This is not a slash story!


I've often wondered if it was the color of Lucy's and Peter's eyes that made it so hard to resist their pleadings. Maybe it's because blue eyes are associated with happy, bright people, to me, at least. My brown eyes . . . they just don't receive the same result, even if I had humiliated myself to that level and did the "kicked puppy" look. (I never understood why it was called that, either. If I were a kicked puppy, I'd snarl.)

Susan, thankfully, doesn't do it either, despite her eye color. Lucy is still young enough to not even worry about wounded pride. Peter . . . even without his dignity, I just can't refuse him anything when he looks at me with those huge blue, eyes.

"Ed, may I please get up? Lucy healed me two whole days ago!" he was being polite to me!



"No," I look away from him towards Lucy for backup, but she just shakes her head at me. She wants him up as much as he wants out. I make a face at her and turn back to Peter.

"Edmund, I'm better, really!" he pleads.

"No, Peter," Susan says, "you will stay in bed until your fever goes down, and then you will stay for an extra day or two just to be sure that you're well." Take that, Pete. Susan's on my side.

"Ed. Please."

I make the fatal mistake of looking him in the eye. He pulls the 'Look.'

My mind screams in agony. I have absolutely no hope left.

His eyes shine with tears, and he widens them a bit. Those terrible . . . blue . . . eyes . . .

"That's not fair, Peter. Pete—Peter, stop it!"

The Eyes get bigger. A tear rolls down his face.

"No. No, Pete, I—I said no!"

He sniffles and looks away.

"Alright," he whispers, preparing to pull the silk blanket back over himself.

"Peter . . . that's not fair."

He looks back up at me one more time, "Please?"

I've lost.

"Just for a moment—"

"Thanks Ed!" he calls back as he tears out of the room.


Five minutes later, I've utterly lost him. He probably went out for a ride or something.

I wearily wander back to his room.

It's empty. That bed looks rather . . . inviting . . .


There are good things about having brown eyes. They can make even the bravest tremble in fear when I glare.

So I knew that nobody would wake me anytime soon.

Brown eyes have their perks, also.


Written for the color challenge on the NFFR forums!

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