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There was a rustle in the grass, a shadow runs past. A golden-brown lion cub with a black tuft of hair turned to look. Another shadow runs past.

" Stay on guard, boys." a brown lion cub with gray eyes whispered. " They could be anywhere!" a cheetah cub exclaimed in a hushed voice. One of the shadows sprung at them, taking down the golden-brown lion. " Whoa!" he yelled as he hit the floor. The other shadow came and took down the brown lion. " I'm goin' in!" the cheetah cub yelled as he went to help his friends.

The dirt beneath them was kicked up, blinding everyone in the tussle. When the dust cleared, the boys were pinned to the ground. " How was that for a hunt?" a cream-colored lioness (cub) with a black stripe running from her nose to her tail said triumphantly. " Wow! That was awesome!" the cheetah cub exclaimed. " Well.... I m-might've messed up.." a brown lioness (cub) mumbled.

" Nyota, sis, quit bein' down. Ya did great, and you could ask Kuruka, Shupavu, or Duma." the golden one said.

Now to say who's who! Shaka: golden brown with black tuft of fur. Nyota: shy brown lion cub. Duma: cheetah cub. Kuruka: cream-colored with black stripe. Shupavu: brown cub with gray eyes. Shaka and Nyota are related and Kuruka and Shupavu are related.

And now, back to the story.

The five cubs were strolling around the Pridelands, looking for adventure. " So what's the plans for the day?" Kuruka asked. " No clue." Shaka answered. " Well, it better be fun!" Duma said while running around. " Hm... how's about.......we go to the water-hole?" Shupavu suggested. " That sounds g-good." Nyota shyly said. " Last one there's a rotten meal!" Duma yelled starting to run.

At the water-hole, it was pretty much the same as everyday. There were a bunch of different animals there. " Whoa!" Kuruka said as a huge elephant walked past.

They were having a good time when they heard two yells for help. They turned to see Timon and Pumbaa running away from a pack of hungry hyenas.

" Uncle Timon! Uncle Pumbaa!" Shaka yelled. " Let's go!" Shupavu yelled, breaking into a run. " Kuruka! Keep my sister safe!" Shaka yelled as he ran to help his uncles. Duma followed suit. The hyenas were none other than Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. " We got 'em now, boys!" Shenzi said as the three gained up on the two.

" Back off!" Shaka yelled to the hyenas. The three cubs were running towards the hyenas at full speed. Shenzi turned and smacked Shaka into the ground. " Ah!" he yelled in surprise. The other two hyenas took down the others. They were beat up real bad in a few seconds. " This will be a message to Kovu that the hyenas will rise again, for the carcass of his son is the warning!" Banzai exclaimed.

Right as Shenzi was about to hit him, a flash of brown color came and tore a few good marks into her cheek. " AAAAAHHHHH!" Shenzi yelled as her cheek bled. Shaka saw that it was his sister who helped him. Nyota stood tall, ready to protect her loved ones.

" I'll make you pay you little brat!" Shenzi yelled as Banzai and Ed came to her side.

Shenzi ran to the side and swiped her paw, but missed Nyota by an inch. Ed came to try and tackle her, but she ducked and he crashed into Shenzi. Shaka was worried for his sister, yet, he was getting prouder of her. He never saw his sister be so brave.

But, as Nyota was distracted, Banzai came and slashed her left eye. " AH!" she yelled as she fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Shaka was shocked.

" Duma! Get help!" he ordered. " Right!" he yelled back. Duma headed straight for Pride Rock to get Simba.

" Now you die!" Banzai yelled with a maniacal smile. They then heard a roar in the distance. Simba ran and jumped in front of the cubs. " Get out of the Pridelands!" he yelled. Then he made a tremendous roar. They, of course, ran for their lives. " Sis!" Shaka yelled, running to his sister. He looked at her face and saw a scar. He knew that it was the same thing their father has, and evil grandfather.

" What were the hyenas doing in the Pridelands?!?!" Kovu demanded. " I-I don't know, sire." Zazu replied timidly. Nyota was doing okay she was just shaken and scared. Kuruka sat by her, keeping her comfortable. " What're we gonna do, Dad?! They almost killed Nyota!" Shaka asked angrily.

" Whose idea was it to attack them before getting help?!" Kovu demanded. " Mine." Shaka admitted. " Because of your stupidity Shaka, you could have all been killed!" Kovu scolded. " Why is everything always my fault!? It was the hyenas who we're dealing with!" Shaka retorted. Kovu sighed. " You're right. I'm sorry, I'm just really stressed."

" Let's all get to sleep, and we'll deal with this in the morning." Simba said.

Meanwhile, Zira was walking on the outskirts of the Pridelands. " I must build another army to defeat Simba, and all who betrayed me." she thought to herself. A young cub, abandoned by his mother, was stumbling along, and bumped into Zira. The cub had a yellow tuft of fur, a light golden body color, and ocean blue eyes.

Zira looked down at him, and he ran away. " Annoying cub." she thought as she watched him run.

Well, this is it for now. The young cub you just read about does play a part in this story. So I'll put up another chapter soon. : )