Natasha's POV

I stayed with Xavier in bed till I knew he was in a deep sleep. I got out of bed and used vampire speed to dress and pack a small bag. I went in to Bella's room and found her wake.

"Hey sweetie, I'm going to take you away from here." I said before going around the room packing some of her stuff.

Is Papa coming with us? I heard her think to me.

"No Bella sweetie he isn't coming with us. I will not let him take you to that place." I said going back to her with a bag in my hand. I used a blanket to wrap her up. I knew she wouldn't feel the cold but I still wanted her to be a bit warmer then normal.

I walked in to the living room leaving Bella in her crib to write Xavier a note.

Dear Xavier,

I know if your reading this letter then I am gone and I have took Bella with me. I can't stay with you knowing your taking us to that place. The underworld as you call it is no place for Bella. She is only a year and a half old and I wont allow my daughter grow up in a place like that. You told me about it and I shall not let my daughter see it for her self. Please Xavier do not come after us. I only want what is best for her like you do.

I will always love you Xavier.


I put the note on the table and went back to Bella. I picked up her bag then I pick up Bella and jumped out the window landing silently on the ground below. I took off running through the forest as Bella played with my hair. I was lucky that I had fallen in love with Xavier for he gave me a child. I never thought I could have a child being a vampire but that's what you get when you fall in love with a demon. She had my brown curly hair and Xaviers chocolate brown eyes. She had very pale skin but her slow heart beat told the world she was not an immortal child. I would miss Xavier very much but I had to save my daughter for the life he was brought up in. I knew if anything happened to me Dusk would watch over Bella. Dusk was a Death Angel. She would be the second to know that I was dead. Bella would be the first. I would also miss Xavier's sister Siren. She had been a good friend to me and loved Bella to bits. I hit Forks and I could smell over Vampires. I didn't want to fight so I ran as fast as I could. I passed a smell what was awful but I kept going I only stopped when I was in a clearing because Bella was crying.

"Shh sweetie it's going to be ok. Look at the pretty snow. Please calm down Bella I need to get us out of her." I said rocking her. I put the bags down so I could hold her better a kept rocking her to calm her down. She calmed down a bit and that when I heard them and smelled them. I turned to where they was coming from. 4 wolf shifters was headed towards us. I knew I couldn't out run them so I waited. They entered the clearing stopping when they just entered.

"Please don't try to hurt my baby. Her name is Bella. Please don't try and hurt her." I begged as I began to dry sob. I saw the black one nod so I placed Bella down where I put the bags to before standing up and waiting for them to kill me.

Jacob's POV

We got a scent of a unknown vampire and followed it. It was only me, Sam, Quil and Paul tonight. When we entered the clearing we saw a female vampire with long brown curly hair and red eyes holding a baby wrapped in a blanket.

"Please don't try to hurt my baby. Her name is Bella. Please don't try and hurt her." She begged as she started to sob.

She knows she is going to die. Why doesn't she run? Quil asked in his thoughts. No-one knew why she stayed here.

I'm not going to harm the child but I don't think we should keep it maybe the Cullens will know what it is and will take care of it. Sam thought. We all agreed with him. We knew it wasn't human. It's scent was all wrong to be human and it had a slow heart beat.

Sam nodded to the vampire. The vampire placed the child down where two bags were before standing up. We attacked we tried to do it as fast as we could so she wasn't in much pain. We phased back to humans and set her on fire. I looked at the child and saw her watching us with deep chocolate brown eyes. She was crying silently like she understood what just happened. I sighed as I went over to her and picked her up as well as the bags with her.

"Jake what you doing?" Quil asked.

"I'm going with Sam to the Cullens house." I said.

I wanted to back sure this baby girl would be taken care of. I would most likily come and vist her to make sure she was alright. She had the same brown curly hair as the vampire we had just killed and I felt bad for killing her mother but we had to do it she was on our land.

Sam nodded and we both started running towards the Cullens in human form.

Alice's POV

I was stilling in mine and Edwards room when the future went blank. I knew the wolves were coming about something it only happened when they came. I ran downstairs to find the others in the living room.

"What's wrong love?" Edward asked when I entered the room.

"The wolves are coming about something." I said. Everyone nodded and we went to stand outside the house and waited for them.

2 of them walked out of the trees in human form. One was holding a baby with a slow heart beat and 2 bags.

"A vampire was on our land with red eyes. We found her in a clearing holding this baby. She told us not to harm the child and placed her down with these bags. We killed her and we have brought the child to you. We can tell by the scent that she is not human but we have no idea what she is. We want you to look after her." Sam the alpha of the pack said.

Carlisle stepped forward. "Of course we will take care of her. What is her name?" He said.

"Bella. The woman said she was called Bella. I'll be coming back in a few days to check in on her." Jacob said.

"Of course." Carlisle said.

Jacob handed Carlisle the bags and then handed Carlisle Bella. Jacob kissed her forehead before running back into the forest with Sam. We all walked in the house wanting to see Bella. Carlisle set the bags down on the floor before sitting down still holding Bella. Esme sat next to him smiling at Bella.

"Carlisle can I hold her?" I asked. I had always wanted to be a mother but accepted that I couldn't because of what I was. But now we was going to have a baby in the house I could help to look after her. Carlisle nodded and handed her to me.

She was beautiful with pale skin and chocolate brown eyes as well as her curly brown hair. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her taking a seat. She used her tiny hand to grab my shirt like she was trying to hold me there. It was very cute. Edward came and sat next to me. Bella looked at him and smiled a bit but not as much as she did when she smiled at me. I sat her up so she could she everyone else but could still keep hold of my top. She looked at Rosalie and pointed at her before looking back at me.

"That's Rosalie. Do you want to want her to hold you?" I said. She let go of my top and I handed her to Rose. Rose's smile lit up her face. She held Bella and allowed her to play with her hair.

"Hello Bella. Aren't you a beautiful little angel? Yes you are." Rosalie said which made Bella giggle.

It was nice to she Rose this way. She would spend most of the time act like a bitch. But with Bella she was acting very caring.

"Rosie can I hold her?" Emmett asked with a big grin.

"Ok Emmett but be careful she is only a baby." Rose said before handing her to Emmett.

Emmett grinned at Bella before holding her up in the air. She giggled with delight.

"Hey there Bells. I'm Emmett." Emmett said before placing her in his lap.