Feeling the metal against her wrists and the strain in her arms, it didn't take Lex long to piece together that she was cuffed. Trying to scream again, she found that she couldn't and felt the cloth in her mouth. If she could just get it out of her mouth and call for help…

'Hey,' Morgan greeted as Hotch approached him and JJ. He knew he looked tired but he couldn't do anything to hide it.

'Morning,' Hotch greeted, sipping at his coffee.

'Wait, shouldn't we wait for Lex?' JJ asked as the two men made way for the door.

'No let her in. She needs it and we can work without her for a few hours.' Hotch walked to the SUV, unaware of the look that was shared between JJ and Morgan.

Lex wasn't sure how long she'd been screaming for but her throat was beginning to get raw. Taking deep breaths, Lex assessed her situation: it was a large enough building, concrete on the walls, floor. She looked up. From what she could make out, the roof was made of tin, as was the door, letting in tiny streams of light. She could smell the sea, but that didn't really help her: they were in a coastal town. For all she knew she could be anywhere, and that terrified her.


'We need Lex here. We haven't even scratched the surface with the locals.'

Hotch looked at JJ. 'Fine.' Hotch dialled the number and, after a while, frowned. 'There was no answer.' He looked up as Emily and Dave approached them. 'She might still be asleep.'

'Lex?' Dave asked. 'She would have picked up if she were.'

'Maybe she's in the shower,' Emily suggested. 'Why don't we go grab her?'

Hotch watched as she and JJ left the station. Dave stepped up beside him. 'What is it?'

Hotch looked at him. 'Just a feeling.'

Emily raised her hand to knock on the door. 'She's not in.' The woman they had passed in the hall was looking at them. 'We were supposed to meet up for breakfast this morning but she didn't show. I've been trying to get to her since.'

The woman walked off. JJ and Emily looked at each other. 'Where is she?'

Lex wasn't sure at what point she'd passed out but when she woke up a candle was lighting from a workspace where her attacker sat at.