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Cheap Date


The Gift

"I wanna spend time with you, but not if you're cheap about it!"

Even as Kirby ran across the bridge into Bullworth Vale, he could hear Trent Northwick's smooth voice echoing around in his head. He was so mad at himself for actually doing this - it was past eleven so there was no way in hell there would be anywhere open to actually buy anything for the teasing bully. But yet here he was, sprinting along the darkened streets, breath rushing in and out of his mouth, hoping that he could get his hands on something - anything - that he could take back.

They hadn't had a very good day. The pair of them had been left alone in the locker rooms after gym class that morning, only to have a pretty steamy make out session interrupted by Kirby's rowdy, thick skulled friends. Thankfully they hadn't realised what the two boys had been doing in the toilet cubicle, but they had chased Trent away with shaking fists and promises of violence.

Later the two of them arranged to go to the cinema. Back row, left corner… it gave them a few hours of privacy. Kirby would pay of course; Trent wouldn't do anything if he thought he had to spend money on it. It was a perfect set up, but then that bastard Hopkins had to come bumbling over. If they had ignored him it would have been fine. But Kirby was ashamed. He was ashamed that he was ashamed, but in his defence Trent was exactly the same. So the two of them had ran off, only to have a blazing row behind Yum Yums that had almost come to blows. They had stalked away from each other, furious and full of frustration.

After a couple of hours, Trent approached Kirby to apologise. This had surprised Kirby because he knew the bully wasn't one for apologies. They went to the boy's dorm, around the back and underneath the boarded up bathroom window so no one would see them, and made out. They made out for a good half hour until Kirby's lips were sore and there was a deep burning sensation in the pit of his stomach. He had gone to push his hand down Trent's pants - a thing he had wanted to do for months and had never had the guts to try until tonight - but Trent had grabbed his wrist, smirked, and said those awful words.

"Not if you're cheap about it."

"Teasing bastard." Kirby muttered. He slowed to a trot as he saw Yum Yums looming, but even from across the street he could see that it was closed. He cursed lightly, running one hand through his short hair, and glanced up and down the street.

Where the hell else was there? Nowhere really, unless Trent wanted a Chinese takeaway or a packet of smokes from the twenty four hour garage. He wouldn't appreciate either of those things. They didn't have enough thought. Kirby kicked a pebble at his feet in frustration. If he went back empty handed then Trent would be mad. Well not mad, but he would go off to bed, leaving Kirby to spend yet another night with his hand and his Kleenex. He couldn't bare another night like that. Not when he had been that close.

Knowing it was a lost cause, Kirby trudged along the dark street towards the Aquaberry store. It closed at the same time as everything else, but sometimes the Preppies had some midnight hoard thing and the store stayed open a little longer. Aquaberry was a little more than Kirby really wanted to spend on Trent, but if it wasn't that then it was nothing. Maybe just a bracelet or something. How much were they, five dollars?

"More like twenty." he muttered irritably. He stuck his hand in his pocket and felt the notes there. He was quite sure he had about twenty five in torn, dog-eared notes. More than enough.

Kirby felt a pang of exhilaration when he saw the dull glow of lights in the window of Aquaberry. He quickened his pace, jogging up the steps towards the store. The floor lights weren't on, it looked more like the backlight was on and nothing else. Maybe they were just closing? Surely they could wait five minutes while Kirby ran in and bought something dumb like a ring or a belt?

He moved to the door, briefly glancing at the gleaming Aquaberry cruiser that leaned against the wall, and then tried the door. It was locked. The sign was flipped to closed. Kirby cursed, then hesitated. Should he bother knocking? Was he really that desperate for a little bit of fooling around with Trent. Knowing his luck when he got back Trent would be with his boys, tormenting whatever poor kid had been dumb enough to stay out after curfew. He would have lost interest. But then again the present would always keep for another night, and then he wouldn't have to run off in the heat of the moment.

"Hey!" Kirby called, knocking on the door. "You still open?"

He listened. There was a thump from inside, then the sound of light footsteps. The blinds on the window snapped up and two icy blue eyes looked out at him. Kirby blinked, trying to place those eyes. Then they narrowed in that scrutinising way and Kirby instantly knew that they belonged to Derby Harrington.

Great, he thought bitterly. Just what I damn well need.

Derby would torment him if he knew what he was doing. He almost turned to leave, but before he could the door opened. Derby stood there, smirking at the small Jock in amusement. "What a pleasant surprise."

Kirby cleared his throat. "Is the uh… the store still open?" he asked.

Derby eyed him for a moment. "I'm afraid not." he replied, still looking quite amused.

"Right." Kirby nodded, feeling increasingly uncomfortable. "Well… see ya then."

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Derby asked, tilting his head curiously. "Only I'm in here. If you need something that badly I'm sure I can make an exception and let you in. As long as you promise to behave, of course."

Kirby frowned briefly. He had never liked Derby Harrington. The guy was a snake. "How comes you're in there anyway? Doesn't look like the shopkeeper is around."

Derby laughed. "My father owns these stores, Olsen. I have a key." He turned and headed back inside. "Now if you really did want something I suggest you come in and close the door, you're letting the heat out."

Kirby stayed where he was for a moment, peering curiously into the store. What the hell was he doing in here in the middle of the night? On his own? He looked up and down the street but there was no one around. He thought of Trent waiting for him, and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing here." Derby said, his back to Kirby as he raked through a rail of plastic covered clothes. "The new season has just come in. I like to get first choice."

Kirby nodded, although he wasn't all that interested. He had never liked this store, it smelled too fruity and the clothes were just weird. Kirby had never understood the fashions. "I just want uh… a bracelet… or something."

Derby glanced over his shoulder, eyes glittering with mischief. "Oh? And what's so important that you would need a bracelet at this hour?"

Kirby felt his cheeks flushing. "Y'know what? Forget it. I'll just get it tomorrow…."

"Oh no," Derby smirked. "Ignore me. It's none of my business." He moved across to Kirby reaching behind him. Kirby skipped out of the way, feeling increasingly unnerved by the situation, and watched as Derby locked the door and removed the keys. The Prep flashed him a grin. "You don't mind if I lock the door? We don't want any old pauper sauntering in, do we?"

Kirby just shrugged. "Guess not." he muttered.

Derby clicked his fingers and waved to him as he headed back across the floor, tossing the keys onto the counter as he went. "There's plenty of bracelets over here," he informed him. "I'm sure there'll be one that takes your fancy."

Kirby reluctantly followed. He suddenly didn't care about going back empty handed; he just wanted to get out of this damned store. He had an awful feeling that this wasn't going to end up good. "Any'll do." he said quickly. "Actually, just give me the cheapest."

Derby chuckled. "Nonsense. Come on over here. Take a look."

Kirby joined his side and watched as Derby pulled open a large wooden drawer, revealing dozens of different bracelets. Some sparkled, some gleamed. Kirby blinked. They were all so flashy, all he wanted was a dumb bracelet.

"See anything you like, Olsen?" Derby enquired, his voice almost mocking.

Kirby swallowed. "Um… I dunno…" He paused and rubbed his ear nervously. He could feel Derby staring at him, and it was making him very uncomfortable. "I guess that one." He pointed at a black bracelet. It was the least flashy so it had to be the cheapest.

Derby lifted it out and turned to Kirby. "Well try it on." he insisted, taking Kirby's hand.

Kirby pulled away. "I uh… No thanks. Just give it to me. How much?"

Derby just smirked. "It's free after hours. A little treat from me."

What the hell? Kirby thought, alarmed. Just what is this guy up to? Why is he looking at me like that? He felt a surge of alarm as Derby began to move forward, taking his hand again.

"I've always felt that the onyx goes well against pale skin." He said as he slipped the bracelet onto Kirby's wrist. "You're not exactly pale, but you're pale enough to make it look good."

Kirby swallowed hard and took a shaky step backward. "Actually… it's not-" He stopped himself. He didn't want to have to get onto the subject to who the bracelet was really for.

Derby kept approaching, his smile sinister. Kirby retreated, and kept retreating until he hit the wall. Much to his mounting apprehension, Derby kept coming towards him, hands pressing against the wall on either side of his shoulders.

"Wha… What the hell are you doin', Harrington?" Kirby stammered, shifting uncomfortably. He wished the wall behind him would just move, but it stayed right where it was, even seeming like it was moving forward. Like it was pushing him into the arms of this grinning, fine-smelling Prep.

"What's wrong, Kirby?" Derby grinned, his icy blue eyes boring right into the smaller Jock's. "You seem uncomfortable."

Kirby swallowed hard, risking a quick look left and right at Derby's arms that pressed against the wall on either side of him. "I uh… I got to be gettin' back. The guys are expectin' me."

Derby just chuckled. "Oh come on, Kirby. Don't take me for an idiot. What would your bullet-headed friends of yours want from Aquaberry in the middle of the night? I know you came here to pick up a little gift for that… bully." He said the last word with the hint of a grimace. "I know what he's like, Kirby, and it's not fair that he expects you to have to buy his affections. Don't you agree?"

Kirby shifted uncomfortably. He wasn't stupid; he knew that Derby was just playing with him. Toying with him. All he had to do was stand up to him and get the hell out of the store - it wasn't like Kirby couldn't take him - but… well, for some reason or other, he couldn't bring himself to shove Derby back.

"I dunno what you're talkin' about." Kirby muttered. "I'm not here for that zit covered ass." He felt a pang in his chest from calling Trent that. He didn't mean it, but he couldn't stand the fact Derby knew what he was doing here. It was humiliating.

Derby tilted his head slightly. "You're not? Well Pinky told me she saw the two of you at the cinema earlier today. Together."

Kirby could feel his cheeks flushing. "She's lying. She's full of crap. I wasn't with him. I don't want anything to do with that loser."

Derby smirked and moved close, his mouth a hair's width from the small Jock's ear. "How long have you known, Kirby? How long have you known that you like cock?"

Kirby felt his body flush all over. Finally his paralysis broke and he planted his hands on Derby's chest to shove him back. "I'm not gay!" he insisted, angrily.

Derby had anticipated the push and he barely moved. His hands left the wall briefly, but they soon returned to their places at either side of Kirby's shoulders. He chuckled, eyes sparkling with a new light. He had hit a nerve and he knew it. "I'm not judging you, Kirby. After all about eighty percent of Bullworth is gay, or at least bisexual. What are you, then? Do you think you're a fully fledged member? Or do you just like to swing by every now and then?"

Kirby glared defiantly at him. "I'm gonna have the guys kick your ass, Harrington," he fumed, cheeks like two tomatoes. "I don't care who your frigging dad knows."

Derby moved a little closer to Kirby's ear again. "Is that so? Well, my friend, what do you think your friends would say if they heard you were in Aquaberry at night, with me… with the door locked and the lights out?"

Derby's breath tickled his ear and Kirby shivered unwillingly. He felt his skin flush, followed by a familiar feeling in the pits of his stomach. Oh no, he thought, miserably. Don't… don't you dare…

But it was too late. Because Derby had one knee practically between Kirby's legs, it didn't take him long to notice. His grin just seemed to widen and one hand slipped down the wall so it was by his hip. "I think you've just answered my question."

Kirby swallowed involuntarily, his throat clicking noisily. His legs felt weak beneath him, but Derby's left leg acted as a support that stopped him from sliding down the wall like he wanted to. His heart fluttered in his chest and his stomach knotted as he thought of Trent waiting for him back at school. If only that bastard hadn't insisted on a goddamn present. Why the hell did he have to do that? For kicks? Did he enjoy seeing Kirby sprint off into the night to grab some measly, useless trinket? Just so they could have yet another heavy make out session that left both of them hot and bothered but unwilling to go any further with each other. The sad truth was that both Kirby and Trent wanted each other, badly, but they couldn't admit that to themselves. Neither of them could admit that they might actually be… well… into… guys.

"D-Derby man… this isn't funny." Kirby stammered, his mouth suddenly very dry.

"I'm not laughing, Olsen."

His voice was low and his breath hot. It tickled Kirby's ear and caused yet another shiver to rack through his body. "But… you're not… you're with-"

His voice failed him as he felt Derby's tongue run across his earlobe, closely followed by a light nip of his teeth. A wavering sigh escaped Kirby's mouth and his legs suddenly went from weak to rigid. Derby pushed his knee further him, pressing hard against the small Jock's humiliating erection. Derby's lips moved to his neck, kissing and nipping, and strong hands moved to his waist. His fingers hooked the sides of his jeans. The feel of Derby's cool fingers on his own flushed skin brought reality back to him, and before he could think fully of the consequences he planting his hands on Derby's chest and pushed as hard as he could. Derby stumbled back, slamming into the counter with quite a lot of force.

"I should kick your ass, Harrington!" Kirby cried. He had wanted to sound aggressive and angry, but his voice was nothing but a wavering whine. His jeans felt too tight and he was only too aware of his body trembling all over.

Derby leaned against the counter, blinking at him. He looked shocked. It was probably the first time anyone had ever done that to him. The first time someone had said no to him. But then the surprise melted away and that smirk returned. He straightened up, readjusted his shirt, and brushed down the front of his sweater. "Right you are." he nodded, an unrecognisable gleam in his eye. "I was out of line, and I apologise." He held Kirby's gaze for a moment longer, and then scooped the keys up from the counter behind him. "You can go. If you like."

Kirby watched him, chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths. Derby moved smoothly and gracefully, without so much as a hint off embarrassment. It was like he had just been keeping Kirby in deep conversation, and hadn't just had him pinned up against the wall with his tongue practically in his ear. Kirby gritted his jaw, trying to keep his thoughts on Trent waiting for him. He would tell Trent about it, and the pair of them would go and kick Harrington's ass later. Okay so the other Preps wouldn't make it that easy… In fact they probably wouldn't be able to get anywhere near Derby, but Kirby needed to get him back for making him feel so… so damned gay.

Derby turned the key in the lock and opened the door slightly. The cool autumn air rushed inside, soothing Kirby's burning cheeks. "Well off you go." Derby shrugged. "Like you said, the guys will be wondering where you are."

Kirby glared at him. He was sickened by the fact he was still hard - actually he was sickened by the fact he was hard at all, but then again he was just a teenage boy. A dog sniffing at his ear like that would probably be enough to give him a stiffy. It didn't mean anything. After a dubious few seconds when he didn't think he was going to be able to move, he began to half walk - half stagger to the door.

"Be careful on the walk back." Derby said amiably as he examined his perfect fingernails. "Make sure you get back in one piece for Trent."

That was the last straw. He didn't care if it was the truth that he was heading back to see Trent - he couldn't stand to be mocked because of it. Trent was special, that was all. He was a cool guy, a guy that understood him. They could joke around and then they could fool around, and it was nothing. They didn't bother anyone and no one bothered them. And no one took the piss out of them.

Kirby lashed out with one fist, but Derby was quick. He managed to kick the door shut again, grab Kirby's arm and slam him against it. The blinds rattled and bent with the force. Derby pressed his elbow against Kirby's spine and he pinned his outstretched arm against the window.

"Now, now, Olsen," Derby whispered in his ear. "That's no way to treat a friend, is it? I was just telling you to have a safe journey."

Kirby gritted his teeth and struggled, but Derby was stronger than him. Jesus the kid was much stronger than he looked. "Get the hell offa me!" he wheezed, his anger giving way to apprehension.

"Do you want me to?" Derby whispered, his hand running around Kirby's hips to the top of his jeans. His fingers slipped beneath the denim and brushed the elastic of his boxers, short neat nails lighting scraping a line above his crotch. "Do you really want to go running back to him? He'll never let you go anywhere with him, Kirby. Whenever you think you're even close, he'll send you on a wild goose chase. Don't you see, Olsen? He likes seeing you desperate. He likes seeing you wanting…" He paused to run his lips across the back of Kirby's ear.

Kirby responded with a shudder and a gasp.

"Do you like being his little puppy? Do you like running around, fetching sticks and hoping for a reward? Because… well, I think the truth is that Trent won't give it to you. I don't think he's on the same level as you…"

Derby's fingers stopped trailing Kirby's lower abdomen and delved deeper, slipping under the elastic of his boxers. His other hand released Kirby's arm and ran slowly towards his chest, down his side, up his shirt. Kirby's arm remained rigid against the window.

"So tell me, Kirby," Derby smirked, face the other boys neck. "Do you think you're on my level?"

Derby's cool hand lightly brushed Kirby's penis, causing an electric shock reaction in the Jock. He bucked, pushing himself away from the door and causing Derby to release him and back away. Stomach knotted and cheeks burning furiously, Kirby hauled open the door and stumbled out into the cold night air. He hurried away, half limping from the rock hard erection the dug into his leg, and fled the humiliation of the store.

He didn't want to look back. If he looked back he knew he would see Derby laughing.

If he looked back he knew he would go back.

So he kept running. Back to Trent.