want to share you with all those other guys!"

"Oh if that's what you wanted" she clicked her fingers "they are no longer under my control so how about we continue where we left off" she suggested whilst licking her lips.

"No! How about we just enjoy dinner properly?" he asked her.

"But that's no fun" she said whilst pouting when she realised it wasn't working she replied by saying "Fine!" in an angry tone which made Tsukune laugh softly "What's so funny?" she declared

"Nothing how about we just enjoy lunch for now" she suggested, "I would have continued but I don't like the sound of becoming her eternal slave… for now anyway." He thought as he began to eat his food once more.

They ate in peace for awhile until loud footsteps approached the two. "So this is where you were Tsukune-kun!" screamed another familiar voice, turning around Tsukune began to tremble in fear.

"Oh Moka-san how good it is too see you" he replied in a scared tone.

Hearing Moka's name Kurumu decided to dive on top of Tsukune "you were with another girl other than me were you Tsukune-kun that's not very nice thing to do but I suppose I can forgive you"

Without even thinking about it Moka blurted out "Is this true Tsukune-kun?"

"Of course it is-"Kurumu shoved her hand over his mouth at that moment "Oh crap Moka's gonna be angry, wait will she? Hmm she doesn't seem to like me" Tsukune thought as he was being restrained.

Tears began to flow out of Moka's eyes "Tsukune, you, you IDIOT!" she screamed for the second time in one day, before Tsukune could explain Moka had already ran off.

Tsukune broke Kurumu's hold and began to yell angrily at Kurumu "You had no right in saying those sorts of things!" he told her, his face bright red with anger.

"Well it's not like you and Moka are together is it?" she asked him.

"Well that's true but even then!" he continued to rant.

"It's not like I broke you two up or anything so you shouldn't be mad"

"Well you could have destroyed our friendship you know!"

"You have me so that doesn't matter does it!" she concluded.

"So if I, you're friend Tsukune were to walk off right here right now and that was the end of our friendship how would you feel?"

She looked down quietly "Exactly!" Tsukune noted running off leaving Kurumu on her own.

Tsukune decided to look in the school first running through all the halls eventually getting stopped by three girls. "Would you like to join our club?" they asked him with a quiet voice none of them had even looked at him yet.

"Umm which one is it I'm a little busy right now" he told them.

In response they handed him a leaflet, looking down at it Tsukune's eyes widened, staring back at him was his own picture catching him off guard "Were the Aono Tsukune Fan Club!" one of girls declared proudly, finally taking a good look at his face. "Oh it's you if you join now you can be a VIP member of the club" she stated in an excited tone.

"Maybe later" he told them whilst screwing up the leaflet and running off.

"He's isn't coming back" the three spoke in unison as they all looked sadly towards the floor.

For the next half and hour Tsukune looked for Moka everywhere until he finally came to the conclusion that she was no longer inside the school, "She must have returned to the dorms" he thought as he began to run to the school gates, over hearing an argument just before leaving.

"What the hell do you think you were doing back there!" a girl screamed loudly after thinking it through Tsukune noted that the voice sounded very similar to Moka's.

"Well at least I don't go hurting people's feelings by not giving them a chance to speak!" yelled another girl "that sounds like Kurumu how funny is that, wait a second" Tsukune walked around the corner to see the two girls were actually who he thought they were.

"If you're the girl that Tsukune likes it looks like I'm going to have to get rid of you!" shouted Moka causing Tsukune to blush.

"Well when you're out of the way Tsukune will have no choice but to think of me!" Kurumu replied.

"Who would really want someone who throws herself at every guy in the school?"

"Just about everyone haven't you seen them all fawning over me"

"That's not the point Tsukune's mine"

"No he's mine" replied Kurumu.

Taking his time Tsukune slowed down for a second to watch where the argument would lead to, but told himself that once the first attack is thrown he'd get involved.

"Well I'm the one who he let stay in his dorm… permanently" Moka claimed, her words made Tsukune lose concentration and trip over causing a large thud.

"Who's there!" shouted the girls in unison only to see Tsukune lying on the floor looking directly at them.

"Tsukune are you alright?" asked Kurumu rushing over too him, her actions made Moka twitch in anger.

"Yeah I'm fine thank you Kurumu" he replied softly as he stood up.

"So…" Kurumu prolonged the word, "… is it true that you let her stay in your dorm room permanently?" Kurumu asked with a fake soft voice.

"Well yeah…" the words made Moka smile "… But she said she wanted to stay over because she was lonely so I let her" Moka then blushed in embarrassment her only comeback was completely worthless now.

"I knew it wouldn't be because you love her!" Kurumu stated happily.

"However it's not like I don't want her to stay at mine" Tsukune concluded getting a confused look from Kurumu and Moka.

"What do you mean by that?" they both asked.

"Well I probably would have let her stay anyway but the convenience of her being lonely gave me an excuse to let her" he said whilst blushing in unison with Moka.

"So if I asked you'd let me stay too?" Kurumu asked with an excited voice.

"No!" screamed Moka causing Tsukune to laugh.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Well…. Umm… just no" Moka said quietly whilst looking at her feet.

"How about I think about it?" Tsukune told the both of them gaining a smile from Kurumu and an evil glare from Moka.

"Really?" Kurumu asked whilst bouncing slightly.

"I said I'd think about it, but first of all I think I should take Moka back" Tsukune told Kurumu.

"Hang on why?"

"Well she isn't sick but she has decided to take today off so why not take the rest of the day off as well?" he spoke logically.

"Umm well ok Tsukune-kun I'll see you in class later" Kurumu told him as she was running off.

"Are you really thinking about letting her stay as well?"

"Nope, I just said that to shut her up to be honest, by the way I have decided to take the rest of today off as well."

"Since when?"

"Since now" he replied with a smile causing Moka to blush.

(End Chapter)

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